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Severus looked down at the parchment on his desk, he had made the calendar on Christmas day. It marked off the days until graduation, that was today. He sipped his coffee as he thought about what would happen tonight.

He made a promise, one he fully intended to keep. Once the ceremony was over she would no longer be his student.

He would never tell anyone but he had been looking forward to this day since she drew the promise from him. At times thinking about it drove him mad, others it gave him hope.

He wondered at times if she would hold him to that promise, just when he thought she had forgotten about it she would look at him in such a way that he knew the thought of this day was never far from her mind.

But first there was the ceremony in the courtyard, there were still several hours before the ball this evening and he was counting ever last second of them.


Hermione was looking at the calendar she had been marking the days off on, today's date had been marked with a big circle with the words graduation day. Of course if one were to cast a spell on it they would see that it all so said dance with Severus.

No she had not forgotten the promise that she received from him, she had been waiting for months for this day. When they had the graduation practice last night she saw the looks that he had cast her way, if she was right he was anticipating this night as much as she was.

Of course first she had to make it through the day, and that meant the graduation ceremony in the courtyard. She stood going to shower before Ginny showed up to help her with her hair.


The ceremony went quickly, as did the lunch after. Hermione sat at her dressing table, she was sure she wasn't this nervous before the Yule ball in her fourth year. The butterflies had taken up a permanent residence in her stomach, and she saw a slight shaking in her hands as she tried to put her earrings on.

Ginny came sweeping into the room with her dress, they had decided to get ready together.

Hermione dropped her earring for the fourth time,

"Damn it."

Ginny came over, she noticed Hermione's hands were shaking so she asked.

"Why are you so nervous?"

Hermione looked at Ginny though the mirror before finally deciding to tell her some of the truth.

"Someone made a promise to me at Christmas."

"And what was that to make you like this now?"

"Just of a dance and a kiss."

This grabbed Ginny's attention and she asked.


"You'll find out at the ball." She was not going to tell the girl, in truth she was worried that Ginny might try to talk her out of it and that was the last thing she wanted.

"Come on, you can tell me."

"At the ball."

Hermione changed the subject and hoped that Ginny would forget she said anything.


Severus had just finished hanging the last of the lights in the great hall when Minerva came up to him saying,

"This is beautiful Severus."

Severus heard the but in there and stood silently waiting for it, it wasn't long before she asked.

"Why though, you've always been adamant about not doing anything for these, to use your words, silly dances. What changed your mind?"

"A promise." Was all he said as he turned in a swirl of robes leaving to be ready for tonight.


Severus took up a position by the entrance to the great hall, he wanted to see her.

He returned greetings in a short fashion, his mind only on one thing. The one thing that he had waited one hundred and sixty-two days for.

He had just finished speaking with Draco when he turned to see her, his breath stopped. She was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. Her hair was pulled away from her face and cascaded down her back in waves, her dress was a sleeveless, deep forest green reaching all the way to the floor and hugged her curves. She had a pair of fingerless black lace gloves on, that were trimmed in sliver, from beside him he heard Draco whistle low before saying,

"Who knew Granger hid such a great body."

Severus growled making Draco leave to enter the great hall.

Severus followed, she had said that she would ask him to dance so he would wait.


Hermione walked into the hall, the first thing that caught her attention were all the lights. It brought all the memories of the walk through the trees at Christmas with Severus. There were lights of all different forms, some muggle and some magical in ever color imaginable. She stared at the scene before her in awe before someone behind her said. "Excuse me." Drawing her attention away from them.

Severus had seen her reaction when she came into the hall, it was more than he could have hoped for. Today was the first day in a very long time that he had done something for someone else, he felt rewarded by the look on her face when she saw all the lights hanging around the hall.

Severus was patient, and waited quietly for Hermione to come to him. He watched as she danced with all of her friends, and just as she started to make her way to him Draco stopped her asking her to dance. He knew she wouldn't turn him down, though he wanted to wring the young man's neck for making him wait longer.

Minerva pulled him into a conversation and he didn't notice Hermione had walked up to them until she said,

"Excuse me Professors." She waited until they looked at her then she focused on Severus asking, "Professor Snape, may I have this dance?"

Severus smirked before saying,

"Of course." Enjoying the shocked looks on his colleagues faces as he led Hermione to the dance floor. Once they were swaying to the music Hermione said,

"I think you enjoyed that way too much."

"Always keep them guessing."

When she was silent he said,

"I was wondering if you had forgotten?"

"Never, I've been looking forward to this day for months."

"As have I." he admitted. "Though I don't think your dunderheads approve."

Hermione turned her head to see a guarded expression on Harry's face, and Ron's face was so red it was almost purple. Ginny on the other hand had a look of disbelief on her face. She smiled at them before turning her attention back to Severus saying,

"Harry will deal with it, Ron is under the mistaken impression that I will forgive him for… dipping his wand in another."

Severus smirked before saying,

"He never knew what he had." He watched as she blushed before saying.

"I've been trying to tell him that I'm not interested in anyone that can't keep their pants zipped around other women."

"I suppose you told him like that?"

"Hell no, but I'm trying to be polite tonight."

He smiled at her, making her stomach flip. Yes she was sure she had made the right choice no matter what her friends might have to say about it.

"You are a beautiful sight to behold tonight." He said.

"As compared to all the other times?" she asked cheekily smirking at him. "Thank you. The lights, did you have a hand in it?"

"No, why would I ever help for a silly dance?"

"I see, well thank you for not doing such a thing."

Once dance seemed to melt into another, then another. Neither realizing how long they had been dancing. Finally he asked,

"And what of the other promise?"

She stopped, causing him to stop before she said seriously.

"I intend to fulfill that and much more."

She leaned into him then her lips were on his, he allowed her to have the lead in this venture and when he felt her tongue on his bottom lip he granted her access to deepen the kiss.

Hermione let everything around her go except Severus, it felt as if they were the only two people in the world at the moment. She didn't care she was so lost in the feeling of his tongue caressing hers, his arms pulling her tighter against him, the feeling of his hair in her fingers. When she gave a low moan he broke the kiss smiling at her.

Then she heard from behind her.

"What in the hell is going on here?"

Severus felt Hermione tense and deflate all at the same time before she turned saying,

"Ronald, I am dancing what does it look like?"

"It looked more like you had his tongue stuck down your throat."

"It is what single people do Ronald, hell you know better than anyone even people who are a couple kiss others."

"I told you that was a mistake, you and I belong together."

"And I told you that we didn't. I could use a drink."

"I have just the thing." Severus said leading her out of the hall toward the entrance.

"I'm sorry about Ron."

"I do have one question." Severus stopped turning to look at her, "Am I being used in some ploy to get back at him?"

"No, I was over Ronald a long time ago. About the time that he left Harry and I alone because of his pettiness. That was well over a year ago."

Severus nodded turning to continue to the gate. Once outside the gate he pulled her to him again kissing her, he had waited one hundred and sixty-two days for this he was not about to let one moment pass by them.

Once they parted again she asked,

"Where are we going?"

"My house." Was all he said, since she had made him promise he had spent all of his free time trying to get the house into some semblance of a home. Now he felt as if he could take her there and be proud of what he had.

She stepped into his arms a moment before he apperated them away.

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