The whole entire day I was thinking about Ryuu and his ingury. It repeated in my head like an ipod the was stuck on repeat for hours. My classes went by in an instant. Math, P.E., English, Band, then Science. History was next... The meanest teacher of the school is my teacher. The yelling that happened during the time made all the next door classes worry on what was happening. The worst part was I would sit next to Ryuu. I would be drawn to look at his ingery spot. I looked at my History class. The door was wide open. Ryuu, where are you? You're usually the first to be at the door... waiting for me. I see the rest of my classmates walk in. I looked away with my puppy pouting face. I ran to my locker and opened it. I always left my combo on... Like Ryuu... I got my History book and ran to my class. Until half way to my class, I heard a soft shy girl voice call my name.

"Ikamori-sensei!" said the girl, "Ika!"
I turned to her and saw her face. At that moment I knew it was her, Anami Okazaki,"Yes, Anami-chan? What's wrong?"

Anami ran towards me and stopped right infront of me. She was breathing hard. Then again, she's not a fan of running, "C-can you help my friend study for the upcoming test? Please?" She hands me a note.

"Huh?" I take the note, "S-sure."
"Arigatou, sensei!" says Anami, smiling brightly, "I must go now! Bye-bye, sensei!" She skips off the her next class.

I sigh and walk to my class seeing my teacher at the door. I look down and walk past her. She didn't even notice. She hardly notices me. I look into the far corner, where my seat is. Ryuu? I thought. I can see him sitting on the seat next to me. He looks at me and smiles. Looks like he's okay, but he might be acting it. He knows I care about my friends. "A little bit too much" he says. I walk over to my desk and sit down next to him. Of course, I stare at where the ingery is.

"Still worried about that I see." says Ryuu, "Like always, you are worried about a small ingery." Ryuu was on his 'try to be brave' attitude. I hated it when he's like that.

"Well, sorry for being nice!" I look away, annoyed, "I care about all my friends equally okay? You're one of them!"

He places one of his hands on my shoulder. I turn my head to look at him. He had that 'I know that" soft face on. He... looked really... cute. At that moment, I started blushing. He laughed at me for a bit.

"W-what's so funny?" I look away, letting all my blush out.

"You're blushing right now, huh?" he smirked, "You always were a mega blusher in 5th grade." He laughs.

"No!" My voice pitch went a bit higher, signaling I was lying. He knows it when I'm lying. I can never lie to him; no matter how hard I try.

"Psh... Sure." he smirked.

I let go of his attitude. I loved it how he is shy and all, but having his 'try to be brave' is highly annoying. I took out the note that Anami gave me. I opened it slowly making sure that my teacher doesn't see. RING! The bell for class to start rang. This is bad. She is always on full note passing alert when class starts. I thought. I opened the note and it read,

Dear Ikamori,

I need to talk to you and it's very important. I won't tell you who I am. You will see when you go to the city park. Bring any book you like and Fang. See you there...



Is this a joke or something? I thought. Can this dude be a pedophile or something? It got creepy. He wanted me to bring Fang too. I only bring Fang if there will be any danger.

"Ikamori Tsukiyomi." said my teacher, "Can you answer the question?"

"Uh..." I look at the board for the written question, "The answer to 'What sources did the Shang Dynasty used?' is Bronze and Jade."

"Good job... for once." said my teacher.

She never said good job to me... I thought. Look back to the note and check the hand writting. I can memorize anyone's hand writting; but sadly, the note was typed. It's nearly impossible to identify this now! After saying that in my head, I sigh.

((I got much more better now, right? YAY!))