The perfect date

Inuyasha Takashi has it all he's handsome, smart, rich, and charming, everything Kagome needs to make her gorgeous perfect older sister completely green with jealousy, but there's only one catch… he's also unbelievably arrogant, egotistical, and her boss. When Kagome has exhausted all of her excuses and has no choice but to attend her sisters perfect wedding, she sets off on a mission to change her disposition. Make her family and friends see her in a different light, As she slowly transforms herself to live up to her parents high expectations she realizes that she can't go back home without a perfect date. All signs point to her conceited boss, and as she gets closer to him she realizes that he might not be as bad as she thinks.

Genre: romance/comedy

Inu X Kag

Rin X Sess

Chapter 1: Finding means/ chance encounter




"I think you should be happy for her." Sango said as she fastened the final two buttons of the cardigan on its mannequin. She took a step back taking a good look at it. She didn't particularly love what it was wearing, but it was in fashion and everything was straight and in order. She walked forward looking around the store for any employees. She didn't understand why she was the only one working today.

Kagome sighed loudly while grabbing hold of her mouse and placing the Ace on the deck ahead. She had her phone sitting on the nook of her neck as she thought over what she should do next. "What is there to be happy about?" She asked as she moved around a club. "Her getting exactly what she wants like always."

"Kagome your 23 do you seriously want to be married?" Sango asked, she was at that moment dipping herself into a row of clothes. She was trying to make a B line for the dressing rooms so she could talk without customers approaching her. "Plus I love not being the perfect child, they expect less from you." She was referring to her younger brother who had just earned a scholarship to any college in the country. He was the talk of her family, even though she had willingly given up going to college to run her grandma's shop.

"Yeah for you, but in my family." She said while pushing her seat away from her desk. She could hear someone approaching her so she checked quickly for who it could be. "I'm the perfect one. I'm just not the favorite." There was a series of older employees standing and talking near a giant bottle water cooler. She didn't usually socialize with her coworkers; they were all a lot older than her. "She always gets exactly what she wants but without the responsibility."

"You realize that's your fault." Sango said while unlocking the dressing room door and entering. "You're the one always trying your best and working all hard, maybe if you acted like the rest of the population our age you wouldn't be seen like that." She pushed herself back to her desk and thought that over.

"Yeah maybe your right." She mumbled before exiting out of her game and opening the file at the bottom of the screen. She began typing away while reaching for her coffee cup. "Least I'm away from home, she's still trapped in our God forsaken home town where there's only one mall, and it's a strip…" Her words faded when she realized Sango was also "stuck" in their home town running her families shop. "I mean…"

Sango smiled slightly, "it's okay…listen, chicks like your sister get stuck in towns like ours." She said causing her best friend to smile slightly. "So don't get so upset. At least when you come down here we can hang out again. I feel like I haven't seen you in forever."

She sighed before checking the time at the bottom of her monitor. It was three in the afternoon. The office closed at five but she was almost certain she'd be working over time. "I don't know…I really don't want to go." She said as she laid her eyes back on the computer screen. "When did you say it was?"

Sango sat up. "It's in a month Kagome, you should have got the invitation a while ago." She thought back to that, remembering the baby pink floral box that had the assortment of chocolates in it. It also had an invitation to her sister's wedding, and a request that she also be the bridesmaid. She of course had overlooked it by dumping the entire box, and now Sango at the request of Kikyo was calling her to convince her to go.

Kagome stared down the key board for a second. She had just graduated early that summer and her part time temp job had turned into a full time thing. If she worked hard she hoped she'd be able to manage her way to the top of the company. "I'm sort of busy the rest of the year."

Sango sighed slightly before deciding to let it go. She didn't really want to have this conversation. She wasn't Kikyo's biggest fan either. "Yeah I know, its Friday though… don't you go out?" She asked. Her best friend didn't respond and she sighed before dropping her legs. "Okay I get it; I'll let you get back to work. Call me later, and think about going to the wedding." She was about to agree to that when the phone went dead and she returned it to the receiver. She was going to grab hold of her head phones when she heard the sound of clicking heels. She paused and rolled back out of her cubicle to spot a few people hurrying to their desk. She didn't ask any questions she just stared.

