New Boy In Town

Okay, this is my newest ShinoKiba fic! Please understand there are some things you must first realize about this world:

1: They are all of High School age (Well except the teachers of course).

2: This is a supernatural fic, which means lots and lots of strangeness

3: Temari and Kankuro are twins in this world.

4: This is a YAOI!

5: Akamaru is Kiba's familiar and can change his size. Just as some of the other familiars can.

6: Multiple Pairings

Okay now that that is out of the way let's get on with it.

Plot: Kiba Inuzuka transfers into Konoha Academy, an all boys school for "gifted individuals". He gets a new roommate, Shino Aburame. With his new school comes a whole new set of problems, the most immediate being his attraction to his roommate.

Plot Bunny: Shiro

Main Pairing: ShinoKiba

Side Pairings: NaruSasu, NejiGaa, KankSai, KyuIta, LeeSaku, ShikaTema, ChojIno, TenHina, KakaIru, AsumKure, YamaGai.

Rating: M (Take this seriously!)

Disclaimer: Shino and Kiba are hot, but not mine. Shiro is an annoying hyper active plot bunny, and a free loader. Kishimoto owns Naruto, I don't even get to say I own Shiro. Life is unfair!

Chapter 1: New School

A large navy blue Chevy Suburban pulled up to a six story red brick building. Ivy climbed up half of the walls' surface, the windows shutters were painted white, four steps led up to white double doors. There were well manicured green lawns, large oak trees, flowering bushes the whole shebang. It was hard to imagine the building the vehicle had just pulled up in front of was Rasengan Hall, a dormitory for the all boys school Konoha Academy. Konoha Academy, a prestigious school that educates youths in the Arts. AKA, it was a giant private school that teaches teenagers spells, curses, charms and what not. As an added bonus they get to blow shit up!

"Well here we are," said Tsume. She had medium length shaggy brown hair, her eyes were brown, and she had two red fangs tattooed onto her face, one on each cheek. She was wearing deep brown slacks and a cream silk blouse. In the seat beside her was a large bluish grey wolf looking dog with an eye patch, Kuromaru, Tsume's familiar. "Kiba, are you listening to me?" she asked looking into the back seat.

Kiba, a sixteen year old boy with the same shaggy brown hair, brown eyes, and red fangs, was presently doing his best to ignore the fact that the vehicle had come to a stop. Next to him sat a small white dog with brown ears. Akamaru was Kiba's familiar. "Nope," Kiba said. He didn't have time to dodge the cellphone directed at his face.

"Get. Out. Now." Tsume instructed as she opened her door, Kuromaru following after her.

Kiba looked over to Akamaru who just barked at him. Kiba understood what his familiar meant, 'Better do as she says.'

"Fine," Kiba said opening the door. Akamaru jumped out of the Suburban shifting size as he did so. When he landed his head came to Kiba's shoulder. Kiba scratched behind Akamaru's, now, large brown ear. "Show off," Kiba remarked as he walked around to the back of the Chevy to help his mom with his bags. "Remind me again why I have to go to this school."

"Because I got transferred so we could be closer to Hana, and this is the only school that teaches the Arts within this area," Tsume said.

"You should be grateful, Konoha Academy is a great school," Kuromaru said. Kuromaru couldn't change his size like Akamaru but he did have the ability to communicate in human tongue, unlike Akamaru.

"Yeah, yeah, I know! You've only been saying that since we moved last week," Kiba said taking out his suitcase. "I just don't see why it's necessary. I mean couldn't I've just stayed at my old school?"

"NO!" Tsume and Kuromaru said at once. Both horrified at the idea of leaving Kiba alone, in a town several hours away from them. The Powers only knew what kind of trouble the boy could get into.

"Besides, this school is much better than Otogakure High," said Tsume. "You will learn a lot more here, be taught by world famous teachers, and you can have Akamaru with you at all times."

"Well that's a plus!" Kiba said petting his familiar's head. His last school didn't allow the presence of familiars unless it was for Gym. Which meant every student would have to summon their familiar before the class started.

