"My Own"

My own savage to hold, you're more of me than I

My own existence would be gone were you to subside

In that moment, I would lose myself, lose the reason to live

You could not do such a thing to me, for it is not your soul to give

My own gypsy to mold, you'll never command me so

For it is only I who will decide how my life unfolds

This gentleman from across the Moor could never take your place

His tender touch can never make me forget your own embrace

My own Heathcliff, I'm cold, and there's not much time left now

Hold me near, while I'm still here; come, do not be too proud

I've made mistakes, my heart did break, and I wish all could be undone

But I love you now, like I loved you then; you'll always be the one... you've always been the one... you are my only one