Chapter 27: Always and never

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She shifted through some papers writing things down but ultimately too distracted to actually work. Her eyes kept shifting off to the side at him. He was doodling on the corner of her grandfather's revenue papers. He'd sometimes begin circling things and figuring out some mathematical inconsistencies from time to time but after awhile he'd always begin doodling. He wasn't even that good at it. he was now drawing some car off to the side. She smiled a bit trying to focus on her work, but she was stuck. She usually loved things like this, but now she'd rather focus all her attention on him.

Her grandfather's stats were filled with major contradictions. He was smart enough to write down the shops monthly income but not skilled enough to write it down illegibly. He must have been too delighted to have her come down and organize everything for him. She used to love doing things like this too, but not with him sitting right beside her. The idea of sorting out the mass of paperwork actually frustrated her now. It was a strange feeling to be put off with sorting through numbers. She sat up straight sighing.

That got his attention and he looked up from his own packet. They were on the knick knack side of the store. No customer had come in all day, it was now around ten and only a few people rolled in to use the gas pumps off to the side. But that was the usual for this side of the store. She knew the other half was crawling with customers from town. "Bored…" he mumbled while circling a group of numbers that he knew just couldn't add up. She shook her head looking back down at the papers. He didn't understand why they were just sitting in total silence. It didn't make any sense but he thought maybe she was very involved in her work. "Do you need any help?" He asked and he meant it as a joke. It wasn't entirely funny but it was sort of her humor, she was hands down the smartest person he knew.

She didn't laugh at the question though she just sat up a bit. "Yeah actually I'm confused." She said and he gasped feigning shock. She laughed for a moment. "No really I am…"

"Wow there's a first for everything…I'm sure if you can't figure it out I can't." He said but he still turned in his seat. Happy to actually be speaking to her, they hadn't spoken since her grandfather dumped the paperwork in their laps. He also wanted Inuyasha out on the other half of the store's back room to help lift a few things. He wasn't too excited by the concept but maybe some interaction with her could hold him over while he did it.

"Yeah you probably could…" she mumbled while pushing through the paperwork. "You always figured things out in the office." He raised both his eyebrows again a bit shocked she'd say that. She ruffled through some papers before handing him something. She had the most perfect smile on her face like she was excited to see what he thought. Her reaction had him feeling at odds. He was happy to see that smile on her gorgeous face again. But the idea of looking through the paperwork had him feeling a little aggravated and annoyed. There was this strange optimism in her glowing blue eyes telling him she had the utmost faith. He sighed looking down at it.

"My idea of figuring things out in the office is firing people till they figure it out for me." He said looking down. He didn't look up to catch her facial expression. He kept a slight sliver of humor in his voice so it didn't disappoint her completely. He wanted to pop that little perfect bubble she had around him, but he didn't want to devastate her.

Her grandfather's work was all over the place, only some of the official files were documented. The rest were all hand written and confusing. Only her grandfather would be able to figure these things out, but some went back so far he probably couldn't remember. He had no charts or anything. If he had a graph or two it would help put some things in perspective. But that was a lot to ask from one person. Not everyone saw data in that way, he was very practical, he wrote the year down, the month, and the estimated revenue. It was extremely simple to understand but it left so much to human error, forcing both Inuyasha and Kagome to constantly back track and check old tax documents to see if he hadn't over or underestimated the amount.

She laughed at his statement from earlier although he hadn't meant it as a joke. He just sighed and looked up. "Your grandfather uh…he has the right idea with most of this but he's not executing it right." He said and she nodded vigorously like she agreed. "I think he should probably use a computer and calculate some of this fully. These large amounts of data estimated to the nearest thousand aren't really doing much for him. I think the shop's been doing fairly the same growth wise for the past few years. That's the only assumption I can make, since obviously with all these misguided numbers…"

"It hasn't gone under yet." She jumped in interrupting him. He looked up, that smile on her face had increased tenfold and she waited for him to continue. Talking to him about this sort of thing had always been one of her dreams. When she worked for him he always seemed so extremely smart at every field. She always wanted to know what his opinions on things were. It was crazy that now here he was in her grandfather's shop telling his expert opinion on her family's business. "I always say that…he gets away with this awful organization because the shop's dong the same. Maybe now if you tell him he'll finally start recording data better."

He smiled a little looking back down at the work in hand. "I think your problem is you're actually relying too much on his estimates." She looked up quickly at that. "He does have better records if you check the yearly sums. Do the division to find out what the true proportions are." He put the file down and looked at his watch. It was ten thirty. He was hungry as hell, he hadn't eaten since breakfast. He wondered if it was a good time to rummage through that tin lunchbox her mother had packed him. He saw Souta put the tins in the fridge. "Hey so…can we take a break. I'm getting a little…" when he took in that look on her face his words vanished completely. She was just staring at him, the way she sometimes did. Almost like a school girl obsessed with a crush. As soon as he met her eyes she looked back down.

"Are you hungry…" she mumbled slightly looking back down at the work. She was fiddling with the paper in nervousness and he didn't say anything he just stared at her. He tried to think of something else. He could tell she was a little embarrassed about the exchange. Why? He had no idea but he'd put it aside, or at least he'd try. He let his eyes glance past her towards her knapsack. The reading glasses she sometimes wore sat near it. She was going through all this paperwork without her glasses, probably just to appease him. He really didn't understand why she did things like that. When would she finally realize that his feelings for her were unconditional? She didn't have to pretend to be anyone else but her. She didn't have to be embarrassed at all. That seem to be the real problem behind their relationship, she couldn't even get dressed in front of him. "I'll uh…I'll see what they have in the back." She stuttered standing up.

He watched as she put some of the papers down to head through a side door. "There's a tin in the fridge…the one your mom packed." He called out and she turned back around, that perfect smile on her face still intact before stumbling forward. It made him smile slightly for a moment. He looked down at her grandfather's handwritten files circling carelessly at random numbers that just didn't make sense. He didn't even bother double checking. He just marked a few things through and continued on. She came back moments later with a plastic plate, forks, a knife, and a large plastic Tupperware.

"I warmed everything up…" she said sitting back down. "She gave you left over's from the night before." She set the dish down and placed plastic plates off to the side. "You don't mind if I eat your breakfast right? I'm a little hungry too?" He looked up at that.

"Yeah of course… I don't care, but are you sure you can do that?" He asked wondering if it was possible to eat someone else's leftovers with her type of OCD. She opened up the top showing different sections, one with a large piece of pot pie, the others with untouched pancakes, sausage, and eggs. "Uh wait this isn't my breakfast?" He mumbled.

"Oh mom must have just thrown away the one you were eating beforehand. She doesn't really save food like that. When she said she packed you're breakfast she meant she noticed you didn't eat it all so she packed more." He looked up giving her a strange look. That wasn't strange at all... "You can have the eggs though…I just want the pancakes."

"Kagome you can have whatever you want from this bowl…honestly your choice." She smiled a little rising from her spot to head to the front of the empty store. He watched her. She was hugging the navy blue cardigan to her slight figure.

"Do you want something from the fridge?" She asked going towards the only side of the shop that resembled a convenience store. It had junk food, gum, and drinks.

"Uh actually yeah…is there any beer?" He bluntly asked looking down at his food and she laughed a little making him look up. "There's not?" He asked and she turned around her smile fading when she realized he was genuinely asking.

"Oh uh…yeah there's some…I thought you were…it's like ten in the morning." She said but when she heard herself she quickly turned around to grab a six pack. She pulled the whole thing out and a bottle of water. He watched her as she turned around to face him, it almost seemed like the pack was too heavy but she steadied it a bit and continued forward. Placing it on the desk and pulling one out, "Here you go…" she said with a smile and he returned it easily.

"It's five somewhere right?" He joked and she looked up. She had that expression on her face he absolutely adored. Her eyes wide and innocent, she obviously didn't get it. He laughed at her reaction making her blush slightly. "It's a joke…like you know…it's five p.m. somewhere in the world. So…I can start drinking." She nodded absentmindedly while going around sorting out all the paperwork. He pulled her quickly by the waist before she could pass him. Making her sit squarely on his lap, "for a genius a few things fly right over your head, don't they?" He whispered making the hairs on the back of her neck stand up.

Her stomach got that weird heated feeling when he placed his lips on the nape of her neck. Her eyes closed automatically and she allowed him to kiss down her collarbone. "I'm…I'm not a genius." She mumbled slightly and he just smiled at her modesty. She heard the chuckle and grinned herself. "No seriously I'm not…" she pulled away but remained on his lap. Shifting slightly to the side to see his face "my grandpa is just bragging…"

"Sure he is…" he moved forward kissing her abruptly and she didn't hesitate to kiss back. He kept meeting her lips gently but as he roamed down her chin and around her jaw she felt the need to stop him.

"No really…"

"Kagome…" he lifted himself up but he had that overly handsome grin on his face. "I said I agreed with you. He's just bragging." He placed his hands on the top of her thighs. He moved them up and down slightly, slipping into her shorts for a moment. He loved the look on her face at the feeling. Her eyes closing and the way she sometimes cocked her head back. It made him want to do so much more, but he knew he couldn't. He nipped slightly at her neck remembering what she told him a few hours before. "No it was okay….it wasn't that. I wanted more too…" He wondered what that meant for them tonight. He had this amazing heated feeling at the base of his stomach in anticipation.

"You're teasing me…" she whispered when he was done. "I'm being serious." She had that gorgeous grin on her face so he wondered just how serious she was being. The look of it made him want to just capture her lips but when he tried she steered away. "Seriously…"

"Okay…okay…" he let his hands wrap around her form. She was sitting bridal style on his lap. "What's your I.Q.?" He asked but she didn't reply she just shrugged like she didn't want to tell.

"What's yours?" She asked and he couldn't help but grin widely himself.

"Why don't you guess?" He was more concentrated on letting his hands roam upwards around her waist. He kept them there allowing his eyes to sweep over her perfect features. She seemed like she was deep in thought and it made him grin. He had absolutely no idea what his I.Q. was, but he was slightly interested in hearing what her guess was. "If you don't say around 150 I'll be upset." He warned playfully and it made her laugh.

"I was going to say around 70, but I imagine how angry that would make you." He lifted both his eyebrows in obvious shock. She had the most gorgeous teasing expression on her face and he couldn't help but laugh out loud slightly. "I guess in order to boost your ego I'll give you around 150, but know that's genius status…."

"Is it…well there's no way its mine." He said carelessly. He was much more into the look of her full lips as they moved, and the vibrancy in her dark blue eyes when she spoke. He saw the shift in her expression when he said that. She so obviously believed it could honestly be his score. He didn't react to the extreme devotion she seemed to have in him. He just ignored it, deciding to deal with it later. "What's yours though…tell me, you said it's just above average. What's that again?" He thought for a moment directing his view back to her. "100 right?"

"Well yea, but it's actually 20 on each side of the spectrum." He let her move slightly in his lap. He didn't know exactly what that meant but he knew she'd explain it. "So like 80 to 120 is actually average…"

"Well that means your guess from earlier hurts even more than." She laughed for a moment rising from his lap. He subconsciously held on though wanting her to stay. She didn't put too much of a fight. Actually she leaned forward to kiss him, it took him off guard but he didn't hesitate to meet her lips. She had this very soft touch when she initiated kisses. Everything was always so overly sweet and light, almost as if she didn't need much else. It had him thinking if that was true, if she could really spend a whole night just kissing him and she'd be fine with that. Why did the notion make him feel a bit guilty? "So…" he whispered as she lightly trailed soft kisses to the side of his chin. "What is your I.Q.?" She hesitated for a moment smiling. He waited for her to speak but instead she met his lips for a moment. "What is it?"

"It's above average" She said with a shrug. She had a light grin on her face but now he actually wanted to know. She turned in his lap forward. He didn't say anything just watched as she took a fork out and began separating the food. She put a portion on the plastic plate perfectly and then pushed it to the side. She only took the pancakes hesitating for a moment. "Are you sure I can have the meat…oh and the eggs?" She asked.

"Kagome…" he sighed. "Yeah take whatever." She nodded but took the knife out separating them and leaving half for him. The concept had him shaking his head for a moment. Sometimes he swore she'd do anything to please him. "Okay so…what is it?" He asked out of nowhere she moved slightly from his lap to get her water bottle. "Is it like 125?" He asked and all of a sudden she knew what he was getting at. She just smiled cheekily.

"Why do you want to know? It's just above average." She said with a shrug. She brought her food towards her while still sitting on his lap. He grabbed his own fork moving the chair closer to the desk, but even as he began eating that curious stump came back. He didn't know why he wanted to know he just did all of a sudden.

"So what like 135…?" He asked and she hesitated bringing a piece of pancake to her mouth and halting. "It's 135 right? I'm right?" She just shook her head and he thought that through. He had never had his IQ taken but he knew that genius score was around 140. "Come on…just tell me?"

"Why do you want to know?" she said with a shrug. "It's all in your opinion. I mean what do you consider a genius?" She said with a shrug and Inuyasha narrowed his eyes.

"Well don't call me a mainstreamer but…I like to consider a genius whatever society considers one to be. And by the standards of an IQ test I think it's around 140…so what are you like 145." She swallowed a bit and he stuck an eyebrow up. She was higher, he could just tell by the way she tried to avoid his eyes. "You are not higher than 145 are you?" He asked slightly and when she looked down at her plate his smile faltered. "Kagome…."

"I don't know…I uh…I hover around 150…you know to like 160…" she cleared her throat. 170…"

"No you don't." he said quickly in complete disbelief and she widened her eyes turning to face him. "I mean not like…you aren't smart enough. That's just…that's really high Kagome."

"Yeah I know…" she said slightly offended. "And I took the test when I was fairly young so…" She shrugged and he lifted both his eyebrows.

"So what now you're score is like ten times higher…how do you function in society?" He asked and she turned to give him a look and he realized everything that was wrong with that sentence.

