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Chapter 1; Betrayal

Of the Fourth Age; 1089

More than a millennium since the final death of the nigh immortal Nacraemeus the world stood higher than it had ever done so. Peace was still hard to attain throughout the entirety of Middle-Earth but the Kingdoms of the West, the allied nations of Gondor, Rohan, Morchaint, Mirkwood and the Lonely Mountain, lived in almost complete peace with one another, creating an almost utopia where poverty was always something to work to be rid of. The Kingdoms of the West had their own individual Kings and Councils but a combined Council, the Morchaint Council, spoke for them all and had done so for the last thousand years since the immortal Duke Corvil had defeated Nacraemeus and stepped aside along with his ancient friends to let the younger generations govern themselves.

Then the Nuuruhuine had vanished. They had disappeared completely from the face of Middle Earth and while there were many rumours over where they had gone nobody actually knew. It was widely believed that they had either found a way to follow Gandalf the White and the Elvin ancients into the western oceans to live in eternal peace or that they had once again trapped themselves away in sleep so that they were not an unhealthy influence on the goals of younger beings. Many a search for their sleeping forms had taken place over the centuries, firstly just because people felt obliged to honour them in their sleep, then for the fame of finding them and more recently for the treasures that were rumoured to have been buried with them.

Nobody knew the truth and over the centuries as the world coped without them, less and less people were worried about discovering the truth. Only people that thought they could gain something from them but even those people were wary about acting on it since all could guess at the power that a three thousand year old Lamia might hold, let alone twenty of them. That in truth was the reason the Nuuruhuine had left the world. What civilisation could ever truly thrive if it had the temptation to rely on powerful beings such as they?

In a building in Osgiliath such matters weren't high on the list of concerns. More important concerns were making sure there was always enough food on the table, or ensuring the proper education of the numerous children. For the matron ensuring that the older teenagers out on apprenticeships around the city came home safe in the evenings was a major concern. Those concerns weren't so high in priority for those exact children though and in a great world of possible adventures leading to fame and glory they were firmly focused on what the rest of the world might have in store and it was always with a sense of excitement that the orphans of the city orphanage found out that they'd be apprenticing with people that left the city's large walls.

There were two boys in particular whose own dreams featuring adventures just like all the rest were a little closer to their destiny then they probably actually wanted and on the day before spring officially started in the Year 1089 of the Fourth Age the two boys had managed to elude their Matron for the day to explore the preparations for the massive market festival that would open the next day. This was their sixteenth spring and in two days, after the festival ended, they would go their separate ways, going with different Masters and there was a little fear in both of them that they would never see anything they knew again.

Calter knew what he'd become because of what he was. He was Lamia, born as a being faster and stronger than human, elf or dwarf. Gifted or fated with long life, near immortality and the ability to fly, all at the cost of blood. Calter was just short of five feet and five inches, with midnight black hair and the eeriest silver eyes that anybody in Osgiliath had ever seen. Only on occasion did they ever change and when they did they glittered with a deep green colour that seemed to bore through you as if they knew your worst fears. Only his lifelong friend had ever seen them change as they only did when he was emotional be it angry or upset. He feared the day after the festival because he knew there was only really one place for a Lamia who had no family. The army, especially the Gondorian army, since there were so few Lamia who were raised in either world of men and when they were available they were quickly swept up by the authorities. He'd become a scout for them without a doubt and it scared him that he'd have to fight an enemy he knew nothing about until he either survived long enough to prove himself and be given the choice to leave or until it killed him.

His lifelong friend, a human boy called Lucus, had the same skinny and tired appearance to Calter but had brown hair and dark green eyes, normal eyes which was the only sign that he wasn't a Lamia like his best friend. His fate wasn't as well known as Calter's but his greatest fear was that he'd mean nothing to the greater world and he'd half promised Calter that if his best friend and brother was sent to the army he'd run away and join up too even if they'd hardly be sent to the same training ground.

They were walking through the festival square, dodging people from every direction when something caught both of their eyes. A horse riding into the square from the direction of the main gate. The crowd parted for it in the way that people scattered from under the determined hooves of a war horse and Calter and Lucus got a clear view of the tired soldier on the back. A pale human man. Calter gasped as the horse rode past and he grabbed Lucus' arm. The man looked clean but Calter could smell it and he felt pressure on his bottom lip.

Lucus looked at him and raised an eyebrow and Calter opened his mouth slightly to show his teeth. "I can smell blood on him." Calter told his brother darkly. "Lots of it."

"What do you think happened?" Lucus asked. "How is it that he's riding into Osgiliath? We're miles away from anywhere dangerous."

"Obviously not." Calter sighed wondering what was so important that the rider was going as fast as possible straight through all the crowds towards the city hall regardless of the fact he must have ridden right through the barracks. Why not just pass the message to a messenger at the barracks and then get medical treatment?

"Come on, Cal." Lucus pulled him away from staring down the road the rider had gone and Calter shook himself as the two headed on, exploring the preparations for the festival making the most of their last day of freedom.


