Since I haven't uploaded anything in...about a year, I thought I'd write a short story to show that I'm still alive :) And since Jack Frost needs some loving...

I don't own anything except for my OC character Deirdre

It's just and alternative idea; what if Scott and Carol had a girl instead of a boy, and what if Frost never really melted.

"I never get anything!" Jack shouted angrily. A sudden cold wind blew around me, making me hug myself tighter.

"Jack-" I tried desperately.

"No!" he exclaimed, turning to me in anger. "No! I never get a single damn thing, no matter what I do!" the temperature was dropping and my teeth began to chatter.

"Damn it, Jack, you're the only one who cares about this shit!" I finally exclaimed. He stared at me with shock on his face, still mixed with anger. "You don't need a damn holiday! That's what makes you special. You're not just an event for one day during the year, you're always around." The temperature increased slightly and the wind stopped its blowing. I took a deep and shuddering breath. "That's why you're so great…you're just…you're always there." Jack sighed and his shoulders slumped. He still wore an expression of distaste and loathing…but it was less harsh.

"C'mon…you'll catch your death out here." He grumbled, grabbing me by the arm and walking back toward the village. "What were you thinking, anyways? Running out here with no coat?"

"I was thinking you'd do something stupid." I muttered, hugging myself tighter. I could barely feel my fingers, and the place Jack was holding me by was beginning to grow numb. As if reading my thoughts he let go of me and moved further away.

"How can I? You'd have me melted in a puddle." He complained under his breath. I chuckled and took a large step toward him, bumping him with my shoulder. He looked down at me and grinned a little, studying me face. I looked on ahead and walked near him, even though the cold emitting from him was almost painful.

We walked in silence the rest of the way, sneaking around the back because if we didn't the elves would see us. And make a fuss about me being with him. Despite what my dad had said. And then rumors would spread and all hell would break loose. So we snuck in the kitchen without being seen and I quickly walked to the open fireplace, sighing and groaning at the warmth from it. For a while I just stood near it, eyes closed and smiling. A clutter behind me made me turn to see the commotion. Jack was brewing something in the pot, grabbing two cups out of the cabinet and pouring the drink in both.

"Here, it'll make you warmer." He said, walking to me and handing me the cup. A sneer appeared on his face when he neared the fire and I couldn't help but stifle a laugh, taking him by the wrist and leading him away to the island in the kitchen. My hand nearly numbed from the contact, sending a shiver up my whole arm.

"Thanks…let's hope it's not drugged." I joked, sitting on one of the tall stools. He stood on the other side and smirked.

"Would I ever do that?" his voice raised an octave and I couldn't suppress a laugh. Jack took a sip of his own drink, the glass in his hand frosting over the instant he touched his lips to it. I looked down at my own cup and the steam rising from it, and drank it slowly so as not to burn my tongue.

"Mmm…you make the best cococinos…" I muttered, the warmth seeping through my whole body, through every vein, a fait taste of mint hanging on my tongue. He smiled approvingly. For a while I drank in silence, watching Jack with interest. He watched me right back, a strange and mischievous grin on his lips. "What?" I asked after some time. He took his time to answer.

"What you said out there…" my face got hot, but I didn't avert my eyes from his. He cocked his head to the side, ice blue eyes strangely warm. "What exactly did you mean?" I rubbed the back of my neck and let my hands rest in my lap.

"Well…I just…I don't know." He pushed back from the counter and slowly began to circle around the island. "I just think you underrate yourself. I mean…you're kind of the reason little kids get those snow days from school. You bring the flu, which in turn leads to the delicious chicken noodle soups and gifts from worried grandparents. You always cover the whole ground and make it look beautiful…even if everything in this world is wrecked…you make it look clean." I didn't look at him anymore; I focused on the crack on the counter instead. "When I was little…I woke up on Christmas Day and it was snowing. The first time that winter. And it looked so beautiful…so bright…I decided that if I ever got married it'd be during winter. Not Christmas, or-or Valentine's Day. Just…winter." His face suddenly appeared beside mine, just over my shoulder, smiling slightly.

"Would you marry me?" he asked. I laughed and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek. It just nearly numbed my lips.

"Of course I would." Jack grinned even wider and draped his arms around my shoulders. This wasn't the first time he's done this, and I hoped it wouldn't be the last. Him hugging me like this, joking about marrying me ever since he found out I used to have a crush on him when I was six…even though I didn't know he existed back then. It was normal behavior for him, in my book.

"Now…the only problem is breaking the news to your dad." I laughed leaning back against him, even though the cold emitting from his body was making me shiver ever so lightly. He tightened his grip around me and set his chin on my shoulder, his spiky hair poking me on the cheek.

"Why is he so…against me hanging out with you?" I asked him.

"Because I'm bad." He replied simply. I chortled and relaxed in his hold. My crush for the sprite never left, since I was six, it only grew. Especially since I found out that he was real. And that he was so damn good looking. Even if he was millions of years old, because let's face it, the man has been around since the dawn of time. "And you know…the whole deal with me trying to sabotage him just about every year." Maybe I should resent him. He tried to screw my dad over again and again, and he hated the whole idea of Santa Clause…but I couldn't bring myself to hate him. Jack was selfish, rude, mean, and greedy…but he was my best friend.

"Remember the first time I met you?" I asked after a moment of silence. His chest rumbled with laughter. I reached up and gently took hold of his hands. He immediately grabbed my fingers and held them in his own. I smiled at the fact that his fingers were both very cold and strangely…very warm.

"You called me Jokul Frosti." He muttered in my ear, his breath cold. I wouldn't expect anything less. "You made me so happy that someone else knew about me. And to that extent." I looked at him and smiled. He was smiling right back, his ice eyes travelling around my face. He moved his arm and I felt his thumb brush my bottom lip. His grin slowly faded and in the moment I couldn't have cared less who saw us.

But a sudden bang of a door and sound of heavy footsteps made me jump. Jack averted his eyes from mine and looked past me. He slowly retracted his arms from my body and stood straight, walking back around to the other side of the kitchen island. Even though I felt a sudden rush of warmth hit me, I felt cold on the inside. Looking down at my cup I was surprised to see the drink, what was left of it, was frozen solid. How cold was it in here, and why didn't I notice it before?

"Deirdre, have you seen-" my dad started but immediately cut off at the sight of Jack in the kitchen with me. "Jack…what are you doing here?"

"He made me a cococino." I said, setting the cup on the counter. Dad looked at me questioningly and I stared back, daring him to make a comment. "What were you asking?" I asked instead.

"Have you seen your mother?" he asked slowly, still moving his eyes from me to Jack.

"Sorry…no…have you checked the school? I'm sure she mentioned the Christmas play, this morning over breakfast." Dad stood for a while longer, his eyes darting from Jack to me.

"No, but that's a good idea. Thank you…oh, and Jack, I think Mother Nature was looking for you." I could tell he was lying. It was so easy to tell with him, and for a second I grew angry.

"I'll go find her, then." Jack smiled innocently at dad and gave me a secret wink. My anger dispersed just as quickly as it came.

"And I'll go wrap some Christmas presents." I added, getting off the chair. Both me and Jack stepped in sync around Dad and out into the rest of the work house. We both smiled at each other for a moment before turning our separate ways.

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