Her small shielded 'stall' for lack of better word, was towards the bottom half of the large room so though it was easy for her to listen into office gossip, it was hard for her to notice what was going on manager wise. She rolled herself back into the small closed cubicle deciding to just return to her work when she heard harsh whispering at the compartment nearest her. She could see through the small slit in the shielding of the cubicle, a middle age woman trying to boot up her computer while talking loudly to the woman across her. "He hasn't been in the office all month. The one time he comes and I take a two hour lunch." She said.

Kagome didn't have to hear anything else to know what that meant. The shuffling of papers, the sound of Windows Microsoft starting up, and the clicking of keys told her enough. She stared ahead as her heart stupidly began to pick up speed. She began typing away on the computer screen furiously though she was sure he'd never make it down to her half of the office, but she never underestimated the power of a Takashi.




He set down his briefcase into the large dark office. He didn't stay in; he just closed the door and stared ahead. In front of him were rows of cubicles. He began his trip down each one of them, some people were talking on phones, and others were typing away. He had his mind on other things as he pretended to scope them out. He wasn't interested in what the human resource department was doing. He quickly rounded their row before heading towards another. He bypassed theirs as well; He only slowed down when he got to the finance division. He made sure to walk slowly through them, especially towards the accounting area. He stopped at the core of it, and unbeknownst to him, Kagome's heart beat continued faster.

Why was it she always guessed so horribly? When she thought it wouldn't rain it showered. When she hoped it would be warm it was freezing, when she told herself that her boss wouldn't even make it to her section of the office, he stopped right at her cubicle. He didn't really notice her, but she for some reason felt his eyes were right on her. The worse part of it was she wasn't overly nervous because he was mean, arrogant, and heartless; she was more undone by him as a whole physically. She knew it was really shallow, and she was being a bit childish, but she couldn't help it.

He didn't say anything; he was trying to think about what to say exactly. He decided to take a kinder approach then he usually would. "Good afternoon." He announced and the typing ceased. "I'd like to call everyone from the financial division into the conference room." He stated and with that he turned around to head towards his office. No one moved just yet and as he left the row he coherently said, "Now." That caused everyone from that mentioned section to rise from their seat and head out of their cubicles. Kagome with a binder pressed against her chest left as well, she had double majored in both finance and law in college, and though she hadn't wanted to be a basic accountant. She hoped to one day be the multimillion dollar national corporation's personal lawyer and financial consultant. At the moment she was just hoping to not get fired. She had heard the middle Takashi had done much worse at a different branch. Firing everyone from a division at once, she wondered if there was actual truth to that story, but she felt she'd find out soon enough. She followed the small group of older employees into a glass room up front. They piled into it and as always she took her seat in the back.

It took twenty minutes for him to actually enter the conference room. It was a wide spaced out room with the city being shown beautifully out the window to the side. There was a large wooden conference table in the middle and everyone sat around it. She sat towards the side off to the left, so when he entered she'd be the last one to be seen. It was a great calculation on her part. When entering a room he'd have to sit up front. He'd be looking straight ahead, so she didn't sit opposite of him. She didn't sit near him like most of the women tend to. Nope, she sat off to the far left side with the rest of the older men. This way when he actually entered the room her back would be towards him.

He always took an unusual amount of time to enter the conference room after ordering a meeting; she once had to wait an hour and a half even though he had told them not to keep him waiting. Twenty minutes had passed when she heard the door knob move. 20 minutes was amazing compared to the hour and an half so she didn't complain, she actually never complained. When he came through the door everyone but her turned to stare. She heard him close the door behind him and walk towards the front of the table just like she predicted.

