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Chapter 11: Tucker to the Rescue

Unbelievable, Tucker thought to himself as he continued to mentally throw a hissy-fit. How could Danny do such a douche-y thing to just up and leave before Tucker could have the chance to talk to him? That was kind of rude of him and Tucker would confront him about such thing… not that Danny would care. But whatever, right?

Tucker pulled out his iPhone and dialed Danny's number, holding it up to his ear. In response to his actions, he merely heard a long, perpetual dial-tone.

"Danny, come on! Pick of the phone already!" he yelled aloud.

When the call went to voicemail, Tucker tossed the phone in the passenger seat and rushed at a faster pace to the supermarket. He tried his hardest to rush, but the traffic had always been awful in New York. In a town like that, however, so small and convenient, it shouldn't have been. Sadly, though, it was. A few pedestrians took a little too long crossing the street and the taxi's thought it was a good idea to just claim the whole damn road. This angered Tucker beyond possibility. How on Earth could these people be so freaking obnoxious?!

"Really?!" Tucker cried, rolling down the window. "Hey asshole, be considerate and move up!"

He blew his horn at him and as a reply the driver rolled down his window and stuck his hand out, "flipping him the bird."

Tucker scoffed and expressed the same gesture with no hesitation. "Fuck you, man! I'm in a rush! Hurry the hell up!"

The taxi driver stomped on the accelerate pedal, leaving a huge, thick cloud of smoke to cover Tucker's windshield. Blindly driving on a road with so much traffic was not a good idea, but what other choice did he have? He couldn't clear up the smoke fast enough to get to his destination in time. And besides that, driving recklessly would've caused the other drivers and pedestrians around him to grow extremely frightened.

But he made up his mind and awfully fast too.

He floored it.

And as he zoomed past the other cars, all of them began to honk at him. He paid no mind to it; he needed to get to the supermarket before he lost track of Danny.

And thanks to his increasing speed, he was in the parking lot of it in no time at all.

But just as he pulled into a parking space, the look of the environment had worried him.

"Oh no," he whispered to himself.

Fleets of people were dashing out of the store in panic. Many of them were screaming; mothers all around were holding their children, teenagers were quickly helping their elderly grandparents and great-grandparents across the fire lane. It appeared to Tucker that someone had either been robbing the store or there was a ghost attack in commence.

Well, considering that fact that Amity Park was such a small town, crime rate wasn't really that common. However, ghost attacks were. So Tucker's interpretation was aiming toward Event B.

To be on the safe side, he reached under his seat and pulled out a white box with a label on it that read: GHOST EQUIPMENT – FOR EMEREGENCY USE ONLY! He opened it and lifted up the Spector Deflector, strapping it around his waist. He then grabbed his pair of Fenton Phones and stuffed them in his pockets. The next thing on the list was his Fenton Mini-Ecto-Gun, which he adjusted comfortably in the waistline of his pants, and finally – the most important of the bunch – the Fenton Thermos, which he looped around his neck. After he was fully prepared, he took his keys out of the ignition and stepped out of the car, shutting the door and locking it behind him. As he rushed toward the store, he passed by Danny's car with Spade barking fiercely in the backseat, watching as the people ran by in confusion.

"Spade!" Tucker cried, running toward the car. He went up to the window, knocking on it to get his attention. Spade barked at Tucker with relief, as if Tucker would let him out. Tucker, although the outcome would be obvious, tried to open the door, only to find it locked. In this, the reaction from Spade was heart-warming: he cried.

"Spade, I'll be right back, okay? I've got to go find Daddy. He might be in trouble."

Tucker dashed away from the car, leaving Spade to stare out the window in sadness. He dashed toward the crowds. The people pushing past him were going the opposite direction, which kind of threw Tucker off a little. But he was fixated on his objective and nothing was going to stop him from achieving it.

He pushed himself through the entrance doors of the store and stopped abruptly, panting as he attempted to cool his blood and slow his heart-rate.

"Danny?" he called out over the noise of other civilians screaming and the sound of footsteps smacking against the concrete below. Tucker cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted, "Danny!"

He grew ever more scared for his best friend, thinking that he'd never find him. But the supermarket wasn't that big. There was only so many places he could go.

And that's when it hit him:

"…must've went to go get the dog more food or something."

Of course!

Danny was near the pet food!

Tucker dashed past the civilians and looked down each aisle as he ran past them, searching for the pet aisle. And then he spotted it. He had found Danny, lying on the floor, passed out. He had been in his human form, and from piecing everything together, Tucker figured he was transformed in his battle and something happen that automatically made Danny change back into his human form. And that's when he had seen the Spector Deflector around his waist. That explained it all. Danny was lying there, lying a broken doll… but he wasn't alone. He ducked behind a shelf of sunglasses as he tried to identify Danny's unwanted guests.

"Danny!" he cried quietly.

There were two other ghosts there. One of them was new to him. It was wearing heels as a normal person would, but the sickly green glow was drowned over its skin. It had horns coming from the top of its head. He couldn't see its face, but he was almost 100% sure it had red eyes, as a lot of evil ghosts did. The other ghost, however, was all too familiar. The blonde hair… the emerald green eyes… the pale white skin.

Tucker gasped.


He sneakily removed his ecto-gun and rested it down toward the floor, monitoring their moves.

"What should we do with him?" Alyson turned to the ghost.

"Well, Demigod did say he wanted him, right?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Why don't we just take him to him right now?"

