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Chapter Two:Humans are Really Weird

(Somewhere on Earth)

"Welcome to Anger Solutions. May I assist you?"a man behind a desk asked Zeus and Hades.

"Yes."Zeus replied, "My name is Magna. And my friend here is called Stultus." Hades glared at Zeus, who smirked.

"My name is definitely not 'Fool' and your name isn't 'Great'. Are you that stupid? You think using latin is so smart? You are dumber than I thought!"Hades muttered to Zeus. Zeus just kept smiling. The man punched a few buttons on his computer then looked back at the two.

"We have a spot open at two twenty five. Can you make it?"the man asked.

"Sure. Why not. It think my friend here will agree, as he doesn't talk a lot."Zeus said to the man. He nodded and asked for a credit card. Holy Hades! A THOUSAND BUCKS FOR AN HOUR!Zeus thought to himself. Hades just moaned and clutched his face. Zeus looked at his watch which said '1:30'.

"Perfect time to catch some lunch. Come on Stultus."Zeus cheerfully skipped out of the room, followed by an annoyed Hades.

Fifty minutes later, Zeus and Hades returned. Zeus was rubbing his stomach and muttering something about a cheeseburger and large fries, Hades was moaning about curse words, and the man that talked to them earlier was asleep at his desk. Zeus and Hades walked up to the desk. When the man didn't wake up, Zeus gave him a little shock.

"Aaaaahhh! I just got struck by lighting!"The man screamed, now awoken. "Oh. Just static electricity. I've always been afraid of being struck by lighting."he muttered to himself. "Your therapist should be here any second now, sirs."he told Zeus and Hades. Right after he said it, another man shouted at them.

"Come on in! This way."he said, pointing to a corridor on their left. Zeus and Hades followed him and were led into a small room with a table and three chairs. He sat down in one and motioned for Zeus and Hades to sit as well. When they were all ready, the man began.

"Okay. First, let us do introductions. My name is Gordon. What's yours?"

"My name is Quis."Zeus said proudly.

"I know you're lying."Gordon replied. But how did he know that?

"um...uh..."Zeus sputtered. Gordon smiled evilly.

"That's a trick I learned. You can tell lies by saying that. If the other person starts saying something like that or starts vehemently defending it, they are lying."Gordon laughed. Zeus immediately took a dislike to Gordon because of him getting embarassed. Hades immediately took a liking to him for the same reasons.

"Stop beating around the bush. What is your REAL name?"Gordon asked.

"If you are the bush, then you are about to get beaten!"Zeus roared. Gordon just smiled and nodded. Apparently he had experienced this many times already.

"Calm down."Hades said to Zeus. Zeus shot Hades with his master bolt. Gordon looked at them disapprovingly. Hades yawned and a bunch of skeletons shot out of the ground and started to attack Zeus. He shot again and the skeletons crumpled to dust.

"Do not turn the lights on and off and do not play with dolls!"Gordon glared at them. Zeus and Hades both looked at him, offended. Then they realized that it was the Mist. "Now, since you are a little twitchy,"he pointed at Zeus, "I'll ask this man instead."

"My name is..."Hades took a moment to think, "Nick!"

"Hmmm...I think you are lying."Gordon said. Hades looked at him like he was crazy.

"Why would I lie? My name is not a classified secret, as some people's are,"he purposefully emphasized the word 'some' and looked at Zeus. Hades and Zeus soon started beating each other up while Gordon muttered something along the lines of "Two peas in a pod."

"What! I am not a vegetable and will never be one!"Zeus paused to scream at Gordon. Gordon just shook his head disapprovingly and said, "Mad as a hatter.". This time Hades spoke.

"Mad hatter? Did someone say Mad Hatter? I remember reading that book! Though I forgot the name..."Hades said. Gordon all of a sudden screamed, "Well poke me in the head and blast me in the stomach, I've just diagnosed your anger!"Hades and Zeus both looked at him, slightly stunned. Then Zeus zapped him in the stomach and Hades sent a skeleton to poke him through the head with a knife.

"Hmm...That didn't work too well."Zeus leaned over the now dead Gordon. Alarms started sounding outside and people could be heard screaming. A policeman ran into the room.

"They did it! They killed him!"he shouted.

"Someone is as mad as a hornet..."Hades muttered while Zeus shocked him unconscious. Then they both teleported away.

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