Two days later

The Orphanage was a simple affair, built from the same stones as the rest of the city and although it was in the same style as the old city it was only a couple of hundred years old, just like much of the rest of the city. The city had been completely destroyed by the forces of Mordor during the War of the One Ring where the famous Frodo Baggins had taken the One Ring straight into Mordor and into the flames of Mount Doom. Calter and Lucus had always loved that story especially because Frodo was just a simple Hobbit born in the Shire without any knowledge of the outside world and through completely random circumstances had been fated with such adventure. What made it all the more wonderful was how, in the stories, Frodo became so close to the great Duke Harry Corvil, leader of the ancient Nuuruhuine, the first of the Lamia.

Calter had always been fascinated with the Nuuruhuine and for good reason. He had no idea who his family were, he had no family name, nothing but the name given to him by the Matron of the orphanage after he'd been dumped on their doorstep in the morning when he was merely a new born baby. The Nuuruhuine gave him knowledge of his family however. All Lamia were descended from them so he knew with certainty that he belonged to one of them, whether they truly were alive or dead he knew that even with all the years between them two of them were his family. He hoped that they'd still be alive and even though there were stories suggesting that some of them had been killed over the last thousand years he held hope in his heart that they were all alive which meant, to him at least, that he had surviving family.

From the day that he'd discovered this knowledge within himself he had dreamt that one day a dark winged Nuuruhuine would show up in Osgiliath and claim him as their descendent and take him away from this place. Away from the human country and to Morchaint. Then he'd come back to reality and remind himself that he was assuming that they even knew he existed even if they were alive. And even then why would they care about him? There were so many generations between the three thousand or more year old Ancients and his fourteen scrawny years, why would they really care especially since he probably had other family out there that didn't care or know about him. Most Lamia in this time didn't even know which of the Nuuruhuine they were descended from. Only one claim mattered to anybody now and that was whether anyone still existed that could claim heritage from Harry and Alex Corvil. The last had disappeared almost five hundred years ago, supposedly killed or travelled west. All anybody knew for certainty was that Pier Corvil and his family had been attacked in their small home in the countryside of the Shire and had vanished completely. The stories suggested that they'd all been killed but Calter, in his own hopes, liked to think that at least Pier Corvil had survived the attack.

"You're daydreaming again, Cal." Lucus pointed out with a nudge of his elbow. Calter shrugged uncaringly and looked around at the crowd building in the small courtyard in front of the orphanage. The festival the day before had gone off without trouble even if all the gossips could talk about was the soldier that had arrived wounded and supposedly died after giving his message to the Steward of Osgiliath and now it was the first official day of spring and all of those in the orphanage of Calter and Lucus' age were assembled to be handed out to the Masters of Minas Tirith and Osgiliath to become apprentices.

Even Calter had to admit that it was a decent idea since it meant that every person in Gondor had a chance to study and earn his living and people without parents like himself and Lucus didn't end up being kicked out of the orphanage when they became adults and end up begging on the streets. What Calter didn't look forward to was being used for his Lamia heritage which would only lead him to fighting which scared him beyond anything else. Fighting to protect people didn't scare him and he did it all the time in the city because he was stronger and faster than any of the other boys and even young men in the city who bullied the younger children and orphans. What scared him was dying in the process and never knowing who he was or where his parents had gone. Had they just dumped him on the doorstep and left or had they been killed? It meant more to him than anyone knew, except for Lucus who understood everything about Calter.

In the courtyard there were perhaps twenty children and thirty or so Masters. If a Master wanted an apprentice they'd either go to friends or to the local orphanages and if the Matrons thought a child could cope with their particular work then she'd suggest them. That morning they'd been told by the Matron who they'd be going with and this was just so that they could be introduced. Tomorrow morning they'd be collected by the Masters and taken to where they'd be working, if it was in a suitable distance they'd probably stay at the orphanage but if not either somewhere suitable or perhaps with the Master or a suitable friend of their Master.

Or in Calter's case, in a barracks. It had gone exactly the way that Calter and Lucus had predicted. Calter was to be collected in the morning by a Sergeant of the Gondorian army and taken to Minas Tirith to undergo training with the scouts where he'd be looked after by the fifteen Lamia in the Gondorian army. It was partly logical since once he got his wings he'd need blood and he'd never tasted it before and no one he knew in Osgiliath could guide him properly. The only other Lamia in Osgiliath was a merchant who plied between Rohan and Gondor and he'd shown no interest in Calter at all. On occasion Lamia or Vampires would pass through but Lamia and Vampires tended to stick to Morchaint with its advanced technology and generally awe-inspiring cities and towns. Who would want to live in Osgiliath when they could live there? Unfortunately just merely walking into Morchaint and trying to settle there was next to impossible. You had to have been born there or have some skill that proved you would better the country.

Lucus wasn't too happy about his apprenticeship either but as an apprentice to a weapons forger he at least could go to Minas Tirith on occassion and would learn how to use both a sword and a bow in the process. Calter was happy for his friend since it would be a job that could really boost his friend up into the world but Lucus wanted to really mean something in the world and a blacksmith just wasn't that great.