"What's that supposed to mean?" she stared at him for a moment and then rose from his lap. He allowed it. "There are plenty of people with even higher scores than me who function fine in society…"

"I didn't mean it like that…I'm just…I'm joking." She didn't seem too sure but she sat down in her own seat anyway.

"Besides IQ test aren't even that great of an assessment of intelligence…" she mumbled and he nodded looking down at his own food, wanting to find a way to change the subject. "Actually…no…" he turned at that watching her. She seemed as if she was talking to herself more than him. "I'm not…what do I have to be ashamed of…" she said with a shrug. "So what I'm smarter than average. There are plenty of people smarter than average. People with my score go on to do the most amazing things. We wouldn't even have half the technological advances without extremely smart people." She shrugged and he smiled slightly to her surprise. There were very small instances when Kagome actually did or said things even if it defied him. He liked when she did, he wished she showed that side more often.

"Of course…I'm sorry…" he said and she just looked down at her food. "Bring your big brain over here." He joked moving towards her and he could already see her smile forming. He picked her easily up from her seat bridal style and sat her on his lap sitting back down. She had that crazy innocent smile on her face she sometimes had when he whisked her up. He watched her for a moment before pushing himself back in his seat. She pushed her plate on to the desk sitting up a bit.

"I almost dropped my food…" she said and he just grinned. She positioned herself comfortably on his lap and continued eating. He went forward to get his beer bottle. "Hey do you need a bottle opener?" She asked and he simply put the cap in his mouth and bit it off with his canines. He spit the cap off easily showing it to her and she smiled a bit. He went back to casually eating his food but for some reason the notion had her stomach heating up. Almost the same feeling she got when he was near her, but it was intense like when he kissed down her neck or put his hands on her thigh. She was beginning to understand the feelings but she couldn't comprehend why she was getting it at that moment. All he did was bite the cap off a bottle. "How did you do that?" She asked and he just smiled over at her.

"One of these days I'll teach you…" he said playfully. He continued eating and she stared at his profile for a moment longer. Watching the tensing and relaxing of his jaw as he chewed. He had an amazing jaw line square and rigid, when it tensed the look of it sort of gave her that feeling again. It just helped to reinforce him as a whole, how tall, broad, and muscular he was. She stared at him longer but he didn't seem to notice he was focused on eating. "The potpie actually tastes better as a left over." He said turning slightly to look at her. He noticed the staring immediately and he hesitated for a moment. He was used to her staring she did it often. It always made his insides knot up, but he had never stared at him like that though. She usually had this infatuated look on her face but now…she sort of seemed a bit wild. Like the look she sometimes gave when he released her from a kiss. He had no idea why she was honoring him with such a crazy, intense, sexy look but it did more than knot up his insides. It heated him up completely. "What's going on…" he whispered slightly gulping momentarily.

She shook her head looking down at her own food. "Nothing…just…" she picked through it slightly. "So does her pancakes…they're better reheated." She pushed a fork full in her mouth then turned to peer at him. He was still looking at her and she smiled. "What…"

"I'm trying to figure you out…wondering why you were just staring." Her grin faltered a bit.

"I wasn't…" she shook her head.

His arm was around her waist but he easily lowered it. "I think you were…" he whispered pushing a hand on her exposed thigh. She shook her head again continuing to eat and he realized easily she wanted to bypass the exchange. He allowed it looking around for a way to change the subject. "So uh…I never asked but how did you get down here…"

"I rode Buyo…" she interrupted and just like that he was laughing. She smiled too not knowing why. "You saw me...remember…"

"Yeah…yeah Kagome I remember. That's not what I meant though…" he looked over at her seeing the slight confusion on her face. "Sheesh…you're so fucking adorable." She blushed. "I meant how did you get away from your mother daughter date?" She lifted her eyebrows understanding immediately.

"Oh…" her grin faltered for a second time thinking about it. She just shrugged slightly finishing off the rest of her pancake. "I just…I just left." That shocked him and he turned around showing it. That was most definitely not like Kagome in the slightest.

He smiled a bit… "Really…" he asked and she just smiled nodding.

"Don't look too shocked."

"No…it's just that. You don't usually do things like that." She put a piece of egg in her mouth. "I know how your mom is and…" he hesitated not liking how he was phrasing things. "I mean sometimes you can be a bit compliant." She halted "but in a good way…" he quickly said. "In a completely lovable way actually…but when you know you aren't. It's amazing…" She took that in for a moment. She didn't know if she should be a little offended. He smiled over at her and she decided against it moving in to rest her head on his shoulder. "So was she mad?"

She just nodded silently and he smiled knowingly. None of them said anything for a while and when they were both done eating he yawned downing the rest of his beer. "So back to doing this…I think your grandfather wants me moving crates in the back around noon." He said picking up a piece of paper from the stack Kagome had straightened moments earlier.

"Yeah he obviously really wants this sorted if he's willing to take on the back store by himself with just Souta." He sighed at that looking down at the paper. She watched him for a moment moving slightly so she could get up but he held on tighter. It brought a smile on her face and she stayed just examining from his lap what he was looking down at. She let her eyes shift from the form to his face again. She had this overwhelming need to kiss him but she fought it. Instead she leaned forward lifting her own sheet of paper. It had circles, doodles at the top and little notes from him. Things like 'this doesn't add up with total profits of the year…' Just really simple to the point little notes that reminded her of when she used to work for him.

Sometimes they'd have performance reviews and Inuyasha never really did them personally even though he was supposed to. Instead he gave the duty to the highest grossing employee in each section. And usually after meeting with them they'd just write a few things down and pass the rest off to Inuyasha. He usually took weeks to write a short paragraph about each employee. The paragraphs were extremely short with hasty scattered yet rude sentences. "Hey..." she said smiling slightly putting the paper down. He looked over at her. "You remember when you used to do performance reviews?" she asked and he laughed slightly.

"I never did performance reviews…" he mumbled looking down at the sheet he was holding. "I'd leave it to other people."

"Yeah but you used to write paragraphs about each employee on the main floor…remember? He raised his eyebrows remembering slightly, but not knowing why she was bringing it up. He hated doing those, performance reviews were awful. The main floor had no heads so he had to take on all the workload, and because he ran the whole branch he had to deal with a lot more on the other floors of the building. "You only wrote me like a sentence every year and you still managed to make it mean. You didn't even know me personally." He turned around shock evident on his face.

"Really…I was…" he shook his head. "I was mean to everyone. I didn't want to do them. They're tedious." She nodded still watching him as he circled a few things on forms and looked for a document to match it up. She watched him getting that feeling again, that want to kiss him. He struck her as just perfect, his expertise at his job. The way it came so effortlessly, his personality, his demeanor, his looks…everything. She stared at him for a moment and without thinking she brought her lips on the side of his perfect jaw. He tensed up when he felt it turning around. As soon as he did she pushed her lips to his. It caught him by surprise but he kissed back. "What about performance reviews earned me that?" He asked as she slightly met his lips again. He kissed back easily, waiting for her answer but it never came. Instead she began kissing him a bit more abruptly. They were short kisses but they were beginning to get more and more heated, her lips were hitting down hard and they ignited something in him. "Wow…Kagome…" he whispered as she brought her lips to the side of his neck. Her teeth scraped along his neck line and his eyes closed automatically. He sort of felt himself lose it a bit. She moved herself in his lap for better access sitting up and standing on knees before lowering herself to straddle hm.

Everything from her movements to her kisses were extremely uncharacteristic but he was beginning to notice something about her. She definitely had another side. It was intense and heated, extremely abrupt and defiant. She let her hands grip at his belt. She wasn't undoing it; she wasn't tinkering with it; just holding on to the buckle for a moment. She then brought her hands up his chest before resting them around his neck. When she met his lips again she brought in so much intense passion his hands reflexively searched for somewhere bare. Unfortunately with her shirt tucked in he could only touch the bottom of her seat as she leaned upwards to deepen the kiss.

She sat back down on him hard when she began moving lower down his neck. He had absolutely no thought in his head just feelings. And when he brought his fingers to her button down wanting to undo it she didn't deny him in the least. He quickly played with the buttons getting to the middle before slipping his hands in to grope a breast. When he did she tensed a slight moan escaping her lips. Out of pure reflex she bit down on his neck and his erection came without notice. As soon as she felt it she realigned herself just like last night. It was a purely involuntary action, she got so insufferably wet down there and when she felt it jab upwards she sat herself letting the slight feeling of it pour this amazing sensation through her.

It wasn't as potent as last night. They both had two layers of clothes restricting it but that didn't matter too much to her. He moved forward bringing his lips to capture hers. He felt like at that moment if he proceeded onwards even though it was an impossible feat she wouldn't stop him. She'd actually further it, but unfortunately it was probably around eleven in the morning and they were in her grandfather's shop. He had such an abundant need for her though. He didn't think she understood completely at all how much he wanted her but he saved his breath. Even though his mind was racing a mile a minute thinking of places they could run off to quickly, she'd just say no. He didn't expect that from her and he'd never ask her either. His lips kissed down her chest for a moment feeling her hands slip into the back of his shirt. Did she have any idea what she was doing to him now? He could hardly contain his emotion he looked back up at her, just taking in her flushed face her closed eyes. Everything about her was driving him insane. "When I get you in bed tonight…" he whispered and the words woke her right up. Not in an entirely bad way though, the fear came but with ten hundred different emotions. Instead of shying away she just smiled slightly. "Do you know what I'm going to do?" He asked kissing up her neck. She waited wanting to hear the rest. He didn't say more though he just tried to simmer his emotions but of course it wasn't working. He continued to kiss her up the nape of her neck.

"What…" she asked slightly wanting to know. He grinned a bit as he moved up her jaw.

"Kagome I'm going to do so much…" he said and his words coupled with the sound of his voice caused chills down her spine. He brought his lips to touch hers but she didn't kiss back. She just let her mind race a mile a minute just thinking about what he just said. Deciding if she was extremely excited or not. If the feeling creeping in her stomach was fear or enthusiasm, her dream earlier manifesting itself in her mind at the moment. Her heart was thumping but she didn't know if that was from earlier or now. She had so many different emotions but she didn't even know how to sort them? She didn't even know what half of them meant. He stopped kissing her to look off to the side. She understood that when his hands left her waist to fall at his sides, when he backed his lips from hers she felt disappointment so of course she wanted it, but how much of it did she want?

"What's wrong…" she whispered going down to kiss his lips again. He allowed her to but didn't return it.

"Uh Kagome…" he said after she was done, but she didn't get the hint. She instead lowered herself to his neck. "Hey…" A customer had just come in at that moment and he was staring forward as an older woman began picking out junk food. He should have just stopped her, told her they had a customer but the nipping she did at his neck. He couldn't bring himself to and honestly at the moment with what he had going on in his private area he really couldn't afford for her to move. "Hey…just…can you hold on for a moment…" he whispered to her as the woman picked up a bottle of soda and began looking around. She smiled while passing the knick knacks settling on a little clock shaped like a train. She walked forward halting when she took in Kagome on his lap. "Hi…" he said and the older woman just stared, stunned didn't quite sum up her facial expression. He was about to say something but Kagome brought her lips to touch his. "Kagome…" he said as she began moving down his chin. "We have uh…there's a customer." She stopped quickly her eyes widening in pure shock. She tried to get up but he quickly kept her in place; he needed something covering up his lap. "Good morning…" He mumbled and Kagome hid her head in embarrassment on his shoulder and it made him smile a bit. Lucky for her he couldn't care a bit what this woman thought.

"Great morning for you I'm guessing" she said and he just gave her a charming smile. She dropped down all her things and he pushed their paperwork to the side. "Cute little shop you got here. Took me by surprise, I didn't think the inside would look like this at all." He pushed forward bringing the cash register towards him. Kagome was still straddling his lap, her forehead pressed against his chest in utter mortification. "Is she alright?" The woman asked and he just smiled.

"She's fine…I think that'll be 15 dollars and 35 cents." He said and she nodded reaching into her pocket for cash.

"Can I pay for the pump in here too?" She asked looking down at the old fashion cash register. It was old but it wasn't vintage, just a simple screen like a calculator and the numbers under it.

"Kagome…" he said and she just shook her head a bit. "Can she pay for the pump in here too…?" She shook her head again and pointed at a sign to the side. It read 'card only for gas pump.' The woman nodded understanding. "I'm sorry ma'am you can't." He said very unapologetically and she just spared him a smile. He gave her change before reaching in one of the drawers for a plastic bag. He bagged her things and set it down slightly. "You have a nice day."

"You'll be having a better one. Don't have too much fun kids." She said and Kagome slipped herself lower down his chest in shame. He watched the woman go and when the bell rung signifying her exit she detached herself from him slightly. He could see the utter humiliation on her face.

"Don't worry she didn't even see your face…" he whispered bringing his lips to touch hers gently but she didn't kiss back. He smiled a little about to say something else comforting when another door opened from the back this time.

"Kaggy mom called she said…" her brother's words halted when he took in his older sister on Inuyasha's lap. "Ewe you guys need a room…" he said and Inuyasha's smile increased in size when she brought herself in once again to hide her face.

"What do you want Souta…" she muffled out. Her brother took a moment to let the setting sink in before rolling his eyes.

"Mom wants you home now. She said you spent enough time down here. She needs you to call you know who." She said and Kagome shifted in her spot to push her head deeper in. She didn't want to have to call Kikyo. She really didn't want to have to at all. She also didn't want to go back home and she definitely was way too embarrassed to peer her head up from his chest. "Kagome…" Souta said but she didn't move. "You have to call Kikyo…"

"I don't want to, tell her." She pushed herself up and Souta just shook his head as if that wasn't a choice. He went over to the back where they were and pulled out a pair of keys. Kagome had pushed her head back into Inuyasha's chest so she hadn't noticed. He turned and headed towards the front spotting the six pack sitting on the desk.

"Put that in the back fridge so it doesn't get warm." He said carelessly. Inuyasha just watched as he very clearly unlocked a small section in the convenience side of the store, pulled something out and rammed it into his pocket. He didn't say much more he walked towards the door turning slightly. "You better go Kagome. The sooner you call her, the better it'll be for the rest of us." She stayed in her spot until she heard the bell signaling his exit, after that she quickly backed away. She wanted to desperately get off Inuyasha's lap but he held onto her once again.

