Title: Tequila Shots

Author: S J Smith

Rating: teenish

Summary: Auggie and Annie are doing shots.

Disclaimer: Just playing around here, I don't own anything.

"You assemble your shots."

Annie sounded warm and somewhat exasperated.

"I'm blind. If I don't follow a particular pattern, I could possibly knock my shot onto the floor, or miss my lime." Using a light touch, Augie mapped the shot glass, the saucer of limes, and the salt shaker.

"Uh, huh." Now she was teasing. He could hear the sound of her smile in her voice. The warmth to his left increased, so Annie was leaning closer to him. "You assemble your shots." There was a slight 'tick', and then a faint, moist noise – Annie licking the back of her hand, then the sound of the shaker laying salt on her sticky skin. Another 'tick' as she set the shaker back where it had been – so Augie would be able to find it. The faint, 'glug-glug' of liquid being poured, and Annie teased, "You're falling behind, Augie!"

He licked the back of his hand and reached for the salt shaker, thinking he was glad he'd never asked anyone to describe Annie to him. The image he had of her in his mind was enough.