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Tony paused to look outside for a second in his rush to get dressed. Gibbs had called him 5 minutes earlier and said that they had a case. Tony sighed as he saw the weather conditions, it looked like a blizzard.

Tony went back to getting ready; Gibbs said he would be there in 10 minutes, though he lives 20 minutes from Tony's. Tony decided that he would wear his green turtle neck sweater, black dress slacks, and his dress shoes.

He quickly walked out of his room and into his kitchen. He grabbed an apple and took a bit out of it. He looked at his watch it was almost 10 minutes, he better head down so that Gibbs doesn't have to wait.

Tony threw on his jacket and threw away what was left of the apple he had quickly devoured. He went out the door and walked outside and stood in front of his door. He stood there for about 5 minutes before he saw the car drive up. Tony ran out and jumped into the car.

"Your 5 minutes late, Boss." Tony remarked as he buckled his belt.

"I know, it's the damn snow." Gibbs grunted, "I didn't want to crash."

Gibbs speed down the street, making sharp turns suddenly using one of his short cuts to whatever crime scene they had. They rode in silence as Gibbs concentrated on the road and Tony tried to get warm.

Gibbs looked at Tony and noticed he was shivering slightly. "How long were you waiting for me?" Gibbs asked.

"Not long, Boss." Tony said shrugging. "Just about 5 minutes."

"You could have waited inside," Gibbs stated. "You know that your lungs can't take too much. Also you get sick really easily since..." Gibbs trailed off, but Tony understood what he was talking about.

"I thought you were going to be there in a minute or so." Tony said, "Any ways, I'm fine."

Gibbs looked at Tony and mumbled under his breath, "You better be."

They got to the crime scene, "Where's the body Boss?" Tony asked as they got out of Gibbs car.

Gibbs looked around, they couldn't see anything. The snow covered the ground and the snow was so thick that they could barely see 5 feet in front of them. "I don't know, but we better try to find the body."

"Where are McGee and Ziva?" Tony asked curious about why they were the only ones here.

"That's simple," Gibbs said, "Ziva doesn't like driving in snow."

"It'll take them forever to get here with Probie driving." Tony sighed; guess they were going to do the brunt of the work. Tony zipped his jacket up higher as a gust came, sending snow and cold air towards them.

They searched for about 20 minutes and they hadn't found the body. McGee and Ziva hadn't shown up yet. Tony was a bit worried, but he was mostly busy trying to find the body. He was getting colder, "Call Ducky and see where they are." Gibbs said from somewhere from Tony's right, "Also call and see where McGee and Ziva are."

"OK, Boss." Tony said pulling out his cell phone.

He dialed Ducky first; it rang about 3 times before Ducky answered. "Doctor Mallard speaking." Tony heard from the other line.

"It's Tony. Where are you guys?" Tony asked.

"Oh, well we got a bit lost, but we've found our way again, we should be there in about 5 minutes if we don't get lost again."

"OK. We haven't located the body yet. The snow has covered the body; we have been searching for about." Tony paused and looked at his watch, "little over 20 minutes."

"Oh my, Anthony." Ducky said concerned, "You shouldn't be out in the snow for that long. What if you get sick, lad?"

"I'll be fine, I need to call Ziva and McGee, See you Ducky." Tony said hanging up.

Tony dialed Ziva's number since McGee was driving. It rang about 2 times before she answered.

"Hello?" Ziva said.

"Hey it's Tony. Where are you guys?" Tony said

"We are on the high way, there was a crash and the traffic is really bad." Ziva said sounding tired of sitting in the car.

"OK. Try to get here as fast as you can. The snow has covered the body and we need to find it as quickly as possible." Tony said sighing.

"We'll be there in a Jeffy." Ziva said.

"I think you mean jiffy." Tony said smiling. "Bye." Tony hung up and started his search for the body again.

"Boss," Tony said when he could see the faint outline of someone in front of him. The figure turned when he heard Tony's voice but then quickly fled. "Hey!" Tony called running after him, as Tony ran past the spot the figure was at he saw the body. Tony almost caught up and called out again. The figure stopped and swung a punch at Tony. Tony tried to dodge it but slipped and the fist caught him on the cheek. Tony fell to the ground and the figure ran away.

Tony stood up slowly, he turned back the way he came and saw another figure running towards him. He stood ready to tackle this person down. When the figure got closer he saw that it was Gibbs. Tony sighed and relaxed, he was cold and tired and now wet also.

"Are you OK?" Gibbs said stopping in front of his agent and giving him the once over.

"Yeah. Found the body." Tony said. They started to walk back to where they were searching. Tony went over to where he had seen the body; it was a male Navy lieutenant. He looked to be around 23; he was in his formal outfit. There were two dark spots on the lieutenant's chest where he was probably stabbed. Tony quickly started to take pictures; he wanted to be done as soon as possible.

Tony was done with pictures and was starting to sketch when Ducky finally came. They saw the ME van. Gibbs quickly headed over to lead them to the body leaving Tony alone with the body. He finished sketching out the body. He looked around; the body had to have been there for a while. It looked like the figure uncovered the body. Tony sighed and knelt near the body so that he could look for any evidence that might have been buried by the snow.

Tony searched for about 5 minutes on one side of the body and found nothing. By then Ducky had come and took the body back to the van to take the body back to Autopsy. Tony started searching by where the feet had been. His hands were almost so numb that he almost didn't feel the butt of what looked like to be a knife.

Tony carefully uncovered the knife, he fumbled with the camera and finally got a picture. He bagged the knife and went to his boss who was calling to see where McGee and Ziva were. Tony held up the knife, you could see the blood that was still on the blade. Gibbs nodded to Tony, "Where the hell are you guys?" Gibbs said suddenly. Tony decided to go back to the body and search for any other evidence.

It's almost what it was like before Kate came. Just the two of us, a two man MCRT. Tony smiled at the thought of the good old days. It's not like he didn't enjoy working with others, hell it was almost easier for him. Though he sometimes missed when Tony would get all the attention from the man he looked up too.

"Tony." Tony looked up and saw Gibbs standing there with a frown. "It looks like McGee and Ziva got lost so it's going to take them a while to get here. I told them to just go back because we were almost done here."

"OK, Boss." Tony said still searching moving on to about where the head of the body was. "I think the knife is the only thing that is around the body, it would be easier if it wasn't snowing so hard. We could see where he might have been and had possible left any evidence."

"Tony let's go back." Gibbs said, "I'm freezing, you must be cold too."

"Nah, boss. I'm fine." Tony said but he jumped up to leave. He was really cold and wanted to get to the warm building of NCIS.

They packed all the gear and left. They drove mostly in silence; Gibbs drove fast, but not reckless enough that he was putting them in danger. Tony looked outside at the falling snow; he was really starting to hate the snow.

Tony closed his eyes and he fell asleep. Gibbs looked over at Tony and smiled, he would never have been able to do this without him. Gibbs turned the heat up and put on some quiet music.

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