"I have to go…" she whispered hoarsely and he leaned forward kissing her along the jaw. "I have to…" She lifted up straightening herself slightly. He watched her just staring at her body then wondering up to her face. Her hair was tossed to one side and she pushed it back. He had this ridiculous nagging at his groin area... he really seriously didn't want her to leave.

"Do you think you'll come back afterwards?" He asked openly and she thought about that, wanting to very desperately say yes, but she didn't think that was a possibility. She grabbed her knap sack pulling up paper work and sorting them out. "What are you doing?"

"I'm taking this…I'm going to work on it…" she explained and he let relief fill him slightly. How could he forget that this sort of thing was like Kagome's ultimate hobby? He pulled out more paper work handing it to her and she grinned knowing exactly what he was doing. "Don't let me do all the work…" she said sarcastically making him smile. She made sure everything was in order before getting out her binder and putting everything in. "Tell my grandfather…" She said and he rose from his seat wanting to hold her one more time but she had closed her knap sack and was heading for the side door. He followed her out.


"I have to go…" she said again going into the cool air. It was a lot warmer than it was that morning and he knew it would be even more so come afternoon. He got her by the arm forcing her to turn around and face him.

"You're not going anywhere just yet…" He said leaning down and moving his arms to hold her waist. He quickly lowered himself to meet her lips and she easily kissed back. He reluctantly let her go looking her over. She pushed the knapsack on her back and turned around. "Kagome…"

"I really have to go…"

"Yeah but your…your blouse…" she seemed confused by the notion but when she looked down all she could see was her bra and parts of her stomach. He let a smile appear on his face. Her blush came without warning and she began buttoning up leaving only two buttons undone. "I personally liked it better before but I had a feeling you'd find it off." He joked and she looked up at him smiling while turning around. He watched her go for a moment putting two hands in his pockets. She disappeared towards her horse and he realized it wasn't even noon and he'd have to stay in this shop for around seven hours.

He sighed going back towards the shop. He was about to pull the door open when he smelled the crisp scent of cigarette smoke. It instantly reminded him of college. He had picked up the habit when according to his father it was imperative that he come home with at least a 3.5 GPA. College was an extremely stressful time for him. He not only had to graduate with a perfect average but his father wanted him out of school by 20… Once he left though he had thrown away the habit for good. He was actually surprised that he halted at the scent of it, that usually never happened. He never smelled the distant scent of cigatettes and yearned for it...never, not since exam time his senior year.

It was hard to believe but he sort of wanted a cigarette. Maybe it was being stuck in the shop, but working when he didn't want to never gave him the urge to smoke. It was a weird notion but maybe he was feeling like this because Kagome left. He wasn't stressed just extremely bummed out, almost like a midgit feeling of the initial depression he felt when she left him on the trip. It was insane he was feeling any variation of that at all. She wasn't leaving for good, he'd see her later tonight. What was wrong with him? Being in the shop didn't stress him out that much, but watching her just go sort of did. It was something more than that though; he told himself he was over thinking it. So what he was upset to see her leave? He loved her, was that really that big of a deal?

Even with that thought process he still followed the scent, he'd just bum one cigarette and take a couple of puffs. He followed the smell towards a trail near the Highway. As soon as he entered he blindly called out "Hey…." spotting Souta afterwards. He was looking down at his phone and puffing away. Inuyasha didn't think anything of it, Souta looked to be in his twenties, obviously an adult. Old enough to smoke if he wanted, but when he heard Inuyasha's random greeting he jumped dropping the cigarette and stepping on it.

"Whoa…whoa I didn't mean to scare you…" He said quickly and that had him halting. "I just...I want a cigarette." Souta had a hand to his chest for a moment, but he calmed quickly pushing his phone in his pocket. He grabbed the newly opened box from his other pocket. It didn't take Inuyasha long to realize exactly what he took from the shop earlier.

"You smoke...?" He asked and Inuyasha just shook his head. It slightly puzzled him but he didn't think too much of it.

"I don't….I haven't for a really long time. Since college, I could use one right now though." He waited for him to oblige but instead Souta just picked up another and put it to his lips grabbing the lighter. "May I have one…?" He asked and he carelessly threw it towards him making him catch it before it hit the ground. He really didn't understand what his problem was. He hadn't even really talked to the kid and he seemed to hate him immensely. "Lighter…" he stated and he threw it towards him the same way.

None of them said anything for a moment, just stood there smoking... "I don't either…" Souta mumbled quickly turning to face Inuyasha. He just nodded letting the poison fill his lungs. It didn't have the same affect as it did when he was stressed in college. It really didn't soothe him too much. He took a slight last puff then threw it on the ground. "I uh…it's just this town…every time I come back I always pick it up again." Inuyasha just nodded but in all honesty he didn't care too much. The cigarette wasn't working to lift his was all just a waste. "I have a soccer scholarship…I'm first string I'm not supposed to be smoking."

"Soccer…" Inuyasha mumbled carelessly deciding to at least make conversation. Not for him but for Kagome.

"Yeah…I have to keep up my scholarship or I'll be back in this town cleaning up shit from the stables…" That made Inuyasha scoff a bit but he didn't move just hearing him out.

"So what you're here for break?" Souta just nodded putting the cigarette to his lips again and puffing.

"I was doing a good job keeping away from them…" he said referring to the cigarettes "until mom called…" he shook his head and Inuyasha watched his facial expression. "My sister's back..." He paused for a moment to suck in more smoke..."I can't deal with her right now...she's so fucking crazy but…you probably already know that." He mumbled and Inuyasha narrowed his eyes.

He automatically went on the offensive, even though it was sibling nature to criticize and tease each other. "Kagome's not crazy…she has OCD, it's actually pretty common, and as you can see she functions…"

"What…" Souta interrupted turning to face him quickly. "Not Kagome... I know…she has OCD, she's not crazy, she's always been like that." He scoffed slightly turning forward again. "She's probably the sanest person in this family. You think she's crazy?"

"No…not at all…" Inuyasha said quickly. "I don't... that's who I thought you were talking about…"

"No…" he rolled his eyes and took one last puff throwing the cigarette to the side. "Kikyo…she's coming back. She's the crazy one."

"Oh…" He didn't react too much at his tone. He usually would, but he didn't want to make an enemy out of someone in Kagome's family. He knew when to be charming and when not to be. "Well…I wouldn't know. I've never met her."

Souta laughed for a moment. "Well come this weekend you're in for a little treat." He muttered he turned to face him slightly. "You think my mom's crazy. Well wait till you meet Kikyo. She's the devil's spawn. And when she sees you…" He shook his head laughing slightly before shifting to leave. Inuyasha watched him go for a moment.

"When she sees me what?" He asked.

"Trust me there's not enough words to describe her reaction. You'll just have to see." He hesitated for a moment letting him go. There it was again that feeling that everyone in her family spoke in innuendos. Why did he have a feeling that come this weekend everything would come into perspective.





Moments after

"Kagome just do it…" Her mother said while chopping at the board. Kagome stood staring dramatically at the house phone making her mom roll her eyes. "Honey…stop with the instigating. I have to call the catering service and have them rearrange some things. Please just call her."

"Mom don't make me do it." Kagome said in a whisper and her mother turned to stare at her.

"Kagome the theatrics aren't warranted. Call your sister before you get me angry. Your little escapade this morning threw everything out of the loop. You know I had a hair appointment for you. But now we have to find something else to do with your hair. Lord knows I can't fit another appointment for this week. I have so much going on." Her mother nagged while chopping and pushing the veggies inside the boiling pot. "After you make the call to your sister I'm heading out. I still have to pick up a few things for the party. I have to begin cooking tomorrow…I'm stressed... and you riding that death trap of a horse didn't ease me in the least. When I leave you can finish up dinner."


"Kagome enough…" Her mother snapped and it had her daughter gulping. "Pick up that damn phone and make the call." She said turning to add more heat to the pot.

Kagome hesitated for a slight moment. "Why can't you do it." She blurted and her mother turned around giving her a stern look. It had her gulping again and she ultimately dialed the number by heart. The phone began ringing and her mother came over quickly putting it on speaker. She went back to the stove to check on the pie she was baking.

The phone rang for a third time before someone answered. "What…" Kagome looked at her mom alarm in her eyes. She didn't know what to do or say. "Hello…" the woman on the other line said. "Mom…what…" She demanded.

"Uh…uh…" Kagome stuttered and her mother sighed going forward.

"Hey sweetie pie…it's your mother…"

"No duh…what's going on? Why weren't you saying anything on the phone?" she asked. Kikyo was obviously not in the best mood. It was probably not a good time to tell her bad news.

"Oh that wasn't me that was your sister…she's in town…she uh" Before she could finish her sentence Kikyo began screeching loudly on the phone in excitement.

"KAGGY KAGGY!" She screamed and Kagome just put a frustrated hand to her face. "OH MY GOSH I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE ACTUALLY THERE! I THOUGHT YOU'D JUST BAIL ON US! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU! I haven't seen you in forever. How are things…I hope you aren't upset about the wedding theme. It's going to be great though. I'm going to get the lake set up like the beach…so cute right?" Her sister announced but Kagome didn't respond. "KAG…"

"Kagome speak…" her mother demanded.

"Is she mad at me or something?"

"No…no Kikyo…I'm not mad." Kagome interruted looking over at the phone. "I'm excited I'm so excited for um…the wedding and I love the uh…bridesmaid dresses. I love the shells." Kagome stuttered and Kikyo narrowed her eyes for a moment.

"I guess you're still a little spazz." She bluntly stated and what little fake smile Kagome had on her face just disappeared. "Anyway, I have a lot planned for you when I get back. We have parties to set up. I want a bridal shower…oh and of course my bachelorette party. Don't fuck it up…" Kikyo said laughing slightly. "I'm sure you'll find a way…but still."

"I won't…I'll try…"

"Of course you'll use your freak organization skills...and still I bet it won't be up to par. When I say parties I mean with alcohol Kaggy… a place somewhere in the city. Do you have that binder with you? You should be writing this down…" She said. Kagome just sighed feeling ultimately reduced to her adolescent self. "Anyway it's whatever now…we'll talk about it when I get back. Where's mom…I need to talk about my Welcoming party." Kagome didn't say anything and her mom gave her a look, but she was too defeated to continue on.

"Oh uh honey that's why we called" her mother said and Kikyo rolled her eyes slightly. "How has the honeymoon search been going?"

"Amazing for the most part, we've been flying around testing hotels and such, just living the dream. None of you guys would know anything about that though." She said and Kagome widened her eyes looking over at her mother, but like always she didn't say a word. She never disciplined her older daughter she just nodded and waited to continue. "Any who it's going to suck having to come back down there…that's why I need this party to go off without a stitch… so what the hell's wrong now?"

"Nothing the party is going to be amazing…just one little stitch."

"That doesn't sound amazing mom. You have like one task during my wedding month and that's setting up these parties…any wonder why you can't do that right?" Kikyo snapped and her mom just sighed. Kagome sat there just feeling way down while also weirdly feeling as if she should interfere, defend her mother from her sister's blows. It was a strange feeling she never had before, but she wasn't the same Kagome she was all those years ago.

"I know…I know sweetie but…"

"Kikyo…" Kagome said cutting her mom off. It seemed to shock their mother to no end, but if she couldn't stand up for her sister over the phone. How was she going to do it in real life? "What mom's trying to say is that the party will be perfect…" she hesitated for a moment. "The only hitch is….it won't be for you."


"Yeah I'm afraid you've had enough parties. This one will be for your sister. She hasn't been in town for six years and now she's..."

"What" Her sister said again over the phone. Kagome sunk a bit down in her seat.

"Kikyo…honey…you have so much other great things happening for you this month alone. So this party will be for your sister."

"What…" She repeated for the third time and Kagome crossed her arms and looked away, waiting for her sister to have a huge temper tantrum. Their mother turned to face her wanting to be saved once again. She seemed hesitant but she took a deep breath putting her big girl pants on.

"Kikyo…It's my party now…" she stated casually widening her eyes when her voice instead of apologetic came out extremely cynical.

"Okay so um….let me get this straight. No one has seen you for what…like six years and you pop up the month before my wedding. I had to all but beg you to come, and when you do you steal my fucking party….is that what's going on?" No one said anything and she laughed sarcastically. "Is that or is that not what's going on?"

"Kikyo…we are giving this one to your sister."

"Kagome…reconsider..." Kikyo interrupted quickly. "You don't want me as an enemy." Kagome gulped at the blunt statement but her mother smiled reassuringly to her.

"Kagome don't listen to her…" She said but that didn't take the fear from her at all.

"Kagome listen to me…" Kikyo demanded in that cruel sardonic voice she sometimes sported when she was extremely upset. It wasn't a temper tantrum but Kagome knew from her memory it was a lot worse.

"Listen Kikyo don't be a brat…your sister has amazing news. She's engaged as well." Her mother announced clapping her hands happily. "So you see it's not that she's stealing your party. We're trying to throw her an engagement party too." There was no voice over the phone and their mother furrowed her eyebrows "Kikyo…did you hear me…"

All of a sudden someone shrilly laughed over the phone for awhile. "I'm sorry….I'm sorry…" Kikyo said sarcastic humor still evident in her voice. "Someone told me the funniest joke. Said Kagome was getting married." She said and that made her younger sister roll her eyes. "I mean lets pretend for a second that this is true...what the hell does that have to do with me? Seriously throw her an engagement party some other time. Do I have to remind you mom... who I'm getting married to? Honestly this is so stupid...Kagome you think you can just swoop right in and steal my lime light...I don't think so...

"Ugh Kikyo You're such a bitch." Kagome snapped quickly interrupting her sister mid rant. It was a quick statement without thinking and it made the laughter on the other line stop. Her mother didn't say anything she just tensed. "Instead of being happy for me you're mocking me."

