AN: Someone asked me what happened to Taiki, Ami, Minako, Yaten, Mamoru and Comos. Well, I guess this would be a prologue prologue. I haven't seen one person update here in the archive, scary. Has everyone vanished?

(First with Ami and Taiki).

Ami was in the kitchen cutting carrots, everyone still lived in the beautiful house Comos had given him. The group had actually recieved an invitation to her and Mamoru's wedding in China. The two girls were cleaning up dishes from lunch, they didn't know where the hell Minako and Yaten were. "Life takes expected turns," Ami said suddenly as Taiki looked at her.

"What do you mean?" Taiki asked her fiancé as she kissed her cheek putting the dishes into the wooden cupboards. "Life seems perfect."

"It's just Usagi-chan was originally going to rule with Mamoru-san but now Usagi's other self is marrying him," Ami said draining the water from the silver sink as light hit off it and scattered all over the room.

"I guess it took an expected turn for you," Taiki said as she tossed the two cloths they had been using in dirty clothing pile. "It seems like it's Yaten's turn to do the laundry."

"Didn't she screw up last time?" Ami giggled as silver hair came into the kitchen.

"You make me sound like I don't know what I'm doing," Yaten said holding Luna close to her. The little black and white cat would come and go with a little gray cat named Diana. "I just don't do chores. Can't Seiya do them? She hasn't done any for awhile."

"She has a baby now," Taiki told Yaten as Minako came into the kitchen with Artemis and Diana came skidding through on the floor. Usagi came in the kitchen with Seiya who looked a little tired. "Aw, look who came out of their room. I see Chibi-Usa and Momo-chan are having fun outside."

"Hi there little Diana-chan," Seiya said picking up Diana who Chibi-Usa loved. "You're too cute, you know that?" Luna jumped from Yaten arms as Seiya passed Yaten Diana.

"Hey there," Yaten told Diana.

"Hello, Yaten-sama," the little kitty said as silver-haired girl stroked her chin.

"Hey, Yaten...I just remembered you promised we were going to look a dresses for the wedding today," the blond female pouted as Usagi giggled.

"She makes a lot of promises, too bad she doesn't keep anyway," Seiya said taking out a glass of water. "It's a shame too. If you do that to little Kaze-chan I'll kill you."

"Moody," Yaten muttered. "Anyway, you shut up. I would never do that."

"Liar, liar, liar!" Seiya screamed. Taiki put a hand over Seiya's mouth and Yaten's.

"Do you want Kaze-chan to wake up, Seiya?" Taiki asked as Seiya shook her head. "Well then good- so Mercury-chan and me are married, Seiya and Usagi married and Yaten and Minako going to."

"Life is perfect, ne?" Usagi asked smirking.

(5 years later).

The whole group was there. All the inners, outers and even Mamoru with Comos or 'Bunny' she rather go by now. "This is lovely," Bunny said with a smile as her silver hair flowed everywhere on the red, white, blue and orange blanket. Her blue eyes looking brighter from the sun.

Chibi-Usa was off taking Kaze out for a walk. Since the little girl had gotten older, Usagi had put a little ponytail in the girls hair. She looked like a mini Seiya, she wished she had been a biological mother. "Kaze, don't go far!" Seiya yelled.

"It seems like a lot turned out perfect in the end, like always," Bunny said. "I got my boyfriend back and you got yours, Usagi." Usagi felt a little off talking to herself...it felt really odd.

"Watch out, Kima-chan!" Yaten yelled at her adopted daughter who was hanging out with Chibi-Usa, Hotaru and Kaze. Kima was seven with brown hair, blue eyes and wore a pink dress and white flat.

"So, Koneko-chan...has Seiya treated you well?" Haruka asked as Seiya's eye twitched a little.

"Yes, no fighting now," Usagi begged while giggling. Usagi pulled out a cookie from the picnic basket. The whole group thought it would be nice to catch up, the only one not there was Setsuna. She was busy with working on a project.

"Mama, mama, Yaten-mama!" Kima said bring a white flower to Yaten. "I got this for you from the field over there. Do you like it?" A smile spread across Yaten's face as the girl then gave a yellow one to Minako, a purple one to Taiki and a blue one for Ami.

"I'm like Pluto-chan," Kima said smiling. "Watching over people all the time!"

"Yes you are," Yaten said holding the little girl close to her Minako.

"Taiki-chan, maybe we need a child?" Ami asked Taiki who nodded. "A cute little boy perhaps?"

"I like that idea, little Mercury-chan," Taiki admitted. Everyone watched as the little girls played in the field including Kima.

THE END! The official ending. :)