A Little Therapy

Pairing: Carlisle/Bella/Esme

Summary: Carlisle gets the surprise of his life when one of his patients decides to take things to the next level, igniting a chain reaction that will force him to make a choice before the truth comes out. AH, Lemony goodness throughout.

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to these characters. No copyright infringement intended. Any likeness to another story is coincidental and also not intended. Warning: Contains adult content, mature situations and language. Lemon drizzle for twimuses weekly prompt.

A/N: This is just a short lemon drizzle. Hope you enjoy it! - After some thought and prodding from a friend, I've decided to carry on with this story. Since I can't choose 3 characters, it will remain listed under Bella/Carlisle, but it will involve a third character as well that plays a major part. A HUGE thanks to my beta hmmille!

Chapter One-Flames of Desire

A slight tease of my cock, and a playful nip at my lips, was all it took for me to submit to Bella's insatiable desires. I wanted her in the worst way, but this had to be done in secret. Who knew what my colleagues would think of such an act; it was hardly customary for a doctor to so hastily jump at the chance of seducing his patient. However, it wasn't as if I could stop myself from fulfilling every one of her outrageous fantasies now that her bare legs were wrapped firmly around my waist.

I wondered if Bella's boyfriend knew of her ferocious appetite for the opposite sex. If he did, he certainly wasn't taking care of her needs. She'd come to me out of the blue months ago seeking a consult in regards to her dull love life, but we'd never engaged in anything sexual until tonight. On more than one occasion, Bella had insinuated that she had feelings for me, and at the time, I couldn't even process the thought. I was her therapist, her doctor, so I couldn't cross that line. As the conversations carried on though, the idea of Bella's body pressed tightly against mine started to consume me.

When I walked into my office this evening, I'd expected to be buried under a mountainous pile of paperwork, but instead, I was met with a beautiful smile from the half- naked woman that was now kissing her way up my neck as if we were more like long lost lovers rather than a Doctor and his patient.

"This is wrong," I said feebly. I didn't really want her to stop. "I'm your Doctor."

"Don't hold back, Carlisle," she purred in my ear. "I want to feel you inside of me."

I had no control over myself as Bella pushed me against my desk where my white coat and shirt had been tossed to the side earlier, and straddled me completely. I gave her ass a hungry squeeze before running a finger along the saturated lining of her underwear.

"You're so wet," I groaned.

"Play with me," she whispered, tearing the fabric from her thighs.

"With pleasure."

My fingertips traveled up her body and over the red, lace pattern of her bra, removing the barrier at the same time that she slid my pants to the floor. Within what seemed like only seconds, my throbbing cock parted her wet folds and I was lost to the immense pleasure that her tight center ignited within me.

"Dear God," I moaned into her hair. All thoughts of professional etiquette had vanished.

Bella let out a little whine of satisfaction as she moved up and down on top of me, propelling my hips to buck up into her even harder. Stroke after stroke, I thrust into her incredible body, just taking the time to ensure that my hard length caressed every inch of her desire. I watched as her eyes rolled back, and a seductive smile crossed her face. She was stunning in this light, but I hadn't the presence of mind to understand the complications that would surely follow our sinful deed. I simply leaned up, placed my lips at the hollow of Bella's throat, and kissed my way down to her succulent breasts.

My tongue flicked across her peaked nipples, savoring the immense thrill of finally tasting her flesh. It was unlike anything that I'd ever experienced, and I wanted more.

"Fuck yes," she groaned. I didn't look up. I was completely submerged under the raging waves of paradise that her body brought to mine.

Suddenly, Bella weaved her fingers into my hair, urgently holding me against her breasts. I couldn't move, nor did I want to. The only thing that I craved was to bring this Goddess to the brink of euphoria and suspend time so that she would always remember the feel of my length between her thighs. But time was not an option here in the office, and I was already so close to the edge. I could feel Bella's vice-like walls squeezing around my cock as if her body had been waiting for nothing more than this moment. The sheer unadulterated bliss was too much for me to handle.

"I can't stop," I whimpered.

"Give it to me," she panted. "All of it."

Her words were so commanding and titillating to my ears that I immediately bit down on her breast, pushing myself quickly inside of her again. Bella's body lurched forward, drawing me in deeper as she yanked on a few locks of my hair and forced me to look up.

"You're such a good therapist, Carlisle," she grunted.

"Call me Doctor Cullen." I couldn't help it. I wanted to hear that name fall from Bella's lips.

"Oh, and you're kinky too. I like it," she said. A trace of something devilish lay just under the surface of her words that made me want to tease my temptress even more.

"I have been known to have several peculiar needs," I breathed out, sneaking a kiss as she flashed me another amused grin.

"In that case, fuck me, Doctor Cullen."

"Again, again!" I pleaded.

"Harder, Doctor Cullen. Teach me how to be a good girl," she begged in return.

The sound of Bella coaching me into my release pushed me right over the threshold. With one massive thrust, I spilled into her with numerous, violent bursts while I gripped onto her ass for dear life. The moment that she felt my orgasm, Bella parted my lips with her tongue and followed suit. The intense spasms radiated from her body, slithering their way through my shaft, causing me to come a second time.

"Oh, fuck!" I shouted, collapsing back onto my desk with Bella.

The old wood protested with a series of splintering cracks, but neither of us paid any attention to the noise. We were both just staring at each other in shock, unable to believe what had transpired between us and wondering where on earth we were going to go from here.