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One twisted world full of melancholy over the past and the bad decisions…

One twisted world full of hope for the future while taking all the questionable decisions…

A meeting that never should have happened…


Chisame: Too Close Home for Comfort

"Well, we'll try to be back before midnight," Decadent!Sora told Unequally!Sora. "In the meanwhile, you know where all the bottles and diapers are, and you have our number if you need help with anything."

Decadent!Chisame put her hands on Unequally!Chisame's shoulders and drilled a fierce stare into her eyes. "And not to pressure you or anything, but if you let anything bad happen to my little brother, I'll kill you slow and painfully."

"We know it's your son," Unequally!Chisame deadpanned.

"I have no idea what are you talking about, " Decadent!Chisame said.

"It's only the four of us and the baby here, you don't need to pretend...!" Unequally!Chisame said.

"Okay, fine. It's your baby, then, " Decadent!Chisame admitted.

"EH?-! WHY MINE?-!"

"If you're me and the baby's mine, then it's yours as well! So you damn better look after him as best as you can, or I'll kill over being a bitch that can't take care of your son properly!"

"I think you're projecting," Unequally!Chisame opined. "And besides, you aren't me, and I'm not you. These two are the same," she pointed at Sora and Sora, who just blinked, "So if I'm her sister and you're her daughter, then I'm not you, but I'm your aunt! That's simple logics at work!"

"Okay. Fail to look after your grandnephew and I'll kill you, then, " Decadent!Chisame hissed.

"Ah," Unequally!Chisame droned. "A true mother speaking."

"Shut up, you."

Unequally!Chisame sighed as she and her sister saw their counterparts leaving for the graduation. "Why does this kind of crap never happen to Calculator?"

"Look at the bright side," Sora smiled, holding baby Nara carefully against herself. "It'll be a good practice for when you—"

"Let's not get in there, okay?"

"But unlike her, you aren't Negi's—"

"I know! Don't go in there, all the same!"

A beat.

"I'm not calling mine 'Nara', by the way," Chisame said. "I think it's a stupid name."

"Really? I think it's very cute..."


Negi: Dear Sisters

"Dear Little Brooooo-ther...!" Ilya sing-sang as she ran into the room, arms open. "Come have some quality time with your older sister...!"

Decadent!Negi yelped and jumped out the window.

Unequally!Negi sweatdropped and looked out the window. "Um, actually, she meant me, not you. I don't quite believe she's related to you in your universe. I mean, your universe's version of her."

The other Negi answered from the ground. "Ah, sorry. I knew, yeah, just acted out of reflex. My sisters like... games that are not... well..."

"Really? Ilya-chan and me only have tea parties, talk about magic, and stroll along together, " Unequally!Negi blinked. "What kind of games are tho—"

"ASK YOUR MOTHER!" Decadent!Negi shouted. "YOUR MOTHER, NOT MINE, OKAY?-!"

Ilya sighed and took a mental note of asking Decadent!Chisame-san, Asuna-san and Ayaka-san on the subject later.

Elsewhere, Thirty Xanatos Pile Up Ilya paused in the middle of one of her 'Negi injections'. "Somehow, I feel very dirty all of a sudden..."


Asuna: In Your Shadow

So, she was back. After so long, after all that had happened, she dared showing her face at the old Academy again.

She really didn't want to.

Despite it being the thing she wanted the most in the world.

The mighty Forgotten Princess, bane of all magic users, able to put the Lifemaker down, was scared out of her wits to face her dear friends again.

She couldn't do it, at least not right now, she decided, while heading away to rest and think. Yes, she'd just think a long while about it, before most likely turning tail and run to do nothing somewhere else. Eventually, she'd cope with it and come back.

To Negi.

And his children.

Children that weren't hers.


Asuna flinched and headed to that old place she always had escaped to when she was a child, wheber Ayaka bothered her too much, or whenever parents visited and she wanted to be far from everyone and their families. It still was pretty much the same (it was good to see some things never changed), except because there was someone else sitting under her favorite tree.

It was herself.

The other her noticed her arrival quickly, jumping back to her feet and readying a fist while pulling a Pactio card out. "Whoa, whoa, calm down!" Asuna told her, stepping closer into her full sight. "Trust me, you don't want to hurt this face!"

The other girl blinked, realization sinking in. "Oh, " she babbled lamely. "Oh, it's... you."

"Yeah, I think so. Although I'm frankly not fully sure about anything anymore. So... Asuna, right?"

