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Hey kids, shake it loose togetherThe spotlight's hitting somethingThat's been known to change the weather We'll kill the fatted calf tonight So stick around You're gonna hear electric music Solid walls of sound

Say, Candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yet But they're so spaced out, B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets Oh but they're weird and they're wonderful Oh Bennie she's really keen She's got electric boots a mohair suit You know I read it in a magazine B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets

"Hey, you're getting really good at that," Finn says, coming up behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders as she works out the complicated tune.

"I told you, all I ever really needed was a pink piano," she says shrugging, continuing to play the song even as she's stopped singing.

"Mmm hmm," he says absentmindedly as he begins to pepper kisses along her neck and shoulder, making her lose her focus. At that she stops her playing and reaches around to the back of his head, curling her fingers through the soft hair at the back of his neck as he kisses her.

"Finn, are you trying to get me into bed so we don't have to go out tonight?"

"Why?" He says between kisses. "Is it working?"

"Nope," she says, grabbing his face in her hand, stopping his seduction in it's tracks.

"I just don't know if I'm ready," he says, sitting down next to her.

"I'll be right there with you," she says comfortingly. "And the second you start to feel overwhelmed you just tell me okay? And we'll leave."

"I just don't want to disappoint you again," he says, a little sadly.

"Finn, you could never disappoint me," she says, turning toward him and placing a hand on his cheek. "Besides, what about that town hall meeting last year? There were plenty of people there and you were just fine."

"Yeah but we were sitting in the back and nobody was moving around."

"Okay, if you want we can sit in the back," she says, shrugging.

He exhales slowly. "Okay," he agrees. "But you promise you won't get mad if I want to leave?"

"I promise," And she leans in to kiss him again, and he kisses back, leaning her against the piano, creating a discordant tune as they make out.

"Finn, it's not going to happen, " she says against his kiss as he begins to slide the strap of her dress down.

"Fine," he exhales, accepting defeat. "I'll go get dressed."

The enter Pete's slowly, one step at a time, their hands tightly intertwined as they look for Kurt's table.

"Okay there is a girl with a violin about to pass behind you," Rachel says carefully. "And a cocktail server just stumbled a little over to the left but she didn't drop her glasses. How are you doing, are you okay?"

"I'm okay," he says, and she thinks he might be.

"Okay just keep looking forward, nothing can hurt you, I'm right here," she says soothingly.

"Hey Finn, Rachel, over here!" Finn tenses a bit at the sound of Sam crying out his name, but he lets it pass and they continue to make their way to the table where Kurt, Blaine, Santana, Brittany, Sam and Mercedes are currently sitting.

"Hey guys," Rachel says as her and Finn approach the table. "Do you all mind moving to the back table?"

"Sure," Kurt says shrugging as they get up from their spot.

"Hey Finn," Kurt says handing him a drink as they sit down again. "I ordered you a Jack and coke ahead of time."

"Thanks man," Finn says, taking the concoction and downing half of it in one go.

"Okay, slow down sailor," Santana says.

"Sorry, just a little nervous," Finn says.

"You're doing great babe," Rachel says bending in to kiss him, she knows that her kisses always seem to calm him down, and now is no exception.

"Jeez, get a room," Mercedes says jokingly as they kiss.

"Usually I'd agree but if that's the only thing that'll keep shell shock over here from having a panic attack I'll allow it," Santana says, shrugging.

"Thanks Santana, that's sweet," Kurt says sarcastically.

"Actually for her that is sweet," Finn says.

"So since were all here I thought I'd share the good news," Kurt says. "My dad was officially elected a board member for the New York housing authority yesterday."

"Are you serious?" Rachel beams. "That's amazing!"

"That's awesome," Finn agrees. "So what does this mean, for the tower?"

"Well it could only be a good thing," Kurt says. "As a board member he does get voting rights in those kind of decisions, but unless this anti-crime initiative passes-"

"Which it will," Santana interrupts confidently.

"Then they'll probably still be pretty dedicated to tearing the place down once the eighteen months are up," Kurt finishes.

"Tearing down the tower isn't going to make crime in that area disappear." Blaine says. "They have to pass the initiative."

"I'm telling you it's going to happen, especially with Burt Hummel on the seat," Santana says.

"To Burt Hummel," Blaine says, raising his glass.

"To the tower," Finn adds, raising his in response.

"To the tower!" they all join in, even Sam and Mercedes.

"Alright Pete's!" They all turn their heads to the emcee who has just taken the stage. "Get ready for some awesome tunage tonight, first up, she's a regular and she's awesome, please welcome Ms. Rachel Berry!"

"Wait," Rachel says confusedly as the crowd applauds. "I wasn't going to go on tonight, I didn't even put my name in."

"I know," Finn says. "I put it in for you."

"But… are you sure you're going to be okay without me?" Rachel says.

"I'll be okay, I promise," Finn says. "Kurt's here, and the alcohol's already starting to do the trick. I want to hear you sing Rachel." She smiles at him, touched. "But please make it fast," he continues nervously, his eyes darting back and forth at the cocktail servers moving around.

"Okay, I'll be right back," she says excitedly, kissing him and getting up to take the stage.

"This song is for my boyfriend Finn," Rachel says into the mic as she takes her place at the piano. And as she begins to sing and play her heart out, locking eyes with him from the stage and noticing his smile as she sings, she knows that every note she sings for the rest of her life will be just for him.

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