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I slapped away Ben's hand before rushing out the door. My cheeks burning in embarrassment as I roughly pushed past Hal into the hall, straightening my wig.

"What just happened?" I barely heard Ben say as I ran down the hallway to find Weaver. Can things get any worse? I thought as I turned the corner.

I was halted as I bumped into a person also running down the hall.

"Oof!" was all I heard before I fall back on my butt.

"Ow…well that hurt." I said as I picked myself off the floor, rubbing my sore backside. I regarded the figure on the floor warily. "Hey you okay?" I said to a long blonde hair girl.

"Yeah Thanks!" She said accepting my hand so that I could help her up. Finally I saw her face and I couldn't believe the light blue eyes staring with the same disbelief that I felt.

"Bri-Brianna?" She whispered, doubting that I was still alive. Her eyes started to water as she ran towards me, arms outstretched. I hug her tight as I too started to cry, as I happily bashed the old thoughts of her being dead.

"Clair! You're alive! I thought you were dead!" I said pulling away, tears still in my eyes. The last time I saw her was the day before the attack. She was on her way to D.C. for a class trip.

" The same for you! Well, I guess I sorta thought that you would always get by, but I never thought I ever see you here! Where's your mom!" She asked excitedly, by then a lot of people have gather wondering what was going on. All the Masons where standing close by and were smiling. That is until Clair asked about my mom.

" Yeah, well you see…..she…she didn't make it." I said quietly tears forming in my eyes as I tried to blink them away. Clair stared at me in shock and concern. People started to leave, respecting the moment we were having. Even the Masons, Hal said he would send the girls over before he left. I nodded silently as I led Clair to an empty classroom.

" Bri. I am so sorry! I didn't know!" She said, her voice full of concern. I couldn't help smiling a little. Clair has always been this way. Kind, funny, helpful, and always there if you were ever upset. Never asked any questions if you showed up at her door, in the rain, crying, after your boyfriend dumps you by text message, already planning the perfect revenge with Mariah.

When we were in school she was always the quiet one. Always so shy when we were talking to guys, new people, or doing a school presentation. But when it's just us three, you can't ever get her to stop talking or laughing. I gave her a big hug as I remembered the old days.

"I'm fine. But there's a whole ton of shit we have to go over." I smiled as she winced at my cussing. She never did like it that much.

"CLAIR!" Screamed a small blur as it talked Clair to the floor. "Cue the Troll." I said smiling as I pulled the both of them up. We hugged each other and started talking like back in the old days, Clair was relieved that Mariah, Angie and Izzy made it.

We were just walking into the cafeteria when Clair stopped in the middle of the hall and pulled on my arm making me stop too. " Hey Bri, why are you dressed as a guy?" She asked looking up at me.

"I'll explain later Clair." I said laughing as we entered the cafeteria, the Masons waving us over to the table. Matt had ran over and pulled Angie over to sit next to him, Izzy running behind them.

She smiled as she went over to were the cooks were and started to serve everyone. It seemed like a peaceful day, but I couldn't help but worry about something. I wonder where Ben and that one black kid, with the same spikes as him, are? "Oh well." I said, as I decided to not worry about for now. I walked toward my new friends and my old ones, trying to enjoy today, even thought I could not shake the shiver that was going up my spine. As if warning me about what is yet to come.

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