New Boy in Town

Yep, here it is. The one I know so many of you are truly interested in. That's right, it's Kakashi and Iruka's story!

Plot: Kiba wants to know more details about this simultaneous awakening, so he tracks down Kakashi and Iruka. What is their story? And how did this really play out?

Plot Bunny: Shiro

Rated: T

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Side Chapter: Kakashi & Iruka

Fire. Red, hot, and heading right at him. Kiba had only seconds to react before the ball of fire was on top of him. Ducking out of the way, he threw the flag in his hand to Kankuro, called on his own flames, and built a wall around the area to protect his teammate.

"Kiba!" Shikamaru shouted from the tree tops. "Buy us two minutes! Sai, help him!"

"On it," they both responded.

"Akamaru," Kiba instructed.

"Yoshi," Sai called.

The two familiars sprang out of the flames, lunging at the opposing team members.

They were in the last minutes of the district finals for the Magi Games. Their opponent: Iwagakure High School. Whoever won this game would go on to the championship bracket with a shot at winning the title. Konoha had gotten Iwa's flag first, but it had been quickly recovered followed by Konoha's flag being taken. Soon the arena was alight with battles over the flags.

Kiba dodged an ice attack as he sent a fireball at another opponent. Things were starting to get really dicey when the buzzer sounded.

"Winners, Konoha Academy!"

Kiba and Sai called back their familiars and cheered. They were going to the championship. Jumping onto Akamaru and Yoshi's backs they headed for the base. Grins lighting up everyone's faces as they watched both flags fly.

"Good job boys," Kakashi-sensei patted them on the back.

"That's the spirit of youth for you!" Guy-sensei cheered.

Kiba ran up to Shino, the two embracing in their celebration. When Kiba looked back to the rest of the team he caught sight of Iruka and Kakashi kissing. With that one scene he was reminded of something he'd been meaning to get done, but had put off to concentrate on practice. Now seemed like a great time to get back to it.

xXx New Boy in Town xXx

Back at Konoha Academy, showered, fed, and feeling unimaginably good Kiba snuck away from the congratulatory party in search of the two teachers. He'd watched them leave a few minutes ago, and had a fairly good idea of where they were going. Now he just had to catch up with them before they got too involved with each other.

"Kiba," Shino's voice stopped him cold, "Where are you going?"

Turning, Kiba tried desperately to seem innocent. It didn't work. "I was just going to ask Kakashi-sensei and Iruka-sensei a question," he explained.

"About?" Shino asked.

"How their Instincts awakened," Kiba answered sheepishly.

Shino gave his partner a searching glance. He knew his lover had been on the hunt for information, but he had thought he'd given up with the championships hanging so close. Seems he'd only put it off for a while.

"Fine, I'll come with you," Shino decided. It was better to keep an eye on him after all. This way he could pull Kiba away before he pried too deeply into other people's affairs.

Kiba grinned, "Okay!"

The two raced off in search of the teachers, Akamaru leading the way. The large canine familiar led them to Kakashi's office, just as Kiba predicted he would. Knocking quickly, he waited for one of them to answer.

"Come in Kiba," Kakashi's voice drifted through the door.

Frowning, Kiba opened the door and him and Shino walked in. Iruka was sitting calmly at a table set up for four. Four cups of hot tea were already positioned in front of each chair. The two students looked at each other, then to the two teachers looking at them expectantly.

"Well, are you two going to sit down?" Kakashi asked as he moved away from the window and took his own seat.

Again Kiba and Shino exchanged glances before nodding and taking their own seats. Iruka took the last chair, and smiled at the two boys. Admittedly they now found themselves in an unnerving situation.

"How much do you want to know?" Iruka asked as he placed two sugars in his tea, stirred, and brought it to his lips.

"Excuse me?" Kiba asked, unsure of what was going on.

Kakashi sighed. "You want to know about the double awakening with Yamato and me, right?"

"Yeah," Kiba answered, "But how did you know?"

Iruka laughed. "You aren't exactly an expert in stealth. Either way, how much did Yamato and Guy tell you?"

Kiba thought back to a couple months ago when he'd spoken to Yamato and Guy-sensei. "They said Kakashi-sensei's Instincts awoke when he and Guy were having a race. They tripped and Kakashi-sensei landed on top of Guy-sensei. Yamato-sensei's awoke then. In his rage, Iruka-sensei got caught in the cross fire, awaking Kakashi-sensei's Instincts."

"That's all?" Kakashi asked.

Kiba nodded.

The two teachers sighed. Kakashi reached for his own glass of tea and took a sip from it. Shino watched silently as the teachers seemed to mull over how to proceed.