The doors opened and a tall teen with flame orange hair, red eyes, and tan skin walked out. On his heels was a small red fox, with black tipped ears, tail, and feet. "Kiba Inuzuka?" the other boy said. Kiba nodded. The boy standing before him was wearing the schools uniform tan pants, a white shirt, a blue blazer, and a blue and gold tie with an IV pin signifying him as a Senior. On the pocket of the blazer was a shield emblem cut into four sections. The upper left hand corner and lower right hand corner were solid gold. In the upper right hand corner there was a sword crossed with a wand over a partially open scroll. In the lower left hand corner was three books stacked on top of each other, with a crystal ball placed at the very top. Kiba noted it was the schools code of arms. "Hi, I'm Kyuubi Namikaze the dorm leader," Kyuubi said with a small smile. "This," he said looking down to the small fox, "is Ayame." The fox yipped in welcome.

"Hi," Kiba said. "Um, I'm Kiba Inuzuka, and this is Akamaru," Kiba said resting his hand on Akamaru's head.

"He's big," Kyuubi said glancing at the large dog.

"Oh he can be smaller," Kiba said. Kiba nodded to Akamaru and the dog quickly shifted size. When he was done he was the size of a small dog.

"Well it didn't matter if he was large, but this will make it easier on your roommate," Kyuubi said. He watched as Ayame and Akamaru circled each other. "Is this everything?" Kyuubi asked indicating Kiba's luggage.

"Yeah," said Tsume closing the trunk. "You behave Kiba."

"Yes Mom."

"Don't get into trouble," Kuromaru said.

"Yeah, yeah," Kiba drawled.

"I'm sure he will be just fine," Kyuubi said. Tsume and Kuromaru said goodbye to Kiba and Akamaru, then got back into the Suburban, and drove off. Kyuubi helped Kiba get his things into the dormitory, Akamaru and Ayame close on their heels. "This is one of Konoha Academy's oldest dorms with a long history of, you know what I'm sure this is all insanely boring and you really don't care do you," Kyuubi said looking over to Kiba.

"Yeah well, you're right I don't," Kiba said with a huge grin. "But I understand you have to give me the whole speech so go ahead."

Kyuubi started to laugh, the sound rich and deep. "Okay all you have to know is that curfew is at 9 PM, don't bring girls into the dorms, and shower times are between 5 AM and 10 PM."

"Cool," Kiba said. "The curfew thing will take some time to get use to, but the shower time is awesome."

"What about the girl rule?" Kyuubi asked.

"No need to worry about that," Kiba said quietly, his eyes trained on the floor ahead of him.

"I see," Kyuubi said with a smile. "Well no need to fret. You'll actually find a lot of people who share your preference here." Kiba looked up at him in shock. "Don't look so stunned. It is an ALL BOYS school after all. Let's see…in this dorm alone there are several couples. There is Gaara and Neji, Sai and Kankuro, Sasuke and Naruto, oh there is also me and Itachi, the student body president." Kiba's mouth was hanging open in complete disbelieve.

They walked up the stairs carrying Kiba's luggage with them as they went. On the third floor they turned left and headed down the hallway. "Your roommate's name is Shino Aburame. He's a bit quiet but he is also a really dependable guy. Ask him any questions on anything and he will answer them for you. You have today to get comfortable and your classes start tomorrow. And here we are," Kyuubi said stopping at room 308. He handed Kiba a key and walked away, Ayame jumping up on his shoulders and curling around his neck as he went.

Kiba sighed and looked down at Akamaru, "Well this is our home for the rest of the year."

'Rauff!' Akamaru said in excitement his tail wagging back and forth.

Kiba laughed, opened the door, and started to bring his things in. The room was painted a modest tan, had one window on the wall opposite the door. On each side of the widow was a desk, one had books, notebooks, binders, pencils, pens, and a lamp on it. It also had what looked like a tree branch or limb on a platform on it; it reminded Kiba of something you would find in a tank for a lizard or tarantula. The other just had a lamp. To Kiba's right was a bed with a dark grey bed spread. On the right wall was dozens of pin up displays of insects, and one family portrait. On the left was a bare bed with fresh sheets on top of the mattress and bare walls. Next to the door were two wardrobes, one to the right, and one to the left. Kiba moved to the left side of the room, set his backpack onto the desk, and started to unpack.