"Okay," he announced. She let her eyes glimpse towards him and like always she was taken aback by him physically. It was inaccurate to say Inuyasha Takashi; a.k.a Mr. Takashi was attractive or even just handsome. He was abnormally the extreme of those two adjectives; he was more like gorgeous, stunning, or even regal. He didn't seem to notice his physical abnormalities, because he had a very annoyed look on his handsome face. He was always annoyed or bored. He seemed to be in his late or mid twenties, which was unusual seeing as the people he employed were usually middle aged. "I checked are records last night." He said while opening the folder in his hands, "and we're slipping financial wise." He said before looking up. "Why's that?" He asked.

No one said anything for awhile. They were all a bit intimidated which was the norm with most of his employees. "Huh…" he snapped after awhile and a few people began to slowly raise their hands. He rolled his eyes before choosing a few of them. Kagome listened intently to their theories, none of it seemed to satisfy him and he got increasingly more annoyed. She obviously had her own thoughts regarding their small decline, but like always she didn't say anything.

It wasn't that the decline in profits were astonishing or even massive, he was just being cautious, he didn't want it to decrease indefinitely. "No…" he snapped before taking a deep breath and dropping the folder. He took a step back and grabbed hold of the chair behind him. He sat in it and pushed it forward. It caused Kagome to push back from the table a bit. If he sat down in the seat that would make him leveled with everyone. If he was leveled than he'd be able to see the people around the table accurately. She didn't know why it scared her to know that he might notice her. He was listening to a few more theories before shifting his golden eyes ahead. He wasn't looking at anything per se, but he did notice her. It wasn't too hard, she was the only woman at the bottom half of the table and the only one that looked to be in her teens. He was staring ahead in frustration instead of participating in the discussion.

"I need more answers…" He said while focusing his eyes on her. She had long full wavy black hair. It was in a sloppy low bun. He could swear he had never seen her in his life and soon the people talking became irrelevant. He didn't know why he seemed so focus, she wasn't extremely stunning or striking, but she was attractive. Almost in a quiet way, she didn't wear makeup, she didn't do anything with her thick hair, she seemed plain, but her features were all very unique and profound.

"It could have something to do with sales?" a man said and he dropped his gaze from her. She wasn't someone he was too intrigued by; he wasn't very attracted to her, just a bit curious by her presence.

"I doubt it…" He mumbled. "Listen I'm not above firing all of you to find some accountants who can tell me why." He threatened. This caused a stir among them and they all began talking at once. "Shut up, one at a time." He said and just like that they organized themselves.

She listened to each shot down query after the next. Some of them were half baked, and she almost felt bad for withholding her opinion. "No, I don't want anyone pointing fingers at anyone. I want to understand why we're no longer profitable." He proclaimed to the group around him.

She turned to face him at that and she cleared her throat slightly. People were still talking but she didn't wait to get the floor to talk. She just did, "We're profitable." She announced. He turned to face her while the rest still continued ricocheting ideas. He noted her eyes were the most unusual shade of blue he had ever seen, but it still wasn't enough to grab his attention, he did however change his opinion of her. Maybe she wasn't just attractive, maybe she was slightly above that.

"Excuse me…" he said and the room became quiet. He stared her way as her face began to flush red suddenly. Her heart increased speed under his stare.

"We're still profitable." She repeated. "We've declined slightly, but it's not anything to panic over." He smiled slightly. It was more of a complacent smirk. Because of her age and appearance he didn't really take her seriously.

"How is that so?" He asked and she stared at the table slightly. Sitting near her was a binder; she had brought it from her desk, at work she brought it everywhere. "Well it's very simple…" she opened it up and kept it on the first two primary pages. "Every company has its ups and downs; Takashi Corporation is known for having minuscule spaced out highs and lows. I've traced the company down for some time before working here. We're on a small decline, with small losses that are very similar to the ones in 1990, would you like to see." She said before lifting the large binder towards him. He rose up from his seat before nodding. The man to her left took the binder and passed it up. He continued passing it till he got it. "I think you'll notice that we're right on track." She said as he looked down at the chart. He set it down while opening his own folder and glancing at it. He thought over what she said for a moment before closing his folder and setting down the binder. The small decline they were experiencing now matched an earlier decline from the early nineties. He was slightly impressed, but he didn't voice it.