"Cal, you're doing it again." Lucus sighed. "What are you thinking about?"

"Where we're going to be in five years." Calter told him soberly.

"Where would you want to be?" Lucus pressed even though he already knew the answer.

"I don't know." Calter sighed, giving Lucus the answer he'd expected. "Maybe being given a choice."

"Life sucks, deal with it." Lucus chuckled before the Matron called to them both. Calter had nobody to meet today but he was determined to stick close to Lucus for as long as possible.


The next day

"Calter!" The Matron yelled at him from across the courtyard from where she was waiting with a man in the silver Gondorian armour and a black cloak with the white tree on the back. There were two horses with him, war horses by the looks of them.

"I'll see you soon." A voice beside him promised and Calter turned to look at his best friend and brother.

"I won't accept never seeing you again." Calter promised him, hearing the uncertainty in Lucus' voice.

"Calter!" The Matron yelled again. "Hurry up."

Lucus grabbed him and pulled him into a hug and didn't let go for almost half a minute. "I'll find you as soon as I get to Minas Tirith." Lucus swore.

"And you know that as soon as I want my own weapon I'll be coming to find you so start learning fast." Calter promised his friend as he pulled out of the embrace and picked up his very light bag. He really didn't have much to take with him and anything sentimental between the two of them was staying with Lucus since he could actually look after them. The only thing Calter really cared about was the string around his neck with the little flattened piece of bronze attached. They'd done a little job for one of the merchants and been given a couple of piece of bronze and with some little convincing one of the blacksmiths had helped them flatten them and etch their names onto them. In private they'd swapped them so that Lucus had Calter's name around his neck and Calter had Lucus'.

"You must be our little Lamia?" The Sergeant asked as soon as Calter was close enough. "Calter, I believe?"

"Yes, Sergeant." Calter nodded respectfully knowing better than to start off on bad terms.

"You ever ride a horse?" The Sergeant asked him.

"A little." Calter told him obediently. "They don't like me much."

"They don't like the others much either, boy." The Sergeant snorted. "We can't all waste time training them to accept your kind. You ain't got wings so you'll be fine. Get up on him then and don't be falling off."

"You take care, Calter." The Matron told him. "Send us a letter or two to let us know what you're doing."

"Yes, Ma'am." Calter nodded and approached the war horse who looked ready to rear up at him and if the Sergeant hadn't grabbed the side of its armour it might have tried to kick him. Calter edged around its head and it pranced away from him slightly before settling and letting Calter swing up onto its back.

"Like I said, don't go falling off." The Sergeant instructed and turned and swung up onto his own horse. "Good day, madam." He told the Matron before giving his horse a nudge towards the road. Calter's horse turned to follow the Sergeant and soon they were trotting off down the road. Calter twisted and could see tears in Lucus' eyes that he quickly wiped away. Calter could feel tears in his own eyes but he refused to show them to the Sergeant who was probably looking for any reason to be horrible to their latest new recruit.


That evening

It was the first time that Calter had ever set eyes on Minas Tirith, the capital of the human realm, and the capital of the country that had been at a state of almost war with Morchaint for two thousand of the three thousand years in his kind's history in Middle-Earth. Something about that made Calter's chest tighten, this country had been the enemy of his kind for so long but that was over a thousand years ago and the Royal Line of the Gondorians were descended from King Aragorn, the only remaining line of Dunedain, and King Aragorn had been a good friend to the Nuuruhuine of old.

Minas Tirith was a huge city of polished white stone rising up from the horizon and visible from many leagues away. Calter was partly happy to see it because it was the key to something greater in his life, perhaps if he could prove himself here he could be his own person. The soldier never said a word to him all day, pausing in their march only long enough to hand him food out of his saddle before they ate on the move, riding at a steady trot to reach the city before the main gates were shut up tight for the night.

Once inside the city Calter was led up past the seventh gate and into the upper most tier and left at a deep part of the main barracks, in a room with sixteen beds in it, all looking used. Things were scattered about but even though he was left alone as soon as he got there he didn't try to search through them for clues about his new roommates and instead did as told and put his meagre belongings away in the side cabinet to the only bed not in use, the one furthest from the door which suited him fine.

He sat around for a few hours before deciding that there was no point waiting up all night for whoever used this room and instead undressed and fell into a restless sleep.

He was woken sharply by somebody yanking him out of bed and although he struggled against the grip on his arms he couldn't get away from them and as his eyes focused he found himself looking at three men. The man that had pulled him out of bed released him and Calter spotted the defining feature on all three of them. Fangs, just like his own. They were Vampires or Lamia. Calter couldn't help but stare at their teeth and the one that had grabbed him out of bed grinned.

"Not used to seeing guys like us then?" He asked before rolling his shoulders letting two light green wings spread out and fold onto his back. Calter couldn't stop himself from reaching out with a hand to try to touch the feathers and the Lamia laughed and brought his wings back in front of him.

