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Sherman and Mildred with Sunshine and Max and Hawkeye with Margaret are sitting around the living room and talking and laughing then the door opens and in comes Walter. Sunshine gets up and runs over to her husband and hugs him and he looks around then asks. "Where's Misty?" Sunshine tells him. "She and Kim Lee are upstairs playing". Max says. "Oh, she's informed me that she doesn't want to be called "Kim Lee", just "Kim" now ".

Everybody laughs than Walter says. "Oh, I didn't say it on tonight's program but we are finally expecting a cold front coming in". Sunshine says. "Thank God, it just doesn't seem like winter around here without it being cold". Mildred says. "Yes, Lord a mercy, we've had some warm times around here but never this long!" Sherman nods his head then Margaret says. "I'm like Sunshine, I'm ready for some cold weather ". Hawkeye smiles and says. "Oh, just admit it, you want to snuggle up to me". Margaret rolls her eyes then says. "Oh sure, with a 12 lb. watermelon in between us!"

Everybody laughs than Sherman asks his wife. "Remember that winter that we were wishing for hot spells and boiling bubbles?" Mildred looks at him in confusion then smiles and laughs then Margaret asks. "When was that?" Sherman then says. " Twenty-nine" Everybody pays attention then he starts. " Well, as you know, the depression had just started, I was in my last year of medical school...at first we didn't even realize there was a depression until there became shortages in supplies. Somewhat like Korea but only in larger portions, I lost my job being a carpenter at the rooming house we were staying at because the owners couldn't pay me any more so the only job I had been being in the National Guard...I only got a dollar for going to exercises and then a little extra for practices so we weren't totally broke but it was tighter than a noose around a hanging man and it was getting tighter."

Not a sound is heard as Sherman talks to them. "Well, things were so bad that I had to sell our car...that was hard enough to find a buyer in the area but I finally did to a man in the next town, I didn't know what I was going to do, here I was going to medical school and didn't have a way to get to there; but one day I was kicking down the road and I came across this abandoned L-29, that was the best of trucks back then in those times. I didn't know what I was going to do about gas but I found it. There was enough gas to bring it home."

Mildred then says. "I finally found a job on the outskirts of town washing dishes for 50 cents a day". Margaret asks her. "You washed dishes for 50 cents a day?" Mildred shakes her head then says. "Well, there are times if you can't find anything else, you take what you can and it was money for us. And think, I had to walk while he used the truck to go to school". Sherman shakes his head and then says. "And I figured it out very quickly in this old noggin' that I better use the truck just for that...I didn't have money to use for extra..."

He laughs then says. "I didn't have wine to use for gas like I did in Korea!" * All of them laugh as they remember that. Hawkeye then says. "I think the next time any of us start to complain about our jobs and lives, we need to remember washing dishes for 50 cents a day". Everybody shakes their heads then to add laughter in the room, Hawkeye then says. "They didn't even have rubber gloves then!" Mildred laughs then says. "No, they didn't have that until later!"

Sherman than says. "And all that was a walk in the corral compared to the cold winter nights! I really believe it got more cold in those nights than a well in the bottom of the ocean! If a person was smart, they would never get tired of snuggling with their wife or husband... that problem never came to me ". Sherman and Mildred smile and move closer together while everybody smiles then Sherman says. "It took a while for things to get better, you all have seen pictures of the people at soup lines. Well, the hardest for me was the children, Mildred and I did go to those soup places a couple of times but suffering balls of *#%, I just couldn't do it. I couldn't sit there, stuffing my face with food while a child was sitting across from me with hallowed out eyes so...after that Mildred and I did our best to eat on our own". Proudly, Mildred says, "And we never did go hungry...well, we did for maybe a night or two sometimes but it all worked out"

Margaret then says. "Well, I'm just glad I was born after all that, I heard some stories that my mother told us, dad never wanted to share with me any of that. Never really talked with me about anything but the Army". Sherman nodded his head then says. "He just wanted to protect you in his own way Margaret, can't fault a man for that". After a few minutes of silence, Mildred stands up and asks. "Does anybody else want coffee?" Everybody says no then Margaret says. "No...because I need somebody to deliver this baby!"