"I'll be tracking our profits." He murmured while grabbing his folder and heading out of the conference room. Everyone watched him leave for awhile than began rising up and talking as they grabbed their belongings and departed as well. She waited till they were all gone before grabbing her binder from the front and leaving. When she exited she looked around the office room. Everyone was hard at work; that was the usual when Mr. Takashi visited. Her branch was one of the main Takashi corp. branches in the world. Inuyasha ran this one, his older brother another, and his father owned the main central branch in a city not far from here.

The front door to his office was opened and as she stepped forward she turned slightly towards it. He sat back in his office chair with a lap top on his lap. The office computer was on but it seemed like it was playing music. Not too loudly for everyone to hear, but just loud enough to hear when close to the room. He didn't notice her as he typed something completely unbusiness related into the messenger box, and after awhile she dropped her stare to return back to her seat.

Inuyasha rarely came to his branch. The media stated he was usually out seducing women and having fun. She wasn't sure if it was true, but there were enough executives in order to run the branch without him. When he was around though, he usually fired, yelled, or scolded someone. Though he was somewhat of an asshole Kagome didn't deny the fact that she envied and looked up to him. He was so young but every time there was something wrong with the branch businesswise he always knew how to pick it up. It didn't matter what section of the office it was, it didn't matter that the people focusing on the problem majored in the source; he always seemed to be better at it than them.

As she sat back in her spot she predicted that the next time he'd come back to her branch would be in a month and a half. That was when the companies' profits would decline slightly again. She also concluded that he'd be around sooner, especially since there was a slight drop in employees and he'd need to hire at least five more soon.




(Later that evening)

"Did you make out with him on his desk?" Sango asked as she counted the money in the register. Did you throw off all the scattered pie charts and other graphs?" Kagome had at that point ignored her as she typed away on her computer. "I swear if he was my boss I would have have already fu…" She sat up on the couch and placed her phone on the empty seat near her. She waited a couple minutes before grabbing it and nestling it on her neck again. "And then I would have bent him over and..."

"Sango seriously?" She interrupted in disgust. It caused Sango to set down the few bills and stare up. At that very moment a few teenagers entered the store. It was already ten and she was getting ready to close.

"Seriously what?" she asked while trying to sort her money back into the register. Kagome sighed as she readied herself to say something.

"You really don't have to tell me details. I've been interning in that building forever and he doesn't even know my name. He doesn't know any of our names."

"He doesn't have to know your name…" Sango said letting her voice trail off. "Excuse me." She said to the tall seventeen year old who was messing with a few old lamps from the antique side of the store. "Don't make me call your mom." She threatened making Kagome smile slightly. They of course didn't take her very seriously. She wasn't too much older than them. She sighed turning away from them. "I hate kids."

"Any way…" Kagome said while ending her typing spree. She sat up and closed her lap top than turned a bit forward. "What did you tell my sister…I know you talked to her today?" Sango sighed as she sat behind the booth. She did in fact talk to Kikyo, but that was only because Kikyo was unusually persistent.

"Yeah I did..." She mumbled wanting to find some way to change the subject. She watched as a few of the guys began sword fighting with umbrellas, she didn't say anything. She had given up…

"What did you tell her, did you tell her I probably can't make it?"

Sango sat up at that. "Kagome you didn't go to her bridal shower, I think you sort of owe this to her."

"I'm busy, and seriously Sango it's none of your business." She said which took her friend a bit off guard. It was quiet for awhile and she sighed as she adjusted her reading glasses. "Listen Sango, I'm sorry, but I am really busy."

"I was just trying to help…we haven't seen you down here for awhile." She mumbled but Kagome didn't say anything she just stared at the muted pictures flashing on her TV. Sango rose up from her spot as she saw a couple girls trying on an assortment of hats. They were setting them down anywhere and dropping them on the floor.

"I know, but if I could I would." She lied; she just didn't want to admit that she hated everything about where she grew up. The people, the way she was treated, and though she hadn't change, well physically she had a bit, she wasn't any bit happier. She was just as unhappy here as she was at home, but she was convinced that she was slightly less unhappy in the city and she was scared that if she visited her hometown she'd realize that was grossly untrue.