"You have to understand that this story has two sides," Iruka finally said. "So let's start with the day Yamato finally cornered Guy..."

xXx New Boy in Town xXx

12 Years Ago…

Kakashi released a strained sigh. He was sick of watching those two dance around each other. The fact that Yamato showed interest in his Iruka was also irritating. Even if Yamato said he wasn't interested in him it didn't matter, his attitude said otherwise. Hopefully by sending him to the field all this could be cleared up.

Of course he now had to explain to Iruka that Yamato had guessed they were going out. Not that he understood why they had to hide it. It wasn't like other Magi's would look down on them for being together. There were plenty of other same sex couples within the school. Then again, Iruka was a bit more sensitive about these things. Kakashi himself knew about the large amount of admirers his beloved little dolphin had managed to amass, much to his constant fury.


Kakashi stopped and waited for Iruka to catch up to him. Thankfully his lower face was covered because he could not keep the smile from appearing. He couldn't help it, Iruka just had that effect on him.

"Have you seen Yamato?" Iruka asked as soon as he reached him.

Instantly Kakashi's good mood vanished. "I sent him after Guy," he answered bluntly.

"Oh," Iruka sighed. To anyone else it would have been a sigh of relief, to Kakashi's clouded mind it sounded like a forlorn sigh.

"Are you that upset that they might get together?" Kakashi demanded.

"Huh?" Iruka looked up into the irritated gaze of his secret boyfriend. "What do you mean?"

Kakashi's gaze narrowed. "Is he the reason we can't talk about our relationship, because you don't want Yamato to find out about us? Well guess what, tough luck. I already told him."

"Wait, what are you talking about?" Iruka demanded.

"And don't even think about trying to break up with me just because he knows," Kakashi snapped before storming off.

"Wha…Kakashi!" Iruka shouted and gave chase. "Kakashi, wait," he demanded as he reached him. Grabbing the older student's arm he forced him to turn and look at him. "What the hell are you talking about?"

Kakashi continued to glare at the shorter teen. "I'm talking about your feelings for Yamato."

Iruka gaped at the other. Kakashi waited patiently for him to confirm it. To blush and whisper an apology. Instead he found himself looking up at the sky, his cheek throbbing from Iruka's punch.

"You're a real asshole!" Iruka growled as he kicked dirt over the other's face and stomped off. He couldn't believe this. After he'd agreed to go out with him, he has the nerve to accuse him of liking someone else? And Yamato of all people!

'Meow,' Hoshi rubbed his head against Iruka's cheek, hoping to comfort his distraught Magi.

Kakashi, still lying down in the snow, looked up into the face of his canine familiar Pakkun. "You had that one coming," the pug drawled. "How could you question Iruka-chan's feelings like that?"

Releasing another sigh, he really needed to stop doing that, Kakashi watched as Iruka stormed out of his sight. "I guess I was jealous," he finally admitted.

"Of Yamato, or Guy?" Pakkun asked as he scratched his ear.

Kakashi looked down at the small dog. "Both. They can be so open about their relationship."

"But because Iruka-chan is shy you have to hide yours," Pakkun filled in the rest.

Kakashi merely nodded his head.

"Petty," Pakkun scoffed. "Something like that shouldn't matter. You should just be happy that you've got Iruka. You should know how many people would die to be in your position, and you just jeopardized it over a stupid jealous fit."

"I know, but-"

"Kakashi!" Guy's energetic voice cut through Kakashi's words and thoughts. "Let's have a celebratory race!"

Kakashi blinked as he looked up at his friend and rival. "What are we celebrating?"

"My new relationship with Yamato!" Guy announced proudly.

Kakashi looked over his friend's shoulder to see Yamato standing a ways back looking entirely uncomfortable. "Sure, but let's do it at the track so we don't get yelled at again."

xXx New Boy in Town xXx

Kakashi looked around the track. He didn't know how it happened, but it seemed nearly the entire student body had appeared to watch him and Guy race. The stands were packed, there were people lining the lawn both inside and outside the track.

"Where did all these people come from?" Kakashi demanded.

"No idea," Guy shrugged as he stretched.

"He went shouting through the grounds that he was going to race you," Yamato explained simply.

Kakashi sighed, that certainly explained things. He should've known to, there was no one else that could draw this big a crowd except Might Guy. Not that it mattered. Having an audience wouldn't change the outcome of the race.

"Go Kakashi!"

"Get him Guy!"

He did find the cheering annoying. Just as he was getting into his starting stance his eyes landed on Iruka standing beside the bleachers, a look of worry in his eyes. Ignoring him, mainly because he wasn't ready to admit that he was wrong, Kakashi focused on beating Guy.

"Ready?" Yamato called, his arms raised. "Set….Go!" he dropped his arms and the racers sprang forth.

Guy got ahead first, his quick reflexes gaining him the advantage. Kakashi quickly caught up though, his own strength and endurance pushing him forward. Soon they were neck and neck, both pushing themselves to go faster than the other, neither gaining an inch on the other.