Hawkeye's eyes go huge and he asks. "What?" Margaret nods her head then looks down and everybody follows her gaze and they see her water has broken and everybody jumps up and Mildred runs for the phone to call the ambulance then Margaret says. "I'll go pack my bag". Sunshine asks. "You don't have one made?" Margaret looks at Hawkeye and he says. "Well, I just never did get around to it, I always figured I had plenty of time; looks like the jokes on me". He gives a weak laugh then Margaret says. "Besides he never packs my stuff right"

Sherman looks at them then when nobody sees him, he walks on in his office. About 15 minutes later, Margaret comes down with a suitcase and Hawkeye holding her and Mildred says. "The phones aren't working! Looks like Max is going to have to drive you to the hospital!"

Margaret closes her eye then says. "I don't think we'll have time to go to the hospital!" Margret squeals in pain and Walter hollers out. "Not again! Why can't you people ever have these babies in the right place? In the hospital, not on a bus or in my dad's house! Someplace where I'm not around!" Max tries to calm him down and Hawkeye says. "Calm down Radar! It's not like this is plan to ruin your life!" Sherman looks at him with a crooked eyebrow then he calmly says. "Bring her in my office"

Hawkeye and Mildred start to bring her in but Margaret then says. "Oh no, I need to lay down, I can't go any further". They lay down on the couch and they hurry and get ready for her to deliver. Sherman looks at his wife and she just sits down beside Margaret on the floor, holds her hand and helps holds her legs up. Walter gets a little woozy and quietly leaves the room.

Margaret screams in pain but with Sherman's careful instructions and Mildred's quiet words, she delivers a baby. After the baby comes out, Mildred hands Hawkeye some scissors and he cuts the bloody cord, he smacks the baby's bottom and he smiles and says. "It's a boy...Hawkeye made over". Everybody laughs while Margaret carefully holds her baby boy and coos and blows kisses while counting the toes and fingers and Sherman smiles.


After a while, Sherman walks into the bedroom where Margaret and her baby are now. The baby is carefully sleeping by Margaret's side and she smiles and he sits down on the bed then he says. "You and Hawkeye planned this". She looks at him with innocent eyes and he continues then says. "Now, what makes you think that?" He shrugs his shoulders then says. "Well, Hawkeye is strange but he's like most about to be dads, he would have made you pack in the first month...you also came across country just to come to Thanksgiving in the last term of your pregnancy knowing you might give birth in a pothole...you were supposed to stay in bed but you have flown around here going to see B.J. and walking with Sunshine around the neighborhood like a bright, young filly ". Hawkeye comes in the room smiling like a house cat who just finished eating all the mouse then Margaret says. "The jig is up, he knows".

Hawkeye then says. "So he knows, what can he do? send us to the corner?" Sherman looks at him and smiles and asks. "Why?" Margaret tells him after looking at the boy and says. "We wanted you to give birth to him but we figured you might put up a argument wanting to retire so...". Sherman laughs then says. "Aren't you pistols in a bowl of tulips...what's the little fella's name?" Margaret looks at Hawkeye then he says. "We were thinking of Sherman Daniel or Daniel Sherman, what do you think?" He smiles and they all laugh while looking at the baby.

Later on in the middle of the night, little Misty comes in the living room as Sherman sits in his favorite chair and Misty crawls up in his lap and he asks. "Why aren't you asleep?" She rubs her eyes and says. "I woke up...why are you still awake grandpa?" He chuckles and says. "Aunt Margaret had her baby and I had to help bring it in the world". She innocently asks, "Oh, is it okay?" Sherman smiles and says. "He's perfect". She then asks him. "Oh...can you read to me Grandpa?" He smiles and gets out the velvet covered book with the gold words, 'Black Beauty' then he reads' "A Humbug' My master was not immediately suited and in a few days, my new groom came..." Grandfather and granddaughter just read into the night.

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