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"I want Grandpa to read !" The little brown haired girl in pink pajamas was bouncing up and down and Sherman T. Potter sat by her and smiled and then they heard a voice saying, "Baby, grandpa might be too tired to read, he's had a lot to do today" Sherman looks at her very sternly and with a firm voice he says, " Night skies I haven't done anything today but sit around until you and Radar got here! Now, if my granddaughter wants me to read to her, I will! You go sit with your husband and Mother and we'll go read...what do you want to read Sweetie?" The little girl thinks then says, "Black Beauty!" Sherman smiles as she hands him the book and she takes his elderly hand and the woman smiles and tears come to her eyes as she watches them walk off down the hall.

The blond haired woman turns and walks down the hall to the warm kitchen and she sees her leprechaun cute husband, Walter O'Rielly but also affectionately called Radar. He wasn't called that for years coming back from the war but it was more common sense coming here and she was finding herself warming up to it. A tender, gray haired woman named Mildred was with him and she had a coffee cup in her hand and Radar asks, "Did she have him read to her?" The woman shakes her head and says, "She insisted and of coarse he did it" Mildred takes a sip of coffee then says, " He has certainly picked up his spirits since you came Radar" Radar smiles warmly then says, "I had to come, we've come every summer since 53 but this summer..." Mildred says, "We came there, we had to come when when heard of Edna's death, you didn't have to come Walter" He just shrugs his shoulders then says, "I just had to come , I don't know why...he's been like a pop to me for years" The blond haired woman leans over and whispers, "And to me" Mildred smiles and takes their hands and says, "I'm glad you two got married Sunshine" She sighs then says, "Ever since our daughter and her family were killed in that automobile accident...the people from M*A*S*H are , well, they mean more to Sherman than ever"

Sunshine and Radar look at each other and she asks, "What's he been doing?" Mildred takes a sip of her coffee then says, "Well, let me tell you" Mildred sits back with her coffee in hand while Radar and Sunshine listen.

Back in the guest room, Sherman sits on the bed with his adopted granddaughter and they snuggle in and he asks, "You want me to start from the top Munchkin'?" "Yes, Grandpa! Please!" He chuckles and opens the book then starts reading, 'The first place I well remember was a large pleasent meadow with a pond of clear water on it...Sherman read to the little girl who looked at him with eyes full of innocent love and when he got to the line that said, 'I have never forgotton my mother's advice: I knew she was a wise old horse, and our master thought a great deal of her. Her name was Duchess , but he often called her Pet..." The little girl sweetly yawned and by the time he read the last line of the chapter, 'Old Daniel, the man who looked after the horses, was just as gentle as our master, so we were well off' She was asleep.

Sherman wiggled himself out of his little granddaughter's little grasp and covered her up and put her pink teddy bear with her and looked at the old copy of 'Black Beauty' and smiles then goes on quietly out of the room and goes to his room, takes off his robe and gets in bed and starts to read then Mildred comes in and she sees what her husband is doing and she asks, "A little nighttime reading?" He shakes his head and says, "Yes, I wanted to do a little more reading of the book to be more familar in reading it to Misty" Mildred smiles and says, "I'm going to get ready for bed" He asks her, "Are Radar and Sunshine settled in?"

She smiles and says, "Yes, they are. You know this place is home to them...more than their own home" He shakes his head and then a memory comes to him. He was no more than 4 years old, he was proud of himself because his hand was finally able to be firmly in his dad's large hand. His dad was a tall man, he had chestnut colored hair, a strong chin, bold blue eyes and a smile that made you wonder what he was up to...they were walking along when they came to a old man with a bunch of ponies walking in a small circle and Sherman's dad asks him, "Sherman, would you like to ride the ponies?" Sherman looks up at his father and smiles and nods his head and his father asks, "Which one would you like to ride?" Sherman looks at them then says, "The white one" His dad smiles and says, "Good choice" He picks up his young son and puts him on the horse then pulls out of his pocket and gives a nickel to the old man then says, "I used to have a white horse like this...a horse is bigger than a pony and someday soon, I'll get you a white horse and I'll teach you all I know about horses"

The father watches his son with pride as he rides.

Sherman pulls out of the memory and he sits up and starts to get out of bed when Mildred asks, "Are you all right Sherman?" He looks at his wife and says, "Just fine mother, just fine. I 'm just going to stretch my legs a bit" She shakes her head and goes to sleep and he goes over to the window and says, "Good night pop". He continues looking out the window.