Then it happened.

Guy tripped on a rock. As he fell he reached for Kakashi, dragging him down. They tumbled, rolling several times on the track until they finally came to a stop.

The crowd grew silent.

The wind blew through the area, rustling the leaves in the trees.

Yamato froze as he took in the sight of Kakashi lying on top of his Guy. When a soft moan of pain escaped his boyfriend he snapped.

Kakashi barely had a chance to react before he was flung back by a tree. He looked on wide eyed as the large willow maneuvered itself between Kakashi and Guy. Its branches whipped back and forth, snapping and cracking as they aimed for Kakashi.

Yamato moved across the grounds, more plant puppets coming to life at his command. He couldn't think of anything else except eradicating Kakashi. He was so focused on that one thought that he didn't see Iruka running onto the track.

"Kakashi!" Iruka shouted.

Kakashi turned at the sound of Iruka's voice. His eyes widened and his blood froze as he watched his boyfriend summon a barrier and erect it around him. Iruka placed himself between Kakashi and the tree, his eyes defiant.

"Iruka! Move!" Kakashi demanded.

Hoshi jumped from Iruka's shoulders and grew in size. The now panther sized cat faced Yamato.

"Yamato! Snap out of it!" Iruka demanded.

Yamato continued forward, his tree puppets had now retrieved Guy and were creating a circle around him.

"Guy, help me!" Iruka shouted.

"I can't get out of here," Guy shouted back. He'd been trying to get passed the trees for some time, but it seemed impossible. As he pounded against the trunks he realized his fist was bouncing off of a barrier, no doubt created by Ginkgo.

"Iruka, run!" Kakashi shouted as he pounded on the barrier surrounding him. Why did the dolphin have to be so proficient in creating them? "Iruka!"

"Just stay in there," Iruka demanded. Looking back to Yamato he smiled. "Come on Yamato, calm down. We can talk. I don't know what you're so upset about, but I'm sure we can figure it out."

"Move," Yamato growled as he reached the ring of trees surrounding Guy.

Kakashi's eyes widened. It appeared to happen in slow motion. The willow that had flung him back attacked. Iruka threw up a barrier to brace the attack, but it didn't form fast enough. The puppet tree easily broke through it, connecting with Iruka. As the younger teen was sent spinning into the air Kakashi's mind shut down.

Yamato turned to finish off Kakashi only to be pierced with a stream of lightning. The barrier erected by Iruka was dissolving as thousands of volts of electricity erupted from within. Yamato staggered to his feet. Ginkgo was glowing on his shoulder, a barrier shimmering around both of them.

Pakkun appeared at Kakashi's side growling lowly. Reaching down Kakashi ran his hand along the glowing dog's back, gaining power through the physical contact with his familiar.

Standing, Kakashi sped forward, lightning arching around him. Ginkgo threw more power into the barrier protecting his Magi as Yamato called on two of his puppets. Kakashi easily split the trees in half and continued toward the other Magi.

Iruka woke to Hoshi nudging him gently. His vision was blurry at first, but soon it began to clear. The high pitched sound of lightning and the crackle of burning wood were the first things he really registered before he caught sight of Kakashi and Yamato. His heart stopped in his chest. Something was very wrong with them. Neither seemed to be fighting with any care for anyone else. The people who had come to watch the race were fleeing for their lives.

"Iruka!" Jiraiya shouted as he and his familiar appeared. "What happened?" he demanded as he knelt beside the youth.

"I'm not sure," Iruka groaned as he tried to sit up. Hoshi quick braced the injured Magi, worry shining in his feline eyes. "Kakashi and Guy were racing, and Guy tripped. He tried to catch his fall, but dragged Kakashi down with him instead. They ended wound up together, Kakashi on top of Guy. The next thing to happen was Yamato freaking out."

Jiraiya's eyes widened as Iruka explained the situation. "Yamato's Instincts have awoken," he whispered.

"What?" Iruka asked.

"What happened next?" Jiraiya demanded. "What made Kakashi snap?"

"I don't know," Iruka shook his head. "I had him sealed in a barrier as I tried to talk to Yamato, but he wouldn't listen. I think he flung me back. I don't remember anything after that."

Jiraiya's eyes narrowed. If he was right then the reason for Kakashi's outburst was the same as Yamato's, his Instincts had also awoken. "Are you and Kakashi dating?" he asked softly.

The surprised look in Iruka's chocolate eyes told Jiraiya everything he needed to know. Standing, he made a quick hand signal and created a barrier around his student. A second later three more were forming, one around Guy within the circle of trees –eliminating the previous one-, one around Yamato, and one surrounding Kakashi. Despite the magical wall separating them the two teens were still trying to get at the other.