"Right, duh," the other Asuna smiled a bit. "Wait. You know about me?"

The older Asuna tapped with her fingers on her own skull twice, then made a spin of said fingers in the air. "I was told, yeah. The person who called me back here told me everything."

"Oh. So you were called, " the younger Asuna, somehow, seemed disappointed. "You didn't come out of your own will."

"Well, I wouldn't put it exactly like that..."

The other Asuna sat back down on the grass. "You didn't want to be here. At the Academy, I mean. Otherwise, you'd be with Negi and the others, instead of... right here."

"Point taken, " Asuna sighed and sat next to Asuna. "But it goes both ways, too. Why are you here?"

"Because of you."


"I've been living in your shadow since I arrived here," the younger Asuna said. "When your friends look at me, they can't see anyone but you, and I can't be the person they want me to be."

"How about your friends?"

"Well, yeah, they can't really understand. Next to your Negi, our Negi plays the little brother, and to some degree, so does everyone else with your guys. Even Arika-sama and... your mom... complement each other despite how much they hate each other's guts. I'm the odd fish out. And your Negi... Negi's the worst of them all."

"How's Negi?" Asuna asked eagerly. The other Asuna snorted to herself.


Asuna's face fell down.

"It's creepy, to see how he loves you so much, " the other Asuna grabbed a peeble and tossed it into the small river. "I know he tries his best to see me as a different person than you, but still... everytime he looks at me, I can feel some new part of him is breaking down."

The older Asuna was still speechless. Unfazed, her counterpart continued, "And you know, it's freaking annoying how every counterpart of mine I meet is the other half of their Negis. Not to offend you, mind, but... At this point, it's like everyone's expecting me to go that route as well. I can't love him that way, why can't anyone see that? Even if I try to set facts straight, they'll still only think I'm in denial. Hell, why can't a girl and a boy be just friends? They're just as bad as those obsessed manga friends of Haruna and their anime couples..."

"Wait, you've met others like us before?-!" Kagurazaka held to the last vaguely not threatening to her sanity thing she could understand.

"You're the second one, actually," the young Asuna said. "The first one would be one who played superheroine... Weird, huh? And yet, she was so cool..." she sighed. "She was like the big sister I never could have. And yet, despite all she said on the contrary, I think she loved her Negi that way, even if she hadn't realized it yet. They were very close, either way. Much like you and yours... Much closer than I ever could be to min— ours."

Kagurazaka bit her lower lip. "You were told about..."

"The other layers of your relationship? Yeah, " Asuna sighed and rested her head against the trunk. "I'm... not like you on that, either. Arika-sama, I mean ours, said she only had one child. I'm still not sure who or what the hell I am."

Asuna was startled.

"Ironic, huh?" the younger Asuna commented bitterly. "We were born in the wrong places. I'm the one who should be related to Negi, so I at least could have some family, and you... you should have been free to..."

"I don't mind that, " the older Asuna cut her sharply. "That isn't why I left. At least, I realize it now. I left... so I wouldn't continue hurting him."


"And that's why I was so afraid of coming back..."

"You idiot, " the young Asuna snapped blandly. "No way your presence is going to hurt that kid as much as your absence. He's a haunt on two legs. Erebus... I mean, the Negi of my Other Me-Neechan, was full of energy and life, and our Negi, well, he's a dumb brat, but he's got hope. Yours is as powerful as Erebus-kun, but... lacks life. Lacks spirit. And that's because he lacks you."

The other Asuna rubbed her eyes.

"Something in your eye, I know," Young Asuna played along before her other self could even open her mouth.

"Shut up," Kagurazaka sniffed. "I don't think I ever talked that much."

"Tough. I spent all these months here living under your shadow, like hell I'm not going to vent out on you now I got the chance."

"It's unfair to dump this all on me now I'm here. You have no idea what I've gone through! Don't you think I suffered without him, as well?-! Just because you don't care about your Negi, it doesn't mean—!"

"I do care about him! Just not the way you do! Or should! I dunno, since I haven't been able to learn it since you weren't here all this time!"

Kagurazaka snarled. "I think it's fair warning you I used to feel that way at first."

Now that made Asuna go pale. "S-Seriously?"


Asuna looked away. "I'll try never going there. Our Negi already has his own special person."

Kagurazaka grew intrigued enough to forget her own distress for a picosecond. "Who?"

Asuna told her.

