Masamune knew that the two blondes were evil little children.

Fisrt off, when he wanted ice cream, there was no chocolate syrup to be found! Plus, all the rope from the secret cabinet was gone.

"Hey! Come back, we're starting!' Hkaru called, and he walked back to the group.

"Oh, and if you back out of a dare, you lose a piece of your clothing!" Yu chimed in, smiling sweetly.

"So, I dare Sam to cut her hair!" Kyoya smirked at her.

"What! No way!" she threw off her jacket.

"Ok, um…I dare Steven to pour soda on Kyoya's head!" Sora stated, grinning evilly.

A murderous look appeared in Kyoya's eyes.

"Kid, you better not—" he was cut off when the boy came running back, poured soda on his head, and ran out the door.

"COME BACK HERE!" he roared, shaking his head.

Droplet of Mountain Dew sprayed Nile and Hikaru as he charged after him.

"HA, good luck with catching Steven. He's the fastest person I know."

Sure enough, after a couple minutes, the blonde ran into the room, panting.

After ten minutes, Kyoya practically dragged himself inside.

"You—little thing as soon as I—get my hands on you—" he groaned, falling to the floor.

Nile rushed to help him up as Steven took his place next to Yu.

"Next: I dare Benkei to go without eating food for the rest of the night!" Masamune challenged, an evil look in his deep brown eyes.


"Either that or take off your shirt!" the teen smirked as everyone sitting near him screamed and ran away.

"Benkei, if you take off your shirt, I will haunt your nightmares forever, and make sure you never live to see Thanksgiving again!" Sam hissed.

"No! I w-want my t-t-turkey!' he wailed, fat tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Uh, sorry I didn't mean to…" Sam bit her lip, looking worried.

"Meh, ignore him, he's a big baby," Ryuga told her, leaning in and kissing her lightly.

"Oi! Get on with it!" Sora yelled, and Ginga went next.

"OK, Masamune, I dare you to run around the block in your boxers, yelling the Elmo theme song!"

"WHAT!" he nearly fell off the couch.

"No way!" Masamune took off his shirt, and everyone made a face.

While they were distracted, Yu and Steven crept to the kitchen, and began to put things in places.

Yu climbed up onto the chair and tied the rope to the doorframe while Steven poured all twenty-seven bottles of chocolate syrup into a huge vat.

Both boys grabbed one handle, and hoisted it up to the rope.

Yu tied to the ropes quickly, and Steven got tape, just in case.

"Ok! Now, let me put this rope, and then the plan is all set!"

From the living room, they heard shouts of, "BENKEI PUT YOUR SHIRT ON!" and then: "EEP SPIDER!"

Both blondes pulled the rope tight and fastened it to the metal rungs at the bottom of the door.

"Now, we have to make sure Kyoya comes in first, or we'll be dead!: Steven whispered to his friend, who nodded.

"Yeah! Now, lets go back so we don't seem suspicious!"

Both boys sneaked out of the kitchen and slinked onto the couch.

No one noticed them, though it was probably because they had engaged in a huge pillow fight.

"Ha! Take that!" Sam smacked Ryuga in the face with a fluffy red one, and ducked, laughing when he swung at her.

Ginga, Masamune, Beknei, and Hikaru were smacking each other, while Madoka and Sora were furiously swinging and hitting. Nile and Kyoya were taking turn to hit random people, laughing—yes, Kyoya laughed—as they got everyone on their enemy list.

Steven and Yu tackled Kyoya, and Nile chuckled when they began to hit the Leone wielder with tiny cushions.

"Hey!" he cried as he was buried under a mass of pillows.

"I'm going to get some water," Ryuga told Sam, and walked to the kitchen.

"NOOO!" Steven and Yu screamed, jumping off of Kyoya and scrambling up towards the kitchen.

"DON'T!" they yelled, but Ryuga had already triggered the rope.

Both blondes watched in horror as the chocolate came raining down on the white=haired teen.

The room was silent, until Sam burst out laughing.

"HAHA, you look—so—yummy!' she giggled, and Yu and Steven joined in.

but then they ran, because the Dragon King was after them.