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(Full Summary): This one's titled 'For Better or Worse' and it's about a fellow woman named Sam (you all know who she is) who has too much on her plate to describe. She's a teacher at Amity Park Elementary for a 3rd grade class, an art designer for Amity Park Art Gallery, and a busy daughter/grown up tending to care for herself. Her two best friends, Tucker and Danny (you know who they are), say that she needs to "wind down" and have a few drinks at a bar with them. A few turns into too many, and Sam is left with another situation… and this one she can't get out of!

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Chapter 1: Stressed Out

"Interesting," a woman with plump red lips, white skin, and green eyes tapped her foot and glance at the painting and back at another woman over and over. The other woman became nervous and wrung her hands. "Well, no, I'm afraid not…"

"You don't like it?" The other woman asked almost biting her fingernails. "I thought you would?"

"I do, but… I just don't… it doesn't speak to me, you know?"

The painting was of a purple and black rose with an angelic white Satin colored halo over it. Angels gathered around it, and the background had dark skies and black clouds. It seemed perfect, and seemed it would've worked.

"Ms. Manson," the woman said. "I understand that you work hard at what you do, and I love your work, but it doesn't talk to me. I don't get the consept of it."

"I- I'm sorry," Sam sighed. "I'll try harder."

"Sam," the woman pat on her back. "You have soe much potential. So much creativity trapped in that mind of yours. My opinion matters very little. It's the critics you'll have to impress."

"That's the thing," Sam gloomed. "I need your opinion Cecilia. Because I know that if you like it, then I'll know that the critics will too. And if you don't…"

"Chin up," Cecilia smiled. "There's better things."

"What better things?"

"Well, you can always draw a Christmas theme. You know, a decorated yard, candy canes, Christmas trees, snowmen, anything you'd love. You're the boss here Sam. The big guns that everybody comes to for help. You'll figure it out, I promise."

Cecilia slid her sunglasses on, smiled again, went outside, and hailed a taxi. One stopped in front of her and she got in, rolling her window down.

"I'll make sure the critics give you a chance, but they will most likely want it by tomorrow. My advice: make really good friends with coffee. You're probably going to need it."

"Thanks for trying at least Cecilia."

The said woman rolled up her window as the taxi pulled away.

I guess I'd better head toward the school… Sam secured her strapped around her shoulder and rushed toward her car.

A few minutes later, she pulled up in front of Amity Park Elementary School. She took her bag and her keys and headed inside. Her heeled shoes made a click clack! noise as she paced down to her classroom and unlocked the door. At just the right time too. The bell rang when Sam finished setting herself up, indicating that the 3rd graders had finished their lunch and it was time for the 4th graders to go. Kids lined up in the classroom and walked to their assigned seats, sitting down.

"Hi Ms. Manson," the kids greeted at the same time.

"Hello kids," she smiled at everyone as she finished marking attendance and set her sheet down. "Now, it's time to start our least favorite subjects… Math."

They moaned, getting out their textbooks.

"I know, but I promise you all I'll make it fun."

Then, they cheered, slapping each other 'High Fives' all around.

"Okay, okay. Now, today we are going to discuss adding fractions with unlike denominators and simplifying them. So if you may please turn to page 115 and clear your desks to make an open space in the middle of the room."

A young girl with braided blonde hair raised her hand.

"Yes Hannah?" Sam pointed at her.

"How old are you and what are we doing?"

"Hannah!" Hannah's friend, Marie, hissed. "You aren't supposed to ask a woman her age! It's unmannerly!"

Sam chuckled. "I'm 22 and we are playing 'Sparkle' with numbers instead of letters."

Another kid with short brown hair raised his hand as well.


"How are you a teacher and so young, will you ever get married, and will you ever have a baby?"

"Eww Jason," Hannah stuck her tongue out. "Why are you being so personal?"

"It's okay," Sam reassured her. "I am a teacher now because I finished college very early, I don't know for sure if I want to get married now or not, and I want a baby, but I don't have time for one."

"I think that she should marry her friend, Danny." Sophie, another child, whispered to Marie. Apparently, everyone else heard, and they gave a low "yeah…".

Sam had told the class about her being best friends with a man named Daniel Fenton since they were kids, and ever since then, she was constantly told by her students that they should get married. It wasn't annoying, in her opinion, it was actually getting cuter every time they said it. But more and more, she was starting to find the idea quite interesting.

"Danny won't marry me," Sam blushed, shaking her head.

"Why not?" Jason stood up. "You're pretty and smart and funny and… and… and pretty! Why wouldn't he?"

"I'm not that special," she laughed. "I'll be too busy to maintain a marital relationship."

"A what?" They all scratched their heads.

"I'll be too busy to get married. I won't have enough time to spend with him."


"Okay, no more questions! Stop stalling! Come on! Move your desks." Sam interrupted them and clapped her hands. The kids jumped up and moved their desks aside.

"Okay. So, our first problem is…"

At the final period, as the bell rang, the kids grabbed their backpacks and coats and headed outside.

"Have a good day! Stay safe!" Sam called after them. She sat at her desks, frustrated and stunned. Helen Holloway, a teacher that taught next door students, assigned Sam to grade all of their test work and assignments from all periods… and the stacks were heavy enough to keep an elephant from walking! Sam glanced at so many white sheets, which gave her a headache. Her cell phone rang and she pulled it out and slid a bar to answer it.


"Hey Sammy. Whatcha' doing?" Danny asked.

"Grading papers."


"Yep. They're not even from any of my classes this time!"

"How many papers?"

"I think… I lost track at 152."



"Jeez Sam. Well, at least that's all you have to do."

"Nope. I also have to paint a new draft for the art critics, which is due tomorrow. Then I have to help my mom and dad with their Christmas tree and hang their lights inside and outside of the house. I have to go grocery shopping…"

"Stop Sam. You're wearing me out just hearing about your tasks."

"I'm sorry. I'm just… I'm just worn out. I'm so stressed."

"Who's that?" Sam heard a male voice ask in the background.

"Who do you think dumbass?"



"Hello?" The voice said.

"Hey Tucker," Sam greeted her second best friend.

"Hey Sam. I heard you're pretty stressed out."

"I am. Did you hear everything I have to do?"

"Yeah. I did. And I feel like shooting myself thinking about how hard it is to do all those things. Tell you what. Danny and I are going to the bar to have a couple of drinks to wind down a little. You should come with us."

"Tucker, do I need to repeat everything I have to do tonight?"

"Sam, a couple of drinks won't hurt. Come on. You need it."









"Ha! I win!" Sam cried.

"Come on Sam."


"Pretty please with those dark licorice sprinkles and the black frosting you like with those little gummy bats on top?" Both boys begged her.

Sam groaned. She did still like that ice cream too…

"Alright alright. Fine!"

"Yes!" They happily hissed.

Sam rolled her eyes. "I'll see you both tonight… unfortunately."

"Cool! Bye!"


Sam hung up and slid her cell phone in her pocket, grabbing her stuff, and leaving to head home.

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