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It had been raining on Gotham for the last few weeks. A nonstop down pour of rain over the whole city. A few people in downtown were afraid the flood walls would brake, but they never did. Yet in a city like Gotham, a little rain didn't stop anything. The streets were still crowded, the car still honked their horns, and people went on living their lives. The only thing that was delayed was the building of a bridge over an old canal that was now only filled with mud and puddles. The bridge was only half way completed. It had steel beams, metal wiring, and large fencing hanging off of it making it look like it had been though a war.

Two men, each holding a back umbrella, stood on the street looking at the bridge as the rain came down. The man with graying orange hair laughed, "it look good when it done, I swear! It's just all this rain, making hard to build. I cannot thank you enough for your support Mr. Wayne, if it wasn't for your donation this bridge would even be here."

Mr. Wayne nodded in agreement, "it's now trouble Gordon. It is the least I can do for this city. Plus once it is built the traffic along Maine Street should clear up."

Gordon laughed, "thank God for that! Oh look at the time! I promised Barbra I'd go to her gymnastic show, or what ever they call it theses days. I'll see you around Mr. Wayne, oh one more thing," Gordon paused for a moment thinking carefully about what he was going to say next. "Are you sure we can't name his bridge after your parents Mr. Wayne?"

Bruce shook his head, "no thank you. There is enough buildings in the city with the Wayne name on it. My father enjoyed trains much more than bridges Gordon, if we ever build a monorail we can name it after them." Bruce nodded then walked over to his car. Alfred already had the door open for him. The two drove home in silence.

When Bruce arrived home to his surprise Robin had not yet returned from Mt Justice where he was spending the day with the team. To pass the time Bruce Wayne changed into Batman and waited at the portal for his 'son' to return. He was five minutes late when Robin finally arrived in the Bat-cave. He was laughing his usual laugh and had a thin layer of dust on his body. He didn't even notice Batman glaring at him arms crossed.

"Your late!" Batman reprimanded him.

Robin froze. He rubbed the back of his neck knowing he was in trouble. "Sorry, it's just Miss Martian set the cookies on fire. Superboy and I had to put it out, but the fire extinguisher wasn't working. To make a long story we ended up nearly burning the cave down, till Artemis got a bucket of water. Don't worry, everything is fine, and Red already yelled at us for it. So how about we just let it slid and go out on patrol?" Robin smiled widely.

Batman wanted to yell at him. He wanted to reprimand him for being late and nearly burning his hideout. Yet Robin's innocent smile and clear joy from such a trivial experience made Batman hold in his anger. Their would be repercussions, but Batman would wait till the whole team was together to give them. For right now the team didn't matter. It was him and Robin. Just him and Robin saving the city from evil. It was closes Batman came to being truly happy.

"Clayface had been spotted last night," Batman informed him. "He escaped Arkham a few nights ago, up until now it was believed he fled south to New York." Batman kept explaining about Clayface as the batmobile sped down the streets. "The police have nothing and honestly he hasn't done anything. He's keeping a low profile. The police sees that as a reason not to find him, much to Gordon's dismay. Yet Clayface is just waiting. All this rain is making mud. A sloppy mud that Clayface could easily use to make himself grow even bigger. Clayface had trouble holding his form in the rain, so he's staying low. Yet when the rain stopped, nothing could stop him from growing twice his normal size."

"Yeah, and he was big to began with!" Robin joked. "Well," Robin looked out the window, "it's not raining now. Do you think he'll attack." Batman didn't answer him, which Robin was use too.

A small screen started blinking on dash. The bat-signal was turned on. Batman glared down at the light, "Gordon?" he quietly said to himself. Punching the accelerator Batman turned the car around heading for the police station at full speed. Robin raised an eyebrow, he could tell Batman knew something that he didn't.

When they arrived the police station Gordon was standing by the bright bat-signal with a stripped umbrella. He turned the light off and turned at the Duo. "I think you know why I've called you," Gordon said walking closer to them. Batman took a step to the side blocking half of Robin. "Clayface," Gordon said seriously. Thunder boomed in the distance but still no rain fell. "I want to know if you have any leads on him. My department has given up. They say he went south, but knowing you, you have something they don't. I want to know what it is. This lack of rain is started to scare my. He's cooking something up I just know it."

Batman stood like a rock, "do wish to compare notes?" Batman asked him. Robin blinked a few times under his mask a bit confused. "It may take a while, are you sure you have nothing else to do tonight?"

"My schedule is completely free. I had nothing to do tonight anyway," Gordon said with a laugh. He fixed his glasses walking closer to Batman.

"Is that so?" Batman reached into his belt and threw three Batarangs into his chest. Robin yelled jumping in the air. Batman just glared at the police commissioner. Robin started to run up to the wounded man but Batman grabbed his arm holding him back. "That's not Gordon," Batman informed him. Robin looked over at the police commissioner to see his wounds were leaking a gray mud. It was clay.

"How did you know?" Clayface asked turning into his true form. A large monster oozing clay from all parts of his massive body. He was hideous and almost unreal looking. "The man had plans didn't he?" Clayface asked. Batman nodded. "Fool! You still can never take me back there!" Clayface roared like a wild animal. The monster jumped off the edge of the building turning it's body into a steam of mobile clay. He slithered down the building headed towards the denser part of town.

Without saying a word Batman and Robin jumped into their car and headed after to them. They fallowed the trail of clay like mud through the city streets. Batman knew were Clayface was heading. Clayface needed clay and with all the rain it wasn't had to find. Yet Batman knew where the largest supply of mud was, under the bridge that he and Gordon had met at earlier that same day. Batman drove up the bridge, slammed on the brakes and he and his sidekick jumped out of the car onto the rickety bridge. It took Robin a moment to get himself balanced. The whole bridge was shaking. A metal bar fell off plummeting down the ravine with a loud thud as it hit the ground.