"That's because this is an impossiblity I mean...who the fuck would marry you?" Kikyo bluntly asked and Kagome felt her self esteem plummet. "Listen I don't have time for's so stupid... keep your little party. In the end I'm still marrying a Hirata…so I don't care about some petty little Welcome back get together at our little dumb town...I'll just steal the show when I get there…" She said and her mother just smiled happy that the news was at least broadcasted.

"Well we're so excited to see you Kikyo really…we've missed you." Her mother said but there was still this fire igniting in Kagome's belly. She reminded herself that she wasn't that girl six years ago. She wasn't going to just submit to her sister's bullying.

"Yeah whatever…just make sure the master bedroom's all done up for me when I get there. I don't want anyone in my old bedroom either so I don't know where Kagome and her…"

"You don't want anyone in your old bedroom?" Kagome butted in once again. It was like another force was making her speak. It wasn't her…it was something else entirely. "Well fortunately for you you'll be sleeping in your old bedroom because I've got the master." She said with a shrug and her mother gave her a look that definitely meant 'not now Kagome.'

"Mom…" Kikyo said.

"Honey I gave your sister the room…this time. She never visits and…"

"This is so fucked up. I leave for a couple months and the world is upside down." Kikyo said with a roll of her eyes. She took calming breaths anyway. "You know what…whatever…I don't care about that either. I'll get over it." Her mother smiled but Kagome was actually upset by her reaction. "Whatever will get Kaggy to visit more often." She said these words with false happiness. "I do want to talk to you mom about the wedding though. I told you how I wanted the lake set up right? I'm thinking of actually sticking around just to see how those idiots set everything up. No offense I just don't trust you're smart enough to chaperone everything while I'm getting ready for my big day." Kagome rolled her eyes. Kikyo could insult someone with a smile on her face. She wrapped her crudest insults as nicely as possible. She could say the meanest thing one minute and then compliment you the next. She was the absolute worse, the princess of manipulation and the queen of deteriorating someone's self-worth.

"Sure honey whatever you want to do? Do you want everything set up a couple days in advanced?"

"Hell no…I want it to be a surprise." She sighed loudly before deciding to change the subject. "So anyway Kaggy…tell me who the lucky guy is…?" she asked and it just made Kagome roll her eyes once again. She wasn't going to for a minute tell Kikyo she was engaged to Inuyasha. It just…it didn't feel right. She didn't want to stoop to her sister's level. She didn't want to make her sister feel bad just to win some invisible competition.

Their mom began clapping automatically at the change in topic. "OH MY GOSH KiKYO YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHO IT IS!" She sung in excitement.

"Damn it mom…" Kikyo snapped. "You are like right in my fucking ear with that…are you serious?" She demanded. It stopped their mom from smiling and clapping and Kagome was a little upset by that. "So who is it?" she asked all false happy again.

"No one special…" Kagome mumbled and her mother shot her a look.

"No one special…Kagome…honey come on…"

Kikyo just laughed over the phone. "No one special…wow Kagome…do you already have the divorce papers lined up?"

Their mom laughed a little..."Your sister is just being modest…she's marrying…."

"Figures…" Kikyo interrupted. "She's always been like that. So who is it? Some super nerd like you? Or a weirdo OCD guy…I mean I'm just trying to wrap my head around who would take on the challenge of marrying my little sister. Don't get me wrong Kags you're adorable but the books, the business, and math shit you're so obsessed with….oh and the OCD…" Her sister went on and on about it making Kagome angrier and angrier.

"Yeah well he likes that about me…"

"Ugh...He sounds like a freak…oh and how about your clothes…does he like that too? Is it some weird fetish for you guys?" her sister laughed and Kagome narrowed her eyes but didn't say anything. "And the glasses…please tell me you're not wearing them during my wedding. I have a few friends from the city in my bridesmaid party…they're all gorgeous. You're not going to ruin that for me… I mean honestly…I'm only asking because this is my big day. We're paying a lot for the photographer and I don't want you to ruin all the picture. Tell me now Kags if you won't look the I don't waste my money...seriously because..."

"I'm marrying Inuyasha Takashi…" Kagome blurted out in the middle of her sister's banter. The room got extremely quiet. Her sister's words halted suddenly and her mom clapped after awhile but realized too late that her oldest daughter wasn't taking the news as well. No one said a thing, the other line was quiet. "Hello…" Kagome said but still nothing.

"Kikyo…sweetie you there?" Her mother asked and just like that the dial tone was heard. Kagome looked over at her mother and she did the same.

"Do you think we should call back?"

"Don't be was probably just connection problems... I'm sure she got the gist of everything." Her mother went back towards the kitchen. They both knew Kikyo hung up at the news. Which meant Kikyo was mad come this weekend they'd have much more than a "loss connection" to worry about...






"How do you think I should pose?" Rin asked smiling brightly behind the canvas. Sesshomaru just grinned while cleaning his brush. "Do you want me like near the wall or…hair up or down?" she asked but he didn't spare her a look. He just kept that genuine smile on his face. She was trying to position herself perfectly; they were in his recreational room. It was extremely white with his paintings lining the walls. She had her hair in a sloppy bun and one of his shirts on. "I have no makeup on….can you paint me with make up on?" she asked and he just shook his head finding the humor in the question. "Maybe I should run home and get some clothes…"

"Rin…Rin…you're fine." He said turning to get the rest of his paint. "You're over thinking it…" He stared at the blank canvas and back up at her. She was actually taking a deep breath. Why did she seem so nervous? He had no idea. He wasn't even going to paint her. "You're acting ridiculous…" he mumbled and she turned those gorgeous brown eyes on him. "If it eases you I'm not at all planning on painting you."

"What…" She said shocked. He laughed a little and it calmed her. "I thought that's why we came in here…you wanted to paint me." He shook his head.

"You assume too much. I just wanted to put away my equipment. I'm not painting at all." He said pulling the canvas off its stand. She stepped forward and he could see the disappointment on her face. He hoped maybe she'd initiate some sign of affection. Sometimes she did that, put arms around him or leaned in wanting to kiss him. It wasn't something he was used to when it came to most women he dated. He was usually always in control at all times, but Rin was of course different in so many ways. She didn't do much at the moment. She just walked around the edge of the room looking at more of his paintings. He watched her while closing up bottles of paint and setting them off to the side. He took in the look on her face as she stared up at some more of his art. "Disappointed?" He asked looking her over. She was wearing one of his button downs, it was entirely too big for her. Her hands tucked into the sleeves and the hem of the shirt ended at the top of her thigh. She looked amazingly gorgeous in an extremely natural way. The makeup on her face completely washed away and her hair in total disorder.

"Slightly…" she said with a shrug. He let himself take her in for a while longer before walking towards her. He put his arms around her frame making her smile immediately. "I thought maybe you wanted to paint me…" She mumbled closing her eyes as he kissed down the edge of her jaw.

"Well if you notice I don't really paint people so…" She raised her eyebrows looking up at the painting above. It was just a meadow in the winter, but it looked as if the snow had melted. It wasn't a particularly gorgeous scene just extremely evocative and painted vividly almost like a photo. She stepped away from his hold and he just smiled as she turned to face him.

"Why not…why don't you paint people?" She asked and he just carelessly shrugged. She stared up at his amazingly perfect face. It was her first morning at his apartment and she had learned something new about him. He stayed extremely gorgeous all the time, even after waking up from bed. He had no sign of sleep or disarray, but here she was no makeup on and her hair an extreme mess. He didn't seem to care too much though. He hadn't commented on it, although she wasn't sure that was something he'd do. Maybe it was something the Sesshomaru in her head would have done. She always pictured him a bit meaner and ruder in her fantasies. Why had she been attracted to someone like that was beyond her?

"So what would you like to do today?" He asked her taking a step forward. He didn't seem to have any reservations about wrapping his arms around her. So maybe he didn't find her all that unappealing. She wasn't one to parade around without makeup. She smiled as he lowered himself to kiss the corner of her mouth. "We can stay in go out…"

"Well I have nothing at all…but the dress I came in with so…" She had taken a shower but she had no bra or underwear to change into. She was completely naked under his button down, though he didn't seem to know. "Not even make up…I look awful."

He ignored the statement taking the pause to kiss her softly on the lips. She pushed upwards as best she could. It made him smile slightly she was so extremely short. He placed a solitary arm around her waist pulling her up to meet his lips fully, like always her lips parted in slight shock making his smile widen. "Well I guess we'll just stay in." He said lowering her and she rolled her eyes playfully knowing that was exactly what he wanted.

"You know I'm going to have to go home at some point. I have to get dressed for our dinner Saturday." He turned away from her to go back to packing up his paint brush. He always had to keep everything extremely organized and in order. She was noticing that about him. It sort of reminded her of Kagome but she didn't voice it. Sesshomaru was precise he didn't have OCD. She watched him as he closed the canvas stand. He took it off to the side towards a storage door. "You know a good boyfriend says things like…no you don't look awful. You look beautiful." She called out and he laughed a bit making her smile.

He came back moments later wanting to get his brushes. "You don't look awful. You look beautiful." He repeated playfully and she just turned back around to take in another one of his paintings. "You know what I was actually thinking of Saturday. Why don't I just drop you off at Kagome's and I'll wait in the living room while you get dressed." He said casually and she let the idea play around in her mind. If she didn't know better she'd think that Sesshomaru didn't want her to leave. It was just a thought but it seemed a little absurd to her. Like Sesshomaru could ever be so enamored with her he couldn't spend a few hours away. That was not like him at all… that was more like her. He waited for her response as he packed away his paint brushes.

"Uh yeah I guess…I just. I wanted it to be a surprise you know. You pick me up at nine and I'm all dress, but…" She just shrugged "if you want then yeah." She shrugged stepping to the side to survey a picture of the ocean. She wasn't paying much attention to it like she usually would. She wanted to hear his response, why did she have a feeling her inkling was true. Sesshomaru liked her a lot, even more than she thought he ever would. She always saw him as elusive, even in her fantasies she'd always be the one fighting hard for his attention or his love, but in reality he gave her everything in spades. That couldn't be true. She was just waiting for herself to wake up.

"Yeah well…" he shrugged slightly in his overly perfect way. Even when he was speaking right off the cuff, just quickly making up suggestions he still came off overly confident and factual. "I was thinking we skip all that. I'll be in a whole other room. Still a surprise when you walk out." He said looking up. She was giving him one of her gorgeous smiles but there was something else behind it, almost as if she knew. The idea had his heart increasing in speed. Could she know? What was there to know? So what he had these weird intense feelings when it came to her. He sort of never really wanted to see her just go. Was it awful to let her know…he had never been in this situation before?

"Yeah well okay then, but no sneak peeks, I'll be in the spare bedroom and you'll be in her living room." He smiled nodding. None of them said anything and she only turned when he decided to head back into his storage room with his brush and paint. She had basically thrown away all her tricks when it came to Sesshomaru. He wasn't the guy she thought he was for a million and one different reasons and surprisingly he wasn't like a typical guy either. He was…he was better. A hundred and ten times better than her fantasies but she still needed a favor from him. And even though their relationship had just started she still felt she could get it from him now. She waited for him to come back out before walking forward. "So…I guess we can order in…oh and watch movies." She said and he nodded. It wasn't a usual thing he did with the women he dated, but Rin was so different in so many ways.

"Of course I have a movie room." She widened her eyes just the way he loved it. "When you get out of this room head to the right…actually just wait for me." He told her wanting to get the clean tarp he set on the wooden floors to catch the paint. She nodded watching him for a moment.

"So uh…" she said as he rolled it up. He had just a long sleeve ordinary gray shirt and a pair of black pants. He could make even that look regal. He rolled up the tarp easily and she watched. "You're off for the rest of the month?" She asked and he nodded. "So you don't have to go to the office all month long…"

"Yeah well I still go from time to time. I like to check on things." He stood up with the tarp standing on its own. "Why? You were planning on taking advantage of the time?" He asked a slight grin on his face. She just nodded and the declaration had him moving in quickly to meet her lips. Maybe he wasn't alone in his feelings for her? "We'll plan more things…" he told her turning to head back towards the storage room. She followed making him slow down but he didn't say a word.

"So I uh…" she began and he knew just like that she had something to ask of him. He didn't have the slightest idea what it could be though. "I'd love to spend more time with you." She said going in with him. She looked around at a room filled with nothing but different size canvases, frames for when he needed to hang his painting. Stands, paint, spare paint brushes, and even more paintings he didn't care too much about to hang. Her words sort of dropped as she looked around. Everything was of course organized, all in its place. "Wow…you must really paint a lot. Were you bad when you first started?" She asked and it was such a strange question to ask. He halted a bit thinking about it. He was always so practical and calculated it was hard for her to think of him as bad at anything. She had never once seen Sesshomaru falter, not once, only when he tried to explain how he felt about her that one time. The memory had her heart fluttering and her gut warming up. She stepped herself further in the room to take in more.

"Yeah I uh…I didn't walk out of my mother's womb with a paint brush in hand." He said sarcastically and she threw him a look. "I was always better than average though, probably one of the reasons I kept it up. I don't have any of my earlier ones. I threw them out." She turned a little surprised by that. He spared her a grin. "Rin you'll find that I'm not a very nostalgic person." He said and she didn't understand completely what that meant, but she got the gist of it.

She crouched down taking in a perfect painting of a road. "Yeah but…if that's so why do you…" she hesitated for a moment, she had no idea how much he wanted to hear the question on her lips. He walked in closer.

"What…why do I what?" He asked and she turned hearing the interest in his voice. Why he seemed so engrossed in her question was beyond her.

"Why do you paint so many memories?" She asked with a shrug getting back up and turning to face him. "I recognize some of the pictures…they make me feel homesick a little." She mumbled but she didn't want to get too much into it. The intense way he demanded her to continue sort of struck her as odd. Maybe the topic was a sensitive spot for him.

