The Sakura tree petals were flowing through the air like snow. The breeze calm and the atmosphere filled with warmth. The sun crept through the windows of the building filling it with a sort of ambience. Students were running outside on the track field, some were walking to their destinations and talking about their teacher's lessons. The breeze brushed against the cheeks of the students outside who wore their uniforms proudly. Sometimes, teasing and playing with the long gorgeous hair of those that had them to that extent.

It was just a few minutes since the end of classes for the day. A boy mesmerized by the way the wind felt against his skin and the way the Sakura petals danced their way down to the ground, rest his chin against his palm and stared out the window. His beautiful azure orbs, breathtaking to anyone, observed everything with grace. Parting his lips to let out a soft sigh as the wind toyed with his almost shoulder length honey-brown hair.

Tearing himself from the beauty of nature, he raised his free hand to his eye level and looked down at the black wrist watch that showed him the time. He let his lips curve up into a smile and stood up. Grabbing the bag on the side of his desk, he began walking to the door and slid it open; giving the sight one last look before leaving. Smiling, he walked down the nearly empty halls down a route that he was all too familiar with for nearly two months. Not paying mind to the girls that huddled together as they saw him walking down the hall, or raising his palm in acknowledgement to those who bid him a good day.

The azure eyed boy looked up at the sign that stuck out on top showing what the room was meant for. His smile grew wider and he let a breath escape his parted moistened lips as he stood in front of the door. Heart racing, hands cold with excitement, he tried very hard to calm himself. It had been two months but yet even he couldn't believe it. Still he had this feeling like if he was floating, like he would in a beautiful dream that he never wanted to end. Placing his fingers inside the sliding doors handle, he slid it open.

Stopping a little before closing the door gently, he smiled lovingly. 'He works too hard.' He thought walking to the sleeping body that sat in a comfortable computer chair, whose head was craned down with arms over his chest as if he were thinking. The azure colored boy placed his bag next to the sleeping boy's bag and walked behind the desk where the chair was. Turning the chair slowly so the boy wouldn't wake just yet, he leaned forward and let his thin fingers trace the sleeping boy's face gently.

Such mature features for his ages made him so much more alluring. His messy brown hair signifying that despite his stern look, he still had a kid in there somewhere. The honey-brown haired boy let a soft chuckle descend from his lips and ran his thumb gently over the sleeping boy's cheek. The messy brown haired boy slightly stirred but didn't open his eyes. The boy smiled and stood up walking behind the chair, draping his arms around the sleeping boy's neck; brushing his lips gently against his neck and dragging them up to his ear.

"You look so peaceful when you sleep. Your guard drops revealing a different person, revealing everything I fell in love with." The azure boy whispered into the other's ear. Suddenly he felt a hand on his forearm, gripping it with care. His azure eyes grew wide in surprise.

The messy brown haired boy raised his head and slightly turned it to his side to look at the thin boy behind him. "I love you too, Syuusuke." The honey brown haired boy known as Syuusuke, smiled in slight defeat at being heard and buried his face into the other's neck.

"Saa Mitsu, you should have known better than to sleep in that position." Fuji Syuusuke said in a whisper, sliding his hands up to the bespectacled boy's shoulders. The messy haired boy known as Tezuka Kunimitsu, let out a soft groan as Fuji let him massage the stiff areas in his shoulders. "You work too hard, Mitsu." Fuji said softly with smile as he observed the way Tezuka reacted to his fingers.

"It's not because I want to, it's because I have to." Tezuka said in between little groans of pleasure as the stress was being lifted off him. He heard Fuji scoff but didn't say anything it.

The thin fingers slid their way up his neck to his temples but stopped momentarily to remove his glasses and placed them on the desk. They resumed to his temples and began rubbing them gently clockwise. Tezuka let out a sigh of relief. "Lean your head back for a moment." He heard Fuji whisper. He did as he was told and felt his joints crack from his neck. He straightened up in his chair and felt more joints cracking, relief washed over him and he sighed contently. Fuji smiled and looked into Tezuka's eyes as Tezuka leaned his head back.

Feeling those cold fingertips slowly and sweetly running up his neck, he too, smiled at Fuji. "Want me to keep going, Mitsu?" Fuji breathed out as he felt his heart skip a beat at Tezuka's lovely smile. These past two months of being together and he still became more and more captivated by that smile that was rarely shown. Tezuka nodded and slightly frowned as Fuji walked out of his line of sight. He looked forward and turned his chair to where Fuji was. Sliding the chair closer to where Fuji sat on the desk, he grabbed one of Fuji's hands and placed a gentle kiss on it.

Fuji smiled and placed his fingers on his boyfriend's temples again and began relieving him from his stress. Tezuka closed his eyes contently, placing a hand on one of Fuji's leg that slightly dangled away from the floor. "Syuusuke?" Tezuka softly whispered with his eyes still closed. After hearing a soft hn, he slowly opened his eyes to look at a blurry image Fuji. Fuji stopped his fingers and looked at his semi blind boyfriend. Fuji smiled and got a little closer so their noses were centimeters away from touching. Tezuka let his lips curve up into another smile and lifted the hand on Fuji's leg to his cheek, pulling him closer so that their lips touched.

Fuji softly gasped at the sudden gesture and let Tezuka take him. Their lips pressed against one another and parted as Tezuka brushed his tongue across his boyfriend's bottom lip. Enjoying the way Fuji tasted, enjoying the way Fuji grasped onto his shirt, the way Fuji pulled away gasping for air, flushed. Tezuka also tried regulating his breathing and gently ran his thumb against the milky skin before raking his fingers into that honey-brown hair he adored. He didn't need incredibly long hair, or plump lips, or a stupendous body for him to be happy.

Fuji was all that made him happy.

"Syuusuke, I love you." Tezuka got up from his chair and positioned himself in between Fuji's parted legs, placing a hand on his boyfriend's thin waist, pulling him closer to his body to claim his lips again.

The big hand on his waist trapping him in a beautiful dream, Fuji returned Tezuka's kiss and felt his heart skip another beat. 'Baka Tezuka. Don't you know causing me this much happiness will kill me?' Fuji thought as he was overcome by pure bliss. Tezuka laid him down on the table after removing a few things and resumed on devouring his lips. Fuji arched his back a little wanting to feel Tezuka's warmth, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend's neck and pulling him closer. Tezuka parted and looked into hazy azure orbs. Running his forefinger along Fuji's jawline and tracing down his collarbone, he smiled earnestly.

"I love you too, Kunimitsu." Fuji whispered. Tezuka raked his fingers through the honey-brown hair and placed his lips against Fuji's forehead. His heart skipped a beat as the sun had just started setting, bringing in an orange hue into the room, a stray line of sunlight crept its way onto Fuji's face making his eyes glow more. His red lips, flawless skin, silky soft hair and his mesmerizing eyes captivated him all the more. He captured Fuji's lips with his own again and pressed his body against Fuji's gently. Their tongues intertwined with one another creating a beautiful chemistry.

As the sun was close to setting, the room was filled with their heavy breathing and stifled cries. The table containing two silhouettes' that meshed against one another making one. A perfect pair and perfect setting for the love that they both shared. Not caring about anyone but each other.