After putting away his clothes, unpacking his new books, setting up his desk, setting out Akamaru's pillow and water dish at the foot of his bed, and making his bed with his blue bed spread, why they had to bring their own blankets was beyond Kiba, he started to pin pictures to the wall. There were dozens of photos. Most of them were of him, Akamaru, Hana and the Haimaru Brothers, his Mom and Kuromaru during vacations, bar-b-ques, school events, or just whenever Hana or his Mom got hold of a camera; and his clan during holidays.

The last thing he put up was a framed photo of the day he got Akamaru, which he placed on his desk. He then slipped his suitcases into the closet he had discovered beside his wardrobe and went to the bathroom, which was located on the other side of his roommate's wardrobe, and placed his toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash near the sink. The bathroom was just a double sink and a toilet. Kyuubi had shown Kiba the showers, which were on the first floor down a hallway, during his short tour of the dormitory.

Going back out to the room Kiba sat on the bed and looked down at Akamaru. "Well home sweet home," Kiba drawled. Akamaru tilted his head to the side and whined. "Sorry boy, it's just weird is all."

'Ruff!' Akamaru exclaimed and jumped onto Kiba's chest. Kiba laughed as the small dog licked his face. Rubbing his head Kiba lied back and looked up to the bare ceiling. It was white, so very white. The main light in the room was directly in the center, but it wasn't on because the sun was shining directly in through the window.

xXx New Boy in Town xXx

"Hey Shino I heard the new kid is going to be your roommate," said Naruto. His blonde hair was bouncing as he walked backwards. Gamakichi, Naruto's orange toad familiar, was squatting on his shoulder. "What's he like?" Naruto asked.

"Don't know," Shino said. His black beetle familiar, Matsui, fluttered its wings on his shoulder. "He was supposed to arrive after third period."

"Hmm…" Naruto said, still walking backwards.

"Hey idiot you're going to trip," Gamakichi warned.

"Huh, no I'm not ah!" Naruto yelled as he tripped.

Gamakichi had jumped from his shoulder as he fell and landed on his chest. "Told you so."

"Evil toad," Naruto whined sitting up and rubbing his head. Gamakichi took up his place on Naruto's shoulder again. The toad was large, almost the size of Naruto's head. "So do you know the guy's name?" Naruto asked as they all started to walk again.

"Kiba Inuzuka," Shino said.

"An Inuzuka huh?" said Sasuke.

"His familiar should be a canine then," said Manda a purple and black snake that was curled around Sasuke's neck loosely like a sweater, his head resting on Sasuke's right shoulder.

"Do bugs and dogs get along?" Naruto asked.

"No more than snakes and toads," said Sasuke with a smirk.

"Teme," Naruto said his hand going up and patting Gamakichi's head. Manda hissed at the blonde and curled tighter around Sasuke.

Shino privately wondered how two people who had familiars that were natural enemies could be together. Matsui fluttered his wings again drawing Shino's attention to a small butterfly that drifted by. "He's here," Shino said as the insect flew away.

"Cool! Let's go meet him," Naruto said turning towards the dorm.

"We still have class dobe," Sasuke said grabbing Naruto's arm.

"Oh yeah," Naruto said sheepishly rubbing the back of his head.

"Hn, dobe," Sasuke smirked and rested his head on the shoulder Gamakichi wasn't sitting on. The toad glared at the snake, who in turn glared back.

Shino once again had the thought of how those two could possibly be a couple. But then again it would probably be worse if they were roommates. The three continued across the court yard until they reached the large combat practice field. It was a large oval sand pit in the back of the academy. Far enough away so no damage would be done to the school itself should a spell accidently get sent flying, but close enough so the students don't get tired walking to it.