He smiled gently at her. It was so compassionate it had her gulping slightly. He looked amazingly beautiful but in an approachable way. "Well…I never said I didn't want to be nostalgic…I just, I never had the emotion." He admitted and he had no idea why. There was something about her that had him releasing all his feelings, maybe it was because she was the first woman who wanted to know so much about him. She almost needed to know and she set aside things like sex to get it. "I've always been like that…things and places don't ever strike me as sacred…people do." He mumbled. "Maybe that's why I don't paint them." She nodded, she didn't understand what that meant but she gave him a smile.

"Yeah well that's a good thing. My mom always says I put too much importance on trivial things…" she said and he laughed genuinely which took her off guard but she chuckled herself. That wasn't at all what he meant. "What's so funny…?" She asked and he just very quickly walked the space between them lifting her easily. He still had that smile on his face. "Really…"

"Nothing…" he brought her down meeting her lips and when she felt the passion in the kiss she couldn't help but to kiss back, bringing her own intensity. He lowered her after awhile but never to meet the floor entirely. "You wanted something from me?" He asked bluntly and she took a deep breath to arrange her emotions. "Earlier I think you wanted to ask something?"

"Oh…uh…" why did she feel guilty all of a sudden? What she wanted to do was use his attachment to her to get what she wanted. She wanted him to go to Kagome's sister's wedding with her, but after that kiss. His smile, that laugh, she couldn't. Everything about him sort of warmed her spirit. She couldn't use her tricks or games on him…he was…he was different. "I just want to know if you want to go to Kagome's sister's wedding coming up." He thought about the question for a moment and she let nervous butterflies consume the pit of her stomach. "I know it's sort of short notice and all…but I promised her I'd go, and I've been actually truthfully planning to go with you for awhile…"

"What…" he asked and it made her glance up. He had a playful smile on his face that eased her entirely. "You've been planning to go with me for awhile. You do understand that a few days ago you couldn't stand me."

She shrugged. "Yeah because…you liked someone else, but uh…now…I think you like me." She whispered and just the way she said it. That extremely childlike want in her demeanor, it made him grin. It did so much more than that, but he didn't really understand his emotions. It was almost like she wasn't sure. She wanted him to confirm that perhaps he did like her.

"You have no idea." He said and his gift was that amazing smile she gave him. He placed a gentle hand to her chin, holding it. "I'd love to go…just give me some dates so I can put them on my calendar." She nodded and he dropped his hand from the frame of her face turning to head out of the room. "So movies right?" He asked and she nodded following happily behind him. He could almost feel the pep in her step and he just smiled shaking his head. He couldn't believe just a simple gesture like that could make her so overwhelmingly happy.

He walked out of the storage room waited for her to exit before closing the door himself. "What type of movies do you like?" She asked happily and he thought about that for a moment.

"I don't like movies…" he said turning quickly to see what type of expression that would enact in her gorgeous wide eyes. He knew it would be something dramatic and of course it was. She just widened her eyes like he had just said something extremely taboo.

"You don't like movies?" She asked incredulously and he just smiled turning away to head out of his art room. She skipped beside him walking quickly at his pace. "Who doesn't like movies?" he shrugged sarcastically and she brought her head center just thinking about what he just said. "What else don't you like that normal people do?" She asked and the question had him laughing once again. She hesitated surprised, but only for a moment. "Do you hate food…and puppies?"

"I actually uh…I don't like animals and…I enjoy food…when I'm hungry." He said and it was her turn to laugh.

"Inuyasha doesn't like animals either." She stated slightly and he had no idea why the declaration made him feel slightly at odds. "Says their gross…"

"Yeah well he's always been so articulate…" he mumbled sarcastically and Rin furrowed her eyebrows slightly. She followed him towards the right which just told her how much bigger the apartment was. It opened up to a few doors but he bypassed them all to head to the double doors up ahead.

"Why is that…?" She asked putting her arm around his forearm. She did that sometimes. At first he found the notion odd and he didn't know exactly how to feel about it, but now he actually enjoyed any affection she openly initiated. He reflexively pulled his arm away from hers opting to place it around her waist instead. It brought her closer towards him. "He's sort of like you…"

"No we're two different people trust me…" He said opening the door that led to a fairly large room with no windows. It had just one wrap around couch and an extremely large flat screen television.

She shrugged slightly looking around and taking everything in. He steered himself to the right grabbing a remote from one of the built in shelves and pointing it towards the television. "Why do you hate him?" she casually asked and he glanced over at her in surprise. "I mean he's your brother. And yeah he can be a bit of a jerk, but he's not bad…not at all… he's always there for me…he's my best friend." She whispered but she didn't let any of the emotion show on her face. She just continued to look around. He didn't know how to feel about her declaration. If he should be envious, upset, or defensive? He did feel offended, an emotion he wasn't used to having at all…he didn't by any means hate his younger brother.

"I don't hate him." He stated and she turned. He hated that shocked look on her perfect face. He didn't want her thinking of him in that light. He already knew how she felt about him. On the business trip he all but tried to sabotage his younger brother. Steal Kagome away, cripple anything proactive he did. He had been doing all of this while Rin was doing the opposite, of course she though he hated Inuyasha.

"You don't…"

"Of course not Rin." She turned to face him wanting him to continue. "I don't have any DVD's but you can order whatever you like. I'm going to head to the back, call the maid to clean the house while we're watching…so…"

"If you don't then why did you do all those things...?"

"I don't know…" He interrupted passing her the remote carelessly. "It wasn't because I hate him. He's my fucking brother. I don't hate him." He snapped and she halted widening her eyes in shock. He turned to leave but she followed quickly. "Could you not…" he said and she took a few steps back feeling her heart beat rapidly in fear. She had never seen him angry before and he wasn't even screaming or yelling. He looked calm he just had this vigor in his voice and the deathly handsome look on his perfect face. He turned away again leaving the room and she just stared after him. It came out of nowhere, she had no idea he was even upset leading up to it. Aggravated maybe, but not so much so that he'd snap like that.

She turned forward remote still in hand staring at the giant television. She walked forward sitting slightly at the end of the seat but she didn't turn the TV on, she just stared awkwardly up not knowing what to do or say.

She sat there thinking for a few minutes before getting up to head to the door. She couldn't just leave it like that. She understood maybe he needed time but still. She couldn't it... was just how she was. She wanted to make things right, but she also didn't feel the need to apologize. She headed out of the media center and out into the hall. She trailed into the room with the massive double staircase heading to the left. "Uh Sesshomaru…" She called out.

He wasn't in the kitchen or in any of the other rooms near the front door. She backed up going back near the double staircase. "Sesshomaru…" She said again but her voice wasn't all that audible. It was a normal tone and her searching wasn't very intense either. She walked up the stairs looking behind her for a moment. She continued up her heart beating faster, just anticipating what she'd find. "Hey…" she called out taking a right down the long hall. She took a short left seeing two glass double doors. She instantly knew it was the terrace. It had warmed up a bit but outside was considerably chillier then indoors. "Hey…." She repeated letting herself outside.

She glanced around at the massive terrace. It was gorgeous with a floral garden on the left that trailed along the triangular shape area. There were furnisher lawn sets off to the side that reminded her of some garden sitting area near a winery. She widened her eyes doing a quick spin around. His apartment never ever ceased to amaze her. He was to the side looking off into the back of the apartment. Some of the city landscape could be seen in the back ground, but below them was an outside spa for the apartment residents. She wasn't sure but she was pretty sure he was ignoring her. "Sesshomaru…" she whispered and he turned around to face her slightly. She took a few steps forward….

"Rin…get back inside you're going to get sick." He advised taking in her body. She had her arms crossed trying to shield herself from the cold. The move had her legs showing much more and his lower stomach heating up. She hesitated for a moment staying near the door.

"Well uh…then can you come here?" She asked taking a step back. He didn't say anything he just sort of peered back out at the city for a moment. He was leaning against the railing his arms over the edge. It wasn't until he lifted something to his lips did she realize he had a mug in his left hand. "Did you hear me?" She asked and he turned around.

"Yeah I did…I'm coming." He promised and she turned around going back into the house. She sort of stayed near the glass doors watching him take his leisure time. When he was done he came forward seeing her for a moment halting before closing and locking the glass doors. She took a step back still waiting patiently but he didn't say anything to her he just continued down the hall. "I made some coffee…help yourself its downstairs."

"I don't want coffee…" she mumbled and he nodded going towards his study. "I came up here to talk about what happened and what I said…"

"I don't want to talk about that…" He said abruptly and she hesitated furrowing her eyebrows. He opened the door and she headed in. He wasn't annoyed by the notion but he was a bit hesitant. He walked forward taking a seat at the front near his desk. She didn't take time to look around at his study. She just stood there staring at him as he passively sat down in his seat and turned on his computer screen. He didn't say much more and she didn't know exactly what to think. She didn't even know what to say. She was slightly defeated.

"So um you're upset about what I asked earlier?" She asked but he didn't look at her. He just continued to type away. "Did you hear me?" She asked going to sit adjacent from his desk. He didn't even spare her a look. She never felt like she didn't know him more than at that moment. It hit her hard that she had known Sesshomaru since she was a kid, but she really didn't "know" him. She knew stupid exterior petty things…but now this was his real personality. And it hit only a day after starting their relationship. It sort of took her off guard. "Because if you are…just say it stop….you know."

"No I don't…" he said casually while opening up a file on his desk. She stared at him for a moment as he openly ignored her. She didn't say anything she just watched.

"You're acting immature…" she whispered but he didn't answer. He just kept working. "I'm not apologizing…"

"I'm not asking you to."

"Then what do you want from me?"

"Nothing Rin…I'm not even upset…" He bluntly stated and she set eyes on his perfect face. She realized he wasn't lying. He really wasn't upset….maybe for a split second he was but now…he was over it. So why the hell was he acting like this? Why didn't he give her some assurance that he was fine or wasn't upset with her. She just didn't get it? Why was he acting like this? What was there about him that she didn't know?

"Okay then why are you…why didn't you come back down stairs?" She asked and he just shrugged.

"I made coffee…I had to make some calls…" He said nonchalantly and he stared down at his file. The whole exchange had her stomach boiling with anger. She held it in though. she wasn't going to show it. She didn't have tantrums like a preteen anymore. She had other ways to show she was frustrated. She rose from her spot leaning towards him. He didn't even look up at the notion. He was just flipping different pages in the folder. She didn't hesitate to close it and knock it off his desk. It fell opened on the floor papers flying away from it. "What the hell was that?" He asked calmly but his voice had a slight edge to it like earlier when he snapped at her.

"You're not fooling anyone…" She said bluntly and he looked from the papers to her. She sort of stood there with apparent anger on her face.

"What…" he asked shocked but of course the anger didn't actually show on his face.

"You were upset with what I said downstairs, and if you had a problem you should tell me. Prove yourself don't just go walking away without giving any notice and pretending as if you're not upset." She demanded and he just stared at her. He didn't know what to say and he had nothing to say really. She was absolutely correct but that was him. He didn't express that type of emotion well at all.

"I'm not upset Rin…" he stated and she crossed her arms again knowingly and he sighed. "I was upset at your accusation earlier but I'm over it now."

"Are you…" she asked sitting back down making him silently sigh. He really didn't want to have this conversation right now and he felt like tuning her out. But why did he have the feeling that with Rin that wasn't an option. "Then you should have come back in. I was in that media room for awhile and you never came. You made me think that you were upset with me. And I know maybe you needed time…but still…"

"I got hung up doing other things…not everything is entirely cut and dry…" He said looking back at the computer. She just stared at him, not sure if he was telling the truth. She didn't say a word just studied his features. Why did she feel compelled to say she was sorry? Was it really her fault? Just because she asked a simple question…maybe it was slightly rude. She sighed slightly rising from her seat.

"I'm sorry…" She stated and he glanced at her.

"I thought you weren't apologizing?" He asked and he hid his amusement when he took in that scowl on her gorgeous face. "I'm not upset though Rin you don't need to apologize."

"Well then why did you snap at me?" She asked sitting back down. He could sense her urgency, her need for an answer. He wasn't any stranger to a woman needing to understand the things he did. It was an endless paradox; in all his relationships he could never give a woman him fully. He was always guarded and even now. After a day of being with Rin, she knew more about him then women he dated for months did. She had a way of prying, searching for more than he was offering, and because she struck him as so different he allowed it. Maybe that was one of the reasons he had an urge to explain to her the reasoning behind why he got upset.

He looked up staring at her. Something he wouldn't do for anybody else. When he was upset he needed time and he didn't like being pestered. He wasn't upset though he was more disappointed. He wasn't even offended by what she told him although he knew that's what she thought. He sighed deciding for the first time to go ahead and sum up how he was feeling. He wasn't an irrational person. His emotions were always very tactical and organized. He knew what had him at odds. The real challenge was telling her. "Because Rin your accusation earlier was extremely rude…" His statement had her shocked and he could tell. She looked like she was going to say something but he stopped her. "I was offended after hearing it but not because of your question or the accusation, although it does mean something to me that you felt the need to apologize. The reason behind my anger was because I happen to actually be very interested in you…" The declaration had her looking up from her lap. "And I know I've done some things in the past that you find despicable but I don't want you seeing me in that light. I'm coming to terms with the fact that I don't have a remedy to erase the past from your memory."

"I don't see you like that…" she blurted out after awhile. He spared her a knowing look and she shut her mouth. "I mean you're a lot different than I thought you'd be…but in a good way…you know until you snapped at me." She whispered and he thought about that.

"Well I'm sorry I did…but now you know my reasoning. As for the reason I didn't join you in the entertainment room…well you're correct I needed time…I wouldn't mix my avoidance for immaturity though…" He said and she let that soak in. She didn't even know what to say. She just felt the need to bow down and pick up his files for him. She didn't expect the conversation to go like this at all…she just stared at him for a moment.

