Hello again everyone!

Okay, I've kind-of been itching to do some Maximum Ride stuff for a while, so I started writing this just this-morning. It's based on makoshark's amazing IchiRuki fic, 99 reasons. If you read Bleach and haven't read this one already, you should go do it right now. So anyway, thankyou so much to makoshark for letting me use your idea! I have no clue when it's set, but mainly a combination of before they got together in Max, and in an AU sometime after Angel. Enjoy!

Summary: Max has 101 reasons why she and Fang aren't meant for each other. Fang has an answer for every one.

"I lead the flock. It would just be something else to worry about."
"I can take care of myself most of the time, and I've always watched your back."

"I'll always be making cookies."
"They're the only thing you can cook, so I don't mind."

"You know that Nudge will constantly be saying 'I told you so!'"
"Well, she is right."

"I have to watch over the flock, so when would we get time alone?"
"I'm sure Iggy would be happy to take over for a while. Or, you know, Angel."

"How do you know I love you?"
"Because you asked that."

"Dylan's in love with me."
"He has good taste."

7-Flock II
"You have your own flock now."
"It's not like they'll mind. Plus, this gives us an excuse to join them together."

"People are probably going to smush our names together, like Mang."
"Hmm…. I think Fax sounds better."

"We're only 15. A lot of people would say we're too young to be together."
"I'm happy to wait."

"I've lived with you all my life. It would be weird going any further than this."
"It only means I know you better than anyone else in the world."

So there you go! Lots of fluffiness, but I hear people like that =P I know I do. I'll be posting them about 10 at a time, so hopefully I'll get this finished faster than most of my other stories. I would love suggestions! Please review! Thanks guys =D