"Hello my youthful students!" Gai-sensei, a man with black hair cut into a bowl cut, large bushy eyebrows, shinny white teeth, and a horrible green tracks suit on called as they approached. Standing next to him was a large red tortoise with a bandana hanging loosely around its neck. "Today we will be going over the essentials of defense. So pair up and let's begin!"

xXx New Boy in Town xXx

Kiba was lying on his new bed, in his new dorm room, staring at the white ceiling, listening to his IPod when the door clicked open and someone walked in. Akamaru let out a low growl and his fur stood on end. Kiba slid off his large headphones, sat up, and took in the appearance of the person, no, people standing in the doorway.

The first one Kiba noticed was the blonde, it was hard not to notice him. His hair was the color of sunshine, his eyes were ocean blue, and he had three whisker like marks on each cheek. The pin on his tie signified him as a third year, actually with a quick glance Kiba realized they were all third years. The next thing Kiba noted was the large red orange toad on his shoulder which was wearing a blue vest.

Beside the blonde was a slightly shorter boy with black hair. The way the light hit it made it look like it had a blue tint to it. He had pale skin, but not sickly so, and obsidian black eyes. Around his neck was a purple snake which had four horn like protrusions on its head.

The final one his eyes landed on was the tallest of them. He had shaggy dark brown, nearly black hair. His eyes were covered by a pair of pitch black sunglasses. On his shoulder was a huge shinny black beetle! The thing was easily the size of Kiba's hand. It was the beetle that made Kiba single out the tall one as his new roommate, that and the fact his scent was the one that matched the one in the room.

"Ah hi," Kiba said holding up his hand. "Easy Akamaru," Kiba soothed his dog running his hand along his back. Akamaru instantly calmed down. "I'm Kiba, Kiba Inuzuka! This is Akamaru."

The blonde's face lit up like a Christmas tree, it was kind of scary. "Hey! I'm Naruto Uzumaki, and this," he pointed to the toad, "Is Gamakichi. Welcome to Konoha!" Kiba recognized his name from the list of people Kyuubi mentioned.

"Ah, the dorm leader mentioned you," Kiba said instantly.

The blonde cringed a little. "He did? I hope it wasn't anything bad," Naruto said.

"Nope, just that you were in a relationship with someone named Sasuke," Kiba answered.

"Tsk, typical," the guy with the black hair sneered. Now that Kiba looked closer his hair looked like it was styled into the shape of a ducks butt. "Your cousin can't keep his mouth shut."

"Hey, it isn't my fault," Naruto said.

"So you're," Kiba began but didn't get to finish.

"Sasuke, Sasuke Uchiha," the raven head said. "This is Manda," he said indicating the snake, who just hissed at Kiba and rested his head back on Sasuke's shoulder.

"I guess that means you're my roommate," Kiba said looking at Shino, who was setting down his book on his desk. Though he already knew the answer he still asked.

"Yes, I'm Shino Aburame" Shino answered. "This is Matsui," Shino gestured to the beetle which was now on the tree branch on the desk. Kiba now realized what the branch was for, the same thing Akamaru's pillow was for; it was a bed for Shino's familiar.

"You got to meet him, now let's go Dobe," said Sasuke.

"What! But I haven't even gotten to talk to him," Naruto whined. Sasuke glared at him, causing the blonde to just roll his eyes. "Fine Teme, jeeze. Catch you later!" Naruto said following after Sasuke and leaving the room.

"Are they really a couple?" Kiba asked.

"Yes," Shino answered sitting down at his desk and starting on his homework. Kiba sat on his bed and studied Shino's profile. From the angle he was at he could just make out the shape of Shino's eyes. They were narrow at the end but not slanted, and they seemed to be a light color, perhaps hazel or grey. Kiba couldn't really tell which. Shino had a strong jaw and firm looking pale lips. His build was tall and muscular, Kiba could see his defined arms even through the blue blazer he was still wearing. Shino's legs were long, but not lanky. His chest was wide and Kiba could only imagine it was just as toned as his arms.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" Shino asked turning around.

