Happy December 26th! As promised, this is a new story thread, designed to lead right up to January 12th and *insert fanfare* a new BONES episode!

Each of the one-shots in this series will be stand alone plot lines; each one will catalogue something B&B do for the first time. Chances are they will also be naked. It happens!

I'm pairing up with Sleepless in Atlanta for this series, and she'll be starting tomorrow by posting her first 'first' one shot.


Because she was so accomplished, sometimes he forgot certain aspects of her past. She was introspective and scholarly, and while that made her impressive and well sought out now, he knew she hadn't gone to the prom. He knew she hadn't been considered popular in school, and he knew she hadn't had sex until she'd been 22. But sometimes…he just forgot. He knew better than anyone that some memories were better left forgotten, and for the most part, they didn't push each other toward hashing out the past.

But this one seemed important, to him at least.

"Where are you taking me, Booth?" she asked him, and he spared her a glance.

"You'll see," he promised with a soft smile.


"Man, I gotta say…even though they were trespassing, it was pretty creative, right Bones?"

"How is trespassing on federal land to have sex creative, Booth?"

"No, I mean…you know, you're with your girl. You're young, you're trying to impress her. Maybe if you do, there'll be a little somethin-somethin for your trouble."

"You're implying sexual favors or intercourse, correct?"

"Yes, Bones. Sex. I'm implying sex. A guy wants to have sex with a girl, and he tries to impress her. All I'm saying is that if this kind of place had been around when I was in high school…well…"

"Your tone and physical posturing indicate that you would have had sex with a lot of girls here."

"Well, maybe not a lot, but…come on, wouldn't you? Where was the most creative place a guy tried to take you, hmmm?"

"If you recall, I've said that didn't happen when I was younger."

"Okay, fine. Not high school, whatever. Some other time."

"I don't know what you mean."

"I mean… jeez, Bones, do I have to spell it out? In your life, where's the best place you've had sex outside. Come on…you've been all over the world. There's gotta be some place, right?"

"Bones. Bones, wait. … Bones. Come back. Bones, wait up."


That conversation, so random from a case in their past, had come back to him one morning when he'd woken up to see her beside him, looking young and pretty, and it hadn't quite let go. Days went by, and then weeks, and he still found himself wondering if it was true that a guy had never taken her somewhere private to make out or have sex.

So he'd made a plan.

"Where are we going, Booth?"

"Bones, I told you. You'll see."

"Hmmm," she frowned. "I dislike surprises."

Booth cleared his throat and spared her another glance. "You trust me, right?"

"Of course."

"Well," he reached over and squeezed her knee. "Just trust me, okay? You'll like it."

It was growing dark, and they were clearly out of the city. She bit her tongue to keep from commenting when highways turned to dirt roads and the only light for what seemed like miles was what was shining from the SUV's headlights.

Soon, he pulled off into what appeared to be a makeshift parking spot and killed the SUV engine. "Ready?" he turned to her with a smile.

"How can I be ready for something I don't know about?" she argued, and he sighed and shook his head.

"Come on…let's go."

He grabbed a large bag from the trunk and then held his hand out toward Brennan. She stared at it for a moment before linking her fingers with his. Booth felt warm at the contact; it made him feel young, and he knew that if she just held hands with him for the rest of his life, he'd be happy. He led her over a couple of logs and a busted down fence, down a small path and behind a decrepit barn. "Okay," he opened the bag and rolled out a large blanket. "Here we go."

She paused for a moment and stared at him when he moved to relax on the blanket. "What is this?"

"What?" he rested his hands under his head and stared up at her. "What does it look like? Come down here," he patted the blanket by his side. "I want to kiss you."

Her eyebrows rose, and she smiled a bit as she looked around at their surroundings. "You brought me all the way out here just to kiss me?"

When he didn't answer right away, she met his eyes, and shook her head at his knowing smile.

"Well, not just to kiss you," he grinned, leaning forward and tugging on her hand. "Come on, Bones…please?"

He was nearly whimpering, and she laughed, but she also followed him down, tumbling beside him until he'd captured her waist in his hands and was kissing her lips. He groaned and pulled her beneath him, capturing her gasp in his mouth. He leaned back and stared into her eyes, smiling, and keeping his lips just out of reach as he slowly slid one of his hands just under her shirt. His fingertips gently rubbed just above the waistband of her jeans.

"So how does this work?" she asked, playing her part and staying on her back.

"Well," he kissed her cheek and then her lips again. "First we kiss. Then we kiss some more, and I try to cop a feel," he grinned and inched his other hand up to cup her breast. She slapped his hand away, and he laughed. "Then we kiss some more until we feel like our heads are going to explode."

