This is the most randomest one shot ever. That I wrote, anyway. I had to write it, when I saw the remark. Yes, I think we all know who'd cry harder. LOL.

"I'm breaking up with you."

That bluntly put statement were the words that brought the apocalypse of the world. Or more like the apocalypse of Len Kagamine's world. And that statement was his own too.

"Why?" It was a simple, but deadly question. Quite like on a school worksheet. Answer the question, then explain why.

This question always brings out the worst in a student's emotions. It's a question we all hate, no?

"Because… I just don't think our love is… real. And besides… I found someone better than you. Someone that I feel real with."

Instead of being mad, Rin Kagami was utterly confused. Rin Kagami is also a big part of the apocalypse of Len Kagamine's world.

"What the heck do you mean real? Are you saying you're fake or something? Like a doll come to life? Like Chucky?"

Len was horrified. Chucky? I didn't kill anyone!

In which he was wrong. At that moment, he had killed someone. Or something. Whichever category Rin's heart fits best in.

"F-fine… I hope you feel real good about your decision, because I will make you regret it!" Rin screeched angrily. That's when The Idea came. A very evil, evil idea. The Idea was purely Rin Kagami's. Rin Kagami's genius idea, that was formed from Len Kagamine's newfound love for the Xbox he got this Christmas.

Len Kagamine, wasn't too alarmed. He thought he knew what her reaction would be like. And the first part of her reaction was exactly how he imagined it to be. Furious tears running down red cheeks. And a few angry remarks with some colorful language added in. But the problem was, he never realized what the second part of her reaction would be.

While tears still ran down her face, Rin managed to find the hammer that was located conveniently in the garage. With the thought, Len Kagamine, I am going to kill you, she ran back inside the house, back inside Len's room.

Len grew extremely alarmed when he saw the heavy hammer grasped in Rin's tight hold. Holding his hands up in alarm and shutting his eyes, he screamed in a high voice, much like the shota he was inside.

"I was kidding! It was just a joke! I was just feeling really sadist and wanted to see you cry!" Which was a complete lie.

"And I'm sadist too, Len Kagamine! And I feel like watching you cry too!" And raising the hammer she slammed it down precisely where the Xbox innocently sat.

The horrible sound of splintering and shattering was what jerked Len's eyelids apart. And his mind could not process the broken form of his Xbox. It could not register that it was indeed the precious gaming device he had gotten this Christmas. When his brain finally decided to come to life, his reaction was most tragic.

"NO!" He screamed, holding the scattered pieces of his treasure to his heart. His tears fell on them and he clutched the pieces like a lover holding his beloved's hand. "WHY! WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME!" Sobbing uncontrollably, he didn't even mind the girl staring at him, dumbfounded.

Rin Kagami was a girl that did not understand a boy's love for gaming. Or a much more obsessive love for gaming, if you happened to be Len Kagamine. Which was why his reaction was such a surprise to her.

"Um… I'm sorry…?" Rin said, then she fled from the scene, or the apocalypse of Len Kagamine's world.

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