"Oh, her. Well, I suppose it's logical, when you think about it, " Kagurazaka reasoned. "You sure it's her?"

Asuna nodded. "It helps they aren't siblings either. Or so I hope, at least."

"You have a horrible talent for saying the worst things you could say at any point, don't you?"

"From what I've heard about you, it comes with being Asuna."

"Okay, those are fighting words."

"I was starting to believe you'd never say it. You know what did Twilight Nee-chan do to snap me out of my funk?" she twirled the Pactio card in her fingers. "We beat the crap out of each other. And it worked." She smirked.

Kagurazaka found herself smirking back despite herself. "You mean she beat the crap out of you, newbie."

"I've been practicing with Ku, Setsuna and Kaede here since I arrived here. Both sets of them, actually, while you were out moping. Wanna see if you haven't rusted too much, old timer?"

"Only one way to check it, don't you think?" Asuna summoned her harisen. It felt almost like the old times.

"Adeat" Asuna summoned her own Pactio. That made Kagurazaka blink.

"Wow. Whoever conceived the magic system in your world was a huge pervert."

"I won't disagree with you there. Bring it on, Nee-san!"

They returned home limping and laughing five hours later.

It felt good to be alive again.


Arika: That Bond

"So, what will we do today?" the young Negi asked with an eager, sincere smile.

Arika's brow furrowed as she pondered that. While she was actually happy to spend some time with a younger, more naive and innocent, actually happier version of the son she never could share his more childlike days with, she found herself suddenly at a loss of what to do with him.

Come to think of it, all her interactions with her own son had revolved around either serious discussions of weighty matters this Negi wasn't ready for yet (one step at a time, after all) or about sex. Maybe she had, after all, overdone that last part.

Her inner Asuna said 'Nah' quickly (a word she'd never have thought before spending any time with her daughter), but the fact remained, Arika still had no idea what to do with this child so similar and yet so different to her own. As tempting as the idea of having him in a hole while her Negi occupied the other one was, Shield had made her swear she'd respect this Negi's purity. And her royal word was a law to herself more than to anyone else.

"What do you wish to do today? Ask, and I will try to comply," she promised.

Negi blushed cutely and held two tickets for the local fair.

Much like her own child, always prepared for everything.

Arika raised an eyebrow.

In a way, it was like a date. An innocent, light, date, the kind she never had enjoyed with anyone, not even Nagi, in those days always so fraught with peril. That ended up being enough for her.

He'd never love her that way, but seeing him happy more than made up for it.


Chizuru: The Inverted Coin

"— and that's why he's the only person I've ever met I'm actually glad he's dead, " Decadent!Chizuru shared over the last few tea and pastries remaining.

"I see..." Unequally!Chizuru said, with a somehow vacant nod. "Still, he was your father..."

"I have no father," the other Chizuru stated, soft but firmly. "And I'm hesitant to say I have sisters, as well. Mind, I have nothing but respect and sympathy for Makie-san, but... Oh, my apologies. Surely my story has bothered you. No doubt you might be wondering if the same kind of origins could apply to you..."

"I have all my trust on my father being a good, decent man," Unequally!Chizuru replied without missing a beat. "The good and decent man I've known all through my life."

"That's good to hear. Still, I thought you had the right to know..."

"I know, and I'm thankful about it. I also believe your devotion to your Ayaka is truly commendable. Our Ayaka and me... eventually found it was better to move apart from each other to preserve our friendship, so I can't help but feeling a bit envious about the strength of your bond."

"Oh, like every relationship, it has its fair share of challenges, but overcoming them is what makes it all that much sweeter."

Unequally!Chizuru nodded and served her more tea.

Then they remained silent.

"It's funny to see how completely different we are under identical facades, isn't it?" one of them said. It didn't matter which.

The other one only nodded very seriously. Again, it didn't matter which one of them.


Ku Fei: The Forgotten Corner

Ku Fei and Ku Fei stared at each other, panting and sweaty after a hard afternoon of sparring. The local Ku had dominated every match easily despite not being using her Pactio, due to superior experience and training, but still, it had been an amusing session for both of them.

"Well, that was a whole fun of fun-aru!"

"Yeah, you said it!"

"I hadn't had this much fun in a long while!"

"Me neither!"

"... Wow. You're... well adjusted!"

"You too!"

"No one around me has been well adjusted since we found Negi-bouzou's mom!"

"I haven't met anyone well adjusted since entering Mahora!"