"I see," she considered, tracing her fingers down the front of his t-shirt. "And then what?"

"That," he answered. "Depends on the girl."

"Oh, a gentleman," she teased, and he nodded.

"Extra-thick sleeping bag," he bragged and patted the material beneath them. "Only the best for the prettiest girl in the world."

One of her eyebrows quirked up, but she also blushed. "I'm sure you say that to all of the girls."

His lips curved up just before he kissed her again. "Only you."

Brennan looped her hands around his neck and let him lay her back down. His hands were now steady again at her waist, and she began to squirm, wanting to feel a harder touch. She was used to him knowing exactly what she wanted and when she wanted it. And she wanted him on her, all of him on all of her. But he was playing it light, teasing her with soft kisses and just his thigh running alongside of hers.

Boldly, she took his hand in hers and then covered her breast. He groaned against her mouth and instinctively thrust his hips in her direction. Brennan curved her body to press tighter against his and she was the one to moan when his fingers found and pinched her nipple through her shirt and bra. "More," she whimpered. "Please."

Soon, both of his hands were on her breasts, and he straddled her, still kissing her hard and gently pinching her nipples. Brennan arched up beneath him, wanting more and more and more. Each sensation felt new and delicious at the same time.

"You're so pretty," he murmured in her ear before rearing back to stare down at her. "I want you."

Brennan smiled and let her fingers trace under his t-shirt. "I want you too."

"How much do you want?" he asked, keeping still as she touched him.

Her hands smoothed up his chest, taking his shirt with them and exposing his strong abdominal muscles. Keeping his shirt up by his shoulders, she then used nimble fingers to loosen his belt and pants. "I want everything," she murmured before she sank down and lined the head of his cock up to her lips.

"You don't have to…" he gasped, his words falling away when she licked the tip.

"Isn't this what the girl does?" she teased, pulling him all the way out of his boxers.

His penis twitched in her hand, and he shook his head and laughed. "The best ones do…"

"I am the best," he heard her say just before she took him all the way into her mouth and pulled off in a long, slick suck.

"Yeah," was all he could manage as he concentrated on not thrusting forward. When his balls tightened, he pulled back all the way, quickly scrambling to pull her up to meet him. "You're something else," he complimented and unbuttoned her pants, sliding his hands down the back to cup her ass beneath her panties. "You're so hot."

"Mmmmm," she arched against him, running her hands down his back. "More," she demanded, and he growled before backing away and pulling off all of his clothes. She shucked her jeans and underwear and pulled off her shirt before relaxing back in only her bra.

He eyed it for a second before lowering his mouth and sucking her nipple through the thin fabric. They both moaned and she spread her legs around him when he settled onto her, his thick shaft warm against her hip.

"Booth," she gasped. "I want you inside me."

He rose up on his hands and stared down at her, looking his fill from head to toe and to where they were about to be joined. Then he met her eyes, and she saw both confidence and vulnerability in his gaze. She felt the same, and suddenly her senses were on overload. She registered the cool night air, the sound of country life, the gentle prickle of the rough material on her back, the smell of grass and a distant campfire. And above her was Booth, the only man she'd really ever trusted. The only man she'd ever really known in ways she hadn't even known she could know someone. "I love you, Booth," she murmured, stroking his arms and chest with his hands.

He reached behind her and unfastened the clasp of her bra, gently pulling the fabric off and away from her body. Reverently, he curved his palm around one of her breasts, lazily tracing around her stiff nipple with his thumb. "I love you too, Bones," he husked out. "I love you so much," he closed his eyes with pleasure as he sank into her, and she groaned, hitching her legs around his waist and holding on as he began a long series of thrusts.

Everything around her felt new, but the feel of him deep inside was familiar. Familiar and safe, and lovely.

He filled her, over and over, staring down at her, the twinkling stars his only backdrop. Brennan felt her stomach clench and then she was coming, arching against him, burying her face in his neck and whispering his name against his skin. He followed her soon after, his breath escaping in short pants as he pulsed once, twice, a third time and then slowly lowered her back to the blanket.

After a moment, he rolled to his side, but brought the rest of the blanket with him, covering their cooling bodies.

"We'll have to do this again sometime," she commented, turning in his arms with a soft smile. "I rather enjoyed it."

Booth grinned and softly touched her mouth with his. "I'm glad, Bones. I enjoyed it too. I want…" his face grew serious, but still sweet. "I want everything with you."

She knew what he meant, and she nodded. "I want everything with you too…"