Kiba blinked and realized he was almost drooling. Turning his eyes away Kiba blushed. "Sorry didn't mean to," he said quickly. "I was just wondering what you look like without the shades." Shino tilted his head to the side slightly, just a small almost nonexistent movement. Then he shrugged. Reaching up he removed his sunglasses and set them on his desk. Kiba was floored by what he saw. Shino's eyes weren't hazel or grey, they were silver, almost mercury in color! It added so much to his already gorgeous appearance. "Wow," was all Kiba could manage to say.

Shino quirked an eyebrow but said nothing, instead he turned back to his school work. While he was working on his History timeline, Shino absently wondered why he had so willingly shown Kiba his eyes. After only a little bit of thought he decided it was because they would be sharing a room until graduation, and as such Kiba would see them anyways.

Kiba watched Shino for a couple more minutes before laying back down, putting his headphones back on, and continued listening to music. He had a small smile on his. 'Maybe this new school won't be so bad after all,' Kiba thought as he felt Akamaru curl up next to him.

xXx New Boy in Town xXx

Three hours later and Kiba found himself following Shino, Naruto, and Sasuke towards the school's cafeteria. The dorm had a small lounge which served breakfast, but lunch and dinner were to be taken in the cafeteria. This didn't really bother Kiba, after all seen one cafeteria seen them all, or so he thought. When the four teens entered into the hall, yes hall, Kiba's mouth dropped. It was huge! Almost like something from a palace or castle. There was no low round fold up tables and metal folding chairs, nope not for this school. The tables were round, but they were solid wood. The chairs were also solid wood with high backs, armrests, and either blue or gold cushions.

One entire wall was floor to ceiling panoramic window looking out into a well kept courtyard. There were several weeping willows, a small pond with a waterfall, and more flowers that Kiba knew the name of. To the right of the entrance was the lunch/dinner line. There was an entire soup and salad bar set up, and a window where a man was dishing out hot entrées. Kiba followed the others to the line. He remembered reading in the school manual that all meals were paid for with tuition. As he got closer to the line and students passed by him he saw rather normal looking food on the standard blue lunch tray, but there was also strange food. A boy with a cat on his shoulder walked by and on his tray was a small dish filled with what looked like wet cat food.

Kiba's bemusement was short lived, because it was cleared up when he reached the man in the window. "Ah, the new face," he said. "Well what will it be?"

Kiba quickly scanned the options and landed on fried chicken. "I'll have that!" Kiba said pointing to the chicken.

The man smiled, "Good choice, good choice." He placed three pieces of chicken on a plate and handed it to Kiba. Kiba added the plate to his already acquired salad, bread, and milk. "Oh and don't forget this," the man said holding out a large silver dish. Kiba blinked a few times before the man said, "It's for him," he pointed towards Akamaru. "You can't have food in the dorms so we feed familiars as well. It guarantees they get their proper nutritional care along with you young ones."

"But how did you know what he requires?" Kiba asked taking the dish and holding so his tray was resting on top of it.

"Oh, it the information was requested with your registration papers," the man said.

"Cool!" Kiba said. "Come on boy," he called to Akamaru as he followed Naruto to a table. Truthfully Kiba hadn't known what he was going to do when he found out he couldn't keep food for Akamaru in his room. But now that he knew the school was handling it he wasn't so worried.

As Kiba made his way to the table Naruto, Sasuke, and Shino were sitting at he took in the other tables. There were quite a few, and like with any other school you could tell which click was which. The table Kiba sat at was a conundrum though. There were several people sitting at it, and honestly none of them looked like they would normally have associated with each other. Kiba wondered how they had all becomes friends.

"Okay time for introductions!" Naruto said. "Hey Kiba, sit here," he indicated a chair next to him. Kiba smiled and took the seat. "Oh wait!" Naruto sprang up and ran across the cafeteria to a corner to the left. Kiba saw what looked like high chairs and stools stacked neatly against the wall. When Naruto came back he had one of the stools. He set it down next to Kiba's chair. "Put Akamaru's dish on this so he won't have to bend down."

Kiba smiled, this school had everything. "Thanks man," Kiba said. He placed the silver dish on top of the round wooden stool and Akamaru dug in, more than happy that he wouldn't have to bend down to eat.

"No problem, anyways you already know Gamakichi, Sasuke, Manda, Shino, and Matsui so lets start with," Naruto looked around the table obviously looking for his first victim. "Gaara!"