"Let's escape back to China together before we fall too."


And so they did.


Fuuka and Fumika: Twice the Fun, Twice the Tragedy

"I see," Unequally!Fuuka said. "Well, it's a real shame your parents feel that way!"

"As if yours wouldn't if they knew," Decadent!Fuuka snorted.

"Actually, they do," Unequally!Fumika said. "They walked on us one year ago. It was awkward at first, yeah, but Daddy's a very liberal psychologist. He said it was a relatively normal phase of our experimenting while we grow up, and he was confident we'd mature out of it if we were left alone, so... they leave us alone."

"No way!" Decadent!Fumika gasped.

"Yeah. Well, good luck with your thing, but we really gotta go now, " Unequally!Fumika said, while turning around and beginning to walk back to the Academy. "It was lot of fun, but... no place like home, you know?"

The Decadent!twins cringed at the mention of home. They shared a pained gaze behind the backs of their retreating counterparts.

Then, slowly, those uneasy faces turned into sinister smiles. They nodded to each other. Words weren't needed.

Fuuka jumped on Fuuka, while Fumika jumped on Fumika...


"It took you long enough!" Unequally!Chisame chided the twins as they strolled back into the group. "We were about to leave you behind, you know!"

"Sorry!" Fumika giggled. "We were just taking a bath!"

"Yeah, we had to... ahhhh, clean up after having some fun!" Fuuka chirped. "You know, it wouldn't do to return home all dirty!"

Most of the Unequally!crew cringed, but they were used to the twins' manias by now.

The Hakases nodded as they activated the portal. "It's ready!" they chorused.

"Good, good!" Fuuka seemed unusually happy, even for her. "I hardly can wait!"

Fuuka and Fumika lived happily ever after. Fortunately for them, Unequally!Nodoka never got any mind reading book.

As for Fuuka and Fumika, they never were seen again. Fumika was, after all, very careful about never leaving a mess anywhere...


Misa: Shameless

"I don't know how you can do it," the younger Misa said.

"Oh, the first few times are difficult, and you're scared as hell, but once you get used to it, it's all a landslide," the older Misa smiled charmingly over the desserts. They had taken a table in the midle of the restaurant, attracting mesmerized looks from male and female customers alike. They made for a truly fetching set of 'twins'. "Why don't you try it too? Just look at the way everyone's staring at us. We could charge a fortune as a top quality Twin Threesome Fantasy act!"

"I'm saving myself for someone!"

"Who? Negi-kun? Don't waste your time, Misa-chan. You'll never catch that train. I talk from experience."

"But I got a—"

"What? A Pactio? That amounts to nothing when shit gets real. Just ask our Ku Fei, or even Chachamaru. True, you might get a good fuck here and there if your Negi turns out like ours, but you'll never get to be his Number One."

The younger Misa sulked at those words. "I never thought I'd ever say this, but you're a very shallow person."

"I'm realistic and that's it. Listen to your Oneechan!" she sing-sang, taking another spoonful of sundae. "I can't believe you still hold on to that cherry. Haven't you ever had a boyfriend?"

"Well, yeah, of course I did! I gave him head and a few handjobs while we were together, but... I never wanted to go all the way with him. Which was for the best, because he turned out to be a creep."

"All men are. Even Negi-kun; he just hasn't realized it yet. That's why we must beat them in their own game!"

"I dunno..."

"C'mon, you won't regret it. I'll be guiding you each step of the way..." Her cellphone beeped. "Wait a sec, dear. Yeah? Oh, it's you! Of course I'm free. Just hanging with a friend. Yeah, I'm available! Fine. I'll be there. Love you!"

She smiled at her counterpart. "We're in luck! I've got a date right now!"

"Who is it?"

"Stepdaddy. He had to cancel a meeting and wants to relieve his frustrations out."

Misa had to do a spit-take. "Stepddady?-! Wait a sec, do you have the same stepdaddy I have? Balding, slight but noticeable beer gut, glasses, brown eyes?"

"A-yep. Don't tell me yours hasn't ever shown any interest on you."

Misa sneered. "The bastard's been checking me out since he married Mom. I've told her, but she won't ever believe me. And you go to bed with that guy? That takes some guts!"

"Oh, he's a sweetie when you rub him the right way, " Kakizaki teased. "We're due to meet in our favorite love hotel. Nice place, they never ask any questions. Wanna come with me? I mean, it's late, and I could run into punks on my way. And, well, you have those Pactio needles..."

