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"It can't be true!" A young voice busted into to the office of billionaire Bruce Wayne. "I mean, it's not true right?" the teenage boy ran up to his desk waving the newspaper in the air. "Of course it's not true! Mr. Godfrey is just making this stuff to make you and the league look bad right?" The teenager spoke rapid throwing his hands in the air and panicking.

Bruce just kept working on some paperwork not listening to his wards rambles. "It's nothing of your concern."

"None of my concern!? Have you actually read what the news is saying." Dick unfolded the paper in his hand and started to read, "Could Gotham's Dark Knight not be the hero we all thought? Eyewitnesses say they have spotted a bat figure sowing over the streets of Gotham only moments before the robbery of Gotham National Bank." Dick stopped reading not wanting to anymore. "That's the fifth eyewitness account of a giant bat stealing things. People all around town are even starting to question you! My whole school is doubting you, well maybe not Artemis, but others are. It's all over the internet and Godfrey is turning the whole country against you. So what's going on Bruce?"

"I said it's none of your concern," Bruce stood up and headed for the door.

"It's not true though right Bruce? Batman isn't stealing right?" Dick asked, but Bruce walked out the door without answering.

Bruce made his way down the hall in silence. He turned on his ipad and watched the news. Everything was about the giant bat sightings right before massive robberies. The news pinned it all on Batman. The league of course had knew Batman was innocent, he had been in Brazil on a mission when most of the robberies took place. Yet the people of Gotham were starting to doubt it, and now even Robin starting questioning. That crushed Bruce most of all.

Robin sat in the Batcave with his feet dangling over the edge. It was quite a long fall to the bottom, Dick wasn't even sure how far down the cave went, it just went down. Looking down into the darkness he thought about what he had read in the news. Lately he had been solely going on missions with the team, him and Batman hadn't been on an alone mission in ages. Then suddenly this starts happening. A giant bat shape creature in the night stealing from every big player in Gotham. Robin knew it couldn't be his mentor. Batman had such a strong sense of justice, there was no way he could do it. That wasn't like him. Robin stood up and walked towards the computer feeling bad for ever questioning him.

Alfred walked in carrying a silver tray followed by Batman. A smile came across Robin's face. Batman seemed not to notice him as he walked towards the car. Robin followed him. "Where we patrolling tonight?"

"There is no we tonight. I have to do this alone," Batman coldly answered.

Robin blinked a few times under his mask, "but I don't have a mission with the team tonight. Shouldn't I go out and crime fight with you. Dynamic Duo right?"

"Not tonight." Batman closed the doors to the batmobile and drove away leaving nothing but dust in his wake.

Robin gripped a tight fist. "What is his problem!? I want to help him clear his name and this is how he lets me help by leaving me here like a useless tool?"

"Sir, you know that is not true. Master Bruce needs to sort this out himself. He needs to clear his name on his own," Alfred put his hand on the boy's shoulder.

"I hate him sometime Alfred." Dick turned to the butler, "he's not stealing though right?"

"Of course not."

Robin took in a deep breath and walked back over the cave edge. He glanced over the side into the dark cliffside. He listened to the bats making noises in the night and flying around on the ceiling. he was never really a fan of all the bats in the cave. They freaked him out just a bit, but he'd never tell Batman that. Some secrets were better kept from him. Robin just stood there listening to their noises when they suddenly grew quite. All of the bats just stopped. Looking up he tried to see what was happening up in the darkened ceiling. He could just make out the outline of one bat flying towards him. Squinting he noticed that the bat was a little larger than he first thought.

The loud flapping of wings echoed throughout the cave and that's when Robin saw it. A gigantic bat. Stepping backwards he saw it was much bigger than him with razor claws. It stretched flying towards the sidekick.

"Bloody Hell!" Robin heard his British butler yell.

"Get down!" Robin screaming at the elder man. He only took his attention away from the giant bat for a moment, maybe two, when he felt something sink into his chest. Three claws swapped across his chest tearing at his uniform and skin. Yelling out in pain blood poured out from his cuts. The force knocked him off balance off the side of the cliff. Too weak from the attack Robin fell off the side of batcave. The last thing he heard was the butler yelling his name.

Batman prayed he was not too late, well maybe not prayed but sure did hope. He was halfway into the city when the batcave distress signal went off. Not the personal Robin has, the one in the batcave. An odd button only pressed by Alfred when something goes wrong in the cave. Plus Robin had a distress signal himself if something had gone amiss Robin would have radioed in. Yet something was not right. Batman needed to find this fake bat, but something his gut told him to turn around.

He pulled into the cave only to find the giant bat crawling around on the floor like he had lost on contact. Batman could see that the bat had almost human characteristic and was wearing ripped pants. Sneaking up on it Batman jumped on his bat stabbing it with a batarang. It yelled out thrashing around. It tossed Batman off, but the hero landed safely not far from it. He pulled out a taser and shocked the thing till it dropped on the floor.

"Robin! Alfred!" Batman yelled in the empty cave. There was no answer. "Alfred! Robin!"

"Master Wayne!" A worried voice called out. the old butler crawled out from a small space behind the computer. Batman ran up to the man asking if he was alright. "I'm fine. I'm fine. Yet Master Grayson he...fell," Alfred looked over at the edge.

Batman let out a gasp and ran to the cliff. Looking over he spotted a red and black uniform half dangling over the side of rock. Batman jumped down, it was at least a three story fall. Batman instantly noticed the three slash makes on his chest. He lifted Robin in his arms the plain on which he had fallen on starting to crack under the pressure. Robin whimpered all of the muscle in his body were tight and he was losing massive amounts of grappled back up as robin yelled out in pain in his arms. He laid his ward down on a table and Alfred started to make a medical diagnosis.

"He has some internal bleeding I have to fix before anything. Six, no seven broken bones, four cracked ribs, and two broken fingers," the butler said.

"Is he going to make it?"

Alfred nodded, "yes, he will. He's in a lot of pain right now, I need to get some pain medication from the other room before I can do anything." the butler rushed off.

Batman placed his hand on the boys body. Robin whimpered unconsciously at the touch. "It's going to be okay now. This never should have happened. I should have included you in trying to find that...manbat."

"A man's pride is his greatest weakness,' Alfred suddenly butted in. "Here this should relax him for surgery," he said injecting him a needle. The boy turned limp and stopped whimpering.

"He could have died Alfred, all because I was too proud to take him along." The hero grinded his teeth together, "he was only trying to help me clear my name and I pushed him aside. What if he died Alfred?"

"He didn't sir, because you came back. A few more minutes down there and he would have. You could have kept on going and he would have died, but you came back. and to me, that's all that matters."

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