Before Calter realised what he'd done he was throwing himself forwards and wrapping his arms around the Lamia's waist and burying his head into the man's chest. He felt the wings fold around him and even as he froze in fear about what he'd just done he couldn't hear them mocking him and he felt the Lamia's arms settle down on his own bare back underneath the wings.

Surprisingly the Lamia let him hold onto him for almost a minute but Calter was still blushing when the Lamia opened his wings and let Calter pull away. "I'm sorry, Sir! I didn't mean to be so..."

"I take it we're the first Lamia you've met?" The Lamia asked. Calter nodded and the Lamia placed his hands on Calter's shoulders. "Don't worry kid, we understand. We've been asking them to let us take you in for years but they like us fighting for them not raising kids."

"This one's a little sentimental don't you think?" The one of the right asked. "You think he's up to learning to fight?"

"The kid grew up in an Osgiliath Orphanage and he's Lamia." His Lamia reminded his friend. "I think he can cope."

"Good point." The guy nodded.

"Sorry, kid." His Lamia laughed. "The name's Guy, the doubter here is Ben and this here is Reggie."

"Calter." Calter told them and got smiles. "I'm sorry. I didn't expect you all to be..."

"Be what?" Ben prompted.

"Nice." Calter admitted. "I mean, I'm just a kid. I don't even have any..."

"Wings?" Ben finished for him.

"Let the boy finish at least one sentence, Ben." Guy laughed before sobering up. "Look, Calter, we look out for each other. We might not be part of our kind but down here in the south, in human lands, we have to stick together. We'll teach you how to be kind and warm to those you care about but we'll also teach you how to cold and strong to those on the outside because around here that's what will keep you alive. They'll fear and respect you and that's what will keep you alive."

"I never wanted to be a soldier." Calter told them truthfully looking away from them for the first time and out at the darkness of night outside.

"None of our kind really want to be soldiers." Reggie spoke up for the first time. "But we are supernatural, we are a step above humans and for that reason we shall always be soldiers. At least part of us will. What we do with the rest of our being is up to us."

"You've been at your poems against haven't you, Reg?" Ben laughed.

"Right, kid, time for your first lesson. Wearing proper clothes." Guy announced. "Those rags on the floor won't do for you. You're Lamia now and you have to start looking like it."

"Why now?" Calter asked. "Why not in the morning?"

"We train at night and we train in the morning and afternoon. You get the evenings to sleep." Ben told him. "We have to train at night or we gather a crowd and we don't want people staring at us all the time. Let's get going."


Two months later

"Don't forget your wings!" Ben shouted.

"What wings?" Calter gasped twisting as Guy mocked striking at his back.

"The wings that we could have cut into a dozen times already." Ben sighed, backing away. "We've been over this already, Calter. Your wings are your major advantage but above everything else they're your last ditch attempt to escape especially when you're young and don't have the speed that older Lamia and Vampires have. You get them wounded in a fight and not only will the pain cripple you but you'll have no way out."

"But I don't have wings!" He argued.

"In three months time you will." Guy pointed out. "And we're teaching you in preparation for that day. If you don't learn how to deal with them now you'll be taken by surprise."

"What's it like getting your wings?" Calter asked.

"Weird." Guy shrugged. "I know you're thinking that it must be weird having these great big things on your back." He empathised by flexing his wings slightly. "But when you wake up from the Awakening it'll be like you're complete and you'll wonder how you ever grew up without them there."

"What about the..." Calter swallowed.

"Bloody Gondor." Guy hissed. "Drinking blood isn't half as bad as you think it is. You're just used to the Gondorian prejudices."

"But how...?" Calter trailed off again.

Guy cocked his head but then shrugged. "Don't worry, we'll show you a month or so before your birthday so that after the change you can do it without all this fear."

"But what if I take too much or..." Ben moved, placing his hand over Calter's mouth. Calter hadn't even been able to flinch.

"Don't fret so much, Calter." Ben sighed. "We'll be right there at your side and the Gondorians don't permit you to drink from a human without a member of the Gondorian human military there. They don't trust us as much as you might think. Even we have to be observed when feeding. Why do you think so few Vampires or Lamia ever come to Gondor?"

"Now, Calter." Guy laughed as Ben released him. "I got a message yesterday from one of the weapons makers down on the second tier. One of the Osgiliath armourers sent a boy to Minas Tirith with a delivery and he'll be here till tomorrow. Some kid called Lucus, said he knew you?"

Ben and Guy laughed as Calter's eyes lit up "Can I go see him?"

"Of course not!" Guy said with a straight face. "I just mentioned it to torment you."

Calter stared at him trying to work him out when Guy's mask cracked and he laughed moving forwards and putting an arm around Calter's shoulders. "Of course you can go. He'll be at Pacey's forge in the second tier for the afternoon. Go find him and keep yourself out of trouble."

Calter beamed and turned into the one armed hug ignoring Guy's laugh at his affection. Guy had become such a fast father figure that Calter couldn't stop himself from loving the fifty year old Lamia.


