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Lilly's POV

I stared at the water stained celing, thinking on how much I messed up. This voice... It sounded... Eerie... Dark... It... Took over my body and made me kill her. When I said I wanted to kill her... I DIDN'T want too...

I heard someone calling out. It sounded like they were calling out to me.

"Hey! You! YOU WITH THE WHITE FUR!" It yelled. I looked up and saw a tall brown wolf. It looked like he was in his 50's. He had a scar on a closed eye, yellow eyes, a nose piercing and tattoo of a snake in his arms.

"You s'posed to be tough? I got a daughter that's only 8 and she'll whoop yo' little weak ass." he said. I rolled my eyes in annoyance, I sat back down.

"What yo' ass in hur fo'?" He said. Two other prison mates with white and black fur that looked like they were in their 20's and 30's.

"I... I un... I killed someone." I said. Killed... That word left my mouth with a bad tasting, metallic flavor. The three wolves lookedcar eachother and laughed.

"Who'd you kill?" He asked. I didn't want to say it was my sister... I didn't... But, I didn't want to lie.

"My... My sis-sister..." I said. The one in his 20's widened his eyes.

"I too killed my sister." He said. He had a Russian accent.

"Well, I didn't just commit one murder... I committed 20..." I said. He widend his eyes.

"That's... Pretty interesting..." He said. I sat back down on my bed.

"What's your name." The tall wolf asked. I just wanted to break down and sob miserably on the stainless steel floor. But, I knew if I did, I'd get picked on.

"Lilly Palmer." I said. The brown wolf repeated my name.

"Lilly, why'd you kill your sister anyway?" He asked. My blood boiled at the thought. Kate... Kate made that sex tape and had the nerve to put it on my laptop... The video made me want to throw up. I could already still here Kate screaming in pleasure. Telling Jase to go deeper and faster. The thought of Jase's dick... Moving in and out her ass... And vagina... It SICKENED me...

"She made a sex tape between her and my boyfriend..." I said. The younger wolf spoke up.

"Lilly, my name is Vladimir." he said. I waved hello and attempted to fall asleep. I couldn't. The video... Me killing my sister made me not sleep.

God... Please help me... I can't live one year in here... Please... I know you probably won't trust me but... Please! I atlesst needed a friend... A friend that can survive with me...

I prayed in my mind. I attempted to fall asleep again. I did but I wish I hadn't...


I stand in a dark room. All I heard was the sounds of liquid dripping to the ground. I walked in the room and a brown door slowly appeared. I noticed it was Kate's room. I touched the gold knob. It felt like ice on my hands. I slowly opened the door and i heard moans and bed shaking. I looked looked real closely and I could make out a figure or two. One was sitting on the other while I saw the other bucking it's hips. I turned on the lights and saw Jase and Kate covered in blood. As well as the room. They both stopped having sex and Kate turned her head at me without moving her head. Her eyes... She had no eyes. And I saw her slut throat.

"¡ɯıɥ ɥʇıʍ xǝs ƃuıʌɐɥ ɯ,ı ¿˙˙˙ǝsɐɾ ɥʇıʍ ǝɯ ǝǝs noʎ op ¿ǝɯ ǝǝs noʎ op ˙˙˙ʎןןıן" I couldn't understand what the fück she said. Jase then screamed an inhuman scream and I saw red liquid fly out Kate's mouth. It landed next to me and I screamed. I fell down and began falling endlessly. I lightly landed on Kate's bed. It was normal from before. I looked at myself and was naked. I saw a black figure that looked like Kate. She got on top of me and looked at me. I couldn't see it's face but I know it was grinning. Next thing I knew, I felt a terrible sensation contract in my anus and vagina. I began screaming in horror and pain but nothing came out. I saw the figure morph into a sknny deformed figure. The black disappeared on its body. It was the most horrible thing I ever saw. It had no nose, it's eyes we're pitch darkness, it's face was messed up and it's tongue sticked out. Its tongue was deformed and long.

"ʎןןıן¡ ı,ɯ ƃuıoƃ oʇ ǝdɐɹ noʎ puɐ ןןıʞ noʎ spɹɐʍɹǝʇɟɐ¡" It screamed at me but I didn't understand. The pain grew 2000x worse. I screamed and blood ran down my mouth. The pain instantly stopped and I was in a room with 9 people. They all wore orange jumpsuits and masks. One of them was siting on a chair with a Pinocchio mask. One of them wore a clown mask and. They all wore such scary masks. One of them was siting on a desk. He looked at me and smilled.

