I'm Ikamori Tsukiyomi. My life is not an ordinary life that all kids have. I never met my parents, had 2 foster families, live with only my brother, and alot more. The most weirdest part is that I was born to protect earth and the magical world. Why is my mission this? I am part dragon, wolf, and mage. I was born with the Dragon amulet that with soon join my body for abolute dragon powers. I can not unlock it at once. There is this boy named Hiroshi Watanabe. I am suppose to kill him because he has the jewel to unlock the power of the amulet. I don't have to kill him but after I know he was a lynx and killed many other wolf/dragon clans, I decide I should kill him. But, we should start at the very beginning when I learned about my powers, on my 14th birthday.