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Now I'm 15 years old and it has been...3-5 years since I last saw Phil of the Future. Early Christmas, I was flipping channels and I stumbled upon Family Channel. I saw Phil of the future and I smiled. Unfortunately, there was only five minutes left till it end but that doesn't stop Youtube for posting videos. I started watching and then I decided to start a fanfiction story for Phil of the Future. Of course this is Phil and Keely story. Check it out:

Summary: (might be a bit long, but hopefully worth it if you read all words) *The episode where Keely becomes a 25 year old person just gave me this whole idea. Don't ask why though...it's a long story.

Phil and Keely have been best friends ever since they first met in high school. But after Phil's father fixed the time machine (i kind of forget about some stuff, it's been so long), Phil realizes how much he really loves Keely and didn't want to leave her. He wants to go back to school only to find Keely and confess his love, but was still afraid. Unfortunately, Phil's parent disagrees that he should stay and then he left. Only to return back when he was 23! Realizing that it was a mistake and taking a look back in the past, he finds out that Keely is not married and that there could be a chance between the two. He returns but becomes an instant success with inventions.

It turns out Phil made some...first generation type of the instruments and gadgets he used while with Keely and in the past. Of course this doesn't lead to people believing that he is from the future but that he's a genius and like a young Steve Jobs. He even created his own store and it was packed, worldwide. As his success progress, he mets with Keely again who at first doesn't remember him but never stopped thinking about the "14 year old" Phil since he left. She meets him again and the two begins to bond over lunch, dinner, shopping dates, traveling, etc. Can Phil make Keely realize that they belong together? Will Phil finally step up the chance to confess his love for her? Would Keely agree and feel the same way?

Under category: Romance (maybe drama)

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