"You wanna have me as your bodyguard?"

"Sure, why not? Customers can get pushy at times, too. Yeah, it wouldn't hurt to have a sister to look after me. You don't have to be with the guys, but that doesn't mean we can't work together."

Misa nodded, liking the idea. "You're on. I'll drop you at the hotel's doorstep, you make your way back with Stepdaddy, and you'll pay me tomorrow. We can't have him seeing me and asking questions."

"Hey, we always could tell him you're another daughter Daddy had on the side. He won't tell Mommy if he wants to keep his secret safe too."

Misa had to smirk. "Do you think you're Sakurako? Don't push your luck..."


"Hey, you're late, " Madoka called out from where she sat watching TV, in nothing but a T-shirt and panties. "I tried to call you, but you cut your phone's line. Why?"

"I was... busy, " Misa looked at the bunk where two naked Sakurakos slept in each other's arms, the bedsheets over them not managing to hide anything important. "Say, what is—"

"Don't ask," Madoka deadpanned.

"I don't think I need to. By the way, how went your day with the other you?"

"That girl has issues," the young Kugimiya snorted. "She drank until she puked on me, and I had to carry her all the way over to her room. I know what I don't want to be when I grow up."

Misa smiled. "Oh, on the other hand, today I learned what I want to be in the future!"

"And what is it?"

Misa's smile grew as she pulled a big fat wad of yen bills out. "Onee-sama."


Nekane: Changeling

From the moment she met him, Nekane Springfield knew there was something off about that other Negi.

He had the correct mannerisms, the right height and appearance. No one in his party or her Negi's would ever have thought of them as different people, besides the obvious differences come from their Mahora divergences.

The thing was, they all had only known him for a rather short while. Even his mother. Especially his mother.

But Nekane Springfield had raised a Negi Springfield, and her instincts told her, clearly, that wasn't her Negi Springfield. At all.

Still, she liked him a lot, and he liked her back, no doubt seeing his own dead cousin in her. Even so, that fact also made it much more painful for him. Nekane was a constant reminder of Nekane's death, and that was on top of all the other causes the older Negi had to grief.

When it became obvious the stranded Ala Alba couldn't make it back home anymore, Nekane chose to go back to Wales, to that Wales she had never known, to make the local Negi's load more bearable. Besides, it would save him a lot of additional public scandals if Nekane Springfield was thought alive and well. They barely had avoided the bullets of his three students' pregnancies becoming public knowledge, after all.

Her own Negi had objected, but Nekane told him it was better that way. They would meet again, she promised, soon, hopefully after they found Alternate Uncle Nagi.

And so, Nekane returned to a town that was identical to her own, to neighbors who welcomed her with open arms. They told her the Japanese weather had worked wonders on her; why, she looked years younger now! Nekane laughed and nodded, only stopping when she met the Merdiana Dean again.

She knew he knew. She was certain of it. It was evident in his tired eyes. Perhaps Konoemon had told him. Whatever the reason, he knew, but he chose to say nothing on it. He welcomed her as well, and Nekane thanked him efusively, hiding her uneasiness behind her beautiful smile.

Then she ran into Anya as well. Anya knew, too; the local Negi had managed to call her telling her the basics. Nekane had to fill on the painful details, much to her chagrin.

"You aren't her, " Anya said, the words obvious, but the bitterness behind them being what actually mattered.

"I am Nekane Springfield."

"Yeah, but you aren't her. And you'll never be."

"I know. Believe me, I wish she could be here now."

That sincere tone softened Anya's attitude. "S-Sorry. I didn't mean anything bad. That wasn't your fault, of course. It's just... just..."

For yet another time since her arrival to that world, Nekane had to comfort a crying child over their loss.

They spent a few happy and peaceful months after that, and the world seemed to be exactly the same as it always had been in Nekane's life. Until she found the journal in the secret private spot where she had hid her poetry books in her own home, realms apart.

An Apology, from Nekane Springfield.

In the event Queen Arika ends my life, justified as she may be, before I can explain myself, I leave this testimony behind for those closest to me. I don't attempt to justify myself; nothing ever could excuse my actions. However, while I know I'm being selfish, I wish to explain the reasons behind my unspeakable sins...

