Who am I? Not many knows about me. Some says that I am a villan and should be casted into the depths of Tartarus, while others say that I am a hero deserving Elysium. Regardless of what they say, I am Riko Saida, also known as Dark Faust, the lieutenant of Caridimius, the god of the Underworld.

I was originally a normal human, but a Space Beast attack changed it all. Nosferu, a monster under the command of the Dark Ultra Mephisto, murdered my family, I was the only surviver. Mizorogi, the dunamist of Mephisto arrived first on scene, but he turned and shot me dead. I was later resurrected as a pawn of the Unknown Hand, to be an enemy of Ultraman Nexus, that is when I became Dark Faustus, the eternal darkness that can swallow light. I am no longer me, I am now a mere puppet to evilness, my heart filled only with contempt toward the forces of light and justice. All changed when I met Kazuki Komon, the future dunamist to Ultraman Noa.

I thought that I would never love anyone, but Komon proved me wrong. He was the only one I ever loved, and the one that caused my death. It was only during my last battle with Nexus had I realized my feelings for him, it was also when Mephisto decided to terminate both Komon and Nexus with Nosferu, the same monster that murdered my family. I had watched my family die, this must not happen again! So I did what I could — shielding him from Nosferu's deadly attack with my own body. Komon is safe, but I paid dearly, with my own life.

It could have been the end of me, if it is not for lord Caridimius's intervention. He offered me power, immortality, and reunion if I agreed to abandon the Dark Side and serve under the Light. I accepted the offer, not because that I wanted power, but for the fact that I can be reunited with Komon. This is my story, read and determine for yourself whether I am a hero or a villan.

A/N: As how I've promised, here is the Chronicle of Dark Faust, the story about our favorite Dark Ultraman. I will try to update as often as I could before the winter break is over, after that it will probably be one update per month. If you don't know who is who in my story, read my first fic "Chaos Leo Vs Baron Blood" it contained a glossary in the Author's Notes section (I am too lazy to put it in here), or my profile, where you can find a copy of the glossary in its most recent version.