The second tier was mostly filled with houses just like the third, fourth and fifth tiers but interspersed were warehouses and industry like the forges and armouries. It didn't take long for Calter to get directions to Pacey's forge and he saw Lucus sitting on a stool outside one of the huge doors designed to vent the heat. Lucus hadn't changed much since Calter had left him standing on the doorstep of the Orphanage. His hair was a little longer, his skin slightly more tanned but his features were the same apart from his arms which were a little more toned and his shoulders seemed a little broader. The most important thing though was his scent. He still smelled like his best friend and brother even from across the smelly street. He smelt a bit more of iron but the base scent was the same and it brought a smile to Calter's face.

He stopped in front of Lucus who looked up to see who was there and he stared for a moment before leaping up, grabbing Calter in a tight hug, almost picking the lighter of the two right up off the ground. "Cal!"

"Lucus!" Calter laughed.

"Wait here!" Lucus ordered and vanished back inside the forge, reappearing twenty seconds later. "Let's go explore!"

Calter had to laugh but he chased off after his friend realising how much slower he had to run when keeping with his human friend. He'd never realised it until Guy and Ben had started pushing him to use his Lamia abilities rather than ignore them. They ran down to the first tier and through the heaving market place and down into a side street and it was there that Lucus finally stopped and turned to Calter.

"You're not even out of breath!" Lucus seemed fascinated even though he was breathing deeply after the long run.

"I've been practicing." Calter defended before grinning happily. "We can't all be slow and clumsy like you humans."

Lucus tackled Calter and the two wrestled together like they always had done until finally Calter let Lucus pin him to the ground, sitting on his stomach. "Ha! I can still take you?"

"Wanna bet?" Calter grinned and twisted his body, throwing Lucus clear off of him and onto the dirt next to him. Calter stood up and grinned down at his friend who just started laughing.

"They teaching you lots then?" Lucus asked as Calter helped him up and they started walking side by side.

"Yeah. Guy and Ben are great." Calter nodded.

"Who are they?" Lucus frowned.

"My mentors. Lamia." Calter couldn't stop himself from smiling and Lucus saw it. "They've showed me what it's like to be... well, me."

"Like, you know... drinking?" Lucus hesitated.

"Not yet." Calter frowned at his friend. "But they'll show me before I have to start doing it."

"I suppose that's good then." Lucus frowned and Calter put an arm around his waist and shook him.

"What's your problem, Luc?" Calter asked. "You scared I might come drink your blood in the middle of the night?"

"Funny." Lucus glared. "You're just changing faster than I am."

"Kinda comes with the race. Sorry." Calter shrugged but didn't let go of his friend. It felt good to be with him again. "Besides the Gondorians don't let us feed from humans unless there's a soldier there to stop us losing control."

"That's alright then I suppose." Lucus said without thinking. Calter released him instantly and turned to him.

"Lucus..." Calter frowned. Lucus looked at him in confusion. "It's horrible that they don't trust the others enough to feed safely. It's like them not letting you drink water for three days and then holding a knife to your back in case you finish a whole glass."

"Oh." Lucus looked suddenly ashamed. "I'm sorry, Cal. I didn't think about it that way. You know I don't think Lamia are freaks or anything don't you?"

"Of course I know that." Calter nodded. "You've only been my brother since we were babies."

"Come on, let's go find something cool to watch!" Lucus announced and set off at a run. Calter, wearing his combat gear, chased off after him. Nobody even looked twice at two kids running through the city and later they'd realise that maybe they should have gotten themselves noticed a few times.


Two hours later

Lucus and Calter ran out onto the outer wall and looked down over the side. Calter had been up here a few times and his black and grey uniform gave him unfettered access to the military areas of the city. Lucus was amazed by the fifty foot drop down to the grassy plains.

"You watch yourself kid." A soldier warned yanking Lucus away from the edge and shooting a look at Calter. "You've not got those wings yet."

"We'll be careful." Calter promised. He'd become quite well known since his arrival two months previously and he'd found that only a few of the humans didn't treat him coldly for what he was. It was as if they thought he was stealing the opportunities away from them.

"You see that you do." The soldier told him with a small jerk of his head, showing that he wasn't one of those that tried to look down on Lamia. He might have said something else but was cut off by a ringing bell high up in the city. "The warning bell!" The soldier gasped.

Hundreds of bells took up the call, spreading out across the city. Shouts drifted up from the market place and especially from the great city gates before the heavy sound of solid metal doors creaking closed met Calter's ears before they thudded shut. All of the gates in the city would be shutting, separating the city into different sections.

"Man the walls!" A voice yelled from down below and within a couple of minutes humans were rushing up onto the wall pulling on helmets and armour as they went. The same would be happening on each of the walls and people would be rushing for their homes.

"Kid? You got somewhere to go down here?" The soldier asked sharply even as Calter grabbed his friend and pulled him close and out of the way of the running soldiers. Calter shook his head. "Right, stay here till everyone is up and then get into the tower and stay out of the way."