Kiba watched as a redhead with black rimmed jade eyes looked up from what he was doing. He had alabaster skin, and a red kanji tattoo over his temple. He wasn't wearing the blazer or tie but he did have a III pin on his collar signifying him to be a third year. Gaara, as Naruto had called him, sighed and set down his chopsticks. "I'm Gaara Sabaku, Naruto's roommate. This," he pointed towards his lap and a creature Kiba had noticed looked up. It was a red raccoon! "Is Shukaku."

The raccoon regarded him before saying, "Another weird one." He then grabbed what looked like a biscuit from Gaara tray and curled back up his lap.

"Don't mind him, Shukaku's always in a bad mood," said Naruto. "Okay next, Neji!"

A teen with long, dark mahogany brown hair set his chopsticks down, and looked up. Kiba's eyes widened when he caught sight of the other boys irises. They were nearly white, almost like a pearl, but with a hint of lavender like an opal. On his tie was IV pin showing him to be a senior. "Neji Hyuuga," he said. He then moved his hand to his tray, picked up a small sardine, and held it up to a large brown hawk sitting on the back of his chair. "This is Takamaru."

"Hi," Kiba said. The names seemed vaguely familiar but he wasn't sure from where.

"Okay, so Neji and Gaara are going out, so don't flirt with either of them," Naruto said. "Well unless you want to be turned into a bloody pool of goo." Just as Naruto said that it clicked in Kiba's brain. They were one of the other couples Kyuubi had mentioned. "Okay your turn Lee!"

Sitting next to Neji was a boy with shiny black hair cut into a bowl cut. He had large bushy eyebrows, perfectly circular black eyes, and the whitest teeth Kiba had ever seen! "Thank you Naruto-kun!" the strange teen said. "I'm Rock Lee, and this youthful turtle here," he indicated a small green turtle sitting beside his tray on the table munching on some salads, "Is Taiki." Kiba caught sight of a IV pin on Lee's collar.

"Nice to meet you," Kiba said before taking a bite out of his salad. Kiba was starting to realize how everyone here knew each other.

"Hey Sai, you're next," Naruto indicated to a teen who looked genuinely perplexed. He had ear length black hair, pale skin, and black eyes. He almost looked like a clone of Sasuke, except his eyes seemed to hold no emotion. On his tie was a III pin.

Then his face broke out into the most plastic fake looking smile Kiba had ever seen. "Hello, I'm Sai, it is nice to meet you." He said and Kiba found himself fighting to say the words back.

"Yeah same here," the guy's smile was just plain creepy!

"Oh, and this is Yoshi," Sai said stroking a lion cub. Kiba blinked several times trying to make sure he wasn't seeing things.

"Sai you're creepy him out with the fake smile," Naruto reprimanded. "Jeez when will you cut it out with those grins?"

"But Naruto my books all say the best way to get people to like you and open up is a smile," Sai retorted. With that remark Kiba was sold, Sai was a weirdo!

"Aw, never mind," Naruto said barring his head in his hands. "Hey Kankuro you next."

"Gee thanks," said a stalking guy sitting next to Sai. "I'm Kankuro Sabaku, Gaara's my baby brother," he said. A soft growl from the redhead showed just how much he disliked the baby remark. Kankuro just shrugged it off. "This big guy," he indicated a standard raccoon in a highchair next to him, "is Kuroari." Kankuro had brown hair, made a shade or two darker than Kiba's own, and his face was painted with purple lines. On his shirt collar was a IV pin.

"Hi!" the raccoon said with a more friendly voice than that of the red raccoon Shukaku's voice.

"Uh, yeah hi," Kiba said. Then the two people's names clicked in his head again. "So you and Sai are going out?" Kiba asked without thinking.

Naruto's head hit the table. "My cousin really does have a big mouth," Naruto mumbled.

"It's because of that fox Ayame," Gamakichi said.

"How?" Kiba asked confused.

"She likes to stir things up, and Kyuubi lets her," Gamakichi explained.