"You know the rules! He is not to be troubled!"

"One way or another, we have to get him into the Ghost Zone."

"Then let's take him to the nearest Ghost Portal."

"And where would that be, exactly?"

"I don't know."

Like hell you'll take Danny, Tucker thought. He aimed at the floor near their feet and fired an ecto-ray. As it blasted before them, they gasped in surprise. Tucker then discarded the thermos from around his neck and stepped out from behind the sunglasses stand and aimed the thermos out the two ghosts, pressing and holding down the button. The blue ray shot out, sucking Alyson in first and then the second ghost. Tucker quickly capped it and set it down, rushing to Danny to check and see if he was okay. He knelt before him and began to tap on his right shoulder.

"Danny, dude… are you okay?"

Tucker gently slapped Danny's face to see if that would wake him. He even tried to tickle him. Danny simply wasn't responding.

"Danny, dude, you've got to wake up!"

Danny groaned and Tucker breathed a sigh of relief. At least he knew Danny was alive; that was a good thing.

"Dude… are you okay?"

"What happened?" Danny moaned, leaning up into a sitting position. He rubbed his head, sore from the inflicting wound of a heel being shoved into his skull, trying his hardest to remember all he had lost recollection of. "What happened?"

"You were in a ghost battle. Do you know my name?"

"Yeah, of course, Tucker."

"Do you know your name?"


"Do you know what year it is?"


"What about your lover? Do you know who she is?"


"Your mom? Dad? Sister?"

"Maddie, Jack and Jazz. What the hell are you doing, dude?"

"Trying to see if you have amnesia or a concussion. You seem alright to me."

"Good. Now can you move so I can stand up?"

Tucker took a step back and offered a hand to help Danny up, which he politely denied, and rose to his feet.

"Where are they? The ghosts, I mean?"

"The thermos. I saved your ass, so you owe me." Tucker joked.

"Yeah," Danny started awkwardly. "It's a shame the first person that I saw coming to had to be your ugly mug."

"Ha, ha, you're hilarious. Too bad that fall didn't knock the smart-ass commentary out of you."

"I'm glad it didn't. You should see your face."

They chuckled, sharing a friendly moment of passion. When they stopped, Tucker took a step toward him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Dude… I'm really sorry about the whole "Alyson" thing. Really, man… I… I should've listened to you. You were right. It was a really dick thing for me to do. I'm surprised you still aren't pissed about it."

"Nah. You saved me, remember? I owe my forgiveness to you, at least."

"That's good. I thought I was doomed."

"No, but what we really should do is get these ghosts back into the Ghost Zone before the reek more havoc."

Danny brushed himself off and picked up the thermos, leading Tucker and himself out. Even with a slight limp, Danny still kept at a better pace than Tucker had.

"Are you sure you can drive right now? We can always come back later and get your car… oh wait… Spade's. In. The. Car."

"Sh-yeah," Danny said, "how could you forget about him?"

"I saw him on the way in. He was pretty upset that I couldn't get him out."

"Yeah… uh… the keys are in my back pocket."

Tucker reached for them, but Danny slapped his hand away, holding his hands out like e was about to perform Kung-Fu.

"Whoa! Hey, I don't roll like that, bro!"

"I was going to get the keys! Wha… I'm not gay!"

"Neither am I," Danny removed the keys from his pocket and gripped them as he held his hands out defensively, "so keep them hands where they're supposed to be: by your side. Mm-kay?"

Tucker laughed. "Alright, bro."

They exited the store, which right then and there caused Spade to go absolutely nuts. He began to bark and bark and bark, his face slamming against the window, trying to get out. Danny and Tucker finally made their way to the car as Spade slightly calmed himself.

"Whoa, whoa, chill bro. It's alright," Danny tapped on the glass window. Spade sniffed the small spot where Danny's finger had touched the glass. Danny then unlocked the car and rounded the backside, opening the door to the driver's side. He reached his hand back and rubbed Spade's chin.

"Are you sure you'll be able to drive?" Tucker asked him. "I have no problem driving you dude."

"I'm alright, Tuck. I'll be fine."

"Okaaaaayy," Tucker sighed and made his way to his car, getting in and shutting his door. Danny shut his door as well and gripped the steering wheel. They started their engines and backed out of their parking spots. When they were lined up parallel with each other, Tucker rolled down the window to the passenger's side while Danny rolled the one to the driver's side down. Danny turned on the radio and the song Live to Win by Paul Stanley was playing.

"Race out of the parking lot, dude," Danny called out to him. "Last one owes the other a hundred bucks!"

"What? You got a deal bro!"

"Alright. Ready?" Danny revved the engine.

"Set," Tucker followed Danny's actions.

They set their eyes ahead, narrowing them, focused on the obstacles of the parking lot.

Suddenly, at the top of his lungs, Danny screamed:


Tucker blasted off while Danny remained in one spot, laughing his butt off. He clapped as he watched Tucker take off to the other side of the parking lot, but once he noticed Danny wasn't anywhere near him, he hit the brakes. He stopped completely, looking in the rearview mirror. He saw Danny still parked in one spot. Tucker growled and got out of the car.

"What the hell, dib-shit?!" he called.

Danny shook his head with a huge smile on his face, shifting the gear to (D)rive and pulling up beside Tucker.

"I'm sorry," Danny chuckled. "I couldn't help myself."

"Ha, ha, you're funny."

"Why, thank you. I've always thought I'd suit being a comedian..."

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