Ok, so this is kinda like Wicked. If you have no clue what that is (shame), Wicked is a musical/book from the Wicked Witch's perspective, saying she's really innocent and not evil like everyone thinks.

Still completely lost? Well, here's the Preface.


That's what they say I am.

Loathsome, low, harmful, corrupted, atrocious, bad



My name, my new one.

But I'm not evil, not really.

Maybe I shouldn't have freaked out so much about that Christening invitation, but I have always had a temper.

And it wasn't just the invitation

Oh no, of course not.

It was so many other things.

Aurora didn't exactly tell you the whole story.

Now, I don't blame her,

She doesn't know the story.

Not even half of it.

You heard her version, the cute little love story.

But now, you will hear mine.

Mine is full of hate, betrayal, depression,

Not like Aurora's, not like her's at all.

I don't blame her,

Why should I? For having such a perfect life?


I blame her father.

That pompous old windbag who stripped me of everything.

But I'm nearly gone now,

Almost dead.

The only way I can get my revenge and peace is to get payback,

And in my condition all I can do is tell you

Tell you all he did to me.

And, I will.