"Doesn't matter," said Kankuro. "And to answer your question, yes we are. So keep your eyes off."

"Don't need to worry about that," Kiba said. He internally shuddered at the idea of allowing Sai anywhere near him.

"Okay the last two are Choji and Shikamaru!" Naruto said getting back to the introductions.

"Hello," said a rather rounded teen. He had sandy brown hair, small black eyes, and red swirls on his cheeks. "I'm Choji Akamichi. This," he gestured to a panda cub sitting in a highchair next to him, "Is Kintoki."

"Nice to meet you," Kiba said recognizing the III pin on Choji's collar.

"Shikamaru your turn," Naruto said stabbing his fork towards the slightly dazed looking teen. He had brown hair, which was pulled back into a pineapple like ponytail. The pin on his collar was a III one signifying third year status.

"Troublesome," he yawned. "Shikamaru Nara, that's Kage," he said indicating the large horned owl on the back of his chair.

"Lazy," Naruto hissed. "Anyways Shikamaru and Choji are roommates. Gaara and I are roommates, which Gaara already said. Sasuke and Sai are roommates, Neji and Lee are roommates, and Kankuro rooms with someone who doesn't eat with us. And you room with Shino. Everyone but Neji, Lee, and Kankuro are third years, those three being seniors. Now it's your turn to introduce yourself!" Naruto said with a huge grin. If Kiba wasn't mistaken it was entirely because of this energetic blonde that any of them even ate together.

Putting that thought aside Kiba said, "Well I'm Kiba Inuzuka, I just transferred here from Otogakure High. This is Akamaru. Oh and I'm a third year." There was a collection of response ranging from Lee's excited welcome to Gaara silence.

"So what is Otogakure like?" asked Kankuro.

"Different, well maybe normal would be the proper term," Kiba said. "It's a mixed public school," Kiba explained.

"Public?" They all shouted. Kiba sat further back into his seat from the force of their combined shocked voices.

"How did they teach classes on the Arts in a public school?" asked Neji.

"Well we were put into a separate class and had gym separately in an underground facility," Kiba answered.

"But wouldn't the average kids find it weird that you brought your familiar with you to school?" asked Choji.

"We didn't," Kiba answered.

"Tsk," Sasuke shook his head. "That's pointless. A familiar is supposed to be with us at all times."

"How did you practice battles without Akamaru?" asked Naruto, his fingers absent mindely stroking Gamakichi's head. He obviously didn't like the idea of being separated from his toad.

"Well we were forced to summon them at the beginning of gym, then send them back at the end," Kiba answered his hand now also stroking Akamaru's head.

Everyone looked taken back by this idea. It was obviously foreign to them. Kiba had to admit, he never liked leaving Akamaru at home, it just didn't feel right not having him there.

"Well you don't have to worry about that here," said Lee with a smile. "Our youthful academy has never once required that we be separated from our familiars."

Kiba smiled at that. To be honest, it was the one reason he hadn't fought the transfer as hard as he might have. Sure he had been forced to leave his friends behind, but his mom had promised him that the new school would be better and allow him more time with Akamaru. He was glad she was right. He hated being away from him. Kiba's stomach growled making him realize he had only taken a couple bites from his food. Setting all thoughts aside for now, Kiba dug in.

xXx New Boy in Town xXx

Kiba was sitting on his bed drying his hair while Akamaru slept peacefully at the foot of his bed. The day had been weird, but fun. He got to meet some interesting characters, Naruto being the most interesting out of them all, and some flat out strange ones. The door opened and Shino walked in. Kiba quickly averted his eyes. He had tried, unsuccessfully, to keep his eyes off of his roommate while they showered. Now seeing Shino in black track pants, and a white tight fitting tank top Kiba's mind was rebelling against him. Cursing internally Kiba laid down on his bed, facing the wall.

'Great! New school, new friends, new roommate, new crush,' Kiba mentally whined. 'Welcome to Konoha Academy indeed!'


First off, yes I know Manda was Orochimaru's summons but I'm not using the creepy snake guy in this story but I love Manda and wanted to use him. Sasuke summoned him once so I just went with that.

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