New Boy in Town

Okay, so here is how these side stories are going to go. I'm going to finish off the main couples I listed in chapter 1, and then I'm not going to do anymore. Also, if the couple doesn't interest me, creatively, I'll either give a combined or shortened chapter for them. I'm also going to be shortening these side chapters altogether. They'll probably be between 3,000 and 4,000 words long. I have other stories I want to get to so I am setting a limit for these side chapters, or else we'd be here forever.

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Plot: After speaking with Itachi and Kyuubi Kiba is disappointed, so he sets his eyes on the next couple he sees, Guy-sensei and Yamato-sensei. What's their story? And exactly how far back does it go?

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Side Chapter: Yamato & Guy

Kyuubi and Itachi looked at the dumbfounded teen before them. Kiba's expression was one of complete disbelieve. Not that they couldn't blame him, but there really was nothing exciting about how they'd gotten together. They'd realized their mutual attraction and let it go from there. By the time their instincts had awakened they were already engaged in sexual activities.

All of it left little room to feel insecure and doubt the other. Neither really had a huge blow out, or a violent awakening. Which gave for a boring story.

"That's it?" Kiba finally asked the question that was weighing heavy on his mind. "You just came together."

Kyuubi grinned. He knew that was coming. "Yep, that's it. Nothing exciting to report. I mean, unless you want to know what goes on inside the bedroom."

"No," Kiba paled. "That's enough. Thanks."

Standing, he waved goodbye and left, Akamaru at his heels. That had been extremely disappointing. He'd thought that since they were Naruto and Sasuke's relatives they'd have a similar situation, but nope. It seemed the cousin and brother were the exact opposite.

"Damn, now what am I going to do?" Kiba asked the large dog.

Akamaru tilted his head to the side and barked once. Kiba rolled his eyes and continued walking down the snow laden paths of the academy. It had snowed last night for the first time in a couple days. Not that the snow had melted from previous falls, so all it did was pile higher.

'Woof,' Akamaru nudged the back of Kiba's legs, gaining the Magi's attention.

"What?" Kiba asked as he turned to see what had caught his familiar's attention.

Almost instantly he spotted Yamato-sensei and Guy-sensei walking down the slippery paths. Each had a pile of papers in one arm, and were holding hands. As Kiba watched them talk and whisper things to each other an idea formed in his head. If he couldn't find a satisfying story with Kyuubi and Itachi, maybe he could with these two. He clearly remembered something being mentioned about how they'd had a rough time getting together.

"Cut them off," Kiba instructed Akamaru.

Akamaru tilted his head unsure of the order. Kiba urged him forward. Frowning the large dog walked forward and stopped right in front of the pair. He sat down and wagged his tail. When they tried to walk around him he barked.

Ginkgo and Ningame each looked at each other, than back to the dog. They seemed just as confused by his behavior as their Magi.

"What's wrong?" Yamato asked. "Is it Kiba?"

Akamaru sniffed and shook his head. He looked behind him and barked. Kiba was walking up to them, causing the two teachers' frowns to deepen.

"What's going on?" Guy asked as he worked to balance the papers in one arm.

Kiba looked between the two teachers. He was certain there was a story here, but how to get it out of them. Judging by Guy's personality it was best to just ask. Yamato was a bit more tight-lipped though.

Finally, after much thought, Kiba asked, "How did your Magi instincts awaken?"

Stunned, the two teachers and their familiars gaped at the brunet teenager. Kiba just smiled and waited patiently for them to answer. He could see them as they tried to figure out if they should even give him such private information.

As Kiba knew he would, it was Guy-sensei that finally talked. "Well you see, it was like this. It was a beautiful, youthful spring morning and I was challenging Kakashi to a race whe-"

"Okay, stop," Yamato sighed, cutting Guy off. He glared at Kiba for a moment before stepping around the dog and teen. "Let's get inside before we all catch cold."

"So, you'll tell me?" Kiba cheered.

"Not like I have a choice now," Yamato mumbled as he led them to his office.

Kiba was beyond thrilled. Now he'd get a good story. Signaling Akamaru to follow him, he took off after the teachers, grinning from ear to ear. He couldn't wait to hear how they'd gotten together. Or, more importantly, how Yamato-sensei managed to capture Guy-sensei.

The walk to the building was silent, with Kiba practically jumping from one foot to the other. By the time they'd reached Yamato's office the teen was vibrating with unrestrained curiosity.