"I just wanted to understand why you did it?" She whispered but he didn't spare her a look. "You know why you went after Kagome despite…"

"I saw her as an asset." He interrupted before she could continue on. Maybe if he told her she'd let it go. Maybe understand him a little more, she seemed very intrigued in understanding his personality. Maybe it was time for her to see some of his faults as well. "I can be a selfish person at times…so yes I did undermine my brother but I don't hate him…he's my brother. He can be a bit irresponsible sometimes and transparent. If he wasn't going to see the gem that sat right under his nose then I don't understand why I should force feed it to him. He's always getting hand outs…given everything on a platter…he hardly tries. His business is finding the easy way out in everything and he needed to simply be taught that in life you have to put forth effort to get what you want. So…if he wanted Kagome he'd have to put up some effort…now was that rude of me…maybe. Selfish…of course…vengeful and trivial…" he shrugged… "I never said I was proud of it. But for you to equate it to me just completely hating my younger brother well…it's understandable. Then again you're not part of our relationship so it just seems a little pretentious on your part."

"I'm not pretentious…" she said out of nowhere and he just smiled simmering her down. "I just always wanted to know is all…and I always just assumed…"

"Exactly you assume all too much…it's a pretentious act and it can make a person come off as a bit arrogant…" His words caught her off guard and she just sat there shocked staring at him. She had no words to combat him. Could he be right? "If you want though once I'm done with this…I will meet you downstairs…" he turned to face her smiling handsomely. "We'll watch movies." She rose from her spot still in a daze turning to head out of his study. Was she really pretentious?





INU POV (later that night)

No one spoke at all during dinner. The house was extremely silent and awkward. He could tell something was bothering Kagome but he wasn't sure what it was. She purposely wouldn't make eye contact, but he could tell something happened in between earlier that morning and now. She rose up after dessert grabbing everyone's plates easily. Unlike her mom she waited till everyone was done with their pie to grab the remains. When she passed and leaned over to get his plate he placed a hand on her thigh softly. He made sure neither her brother nor grandfather could see. Their mother was too busy cleaning the plates to pay attention either. She tensed at the touch and he glided it higher up, making her jump slightly.

He didn't mean the notion to be sexual, well he did slightly, but he really wanted to understand why she was so on edge. "What's wrong…?" He whispered and she grabbed his plate and fork shaking her head. She didn't say much more though she just walked away towards her mother putting the plates in the sink. He watched her for awhile sitting forward. What the hell was going on?

"So tomorrow…" her mother announced after awhile. He just sat in his seat for a moment longer wanting to get her attention at some point. "Kag we have a lot of work to do, I picked up almost everything but I called out some favors. I got someone to come here to give you that manicure…I'm still trying to find a stylist for your hair." Her mother dried her hands scooping up a mass of her daughter's hair. "I picked up the clothes though, and I'm meeting with the party planner…"

"Do we need a planner…you couldn't plan the party?" Her grandfather mumbled from his spot.

"Of course not dad…this is an engagement party. Everything is already last minute now that we're switching around the Welcoming party. I had to call more reinforcements. This is going to be extravagant…"

"I know pumpkin…I just see things in dollar bills…" Her grandfather mumbled getting up from his spot. He said a few things to Souta then turned towards Inuyasha. "So bright and early tomorrow morning…" He said and Inuyasha gave him a half grin. "I want to thank you again for the paper work you did. I'm going to try and take some of your advice. See what that does for the shop." Kagome halted for a moment near her mother taking that in. She looked from her grandfather to Inuyasha. She didn't know exactly how she felt about the information. She had ideas for her family's store since she was young but her grandfather just over looked each one of them, but now…because Inuyasha gave him some advice. He seemed to appreciate it more. It didn't make sense to her, but she tried to tell herself that maybe he had better ideas. It didn't matter anyway really. They had bigger problems, Kikyo wasn't happy and although her mother was trying to hide it, she was on edge, and she had every reason to be.

"I um…grandpa…" Kagome said from her spot. She was currently taking over cleaning the dishes as her mother put away leftovers. "I brought some forms home from the shop. I've been working on them here." Her grandfather just smiled condescendingly and returned to complimenting Inuyasha. She stared at the exchange for a moment wanting to say something else.

"Kagome leave the men alone. You should have been helping with some chores around the house in preparation for your party. I'm not getting the house professionally cleaned. I want every ounce of money to go to this party. I don't think you understand how important this is." Kagome just nodded becoming compliant again. She didn't want to but she decided to help her mother a bit more, especially after Kikyo's reaction. They never really talked about it after she hung up the phone. It was just something they quietly acknowledged. "Oh dad that reminds me…" Her mom said. "You don't actually mind if I steal Mr. Takashi tomorrow..." she said with a smile. "Excuse me I mean Inuyasha."

Inuyasha took a slight sigh of relief. He'd do anything to keep from hauling crates of manure and animal food. Her grandfather seemed to contemplate it for a moment, but Kagome seemed eager for him to say yes. It was hard enough not seeing him all day but knowing that all week or even during their whole stay he'd be away like that. He didn't travel here to help with the family business. "Well what do you have planned for him tomorrow?"

"Well because Kagome decided to sneak out today. I'm trying desperately to get all my work done from home. I'm meeting with a few of the people setting up the back yard and the caterers. I'm getting a manicure done from home. I'm probably going to have to do her hair myself…but any who…I need Mr. Takashi to try on some clothes I bought him today."

"Mom…" Kagome said shaking her head. "I already said you didn't have to do that."

"Well I already did honey. I bought a few for you too." She mumbled. Her mother had been gone for the whole day. She left dinner for her to finish and that was about it. She hadn't asked for much more so Kagome spent most of the day working on her grandfather's files and cleaning.

"Mom that's needless spending…"

"Honey you're only engaged once if you're lucky. I want to make this count. I want everything perfect. Honestly." She said and Kagome just sighed going back to clean the dishes.

"Well you don't need Mr. Takashi all day for that do you?" He asked and his daughter just shrugged. "Well we'll see how we can divide his time." He put a hand to Inuyasha's shoulder before leaving the room completely. Souta had left a long time ago but no one seemed to notice. The room became quiet once again and he decided that it had become much too quiet to just sit in his spot without speaking.

"Uh thank you for dinner…it was delicious." He said charmingly and her mother smiled upwards.

"Don't thank me thank your fiancée. She cooked tonight." He shifted his eyes towards Kagome who gave him a feeble grin. What was up with her tonight? What was up with everyone?

"Well I appreciate the clothes you bought. You should allow me to pay you back." Her mother looked up in shock but Kagome just glanced over at him from the sink.

"Don't be absurd…Mr.…uh Inuyasha…" She said waving him away. "This is a mother-in-law's duty." He threw her another one of his overly handsome grins, though in reality he was a little put off by that. It so was not a duty for her to buy him clothes. Or ask for his size in clothes…it very truly wasn't.

"Well thank you anyway. I'm going to head to bed." He said and that yet again got Kagome's attention. She watched him longingly for awhile till he disappeared.

"His manners are impeccable." Her mother mumbled looking over at Kagome who was just staring at him as he left. "Kagome…close your mouth stop acting so damn desperate." She said but her daughter just ignored her. "I'm extremely nervous about your sister this weekend." Her mother whispered after awhile and Kagome widened her eyes looking over at her mother. It was like she just broke the ice that had everyone acting so damn particular that evening. Her grandfather had been briefed on the phone call this afternoon when she rode down to take the pickup. Kikyo wasn't at all happy and no one knew exactly what that meant till she got here.

"I'm sure it'll…she'll be fine. Just a little upset is all. She has so much other things going on this month all about her." Kagome said with a slight shrug. It wasn't like her family to talk in-depth about Kikyo's ways, so they tip toed over the problem.

"Of course…she'll of course handle it well." Her mother mumbled. "Uh why don't you head to bed? We have a big day tomorrow." Kagome smiled slightly but tried to hide her reaction.

"Are you sure…I can keep helping." Her mother gave her a knowing look and she just left the dishes turning to give her a slight hug.

"Don't get too carried away in there…I don't want you pregnant walking down the aisle. Her mother said and just like that a nice moment turned to shit. She released her from the hug and took a step back. Her face completely red with utter embarrassment, she didn't even have words to rebuff the claim. "Go ahead…run along." Her mother sung and she turned around leaving without a good bye. She climbed down the stairs and up the hall to the left. The door was slightly opened so she let herself in.

She could hear the shower running in the bathroom which disappointed her. She locked the door behind her and walked towards the bathroom, he had left the door wide open, but that was very much like him. She was sort of envious of him for that. He seemed so confidant, he could pee in front of her, walk around naked, take a shower with the door opened. She couldn't…the idea made her so jittery inside. She let herself in going for the sink.

His clothes were carelessly shuffled to the side on the floor. She wanted to brush her teeth but the look of the clothes lying so very sloppily had her moving towards the shower. She crouched on the floor and picked up his shirt folding it and setting it to the side. She did the same with his pants and boxers. She was so into her work she didn't notice the shower curtain opening. He sensed the movement so he very easily peered out. The shower still running as soon as he spotted her folding his clothes he smiled. "What are you doing?" He asked knowingly and she looked up in shock dropping his boxers on the floor and widening her eyes. "I saw you unpacked my clothes today. You had a lot of time on your hands."

She still had a shock palm to her heart. She took him in fully, he wasn't completely shown. He was slightly peeking out of the curtain taking her in. She was still so surprise but after awhile she stood herself up and smiled slightly. "I'm sorry sometimes when I'm stressed I uh…I clean." She admitted and he nodded knowingly. She easily turned around wanting to head to the sink. He watched for a moment before turning back around. He could obviously tell something was still bothering her.

"Is everything okay?" He called out washing the remaining soap from him. She meagerly nodded before opting for an 'mmhmm.' He could already tell things weren't fine with her. "Are you sure?" He asked and she smiled slightly staring at herself in the mirror for a moment. She had no idea why, but she felt like the old her. The one who was always in her sister's shadow. It was strange but that was what talking to her sister enacted in her. She felt a bit insecure like she wouldn't be able to measure up to her. When she came walking in that door Saturday Inuyasha would take one look at her and know she was the better choice. She grabbed her tooth brush feeling slightly low. Was she shallow for thinking like that? She had bigger problems. Her mom was trying to figure out ways to appease her sister while also not giving into her manipulations. It was a tall order seeing as Kikyo had never been told no before. She should have been happy, proud even that her mom was putting her first finally. Her mom was willing to say no to Kikyo to please her. That was a first, but yet she couldn't help but think that the main reason she did it was because of Inuyasha. "Kagome…" He said and she turned to look at the shower curtain.

The idea of him being naked in there had her stomach twisting ridiculously, but the water was still running he hadn't come out. Her emotions didn't have to act crazy at the moment. She needed to calm down. She had too many other things running through her to host other feelings as well. Although she knew there was no stopping it, these emotions she had for him would never go away. "Yeah…" she mumbled slightly.

"I uh…I asked if you were sure…you know. You seem down." The water stopped after that one question and all her other problems sort of faded away. Her stomach knotted and in came the intense feelings only he could provoke. The curtain opened up and she could literally feel her heart begin beating. She stood still and stared into the mirror trying hard not to turn to her right and take him in. she had an amazing urge to. Why? She had no idea, she just did and the thought had the pit of her stomach heating up. She grabbed her tooth brush and clenched at it. "Kagome…" she felt movement to her right.

"I'm fine…I…uh just my mom." He nodded watching her as she stared down at her toothbrush. She didn't do anything just stood there staring at it. He grabbed his towel from the side pulling it on.

"You know I can tell when you're lying…" he whispered and she managed to tense even more. He didn't say much more though. He just walked out of the bathroom leaving her there to contemplate things. Was he mad now? Was he tired of her lying…? How upset was he? Would that make him more susceptible to being swept away by Kikyo? She felt like with the way her sister made her feel after just a phone call. She could so very easily take him away? What would stop her? She was same old gorgeous Kikyo probably, but she was even worst now. Rich from being engaged to a Hirata, cocky because she so easily lore him, and extremely jealous because she had to run her mouth and shallowly declare she was marrying Inuyasha.

That was another thing that had her on edge. Why did she tell her sister that? How shallow and petty could she be? She was the logical one. She didn't care in the least about men and their money and how handsome they were. She could never bring herself to worry about marriage and a family like her mother. Growing up that was their mother's obsession. Make sure her two daughters married someone who could support them. Kagome thought her mother was extremely one dimensional and superficial but it turned out that under pressure she could be the same way. She felt like she owed Inuyasha a million and one apologies, but if she said anything to him he wouldn't even understand why.

She brushed her teeth and cleaned her face. She hesitated for a moment before heading out into the room to get her things to shower. He was lying on the bed with his laptop on his lap. He had no shirt on just a burgundy pair of boxers. He seemed extremely into what he was looking at but when she came out he looked over at her. He didn't seem upset like she thought he would be. She didn't want him upset but she also didn't know how to tell him exactly what was on her mind. He wouldn't understand. He would think the worst of her if she admitted how her family worked. If she told him that she was so insecure that she thought he'd leave her for her sister. He didn't say anything he just watched as she went to the drawer and took out clothes.

She did it silently for a moment before feeling that pressure, feeling almost like she should speak. "Are you mad at me?" She bluntly asked and he set the laptop to the side to look at her fully.

"No…" he stated but he very much seemed upset. She nodded while grabbing a towel and turning slightly to head back to the bathroom. "I've been um thinking though…" he said and that halted her completely. He didn't know really if he was upset. He was more like annoyed, but he set aside his emotions because of course she seemed more distraught and he just really wanted to comfort her. He didn't understand why she couldn't just tell him what was on her mind. "Maybe you know after you take your shower you could get dressed out here." He said with a shrug. His words came out so casually but he wasn't surprised at all by the look of shock that went through her features. "It's just…I want you to be comfortable around me."

"I am…" she said quickly and he soaked her words in wanting to find the fault in them nicely. "I'm comfortable with you…I don't understand why you don't think so?" She whispered and that was the look he was afraid of. He didn't want her feeling even more insecure by the statement.

