I woke up staring in total darkness. I stood up carefully making sure I didn't wake up my cousin, Angie, and my little sister, Izzy, who were still asleep on the mattress. We have been hiding in a basement since we got here to Boston a week ago. We were originally back home in Arizona until those giant spider freaks took control. I could remember everything that happened that first month.

We were at my house barbecuing in the backyard totally normal. Then a ship came by low. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?" I heard myself yelling. I told Angie and Izzy to go back inside. They started crying. My mom, aunt and myself stayed outside to see what was going on. I remember hearing on the news that they were friendly, this didn't look friendly to me. " Mom, what the heck is going on?" I could hear the fear creeping into my voice. " I don't know sweetie but go inside with the other two. We'll be right in." I went inside to the garage where I told the girls to go. That was the last time I ever saw my mom and aunt alive. In the garage I could hear gunshots and bombs going off around us. I grabbed the screaming girls close to me and dragged them to the black car that was in the garage. I locked the doors and told the girls to quiet down. We where in the back seat when I heard this weird noise. I covered the girls with a blanket that was already there. " Don't move." I whispered to them. I was down low behind the drivers seat with the girls next to me. I looked up out the window and my hands flew to my mouth to contain my scream. This huge spider-like mutant went by the car and looked in. I was so glad that it couldn't see me or the girls. It seemed like an hour before it actually left. I slowly got out of my spot and checked out the rear window. I saw the giant spider go next to this huge machine. The robot thing turned its 'head' toward the car. I ducked dawn to not be seen. " Wait." I whispered to the girls. I peeked again and saw them leave. I slowly opened the car to get out. The girls started to get up too. " Don't! Wait here, ill be right back." I told them and closed the door. I went inside and saw the whole place a mess. It looked like a bull came through and wrecked everything. I went outside and it didn't look any better. I looked around and saw my mom and aunt side by side. Dead. I stiffiled a scream of rage and terror. I was truly alone. I ran to the side and grabbed a shovel, tears streaming down my face. I dug two five foot graves which took at least two hours. I pulled first my mom then my aunt inside. I went into my moms room and grabbed the pillows and a blanket. I made them look like they were asleep. " I love you." I said quietly and rubbed the tears from my eyes. I buried them while I prayed silently in my head. It was already five o'clock p.m. when I finished burying my family and packed a small bag each for the three of us. I made sure we had enough food to last us at least a month but not be too much. I grabbed the gun that used to be my dads before he died. Also pulled on my new leather/lace black half gloves I got before the invasion. I went back to the car and saw the girls were asleep. I pulled them onto the seats and buckled them in. I went to the front seat and started the car. One good thing about the invasion was that it didn't matter if a fourteen year old drove or not. It was six o'clock when we found the other survivors. The invasion began at one o'clock.

I mentally shook myself out of the memory. I looked at both the sleeping girls as I pulled my medium length black hair up into my black beanie. I pulled on a pair of guy's black jeans and a long gray sweatshirt. I pulled on a black shirt over it and grabbed the black boots I found on a raid. My size was actually a six and a half in women's but I was a four in guy's. I tied the boots and doubled knotted them in for luck. I pulled on a pair of black finger less gloves and strapped my gun to my right thigh. I looked at my reflection and if I didn't think I could've sworn I was a guy. In a world like this, its not safe to be a girl.

I went back to Angie and Izzy and shook them awake. They both woked up rubbing their eyes. "Morning sleepy heads." I said softly, a smile pulling at my lips. "Morning Bri." Nine year old Angie said getting out of bed. " Hi Brianna." Izzy said sleepily. " Hey sissy!" I said pulling the small four year old out of bed. I cut her waste long curly dark brown hair yesterday. Angie didn't even let me touch her straight black hair.

"Okay guys so what's my name?" I asked them like I do every morning since we got here. " Brian." They replied. " Who am I?" I asked. " our brother." They said again. " Good." I said smiling at them and pilling them into a hug. " Okay. Let's go."