No sooner had Yamato closed the door did Kiba shout, "So, who made the first move?"

Yamato and Guy looked at each other, both trying to decide how to answer that. Guy sighed and leaned against Yamato's desk.

"I did," Guy admitted, shocking Kiba.

"What?" Kiba asked. "But I thought it was Yamato-sensei that was doing the pursuing."

Yamato looked pained as he explained, "Guy made the first move, but then he quickly ran away. I spent weeks chasing him after that."

"It was worth it though, right?" Guy beamed, obviously proud of the stress he'd inflicted upon his partner.

"So," Kiba looked between the two teachers, "How exactly did it go?"

"Well," Guy sat up straighter, "It was in our senior year of high school…"

xXx New Boy in Town xXx

12 Years Ago…


Friendly brown eyes turned at the sound of his name being called. Iruka waved as Yamato came running up to him. He was trying to balance four books and two binders under one arm while running. It was an amusing sight. He made it almost to him when the first binder slipped and the rest followed. Iruka tried not to laugh as he helped Yamato pick up the scattered material.

"Thanks," Yamato grinned, his braces showing, and stood up, books secured between both arms now.

"No problem," Iruka tried to keep his amusement from his voice. Yamato was a bit gangly, but most boys were at this age. "What did you need?" he asked.

"Huh?" Yamato jerked his gaze away from something to look at the smaller teen, confusion showing on his face.

Iruka resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "You called out to me?"

"Oh right," Yamato snapped out of whatever small daze he'd been in. Iruka looked off to where Yamato had been looking, and sighed. It was Might Guy. "Um, do you think you could talk to Kakashi about something for me?"

Iruka's eyes widened and his mouth gaped. "Wha-Why would you think I'd be talking to Kakashi?" he stammered, his face turning a dark cherry red.

Yamato didn't even bother hiding it. "You aren't fooling anyone Iruka. Besides, I just need you to ask him a question for me."

Iruka tried to gain some control of himself. "What question?" he finally managed to ask after several moments of stuttering and trying to fade into the background.

"Well," Yamato hesitated, a slight blush appearing on his own cheeks. "What does Guy think of me?"

Again Iruka's eyes widened and he gaped at his friend. "What?" he asked. "Why can't you just ask him that? You're friends with both of them."

Yamato shook his head violently. "I can't. What if Kakashi tells Guy I was asking? Or what if Guy over hears me?!"

"Okay, okay I get it," Iruka held up a hand to stave off the continual rush of words. "I'll ask him, but it's going to cost you a bowl of ramen."

"Oh thank you Iruka!" Yamato shouted before dropping his books and wrapping the smaller teen in a hug.

"You're welcome," Iruka laughed as they detached, both missing the seething glares they were receiving from across the courtyard.

xXx New Boy in Town xXx

Iruka and Yamato were just coming out of their math class when Guy came up to them. He had a serious look on his face, and it was directed at Yamato. The other teen looked uncertainly over to Iruka. All the smaller brunet could do was shrug and wave goodbye as he left them alone.

Yamato stood before Guy, waiting for him to say what it was he wanted to. He knew the other well enough to know that he wouldn't be able to remain silent for long. He was right.

"Why did you hug Iruka?" Guy asked, his voice hard.

To say Yamato was surprised would have been an understatement. He hadn't been expecting anything near that kind of question. And was that a hint of jealousy he could hear? Maybe it was just wishful thinking.

"He agreed to do a favor for me, I was thanking him," Yamato answered truthfully.

"Must have been a big favor," Guy mumbled, but Yamato still picked it up.

"It was," Yamato acknowledged.

"Do you like him?" Guy asked, this time really catching Yamato off guard.

"What?" Yamato squawked, causing Ginkgo to jump from his shoulder and chitter violently at him. "Sorry," he soothed his squirrel familiar and picked him back up. Turning his attention back to Guy he asked, "Why would you think that?"

"You spend a lot of time together, and you touch him more than necessary," Guy pointed out, a frown adoring his face. "You know Kakashi doesn't like it. He's thought about frying you several times for it."

Yamato shivered at the thought of what Kakashi was capable of. "Well, I don't have any romantic feelings for Iruka. He's just a friend."