"It's not a sexual thing Kagome." He said but that didn't ease her. "You just…you seem distant, and you don't ever seem to trust me…"

"I trust you…" he smiled slightly and nodded. "I do…I do…" he picked up the laptop again and looked back down at it leaving the conversation alone and he had no idea how much that series of actions hurt her. It literally sunk her heart. He didn't believe her and he had no reason to, but the fact that he wasn't willing to even argue the notion. It made her feel so awful in so many different ways. "I don't understand how getting dressed in front of you is going to make me trust you" she whispered.

"Well…first tell me why you feel the need to get dressed in the bathroom?" He asked knowingly. She didn't know what to say to that and he knew she didn't. "I…just…I hate having to pry to understand how you're feeling. When you're low you always feel the need to lie. And you put a wall up, it's your go to thing…and this doesn't even have to do with…" he hesitated not wanting to bring up the sex. He didn't want to do that. This had nothing to do with that. That's what he told himself. And he hoped deep down that was true, because if it did…then he was awful. Did he really feel the need to have sex with her that bad? "Actually never mind." He mumbled and she let her eyes glide away from him wondering why he just halted in the middle of his sentence.

"Why…" she said and he looked up at her. She didn't say anything more she just stared passed him at the head of the bed. He waited for her to say something but she just felt completely defeated. With this, her sister, her grandfather…she just. She turned around going back to the bathroom.

"Kagome…" He said pushing the computer off and wanting to go after her but the subtle click of the lock told him everything he needed to know. He felt extremely awful, even worst when he thought about the real reasons behind why he initiated the argument. He didn't think it was sex related, maybe he was just frustrated…





She came out a few minutes later fully dressed in striped red pajama pants and a white tank top. Her hair in its pristine bun, as soon as he saw her he sat up. "Kagome…I'm…I shouldn't have told you that." He said quickly. "You do everything in your own pace…I'm not angry with you…not at all…not because of the lie…nothing." He said and she just nodded slightly walking around to her side of the bed. He watched her for a moment as she climbed in. "'I'm sorry…"

"Don't be…you were right…" she mumbled while sitting down against the board. He tried to find the double meaning in her phrase, but he couldn't.

"No I wasn't…I'm being insensitive. Something's wrong. Maybe you don't want to talk about it?" He whispered and she turned slightly to face him. He waited for her to speak but she never did. He climbed onto the bed and sat down. "I just…you confuse me sometimes." He admitted and she nodded while sitting up slightly to move closer to him. Her heart was beating like crazy and her stomach turning but she told herself she'd do this. "I just want you to feel comfortable, and if you're too shy to get dressed in front of me. Or…" he shrugged slightly feeling her come closer. He was going to reflexively put an arm around her waist but when she reached up and kissed him solidly on the corner of his chin all thoughts disappeared. He looked down at her and she took the time to kiss him softly on the lips. He moved to face her fully allowing her to kiss him again.

"I tried…I want to be able to do it." She whispered and he had no idea if she meant the getting dressed or sex, but in between her words she'd kiss him softly. She moved forward allowing him to take her in his arms, "but you're right…I couldn't, and I don't know why because I do trust you…and I love you…and I missed you like crazy when you were at the shop. That's why I unpacked…." She whispered and he just smiled her words warming him to no end. She brought her lips back to his and he moved towards her deepening it. She raised her arms around his neck while he lowered his to her waist. She sat on the heels of her feet leaning forward forcing him to hit the bed board slightly but he didn't notice. He concentrated on keeping the kiss sweet, trying to resist the urge to slip his hands into her shirt. She brought herself lower to kiss down his jaw line. He let his grip on her waist loosen knowing with the fervor of her kisses he'd want more. He sort of hated himself for that. Why did he need more? He loved her that should have been enough.

She kissed him down his neck and he let his arms fall to his sides. The lack of touching sort of confused her but she pushed herself closer. Forcing her chest to hit his, she began doing that crazy slight biting she sometimes did down his neck. It drove him extremely crazy but he resisted the urge to push her down. The urge to do so much more, she nipped lower towards his collarbone to his pecks, continuing the biting with more vigor than before, but when she brought herself up again to meet his lips she hesitated. He was too lost in the feeling and the effort to resist to fully realize, but she was just taking in his overly handsome face in confusion. She gently picked up his left hand and he opened his eyes meeting beautiful midnight blue. She smiled slightly looking down at his hand, "don't you want more…" she whispered moving his left arm to enclose around her waist. He was struck completely by the notion. He just took her in feeling a million and one emotions for her but not being able to clearly say one.

"Always…" he said leaning forward to bring his lips to hers. "But only when you're ready." She hesitated for a moment.

"I am…" she whispered looking down at the bed spread. She sat back on her heels and slowly pulled off her shirt. "I'm ready…" he stared at her slightly never letting his eyes leave her face. The look of it, he felt like a dick. She wanted to please him, because she loved him. Of course he knew that, he did, but for some reason a lot more began making sense. He brought himself closer putting his hands on her bare waist. He looked down, taking in her perfect body. He let his hands roam upwards gently past her ribcage and to her arms. He rested them on her shoulders and smiled down at her.

"No you're not…" he said and she seemed shocked at his declaration. She looked up and he took in those eyes that he loved so much. He lowered himself to meet her lips but she didn't kiss back. "And you don't have to be…I'll wait." He whispered and something about his words caused a stir in her. It wasn't an unfamiliar feeling though, she was used to it, because it happened the first time she ever fell in love fully with him and it continued on whenever she saw him. "I just don't want you to be afraid of me." He said and she pushed herself forward bringing her arms around his shoulders. It was a slight hug and he smiled. "Or think too much of me…I think you're beautiful…you have nothing to hide."

"You do…" she said and he lifted both eyebrows bringing her away slightly.

"You have to be kidding me…of course…look at you." He took in that wide grin and he placed a hand to her chin gently. "Always"

"So if someone else came, and they were more beautiful…" she whispered and he narrowed his eyes waiting for her to continue. "No matter what you'd still…"

"Kagome…is that what's bothering you?" He whispered and she shook her head lying. She prided herself on being the least shallow in her family, but here she was thinking he'd leave her for her sister. "That'll never happen." He stated and he left it at that. He put two firm arms on her waist and brought her easily to him before lying back on the bed. She rested herself on his chest comfortably letting his words play around in her head. He had a feeling that this someone wasn't just hypothetical. She was implying someone. He wondered who it was?






She woke up only a couple hours later. She didn't move. It was almost like she knew it wasn't yet time to wake. She could feel Inuyasha under her sleeping, his chest moving up and down. She shifted slightly to glance at his face. Even in sleep he was still so sinfully handsome. His eyes were closed and his full lips slightly parted. She stared up at him for a moment before adjusting herself in his arms to sleep closer to his face. She laid her head again near his shoulders while turning her body to the side.

She had so much going through her mind, even after everything he told her hours prior. It should have reassured her, and it did. She was happy, but still…she hated this feeling. She hated being just so insecure. It made her feel as if she'd never ever be able to give herself to him fully. She stared out of the cloth curtains covering the two balcony doors. She could see the moon peeking out from the indigo sky. She brought her hands up to rest under her head. The movement had him shifting slightly.

Her hands rubbed the length of his hard chest to rest below her ear. She hesitated for a moment at the feel of it. Subconsciously letting her hands slide down the length of his torso, she didn't want much more than that. Maybe perhaps to kiss him on the lips but that was it, well that's what she told herself. But earlier in the day and even before that she'd have these weird emotions towards him. Why was she denying it? She wanted more, but the idea sort of scared her. It was like unknown territory…what if that meant she was ready? She was so lost with this stuff, she never had a boyfriend before, and there was only so much she could ask Rin. And even if she hid away and asked her everything, she'd never be able to give her the assurance that she needed. She'd never be able to fully tell everything about her family's dynamics. Maybe it was a mistake bringing Inuyasha.

She just felt a bit embarrassed admitting how insecure she was, especially about her sister, but Inuyasha…he was perfect. And amazing and for her to think for just a moment he'd ever just simply chose her sister over her was insane. She smiled slightly at herself. How ridiculous was that assumption…she put her forehead against his shoulder. His arms were loosely against her lower back. He tightened them around her reflexively at the feeling. She smiled slightly moving her hands to lie down at her side and turning her head adjacent to his neck. She closed her eyes ready to sleep but not being able to. What was stopping her? She opened them rising from her spot. She couldn't get too far with the grip he had on her frame. She moved in near him… "Inuyasha…" she whispered but he only budged then moved his head. "Hey…" Still no move…

She brought a hand up and tapped him gently on his shoulder but nothing. It had her feeling a bit guilty, maybe he was too exhausted to wake. She laid back down but still…she felt the need to wake him. She needed to tell him something. What it was? She had no idea. It was just an overwhelming urge. "Inuyasha…" She said louder and he parted his mouth a bit more mumbling something. She stared at the overly handsome gesture, bringing her face close to his. She didn't over think it. She just brought her lips down on his kissing him sweetly. As soon as he felt her lips on his he opened his eyes. It took him a moment to wake fully but ultimately he kissed back at the tail end of it.

"Hey…" he said with a smile. He slipped his hand into her tank top rubbing up her bare back. She tensed at the feeling but allowed it.

"Sorry for waking you…but…I…I need to talk to you" She whispered and his smile faltered slightly. Talking wasn't at all what he thought she needed. He wasn't too defeated though, he could instantly remember the conversation they had moments earlier.

He released her and sat up. "Yeah…" he whispered meeting her lips again. She didn't kiss back but it didn't faze him. "What's on your mind…?" he looked over at the alarm clock in the corner. It was only ten at night. He was beginning to get used to sleeping extremely early.

"Inuyasha…" she said quickly making him turn around. She had urgency in her voice and he was shocked by it. He took a look at her face. She had gotten up and was just casually straddling him. And like always she had no idea what the effects of her position had on him. "I uh…I wanna talk to you about earlier." She whispered. She couldn't meet his eyes. Instead she was fiddling with her fingers slightly, trying to find a way to tell him how she felt.

"Okay should I be uh…worried?" He asked and she looked up. He could tell she was confused. Yet she had kissed him first, so what was the worst she could say? "I'm not in any trouble?" He joked but it didn't make her smile she just looked back down at her fingers. "Kagome…"

"I want to tell you what had me upset earlier. You asked and it wasn't right for me not to tell you. I want to prove that I trust you, because I do."

"Yeah but I already know that…" He murmured while putting his hands on her waist. He brought her close to him. "Don't worry about it…"

"No…it's more than that." She said pushing him away gently. "You see when I left the shop I went home." He nodded bring a confused hand to the back of his head. He scratched waiting for her to explain. "And my mom she wanted me to call my sister…and she's the reason why I was upset. When I was younger I wasn't treated really well by my family." She said quickly and he stared at her waiting. "But my sister was really spoiled because she acted just like my mom, and now she still is…so when I talked to her I just."

"It upset you…" She nodded and he just smiled. "Thanks for telling me…" He brought a hand to frame her face smiling. He wanted to bend down and kiss her but she shook her head.

"That's not just it…my sister is…." She hesitated not knowing how to explain. She should have told him fully about her whole family, but she knew she couldn't. At least she could explain her family a little more for him. Give him a heads up before Saturday. "She's really different…"

"Crazy…" He stated and she gave him an adorable perplexed look. "I actually spoke to your brother today. He uh…he told me a bit about her." Kagome smiled slightly, crazy wasn't the adjective she wanted to use to describe Kikyo. But it did the trick and it helped cast her in a not so bright light, which would help come Saturday… "It means a lot you felt so compelled to tell me." He whispered leaning against the head board. "Anything else…" She shook her head still very pleased. "Well I have this strange feeling your mom will come knocking in a few more hours so you wanna sleep?" He asked leaning to the side to turn off the lights.

She just nodded as he lied back down and she took her place on his chest. His arms enclosed around her making her feel ridiculously comfortable. She closed her eyes content with where she was but still not able to sleep...





There was a knock on the door at five in the morning. For the first time Kagome wasn't waking up before him. She seemed extremely comfortable in his arms and when he heard the rapping he launched forward his senses returning immediately. "Kagome…" her mother called from the door. He sighed in aggravation. "The guys have already left to go to the shop. You and Inuyasha need to wake up soon. I have someone coming down to do your nails at noon…oh and I have to meet with some people to set up the back yard so if you guys could start trying on clothes before then." She said and he looked down at Kagome's sleeping form. She was on her side sleeping on top of him in fetal position. Seeing her washed away most of his aggravation, "Kagome…" her mother yelled, and just like that it was back.

"Uh we're up…" He lied and that seemed to please her because she clapped her hands for a moment.

"Okay great uh…you guys take your time getting up. I'm leaving the clothes next to the door for you to try on. When you arrive on a decision let me know. Oh and make sure you guys match…I'm so excited…" She called out making him roll his eyes. He could hear her feet walking away in the distance and he slumped back down in bed. Kagome still didn't stir which he knew was uncharacteristic of her. She just straightened her legs letting them hang slightly adjacent to his. She was a fairly tall woman but nowhere near his height. He stared forward at the TV ahead, it was off at the moment and the remote was on the side table but he didn't want to wake her. He also wanted to actually at some point go back to sleep but why did he have a feeling that was unlikely.

The events of last night kept coming back to his mind. He felt extremely guilty for putting her in that position. But also a little disappointed at what the argument led to. He was making some sort of growth when it came to sex before, but now after yesterday all that was ruined. He shouldn't have been thinking about that. He was of course pleased at the declaration she made. It put some things in perspective. Had him even more curious about her sister though, he didn't think he could take another insane member of her already crazy family, and from what Souta said she'd be even crazier than the rest of them.

He stayed staring forward for a moment contemplating things. He had his own secrets he hadn't revealed so maybe he should have been more sensitive of hers. Well he felt like he was being sensitive but it was hard for him. He couldn't really explain why unless he took the time to tell her about all his own faults. She stirred in his arms after awhile and he looked down waiting for her to awake. It took a moment but she did finally, moving to sit up but being trapped by his arms. "Hey…." He said and she glanced up at him realizing where she was. Her heart began thumping automatically and she put two hands on her face wanting to capture any sleep. "What? You had another bad dream?" He asked and she smiled under her hands thinking about that for a moment.

