A Mask… - Book One


It was midnight and Harry Potter The-Boy-Who-Had-Too-Many-Hyphens the Slayer of Basilisks and some other titles that the sheep of the wizard population cooked up; was looking out to the Forbidden Forest from his view point in the North Tower. No matter how much he tried to keep out of Trouble, though being impossible for him. He sneered, what would his Friends think about him having a brain. The look on their faces as they realised that he knew they were paid to be his friends was almost enough for him to drop his mask of Idiocy and dunderheadness.

'Honestly,' he thought, 'what child goes into the wizard world and doesn't learn everything he can? Well, at least I am away from Uncle Vernon.' He shuddered. 'I'd better get back before that dick of a friend wakes, though knowing him he will awaken early just to pig out at breakfast. I mean who else eats nine servings of Bacon, eggs and toast just to have even more food in the Kitchens.'

Putting his water-like invisibility cloak on he descended the ancient, word stone stairs and made his way back to the common room. Climbing into bed he reflected on the day's events and wondered how much of a change the High Inquisitor would bring. His last thoughts were 'It won't affect my plans at all.' How very wrong he was.

At the same time, Umbitch..er Umbridge was making plans to get that nasty little liar expelled. 'The Dark Lords body mistarously disappeared, there's no way he could use magic to restore himself to a 'Human' form,' she concluded. 'But I wish we could see the nasty little liers first four years then I could get him.' She cackled into the night until…

"OW!" she yelped as she looked on the floor next to her where a package was laying innocently. She picked it up with one hand while massaging his head with the other. It was an innocent looking package and she opened it (she was curious as to how a package of books fell on his head out of nowhere after all). Inside the package, there were four books. After reading the title of the first book she almost dropped the whole package on her toes. Its title was Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. But it was impossible – for as far as she knew, the only books that he, there was no misunderstanding of who HE was, was mentioned in where Modern Magical History, The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts and Great Wizarding Events of the Twentieth Century. Some of Rita Skita's finest work, she mused. Afterall she'd promised the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge to get some dirt concerning that idiotic boy, Harry Potter. That brat refused to believe that the Dark Lord was vanquished, dead!

He quickly skimmed over the titles of the other books and they all started with his name. Curious to know more, she went to open the first book and see what was written about him, but the book wouldn't open past the first page and the piece of parchment that was stuck on it. Instead of trying to force the pages of the book to open, he went to read what was written on the parchment.

Dear Under sectuary,

We have heard that you are having problems with a certain boy names Harry Potter. These books you have here are about his life, and they show the truth, behind his lies.

I solemnly swear by my life and magic that everything in these books are the truth and the truth only and that they will show Harry Potter as the person he really is.

When Professor Umbridge read these words, a silver smoke rose up from the words. She nodded approvingly. Oaths could be stated in writing as well as speech.

We recommend that you read these books in the Great Hall, where everyone can hear it but, bring Aurors, The Minster, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and several Unspeakables.

Yours sincerely, Some Friends.

Professor Umbridge smirked nastily. It was time everyone knew the truth about him. She swept off to the Great Hall to make her announcement.

Little did she know that it would be she who'd be in the wrong.

Harry Potter was lounging in the common room when Professor Umbridge's magically amplified voiced pierced the silence. "All students to travel to the Great Hall." And off they trooped to the hall. (Wow wasn't that exciting?)

"Hem-Hem." As every student assembled, Umbridge addressed them all.

"All classes will be stopped until we finish these books." She gestured to the 4 books beside her. "These books will reveal the truth about a certain liar, Harry Potter! I have proof from a written Oath that everything in these books are true! " She continued, ''These books are:

- Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
- Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
- Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The Hall immediately descended into chatter, but Harry sat there physically relaxing. They'll know the truth, they'll know I'm hiding but also they'll know the truth about several interesting people. The Shit was about to hit the fan! However, Harry didn't really want everyone to know his secret thoughts, and his home life, so he was apprehensive at the same time. 'Well at least I won't be the only one out for their blood.''

"You okay, Harry?" Hermione asked worriedly. He rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, I'm fine." replied Harry.

"Well at least they'll all know the truth, mate." said Ron brightly.

"Hem-Hem." The annoying sound cut through the chatter. With a evil glare at Harry, Umbridge said, "Well lets begin…"