"Your Opposite Side..." He said. The nightmare ended with a scary creature (search in google images and if you see a red looking demon dog, THAT'S what she's looking at.) with a wide WIDE smile crooked smile. And I saw a hand beckoning. It wasn't moving close to the demon but his hands was making a grab motion. I heard REALLY scary radio music and the demon said this in that SAME voice.

"Go to sleep..." it said and lashed out at me. Everything went black.


I woke up with a yelp. I looked around my area and it was now morning. I wiped the sweat off my face.

"Oh God..." I said to myself. I layed on my bed and stared at the celing.

"This is going to be a horrible year..." I said.


I was in the courtyard. In thecourtyard, we only get two hours of freedom. I just sat at a bench, watching everyone just talk and shoot hoops. I saw Vladimir approach me and he sat next to me.

"Hi." he said. I looked at him and waved.

"You had a rough night?" He asked. I nodded my head. I didn't want to talk.

"Hey, if you need anything, talk to me." Vladimir said and left. I closed my eyes and looked up. I looked forward and I couldn't believe it...

Garth Williams... He's in jail with ME!

My heart skyrocketed and I began breathing fast. Garth WILL kill me.

I stood up and began to walk somewhere he couldn't see me. Garth just stood there. He wasn't doing anything at the moment. Just watching basketball. I sat in a dark shady area. I sighned in relief. I layed my back against the wall and closed my eyes.

"Hey... Hey it's YOU!" a heard a voice yell. I recognized the voice. Oh God... No...

My eyes shot open. I saw Garth standing in front of me. I had a look of fear on my face.

"Lilly Palmer... I'm glad to see you in jail." Garth said. I narrowed my eyes in anger.

"What are you going to do to me? Huh? You can't rape me now that everyone-"

"Why would I rape you? I'm not here to do that!" Garth said. Bullshit. I know he will because he watches porn every 2 seconds.

"Then, what do you want?" I asked. Garth made an evil grin. He pulled out a knife and pointed at me.

"I'm going to slit your throat." He said in a menacing voice. My eyes widened in terror. I stood up and backed away slowly. He then lashed out at me and cut my arm. I yelled in pain and held my lacerated arm. I ran away from Garth and he chased after me.

I started to climb a fence. I heard Garth's yells.

"COME HERE! YOU ARE FINALLY GOING TO GET YOURS!" He yelled. I continued running as fast as I could. I tripped on a rock and fell down. I groaned in pain as I scraped arms and legs.

"Got you now, bitch!" Garth laughed. He picked me up from my collar and held the knife to my throat.

"Sianara, Lilly!" Garth laughed. I closed my eyes, waiting for it to end. The next thing I know, I heard a stab sound and the sound of blood spilling. I opened my eyes and saw a sharp lead pipe that was in Garth's chest. He had a pool of blood running out his mouth, his eyes wide open. Garth fell to the ground with a thud. I looked at his body and the lead pipe.

"You can say thank you." I heard a very beautiful voice from a girl say. I looked up and was COMPLETELY stunned.

She was beautiful. She had black fur, she looked like she was 21. She had a radial purple and red eyes. Her hair went down to her waist, it also covered a little bit of her eyes. She had a lip piercing and ear piercing. She was well fit and had the same size of breasts as mine. She looked like she was an angel from heaven...

"My names Blossom Crèlla." Sye said. She motioned her hand towards me. I grabbed her hand and she lifted me up.

"My names Lilly Palmer." I said, starring into her eyes. She flipped her hair and smiled.

"Garth... Finally got what he deserved." Blossom said. I nodded my head. I looked at my still bleeding arm.

"He pulled a knife on you?" Blossom asked. I nodded my head. She grabbed my arm gently and looked at the swollen bloody skin. She then pulled out a little pouch. She opened it up and poured a little bit of some green powder on it. It STUNG like a fuck face.

"OW! OW! FUCKITY-OWWWW- Hey that feels better." I said. The swollen went down. The cut patched back up and the blood disappeared.

"Wow. That was cool. What is that stuff?" I asked amazed. Blossom grinned.

"I got this stuff from a Wiccan shop." She said. I smiled and looked at my arm.

"Hey, you look like you don't belong here... What did you do?" Blossom asked. I looked down. I didn't want to tell her. But, I did.

"I... Killed my sister. I didn't mean too. What did you do?" I asked. She looked WAY to beautiful to be in here as well. She closed her eyes and looked down.

"I... I can't tell you... It's too horrible..." Blossom said.

"Oh. I understand. Sometimes, things aren't meant to be shared with." I said. She looked up and smiled.

"Yeah. I couldn't agree with you more." Blossom said. She put a hand on my shoulder.

"Let's go. It's almost time to get back in our cells." Blossom said. I smiled and we both walked back to the courtyard.

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