Guy seemed to cheer up almost instantly with that answer. Yamato was about to say something else, but he was silenced by Guy's lips on his. Utter and complete silence filled the hallway. The few people that were still around stopped in their tracks and openly stared at them. Yamato didn't know what to do, so he did what he wanted. Leaning in, he returned the kiss and depended it.

"Get a room!" someone shouted in the back and the two broke apart.

It took a moment but soon reality caught up and Guy's face turned bright red. "I," he took a step away from Yamato. "I have to go!" he shouted and ran.

Yamato stood, confused and dazed in the hallway. His mind was trying desperately to grasp what had just happened. The best he could come up with was that Guy had kissed him and run off. But that couldn't be right. Guy would never do that. Maybe it had been him to kiss Guy.

Ginkgo, worried about his Magi, touched his face gently with his paw. Yamato looked over to the small creature and smiled. He hadn't imagined it, Guy had kissed him. Yamato's eyes widened. He'd just kissed and ran, what was up with that?

"Guy!" Yamato shouted and gave chase, too late.

By the time he got out of the building Guy was nowhere in sight. A weight took up home in Yamato's chest, but he quickly pushed it away. This campus was only so big. He'd find him. Even if he had to stakeout his room, he'd find him, and then he demand to know what that kiss was about. Maybe he'd also confess.

xXx New Boy in Town xXx

Guy ran through the courtyards, across the empty field in the back, and straight into the woods. He could feel himself panicking and wanted to get as far away as possible. He couldn't believe he'd done that! He knew he liked Yamato, but this was just ridiculous. Yes he was known for acting on impulse, but again he didn't think he was that impulsive.

"Maybe I should talk to Kakashi," Guy considered as he looked down to his familiar. The tortoise turned his head and gave him a scathing look. "I didn't have any other choice!" Guy shouted. "What would he have thought? What would I have done if he had pushed me away?"

Ningame didn't respond, happy to let his Magi suffer alone in this. He'd obviously forgotten that Yamato had reciprocated the kiss. Instead he was happy to wallow in self-loathing. It was odd, especially considering Guy was always so energetic, but maybe it was for the best. He needed to reflect on what he'd done.

"Guy!" Ningame heard it first, but it wasn't long before the sound caught Guy's attention as well. "Guy!"

"Shit," Guy hid behind a tree just before Yamato stepped into sight.

"Guy!" Yamato called again. "Where are you?"

Guy remained quiet. When Ningame tried to step out to give away their positions, he grabbed the tortoise and held onto him. The reptilian familiar glared at his Magi, but Guy was ignoring him. He was looking around the trunk of the tree, and trying not to get seen. It was the most pathetic sight the familiar had ever seen.

xXx New Boy in Town xXx

Two weeks. Yamato had been trying to pin Guy down for two weeks! He knew the other Magi was fast, but this was starting to get ridiculous. Even the classes they had together did him no good. Guy would just rush out the first chance he got, leaving Yamato in the wind. He was starting to consider using his powers to restrain the other teen, but thought better of it each time. He didn't want to hurt Guy. Of course if things kept going the way they were he was going to rethink this pacifistic approach.

"So, I heard you've been chasing after Guy," Kakashi's slow and bored drawl was replaced with suspicion.

Yamato looked up to the masked teen and shrugged. "It isn't any of your business."

"Actually," Kakashi took a seat beside Yamato, "Considering he's my best friend it is my business."

Yamato tried not to let his irritation of that remark show. He knew well enough the kind of bond that was between Guy and Kakashi. Hell, he wished he could forget it. Then maybe his life would be a bit easier. But nope, it was there, staring him in the face every single day. And now, to top it off, Kakashi was verbally reminding him of it. Did the world have to be so cruel?

"What do you want Sempai?" Yamato bit out.

Kakashi studied him for a long moment until he was practically squirming in his seat. "Well at least you've changed your sights from Iruka. But if you hurt Guy I won't stay quiet."

That surprised the other. Yamato gaped at the now grinning teen. "Changed my sights? What in the name of the Powers are you talking about? I never had my sights on Iruka!"

"Oh?" Kakashi leveled him with a steady stare. "Then what was up with all that touching?"

Yamato blinked. Was Kakashi jealous? But, there was nothing going on between him and Iruka, or at least Yamato didn't think there was. "I was just thanking him," he answered.

"Thanking him?" Kakashi repeated, his voice sharp.

"Yes, thanking him," Yamato returned. "What is your deal? You're acting like a jealous boyfriend."