There was no way that Calter and Lucus could have headed down off of the wall with all the soldiers running about and they just stayed pressed up against the wall as the soldiers and archers spread out, keeping an eye both outward and inward until they found out what had happened to trigger the warning bell.

"That warning bell came from the Citadel level." A Captain was speaking to some other officers on the wall nearby and he glanced around and caught sight of Calter and Lucus, taking in Calter's scout uniform but knowing that Calter couldn't fly and that he couldn't use him to fly up into the city and find out what was happening. "We'll have to wait for word to be sent down by messenger or flags."

It was perhaps five minutes later when there was a cry of warning from one of the towers nearby and Calter and Lucus looked up to see two figures leap off of the Seat high above them and plummet down towards them like falling stones until just as the Captain made to yell for people to take cover the two figures seemed to explode in size as great wings unfolded from around them and caught their descent just enough that when they hit the wall it was only with a soft thud though they barely seem effected. It was Guy and Ben, Ben hit the top of the tower on Calter's left and crouched on the edge with his wings extended as if nervously waiting for attack. Guy landing on the tower to Calter's other side but didn't stay there and as soon as he spotted Calter he dropped down again and with his wings folded loosely behind him he walked quickly towards where the Captain was standing. That was what it looked like but when he got there he turned to Calter and crouched down, leaning close.

"Somebody betrayed the King, Calter." He said in a whisper. "The humans are blaming us. They stormed the barracks and killed everyone. Ben and I heard it all and got away, barely."

"We didn't..." Calter gasped. "They wouldn't."

"Somebody did but it wasn't one of us." Guy swore to him. "Trust us. Right now we have to get out of..." He trailed off as a soldier ran up the slope and stumbled to a stop as he caught sight of Guy and Ben. The soldier paused as Guy watched him before he raised a hand.

"The Lamia killed the King!" The soldier yelled. "Orders from the citadel, seize them or kill them if you have to."

"Make them leave you." Calter reeled as the words roared in his head. They made his ears ring and he almost crumbled straight to the ground. Lucus grabbed him and Guy almost seemed to want to except his wings had snapped up around him warning off the soldiers who were circling him. Ben slammed down onto the top of the wall standing on Guy's flank with his sword at the ready.

"We're loyal to Gondor!" Ben tried to shout. "We'd never have touched the King!"

"Liar!" The Captain yelled. "You've just been laying in wait all this time. Spies and tricksters the lot of you."

"Tell Guy and Ben to leave you, Calter. Do it or they'll be killed." The voice in his head made his body tingle almost painfully and he was having trouble breathing but the order was clear to him and he knew it to be true. Calter couldn't escape and even if he had wings he couldn't have carried Lucus and he wouldn't have left him here to take whatever blame there was to be placed.

"You have to leave us." Calter told Guy and Ben and saw the way they tensed up, showing they had heard him perfectly well in the tense standoff.

"Not happening, kid." Guy told him simply.

"You'll all be killed." The voice rumbled through him again though it wasn't so overwhelming now as if it was getting used to talking to him. Maybe it was his own logic speaking to him. "Make them leave." It told him. "If they leave you'll be safe."

"Go!" Calter shouted moving and hitting Guy on the back. "They'll kill you and then us. If you go you can survive."

"Drop your weapons on the floor, traitors!" The Captain yelled. "Archers, take aim!"

"Don't shoot the kids!" Ben gasped.

"Kill all four of them!" The Captain yelled. "Just make sure the adults go down!"

"Get out of here!" Calter shouted. "They can't kill just two kids!"

"Do it Ben!" Guy suddenly shouted but it was clear he was crying. He threw open his wings making the soldiers flinch backwards and then turned and in a blur he and Ben were past Calter and Lucus and launching themselves over the edge of the wall. They couldn't have taken Lucus and Calter without being so slow and that point was proven when they only just got out range when the archers turned and fired at them. One arrow almost hit Ben's wing.

Calter suddenly found himself being pulled against a soldier with a sword across his throat and he went very still. Lucus wasn't treated any better but they couldn't just kill two children who weren't a threat to them. Guy and Ben had been a threat, there was no denying it, and the Captain could order their deaths on the spot. He couldn't do that to the two of them.

"Send word to the citadel that we have the Lamia child and his human accomplice in custody. We'll lock them up in the barracks down here." The Captain ordered the soldier that had run up the stairs in the first place. He then turned to Calter and Lucus' captors. "Take them away, put them in a cell and keep an eye on that one." He said pointing at Calter. "If it tries to bite you, slit its throat."


Four hours later

Lucus groaned as he finally came awake and Calter tried to leap over to his side only to be brought up short just like the first time he'd tried to get to his friend. Calter and Lucus had been dragged to the cells but when Calter had been shoved rather roughly down a flight of steps Lucus had cried out and tried to get down to help him only to be kicked down the stone steps as well. He'd been knocked out when his head hit the wall half way down and hadn't come to since. They'd been thrown into the same cell without any windows and only the dull glow from a torch down the corridor. Calter had been chained to the wall on a short leash because of what he was but Lucus had just been tossed onto the floor without anyone caring for him.