"Kakashi! Stop it!" Iruka shouted, instantly regretting it. His head felt like a million little elves were beating at his brain with hammers.

"Yamato, calm down," Guy ordered.

Other teachers were starting to arrive now. Jiraiya ordered them to get the other students clear, paying close attention to those who had been injured.

"Iruka, Guy," Jiraiya shouted so he could be heard, "I'm going to combine your barriers with Yamato and Kakashi's. You need to calm them down."

"But we can't get close to them," Guy countered.

"No," Jiraiya shook his head, "You two alone will be able to… if I'm right."

Iruka's eyes widened. "And if you're wrong?"

"No time for that," Jiraiya shouted.

With a quick command Iruka and Guy's barriers lifted up, carrying them along. Just as Jiraiya had said, the barriers merged with the other two. Iruka braced himself for the sting of the electrical shock he was bound to receive, but never did. Looking around he realized that the lightning was avoiding him. Taking a deep breath he cautiously walked over to Kakashi.

"Kakashi," Iruka called gently as he reached the enraged teen.

Kakashi spun at the sound of his voice, his eye widening at the sight of the trembling brunet. Iruka bit his bottom lip. This was by far the most terrifying thing he'd ever experienced, but if he was the only that could bring Kakashi out of it then he would. Reaching up, he touched the side of Kakashi's face, pulling the mask covering it aside.

"Kakashi," Iruka whispered before standing on his toes and kissing him.

There was a delay, but soon Kakashi's arms wrapped around Iruka, drawing him close, and kissing him deeply. As they kissed the lightning died down, and the barrier began to dissolve.

"Iruka," Kakashi sighed as they pulled apart. "Are you okay?" he asked as he began to check the younger one for injuries.

"I'll be fine," Iruka responded swiftly, hoping to keep him from noticing his cracked ribs and the blood. "How about you? What happened?"

"I, I don't know," Kakashi admitted. "When Yamato struck you, I don't know, I freaked. All I could think was…" he drifted off.

"You're Instincts awoke," Jiraiya explained as he walked up to them. "Once you've got yourself completely under control I want all four of you in my office. Understood?" he looked over to Yamato and Guy. It seemed that Guy had manage to drag Yamato back to his senses as well.

"Yes sir," the four teens answered quickly.

"Good," Jiraiya sighed and walked away to handle what was no doubt going to be a long day of paper work and phone calls.

xXx New Boy in Town xXx


"When we went to Jiraiya-sensei's office he explained about the Magi Instincts and what it meant for them to awaken," Iruka said. "It was then that Guy and I also had to do decide what we were going to do."

"Though I'm sure you can come to that answer yourself," Kakashi cut in.

Kiba and Shino both nodded in response. They were still reeling a bit from what they had been told. Kakashi-sensei and Yamato-sensei's joint awakening was terrifying. The idea of those two literally trying to kill each other was the material nightmares and horror stories were made out of.

"Is there anything else you two wanted to know?" Iruka asked.

Kiba thought about that for a moment.

"Are you saying Yamato-sensei's Instincts awoke on the same day he and Guy-sensei started dating?" Shino asked.

Kakashi and Iruka looked at each other. "Seems so," Kakashi answered.

"Of course you have to understand those two had been dancing around each other since Yamato and I entered school in our first year, when Guy and Kakashi were second years," Iruka explained.

"So they had feelings for each other for three years without doing anything about it?" Kiba asked.

"Basically," Kakashi nodded. "And even after they confirmed their mutual feelings it still took Yamato six months to pin Guy and make hi-"

"Kakashi!" Iruka snapped, cutting the silver haired teacher off.

Kiba and Shino looked at the two teachers, more than willing to let Kakashi continued. Iruka smiled and moved for the door.

"I think that's more than enough information," Iruka said as he opened the door.

"One more question," Kiba said. "Why didn't you want people to know you and Kakashi-sensei were dating?"

Iruka's eyes widened and a blush painted his cheeks. "Well, that's because Kakashi was really popular. If the others found out about us then I would have been constantly pestered for either information or for us to break up. And I didn't want that."

"He's so cute," Kakashi grinned.

Kiba shivered in disgust at that comment. "Well thank you for the story."

Bowing the two students left, leaving Kakashi and Iruka alone.

Kakashi glanced over to the still blushing history teacher. "Was that the real reason?" he asked as he walked over to him and wrapped his arms around him.

"Well, I also just didn't want others to know," Iruka admitted "I mean we would have gained attention, and I wanted to enjoy being alone with you."

Kakashi's grin grew. "Naughty," he whispered into the other's ear.

Iruka smirked. Turning around he removed Kakashi's mask, and wrapped his arms around him. "You know you like it."

"Of course I do!" Kakashi admitted. The two smiled at each other, and kissed.


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