A blush painted Kakashi's cheeks with Yamato's words, stunning the other teen. Had he really been correct? But, he hadn't heard anything about them going out.

"Don't tell Iruka you know," Kakashi mumbled.

"What?" Yamato asked, his eyes wide.

Kakashi looked around the room and moved closer to Yamato. Whispering he said, "Iruka isn't ready for other people to know yet. So, keep it to yourself that we're going out."

Yamato was too stunned to give a verbal response so he nodded. Happy, Kakashi stood up. Waving he said, "Aslo, Guy likes to go to the empty field during lunch to practice. You should be able to ambush him there."

"Yeah, thanks," Yamato waved as Kakashi walked away.

Sitting alone, Yamato looked out to the teacher taking roll. He held his hand up when his name was called, but paid no mind to what was really being said when the lesson began. As the class continued plans were forming in the teen's head, all of which ended with him finally cornering Guy.

xXx New Boy in Town xXx

Guy and Ningame were in the field just like Kakashi said they'd be. Roughly the size of four football fields it was a nice sized area that was usually used for practice. The only time a student couldn't use the area was when the teams for the Magi Tournament were practicing. But that was usually only in the morning and at night, so the afternoon was fine.

Yamato had arrived before Guy, and was positioned so that the energetic teen couldn't notice him. He was inside of a tree. He really didn't want to use this method to get Guy to stand still long enough to talk, but it was his last option available to him.

Waiting was Yamato's specialty, so he remained silent and watched as Guy practiced. Something seemed off. His attacks didn't have the same power and flash that they usually had. Only three minutes in and Guy had stopped. Ningame looked at his Magi, irritation showing in his wise eyes.

"I'm not avoiding him!" Guy suddenly shouted.

The tortoise cocked his head.

Guy seemed unsure. Suddenly he sighed and headed for the very tree Yamato had taken up residence in. Sitting down, he leaned against the tree trunk, his eyes closed as he tilted his head up to the leaves. "Maybe he does like Iruka and he was just lying to me," he finally spoke, his voice trembling with repressed tears.

Not willing to stay quiet, Yamato emerged from the tree and wrapped his arms around Guy startling him. Holding him so he couldn't go anywhere Yamato whispered, "I don't like Iruka. I like you."

Guy's entire body tensed up with those words. All Yamato could do was hang on to him so he didn't get away. It seemed like forever, but after a few minutes Guy's body began to relax. "I," he hesitated, "I like you too."

A bright smile lit up Yamato's face. Pulling Guy closer he kissed the side of his neck, pleased with the shiver that ran through his stubborn boyfriend as he did so.

"Be mine," Yamato stated. It wasn't really a question.

Guy laughed. Leaning further into Yamato's frame he nodded. "Why not."

xXx New Boy in Town xXx


"Wait, that's it?" Kiba asked. Yes it was a decent story, but there wasn't nearly as much drama as he thought there would be.

The two teachers looked at each other, smiled, and looked back to the student. "No, there's plenty more. But that's the PG version," Yamato explained.

Kiba frowned. "So, how did your Magi Instincts awaken?"

"Well, as I said, it was during a race with Kakashi," Guy explained. "As we were running I tripped, taking us both out. Kakashi ended up on top of me, and Yamato lost it."

"It wasn't that bad," Yamato frowned.

Guy smiled. Leaning over he kissed the other teacher on the cheek before continuing, "You uplifted thirty trees, and the only reason Kakashi survived is because he fried you before those puppets could hurt Iruka."

"I wasn't aiming for Iruka!" Yamato reminded him.

"No, but Iruka got caught in the cross-fire, upsetting Kakashi and activating his own Instincts," Guy reminded.

"Wait, Yamato-sensei and Kakashi-sensei's Instincts awakened at the same time?" Kiba asked.

"Yeah," Yamato answered. "Look, is this over? I have a ton of tests to grade. Oh, thinking about tests," he pinned the student with a firm glare. "What was up with your last one?"

"I just remembered Shino and I promised to meet up!" Kiba shouted as he bolted up from his seat and dashed out the door. Akamaru followed behind, barking ecstatically.

"That was mean," Guy reprimanded his partner.

"It got him to leave," Yamato stated as he reached for the other teacher and pulled him close. "Now, how about we try out that thing we were talking about before Kiba cornered us?"

Guy smiled and wrapped his arms around Yamato. Leaning in he kissed him hungrily. "Sounds great."


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