Calter had panicked that Lucus had been killed but he couldn't get to his friend to check on him and instead had merely knelt on the floor in the middle of where he could reach and tried to force himself to relax. Soon after that Calter had realised that he could hear Lucus' heartbeat and his shallow breathing so he'd known that his best friend and brother was still alive. He'd spent the last four hours trying to think of something to do but come up completely blank.

"Lucus!" Calter hissed making Lucus groan and try to move. "I can't reach you Luc. Can you hear me? Are you hurt?

"Shut up a second and let me think." Lucus groaned and Calter snorted in relief but that was short lived when Lucus tried to move and merely groaned. Calter didn't say anything as Lucus managed to roll himself over onto his front and push himself up. "Well that hurt."

"No kidding." Calter grumbled. "Are you alright?"

"My arm hurts but I don't think it's too bad, sprained wrist maybe?" Lucus grumbled. "You?"

"I'm fine. I think I sprained my ankle but it's better now." Calter admitted honestly.

"Good for you." Lucus grumbled before looking around. "Where are you, Cal? I can't see a thing in here."

"Over here." Calter lifted his arms making his chain rattle.

Lucus crawled over towards him, still blind in the darkness. Calter grabbed his shoulders as soon as he could and Lucus fell onto the ground and rolled onto his back next to Calter who stayed kneeling at his side. "Why are you chained up?" Lucus asked.

"Obviously they think I'm dangerous." Calter grumbled.

"Shame you're not." Lucus groaned making Calter laugh.

"I can be dangerous." Calter warned. "If one of them tries to hurt you again..."

"I'm sure they're petrified." Lucus laughed.

"Luc..." Calter sighed.

"I know, Cal." Lucus sighed as well. "You're sorry you got me into this. As long as I'm here I might as well enjoy it."

"Enjoy it?" Calter scoffed making Lucus shrug.

"So what now?" Lucus asked him.

"How am I supposed to know?" Calter raised a chained hand to rub his face.

"Well you seemed pretty sure of yourself up on that wall." Lucus pointed out. "What happened up there? It seemed like you were in pain."

"I don't have any idea." Calter shook his head even though his human friend couldn't see it. "It was like somebody was shouting orders at me."

"I didn't hear anything." Lucus pointed out as if Calter was going crazy.

"It was in my head." Calter defended making Lucus start laughing from his place lying on the ground. "Hey!"

"I'm sorry but I always knew you were a little gone in the head." Lucus laughed even louder.

"You know there used to be Lamia who were telepaths. Maybe one was trying to talk to me?" Calter asked and Lucus just seemed to be going into hysterics. "I'm not crazy! And would you quiet down or you're going to attract attention.

"Let him." The voice was so sudden that Calter flinched, flying backwards away from the middle of the cell as if someone had just appeared there. Lucus stopped laughing abruptly and just then they heard footsteps outside. "Your friend attracted them. Two of them. They'll come in to shut him up. Pretend to be asleep and then attack them. You think you can take them down?"

"Cal...?" Lucus hissed as he shuffled across the floor rather then get up. "I think somebody's coming."

"Just pretend I'm not awake." Calter hissed settling himself down against the wall but in such a position where he could leap up at a moment's notice.

"What?" Lucus gasped. "Cal, why?"

"Shh!" Calter whispered through his teeth. "Just trust me. Stick close so they come over here."

"Why would they come in here?" Lucus hissed back.

"To shut you up." Calter whispered just as the two figures blocked the little light coming through the gated entrance.

"You there. Shut your mouth!" One of the human men snapped. "Just be quiet until they take you in front of the Council."

"I didn't do anything!" Lucus shouted back at them. Calter didn't know why he didn't help his friend but the voice had told him to let Lucus cause a problem so that the two men would come within range. Could he take these two fully grown human soldiers out?

"You're stronger than they are." The voice made him flinch and his chains rattled. "Keep perfectly still."

"I think it's asleep." The other man mused. "What are we supposed to do if it wakes up?"

That seemed to rile Lucus up who leapt to his feet even in the dark. His eyes were probably starting to adjust by now. "Don't call him an it!" Lucus shouted. "He was going to fight to defend you people and you turn on him like he's nothing but an Orc!"

"He's worse than an Orc." The first man spat reaching for his keys. "Those things killed the Prince and Princess while they were out riding and they killed our King in his own bedchambers."

"I don't think we should go in there with it." The second man seemed nervous.

"It's asleep. We'll just shut this kid up and then make sure it stays asleep. I don't want it trying to escape on my watch. What if it tries to bite me and I get infected?" The first man put his key in the lock. Calter could see all of this through his squinted eyes and he saw and heard Lucus back up towards him and had to focus not to smile. Lucus had taken Calter seriously and was luring them towards his Lamia friend.