If she was ever going to visit her hometown again, she knew that the time wouldn't be during her perfect sister's perfect wedding. She wasn't dumb; she didn't need any more jabs at her self-esteem.

"It's horrible not to be the maid of honor to your own sister's wedding." Sango said and she only shrugged while rising from her seat. She turned towards the bathroom of her studio apartment. It was the only hall in the small room.

"I'm sure if I ever get married Kikyo would be scarcely absent, you know her, it's all about her time to shine, anyone else's and she's always gone." She said and Sango nodded as if she agreed. She had been weirdly absent from their high school graduation. She didn't even try to attend Kagome's college graduation. Though a lot of people didn't, she hadn't invited anyone.

"Well you can't fight fire with fire." Sango reminded as Kagome entered the bathroom. When she did she turned on the faucet immediately and grabbed a paper tower from the holder. She tore it and let the cool water soak drench it. She looked up at herself in the mirror finding her reflection a tad bit blurry. She wasn't too surprised by that, she had a habit of leaving her reading glasses on when she went places, and though her vision was altered when she wore them, it didn't seem like that frustrated her too much. She took them off and placed the glasses down and began cleaning them.

"I'm not fighting fire with fire. I'm making an excuse for why I can't go and I'm explaining why it's acceptable to not go." She said while looking up. She stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her long black hair was in a tight bun and her face was bare without any aid of makeup. She didn't seem too infatuated with her features but she did seem to have a question. "Hey…" She said while drying her glasses with another paper towel. Sango didn't say anything telling her she was free to talk. "Do you think I look anything like my sister?" She asked and as soon as the words came out she wished she could take them back.

Sango thought that over for a second. "Why?" She asked almost immediately. Kagome took a deep nervous breath before sitting down on the closed toilet seat.

"No reason, just wondering."

"Kagome you don't look like anyone I know…" She said with a smile. She was referring to the fact that Kagome looked like no one in her family. She was the only one with thick long wavy hair. Her sister, mom and brother had dark brown straight hair. She was the only one with rosy full lips, the only one with dark blue eyes. She had once thought and still thought that her differences were one of the reasons why she was treated differently, or the reason she wasn't seen as attractive as her sister.

She did however know she looked a great deal like her deceased father, but she hadn't really known him, so it didn't hold any significance. "Is that a plus?" She asked jokingly and Sango nodded before realizing that there was no way her friend could see it.

"Yeah a definite plus. Who wants to lo look like everyone else? Sango asked and Kagome shrugged deciding she wanted to change the subject.

"So tell me when that shop closes so you can come visit me?" She asked and Sango's smile disappeared automatically.

"I don't think that'll ever happen, but you could always come visit me. Especially during your sister's wedding." Kagome sighed loudly and Sango continued on. "Come on Kagome your sister really wants you there, and you know how hard it is for me to tell people no."

"Well did you tell her no? Kagome asked as she felt herself freeze.

"Well… I tried right, but she was asking me and…"

"Did you tell her no?" Kagome asked again. Her voice was rising slightly. Sango took a deep breath.

"This is not my fault. If you'd actually answer her calls than this wouldn't have been a problem." Kagome set the phone away from her ears as she thought that over. She tried to tell herself that it was going to be fine. Just because Sango told her sister that she was going to her wedding didn't mean she really had to. She gulped slightly than pressed the end button on the phone and hung up. She wasn't going to call her sister back and tell her she couldn't make it. She decided she'd just send her an e- mail. This way she didn't have to worry about giving in when Kikyo went all crazy manipulative and begged her repeatedly.

She took a deep breath, leaving her phone on the sink and walking out of the bathroom all together. She checked the time on the stove deciding to return to her living room/ bedroom. She opened up her lap top and saved the file she was working on than she opened up the internet. She was trying to quickly get to her e-mail to send her sister an 'I'm sorry I can't make it letter…'




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