She did have a dream but she couldn't remember the details other than she was flying for half of it and she was pretty sure it had nothing to do with him. She just shook her head and quickly rolled off of him. He sort of hated when she did that but he didn't voice it. He guessed next she'd quickly grab her clothes for the day and head into the bathroom. "I think we over slept…"

"No don't worry about it. Your mom just wants us to try on a few clothes she left outside and tell her which we like. Oh and you have someone coming for a manicure." She nodded while hugging herself like she was cold. She always did that, if she was so damn freezing why the hell did she rush away from his hold? It was just a quick question that made its way into his mind but he swept it away quickly. She went over to the door opening it and backing up when she saw what waited for them.

"Look at the few clothes we have to try on…" Kagome said picking up bags and bags filled with clothes. She couldn't hide the grin on her face when she showed them.

"Wow…I can't allow your mom to pay for all that…"

"It's already been paid for and she probably got it at a good price in town. Don't worry she won't take your money anyway. She'll just return the ones we don't like." He nodded as she pulled all the bags in and closed the door. "I can't believe this…" she mumbled to herself while looking into boxes. She took a moment looking into a few before rising to head to the bathroom. "Well at least you don't have to go into the shop for awhile." She mumbled and he nodded. "I'm going to talk to my grandpa about that…I swear tonight at dinner. You shouldn't have to work at the shop…you didn't come down here for that."

"It's not a problem really Kagome…"

"Yeah it is…" she said quickly and the abrupt quality to her voice shocked him. "I mean if it was Kik…." She hesitated for a moment and posted an odd smile on her perfect face. "I mean no…you shouldn't have to…so…" he watched as she side stepped awkwardly towards the bathroom and disappeared. To say that the exchange was weird was an understatement, but it was Kagome, what did he expect. On any other circumstance he would have tried to figure out why she was acting strange, but he wasn't going to this time. Not after the conversation they had last night. He just let her go joining her to brush his own teeth a few moments later.

He didn't do much more than that, shaved, washed his face and flossed. She thought it was a bit off. Why wasn't he putting his arms around her at any point of time or saying something playfully sexual? When he was done he just smiled slightly at her and turned away allowing her to continue with her morning routine. When she finally finished she walked back in the room staring at him as he pulled out clothes from the boxes. "So why don't you pick out what you want to wear out of these dresses and I'll get a matching shirt." He said taking a few of them out of the bags. She stared at him for a moment walking forward to stand adjacent. He didn't spare her a look and she wondered what was wrong? She thought about last night and at no point did she find anything from then that would affect today. Even in the middle of the night when she woke him he tried kissing her…so what had happened?

Instead of wondering she just walked towards him sitting near him on the bed. He didn't react too much. He was pulling out a black button down and checking the size. He didn't know rather to be shocked or alarmed that her mother was able to guess his size. How well had she been staring at him…he thought about that for a moment before expelling it. Instead he went for crisp pair of slacks; this one was a navy blue. He was so involved in what he was doing he didn't think anything when she put an arm around his bicep. "And look at that she guessed my pant's size as well…your mom's good." He said and she just smiled leaning into him. He pulled out a few bows and ties making him sigh. "A lot of combinations here…." She kissed him gently on the arm and he tensed looking down at her.

She could feel her heart thumping as she released him and rose in her spot. He didn't move he just felt his feelings jitter around as she bowed herself down to meet his lips. He closed his eyes and allowed it but not once did he kiss back. He just waited till she released him and stared into his golden eyes waiting for him to show her some sort of affection but he didn't. She lowered herself again to kiss down his neck. He allowed that for a moment then pulled away. "I'm going to try this on…it's the navy blue button down with the black tie so if you find the dress that matches…"

She hesitated in shock. What the hell was that? She just stared down at the bed for a moment feeling her heart sink. She hesitated for a moment and then grabbed a box, anything that could distract her from the inadequate feelings that were running through her. She pulled out a dark blue gown that flared at the end. It wasn't too significant but she wasn't crazy about the cut. "Do you like the dress?" He asked making her look up. He had pulled the slacks up and was buttoning them. They weren't extremely significant. He had dark slacks in his bag. He didn't understand why her mother would go through the trouble.

"No…uh…" he nodded going back to a bag to pick out another colored button down. She stared at him wondering if at some point she should ask him what that was. Why did he snub her? What happened between last night and now?

"Well there are three different slacks and four shirts so there can't be that much dresses."

"Is anything wrong?" She asked bluntly and he looked down at her. He feigned ignorance almost like he didn't understand what she was getting at. Although of course he knew, it wasn't because he didn't want to kiss her…because he did. He wanted to kiss her all the time, but here alone in her room. A simple kiss or his arms around her could turn into so much more and she wasn't ready for that. He couldn't let himself do or say what he did yesterday. He felt so…he just couldn't.

"Everything's fine…I'm just trying to get this out of the way. I'm hungry…" he lied and she nodded feeling relief although she never thought he'd ever deny her of a kiss. Was that cocky of her to think? She just smiled slightly warming his heart at the look of it. He just wanted to sweep her up but of course he wouldn't.

"Oh okay…" she said looking back down at the bag. He just stared at her feeling awful yet again. "You're right, there aren't that many dresses in here….it's the boxs of shoes that make it look like more…." She mumbled and he nodded as she pulled out more dresses. None of them were significant to her…none of them but one and when she saw it she quickly pushed it down so he wouldn't see. He hadn't noticed though he was stuck on her face. He looked away when she glanced up at him. "Are you sure there isn't a tie or anything you like…?"

"Yeah actually…" he lifted a burgundy silk button down and her heart began beating ridiculously. "It's silk…it'll probably be comfortable." He joked. "Simple just pair it with a black tie…." He said carelessly and she smiled. "Is there something in there that would match?" She just gulped and he waited for her to speak. She never did.

"Uh there's a black one…it'll match with the black tie…."

"And everything else…" he teased and she just grinned making him get that urge again. He shifted his eyes down. "Oh uh…I think there it is…" he said and she had no idea what he meant. She was stuck on the look of his face. He walked forward leaning in and she actually closed her eyes and pressed upwards thinking he wanted to kiss her. His heart jumped but he lowered himself to meet her lips. Before she could deepened it he hesitated grabbing the dress she was hiding and backing away slightly. "Here…" he looked down at it widening his eyes for a moment. Kagome closed hers in utter embarrassment. "Wow now that's a dress…" he turned it around for a moment. It was completely backless ended at the top of the thigh and went all the way around showing even the side of the breast.

"Yeah I think that was a mistake…that's actually one of my sister's dresses…" He looked up at her..."She uh…it's a prom…she was going to wear it to prom, but my mom said it was too much…."

He smiled slightly putting it down. "Oh well we'll find something else…" he said quickly going back into the bag for another button down. She felt relieved for a moment looking down at the bag but then she felt a little offended. Why was he so quick to dismiss it like it wasn't something she'd ever wear? That coupled with his snub earlier had her rising from her spot on the bed.

"Well if you uh…if you really like the shirt…" she hesitated for a moment and he looked up shock so apparent on his face. "I could…I could try it on at least…" she stuttered and he stared at her. He didn't know what to say or do he just stared.

"You don't have to do that…" She looked like she wanted to rebuff that but he just smiled. "It'll just be a waste of time…let's just pick something…"

"A waste of time…" she said quickly and there was that feeling again. She needed to compete with her sister for his affection. "No if it looks good I'll wear it…" she walked forward and snatched it from him. He was so surprised by the notion. She marched herself towards the bathroom and when she got there she hesitated. She paused at the door thinking for a moment…she wanted to be able to slip it on in front of him but she couldn't. Instead she continued to open the door and close it behind her. He stared after her then went back to picking either a black bow or tie. He picked the tie and slipped on the clothes tucking it in and positioning it. There was a knock on the door and he just sighed not wanting to go for it.

"Kagome are you done in there…!" Her mother called out. He didn't answer he just stared at himself in the mirror. Everything fit perfectly he was going to take it off when her mother began knocking again. "Inuyasha…are you dressed…I'd like to see how you both look…"

He halted for a moment turning around to open the door. "Inuyasha…" Kagome called meekly from the bathroom. He turned slightly. "Can you uh…get me another dress…?" She asked and he laughed knowing she'd never come out wearing the dress. "What's so funny?" She asked and he smiled.

"Nothing Kagome hold on…I got to open the door for your mom…" He walked towards the bedroom door surprised when it came flying open itself. Kagome hadn't locked it when she brought in all the bags.

"No…don't!" Kagome called opening the door to peer out a bit. She didn't want her mother seeing her in the dress.

"Oh look at you…handsome can't even describe how you look in that silk button down…" Kagome's mother sung while taking him in. He just gave her a slight smile and she hurried further into the room. "I also bought a vest for you too…oh and wear the bowtie would you…" He gave her a charming smile while she looked around. The room was spotless, Kagome had cleaned it yesterday, but the bed wasn't fully made. She took a seat at the edge of it anyway. Inuyasha went over to the side to look into another bag for the vest she was talking about. "Oh and roll up the cuffs would you…there is black lining on the other side…" he paused for a moment not understanding and she got up grabbing his arm and unbuttoning the cuffs and rolling them. The under cuff was black and he moved his other arm gently wanting to do the same thing but she seemed extremely dedicated in doing both herself so he allowed it. Feeling a little awkward, he could have sworn he had a mother and as intrusive as Izoyai could be. Kagome's mother was ten times worst.

Kagome stood on the other side of the bathroom cursing the fact that she decided to try on this ridiculously revealing dress. She couldn't let anyone see her in it. She peeked her head out again seeing her mother help Inuyasha with something involving his clothes so she tried to simply sneak herself out and go for another dress. She was half way to the bags when her mother looked up to fix Inuyasha's collar. She widened her eyes when she took Kagome in from the back.

"OH MY LOOK AT YOU!" Her mother screamed and it had Inuyasha jumping in shock. Her mother headed towards a hiding Kagome taking her in. "That dress is perfect on you…I knew it would be that's why I had to put it in the bag…" Inuyasha didn't turn right away, instead he went for the vest wanting to put it on before her mother did it for him. He buttoned it up slightly loosening his tie to switch it with the bowtie. "Inuyasha have you seen your gorgeous fiancée?" She demanded. He put a fake smile on his face and turned around wanting to say something charming but when he saw Kagome all words disappeared. "Put your hair down…"

"Mom we're just trying on things…and I thought you put this dress in there as a mistake. You said it was too revealing…"

"Too revealing for Kikyo at seventeen….not you at 23 honey…" Kagome sighed as her mother began taking out her hair. She hadn't faced Inuyasha completely but he was just staring at her in shock.

"Mom…don't please…"

"I want to get a full picture…" she said and Kagome sighed when the last of her hair tie was pulled out. Her long wavy hair fell in huge bonds down her back. She pushed it out of her face and glanced up. He was just staring at her…his mouth slightly parted and although this was really uncharacteristic of her. She was actually extremely pleased by his reaction. Her mom looked over at Inuyasha obviously happy as well. "She'll look even better with a nice hair cut…right here…" Her mom held her hair in the back signifying a cut to her shoulder but Kagome moved away.

Inuyasha's eyes followed…everything was on display on her perfect body. The dress hugged all her curves and ended at the very top of her thigh. There was literally no back to it at all. The dress wrapped around her hips and went down covering her bottom but that was it. Her whole back was displayed and a majority of her breast from the side and the middle. The dress plunged down showing even some of her lower chest. It was made for someone with her figure dipping in perfectly right under her breast at the waist. He wanted nothing more but to put his arms around her but he of course wanted so much more than that, but he couldn't. He promised her that… It was so hard though knowing she couldn't be wearing a bra with a dress like that….if he held her he wouldn't be doing much to get her undressed. "What do you think Inuyasha…she could even pull off a short cut…"

"Mom I don't want my hair cut…."

"Well that shouldn't be your choice." Her mother said and that confused her. Whose choice should it be then? "What do you think Inuyasha…?" Kagome tensed at that…was her mom serious! She was embarrassing her without knowing it. She literally thought Inuyasha should dictate her physical appearance.

"I think it's…uh…she's perfect just like that…" he stuttered and Kagome's mother didn't seem too happy at his decision.

"Hmm…maybe but uh…we need to straighten it…do something pristine with it." Her mom shrugged going for the bags. "I'm going to return some of these now, but when I get back I want you down stairs for your manicure. I got someone from the city to come down with equipment so it was expensive. I'm meeting with the people setting up the back yard…everything's going to be so perfect. Your breakfast is on the table I can't join you guys I have to return these right away but enjoy." She turned with the bags and left. "Oh and Kagome…" she pulled out a box. "This will be perfect for you…." She said leaving it on the floor. She left with that and Inuyasha followed after her closing and locking the door.

When he turned Kagome was kneeling down opening the box. It was just an abrasively high pair of black heels. She sighed… "I can't wear this…" she mumbled to herself. She had no idea he was just staring at her. She turned got up going for the drawers she had her clothes in. Maybe she had a dress she could wear…she had the dress she bought with Rin, but…

"You look amazing…" Inuyasha said and she was taken aback by the declaration. She could feel herself just heat up in her spot.

"Yeah right…I look like a hooker…" she said turning to look at him. He had that look on his face again. It heated her up. She waited for him to enclose her in his arms, and even though he wanted to, he actually wanted to do so much more than that he couldn't. Instead he loosened his tie and sat down on the chair near the computer staring at her. That was all he did and she didn't understand why. She waited a moment longer then turned around to pick out her clothes for the day. He continued staring and when she got up he looked away quickly. It was a very Kagome like thing to do but he just couldn't get enough of looking at her. Not only her body but the way her hair framed her gorgeous face. He was lost in her and if he wasn't restraining himself he would have held her with the intent to do so much more. When she saw him looking away she felt that jab to her heart. What the hell was going on? The whole thing had her sighing before going into the bathroom and closing the door. He stared after her for a moment...all of a sudden he couldn't wait for that stupid engagement party just to see her in that dress again…





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