As long as he took one of them down straight away then he might have a chance and the heavy chains on his wrists would give him a weapon far heavier to a human than they were a hindrance to him. The gate swung inwards and the two men came inside. Lucus fell into a defensive position and that got their undivided attention and they came well within his range. Lucus moved to the right and they both turned putting their sides to Calter who bunched his muscles and before either of the humans realised what was happening he'd leapt up from the ground and in a rather ungraceful attack he slammed his shackles down on the second man that had seemed reluctant to come inside. He put all of his strength into it and was rather surprised by the sickening crunch and the sudden smell of hot blood as it sprayed his face.

He hadn't realised but the weight of the metal and his own strength had been enough to shatter the human's skull. Blood hit his lips and he could taste it and even as the first of the men turned to face him he felt its allure ripple through him and for the first time in his life he wanted more of it. He'd never tasted human blood before but the smell of it had never made him hungry for it, especially not enough to want to drink it from somebody.

Right now though the only thing he could think about was the sound of the man's heartbeat and the smell of the blood that had sprayed his face. He leapt forwards faster than he'd ever moved before and his momentum carried them both to the ground. Calter straddled his chest, pinning his arms with strength he'd never really known he had and then leant down with bared fangs. He saw the man's eyes widen in horror as he realised what was happening but Calter didn't have any trouble holding him down. He wanted the blood that he could almost see in his exposed throat. He let go of the man's wrists and grabbed his head and moved it to the side and leaned down.

"Calter, stop this." The voice was in his mind, soothing and soft. Familiar unlike everything else he could feel at the moment. "If you kill this human like this then you will regret it."

He tried to heed the voice's words but something still drew him towards the man's throat, ignoring the man who was trying to push him away with his newly released arms without effect. He was going to bite into the warm, soft tissue of his neck and he was going to feed on the human's vitalising blood.

"And then you'll bite into your brother's neck and you'll drink his blood." The voice filled his mind again and for an instant he didn't see a grown man's neck through his blood lust but the softer skin of Lucus' neck and for a moment he thought he was pinning Lucus to the ground. Forcing his brother to lie still so he could bite into his neck. An instant was all that Calter needed and he threw himself away from the human and into the corner. He remained standing and sickeningly wiped the blood away from his mouth but he could still taste it lingering there but every time he thought of drinking more he got a flash of Lucus dying under him and it made him feel sick to the stomach.

He heard heavy footsteps and looked up from the ground to see the big human man closing in on him and before he could think of a way to defend himself the man came to a stop with a shocked gasp and Calter saw the glint of metal coming out of his leather armour. The man crumpled to the side and Lucus was standing there with his hands in front of him. Calter looked down to his right. Lucus had grabbed the other soldier's sword and stabbed the guard through the back of his armour.

"Lucus..." Calter gasped. "I..."

"It's alright, Cal." Lucus was in front of him with a set of keys, unlocking his shackles as quickly as his hands could move and then Calter was free. "Tell me about it later."

"I could hurt you..." Calter shook his head. "You should leave me here so I can't hurt anyone else."

Lucus grabbed his face and before Calter could stop him he'd put his thumbs on his top lip and forced his mouth open, touching his incisors. "These don't scare me, Calter." Lucus told him. "They never have. Now, we need to go."

Reassured by his friend's strong words Calter came back to himself a little and the two snuck out into the corridor.


Ten minutes later

They had lucked out a little because Calter had recognised the barracks they'd been held in and had managed to get out before anyone had discovered the bodies in their cell and it wasn't far to the main gates out of the city. With the threat finished they stood open again and people were coming and going.

"We're going to have to go now." Calter turned to his friend where they were both pressed against the stone wall of a small alleyway between two houses. "Before anyone raises the alarms and they shut the gate. Once we're away from the city we'll hitch a lift."

"We don't have cloaks." Lucus warned. "How are we going to get by?"

In response Calter ripped off his uniform armoured top and looked down at himself. His trousers would have to stay as would his boots and with the light undershirt he looked alright and not too much like he was a soldier. "They won't care about two children walking out of the gates, not unless they raise the alarm." Calter explained.

"They'll care about you going past." Lucus worried his bottom lip before tearing the bottom of his dirty t-shirt and dipping it in a rain barrel. He held it up with a wince and grabbed Calter's shoulder in his other hand. Calter froze when he realised. He'd been trying to ignore the smell of blood for so long he'd forgotten that his face was sprayed with the stuff. He let Lucus wipe it all off but he could still smell a little bit.

"You sure it's all gone?" Calter asked.

"Yeah, why?" Lucus asked as he threw the cloth to the ground.

"Because I can still smell it." Calter muttered and Lucus winced. "We need to go. Get into a crowd and stay near me."

"Whatever you say, boss." Lucus chuckled. "It's your city."

Calter paused and glanced up towards the towering citadel as they moved out into the crowds of people heading in and out of the main gate. He looked away and tugged Lucus down the street. "Not anymore it isn't." Calter muttered half to himself and half to Lucus.


End Chapter