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"Princess, you would like to speak with us?" Healer asked bending down with Maker. Kakyuu nodded.

"Hai," Kakyuu replied to her two out of three lights. "I know with Fighter's little stomach problem as she likes to say. She's been so depressed and the options avaliable she doesn't want to do. So, I was hoping that the Earth senshi may cheer her up a bit from this."

"We know one senshi she misses the most," Maker told the princess, but she already knew which senshi that was. "Would you like us to tell Fighter?"

"Yes," Kakyuu said with a smile standing up from her comfortable throne. "Since she's very upset about all of this." Maker and Healer had to agree with the princess with what had happened to Fighter recently. "And, Maker please send the Earth senshi a message."

"I understand, princess. Is that all?" Healer asked the princess as she nodded. "Have a good evening." The princess sent the words back at the two as they left the throne room. "Are you inviting all of them?"

"Nani?" Maker asked as were walking to see Fighter. "What do you mean?"

"All of the inners and outers?" Maker knew the inners were on her list of people to invite but she didn't know about the inners, they weren't on the best terms and with Fighter's state it wouldn't be a good idea.

"No," Maker said. "Here we are." Maker knocked on the door, she knew Fighter was in there she had been in there two months. She came out for dinner and breakfast but nothing else.

"Seiya," Healer said after not hearing anything. Healer knocked this time.

"Come in," Seiya said under the covers. The mini chandelier in the room was lit along with some other things lying around like shirts and socks. Seiya turned to see her two comards. "What's wrong?"

"Seiya, you need to get out of this room more," Maker said sitting beside her friend on the bed. "It's not doing any good just going out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You need to get exercise."

"I can't, it hurts like hell," Seiya said with a sigh. "Why did I ever let him to this to me? I don't even like men."

"Seiya," Healer said not looking at her comrade because she was too busy with her hair. "You were drunk and weren't thinking. And Ezera apologized." Seiya sighed and looked outside, nothing at the moment could cheer her up. Apologizing made no difference for what he did to her!

"On the other hand," Maker said bringing Seiya from her thoughts. "We came to give you some good news, it's what the princess suggested." Seiya blinked once then again as her two comrades smiled at her.

"Nani?" she asked curiously.

"We're inviting the Earth senshi to Kinmoku," Healer said with a huge ass smile on her face.

"Odango," Seiya muttered suddenly happy. "I GET TO SEE ODANGO AGAIN!" Seiya screamed a little loud.

"Quiet down, baka," Healer said with a sigh putting her hands on her hips as Seiya sat up in her bed. "Yes, you get to see Usagi again."

"But what about-" Seiya was cut off by Maker.

"Your problem?" Maker questioned as Seiya nodded.

"What if Odango finds it a little odd that I'm-" once again, Seiya was cut off by Healer.

"She won't care," Healer said as Maker nodded. "She's your friend, well more like interest but hell. Still the same thing. You should know by now, dumb ass; she wouldn't care what you look like."

"You're a dumb ass," Seiya muttered as Healer turned with her fist near Seiya's face and Maker split them up. Maker opened her communicator.

"Princess, is there any special day you want them here?" Maker asked seeing a distorted image of her princesses face on the communicator. Maker needed to know this stuff, being the most organized Starlight in the group.

"Hai, how about four days from now?" the princess questioned. Maker looked at Healer and she nodded thinking that four days would be good. "Sore ja, Maker." Maker nodded and closed her communicator.

"Don't worry about it, Seiya," Maker winded smiling for once. "I'm sure Tskuino-san will take your mind off of your little problem." Seiya nodded, inside she was just jumping with excitement. Right now, her powers were very limited so she couldn't really transform much even if she wanted to.

"Sa Healer and Maker," Seiya said patting her pillow while lying down slowly. "I'm going to bed." Seiya was about to turn off the light when Maker grabbed her arm.

"Don't forgot to take your pill for your little 'problem'," Maker said thinking using the word "problem" would make Seiya more comfortable than the real word.

"Thanks," Seiya said putting a tiny yellow pill in her mouth and drinking a bottle of water on her black ebony wooden night stand. "Ja, guys." Healer and Maker left shutting the door behind them. Seiya couldn't fall asleep, she just wanted to think about her Odango and get her mind off of her problem.

"At least we made her somewhat happy," Healer said as Maker opened her door.

"Honto," Maker said. "She'll be more delighted when they get here. Ja, Healer." Healer waved bye and Maker shut her door. Healer walked to her own room.

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