"That's a long way down," Robin commented. He hated the idea of falling.

"Be careful," Batman ordered him. Robin nodded. The two stood still waiting for any sigh of Clayface. They pulled out a taser from their belts just waiting and listening.

Suddenly their was a loud monstrous laugh. "You shouldn't have fallowed me Batman! Now you are going to die!"

"Under the bridge!" Batman yelled hearing where Clayface's voice was coming from. There was a loud sound fallowed by the whole bridge shaking. "He's taking out the bridge! Move!" Batman yelled to Robin. The two ran across the bridge towards the road. Support beams, and steel bars were falling under their feet. Still the two kept running. The whole bridge was falling into the ravine, which was over a twenty foot drop. Batman jumped onto the road and turned to see if robin had down the same.

Robin jumped at the road as the whole bridge gave way. He heard Clayface yell as the steel and metal fell to the ground. Robin was still in midair when a thin string of clay shot out from the piled of metal. For Batman it happened in slow motion. He saw the clay reach out from the metal then rapped itself around Robin's small body. Batman and Robin's eyes met, and even a mask cover them Batman could see that Robin was shock, and scared. The clay pulled down bringing Robin down with the bridge.

"NO!" Batman screamed. He reached out for Robin but it was too late. He was gone. He had fallen to the bottom of the canal with Clayface and bridge. Batman quickly jumped over the edge into the ravine. He ran through the piles of debris looking for Robin. There was rubble everywhere. What remained of the bridge was scattered in the mud, broken and wrecked. "ROBIN!" Batman yelled. There was no answer. "ROBIN!" He yelled even louder. Still there was no replay. "ROBIN!" He yelled as loud as he could.

"," a small weak voice called out. Batman hardly heard it, but it was still a voice. He ran from were the voice was coming from. He saw Robin and gasped loudly. Robin was laying on the ground, mud and blood cover his clothing. Laying over him was large metal support beam. It was huge covering his abdomen and most o his legs. One of his arms was pinned under it and batman could already see blood coming mixing with the mud under him. "Bat...," robin struggled to say. Blood dripped out of the cover of his mouth.

Batman ran to his side, "don't talk. I have to get this off you," Batman examined the beam not sure if he would be strong enough to lift it. Robin coughed up blood whimpering loudly. Batman grabbed the beam and lifted with all of his strength. It was the moments like this were he felt envious of Clark Kent. Superman could lift it with no trouble at all, but he couldn't. Yet Robin's life was hanging in the balance. He had to save him, he couldn't let him die, not now. Not like this. He didn't want someone he loved to die again.

Using all of his strength Batman lifted the beam off of him (yeah I know impossible, but he's Batman) He dropped it down at Robin side. He looked at Robin almost getting sick. Blood was everywhere. His whole outfit had dyed a blood red. One, or both, of his legs were broken. His whole body looked mangled. Batman slowly lifted him into the air. "It's going to be okay," Batman whispered gently.

Robin coughed up more blood. "I...I'm sorry...sorry...for being late," he barley managed to say. He was panting between coughs and was in more pain than he had ever felt before. "I'm...sor...sorry."

"Don't talk, your lungs can't handle the stress. Relax, your going to be fine. I called Alfred, he's on his way, just hold on till then. Don't die. Hold on," Batman said to him pulling the small boy closer to his body. He could feel the boy's heart beat growing softer and softer with each passing moment. Batman looked down at hurt child feeling helpless. Then he spotted that the mud under his feet was moving. Batman's eyes widen, Clayface was reforming. Batman knew Robin would survive another encounter with Clayface. He was barley surviving as it was. Batman ran the opposite direction the clay was moving hoping to get away. His black and gray uniform was now covered in Robin's blood and he could feel his heart beat growling so soft that it almost was like it stopped beating.

"Where are you Batman! " Clayface's voice called out. "I know your down here! I dragged that boy down with me, is he okay?" Clayface laughed. Batman pulled the boy in closer. He could barley even feel Robin's heart beating, and his breath was shallow and weak.

"Hold on," Batman said quickly hiding behind a pile a of rubble. "Please, stay with me. Hold on," Batman said sadly. Robin couldn't die, not like his parents. He didn't want to lose everything again. He didn't want his whole world to die in front of him again. "Hold on son," he said one more time.

Something hit Batman's forehead. He looked up at the dark gray clouds. A small drop of water fell from the sky. "Where are you Batman!" clayface yelled. "Let me kill you and that boy of yours!" again another drop of rain hit Batman's cowl. Before he knew it the sky opened up in a total down poor. Rain fell like buckets. Batman could hear Clayface screaming in the distance. Soon he was silenced, the rain had reduced him into nothing but a muddy puddle on the grown.

Batman lowered his head looking down at the now unconscious Robin. "Master Bruce!" a British voice called out. Batman looked p to see Alfred standing up on the top of the canal. "I have the car and the medical supples you asked for...," the butler stopped the mangled Robin in his arms. "My God! Is he alright! Tell me he's okay! Hurry, hurry get up here! Oh please be okay Master Robin," Alfred held back his tears.

Batman zip lined up the wall where he and Alfred brought him back to the cave. Caring for his wounds on his way. Bruce rubbed the boys hair as he stitched Robin up. It was going to be okay. He was going to live and that was all that mattered. He was going to live, which brought a smile to Bruce's face.

The End!

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