Nekane read, horrified, line after line. And once she was done, she cried like she hadn't cried since that fatidic day in the snow. She cried more than when Mr. Deadpool had left her, more than the day Negi, her Negi, her cousin, left for Mahora. She cried for those two children, and for the misguided soul, so similar to her, who simply took a wrong decision that led to a lifetime of worse ones. She cried after realizing how a simple event could kickstart the ruin of so many lives.

And yet, it almost disgusted her how her first reaction after calming down at last was worrying about herself, about the possibilities of... No, of course not. She was only nine when she first lay eyes on her Negi, when Father brought him to their home and announced they'd raise that orphaned cousin from now on. And if her parents hadn't lied to her (although she couldn't believe that was such a sure thing anymore), Uncle Nagi spent the whole year she was conceived far from Wales, fighting in Mundus Magicus.

Nekane rubbed her eyes. That life didn' matter so much anymore. What mattered the most was honoring the parallel life she had assumed.

As she watched the journal burning in the fireplace, she tried to tell herself it was the right thing to do. The older Negi had lost so many things, it would have been cruel to take away both his faith on his sister and the belief on his mother. She'd keep the secret to her grave, no matter how horrible the load was. It was time she started making her share of sacrifices too.

That most likely meant she'd have to stay far from the local Miss Miyazaki from now on, but that didn't seem to be such an issue, the way the librarians were drifting apart both from each other and from the local Ala Alba...

Now she understood why her other self's body had been drained out, obviously by Evangeline, when they found it. She always had been puzzled about it. If Evangeline hadn't forced it to happen out of pure malice, which was impossible to learn from her in her current state, then they had to assume that Nekane had sacrificed herself. But why hadn't she trusted her Negi and their companions to pull it off without her death? Now she knew why.

Guilt. But mostly, a kind of love that surpassed any logics.

A mother's.

Nekane had made a lot of mistakes in her life as well (the brief Black Rose Baron fiasco came easily to her mind), but she wouldn't perpetuate those of the life she had assumed. She found the small unmarked grave and put a name on it. A simple inscription, not a very telling one, just in case. If she was ever asked, she'd say it had been a cousin. Which, in a way, was true.

N. Springfield. Beloved Son and Brother.

A changeling is a creature of legends, left by pixies, brownies and trolls to replace the human babies in their cradles. Those legends had always fascinated and also scared Nekane, who for a time had an irrational fear of Negi being replaced. Time had made her cope with those fears. She knew her Negi was irreplaceable. As for her...

"And so, as your brother is to you, I am to your sister," she whispered to the small grave. "We're changelings, but if that's what we must be for the greater good, so be it. I'm sorry I can't be your mother. But although we never met, I'll always love you all the same."

At Mahora, the older Negi looked at the grave marked N. Springfield. Beloved Daughter and Sister. The younger Negi stood back respectfully. Finally, he asked, "What will you say if someone asks what the N means?"

"I'll tell them... for me, it meant everything."


Chamo: Why did you Have to Do It?

The small animal stood before the small grave, and then spat on it.

"Do you have any idea how hard you've made things for me?-! Now no one will trust me to make Pactios! You sent my personal finances down the toilet, creep!"


Mei and Takane: Bland

"... I see. Not much difference between us, then..."

"No, not really. Come to think about it, compared to everyone else, I guess that means we're lucky."

"Yeah, I'd say so..."






"... Foursome?"

"Oh well, why not..."


Shizuna: Abnormal Normality

The local Shizuna-sensei was shocked to see she was the only one whose counterpart was much more messed up in the other world. Actually, she wasn't that messed up either, just a depressed mess submerged into self pity. And developing a troubling proclivity to liquor. (It'd probably pay to see why she and the local Kugimiya-kun had started getting along so well). But still, everyone else was either much more innocent (like Negi-sensei) or... much less innocent, but not so grim and self destructive (like Saotome-kun).

The other Shizuna-sensei, on the other hand, was proving to be a drag. Shizuna-sensei had started trying to help her by finding her a boyfriend, but it proved to be difficult since guys kept on mistaking them for each other.

Shizuna-sensei ended up just fed up with her, marrying one of those guys herself, and leaving Mahora, delegating her old job on her counterpart.

Shizuna-sensei never forgave her over that, but then again, that was old hat for her. She never before had forgiven herself, after all.


Next Chapter: A probable future. Aisaka Sayo, Shinigami, Soul Reaper, Soldier of Soul Society. Charged with reaping her classmates' counterparts one after another through the decades. The sad and yet hopeful saga of Ala Alba's final days. Be here, and be good.