Well, pal Sleepless decided that it would be good to end this series with 10 little one shots instead of 9. It meant I had to come up with something, but it also meant SHE would be writing smut too, so...I quickly decided it was a good compromise. But in return, I asked if she wanted to do another little mirrored story-and she agreed. This one isn't as mirrored as the "Any Way" stories, but it's still the same sort of idea. In this case, Booth is just very good to Brennan, and she appreciates that. In Sleepless's story, Brennan is good to Booth, and he loves that too.

Hope you are all having a good 2012! Drop me a line and let me know what is up!


As the sunlight filtered through the bedroom window blinds, Brennan stretched lazily. Her inhaled breath also resulted in a sniff, and her nostrils flared as the scent of coffee enticed her to fully open her eyes and consider some food.

But when she did open her eyes, she realized the coffee was closer than she'd anticipated. There was a small tray on her nightstand with a bowl of cut fruit, a wheat bagel and a cup of coffee. She moved up to one elbow to peer at the items, and her gaze caught on a little folded note. Groaning a bit as she stretched to retrieve it, she smiled as she fell back against her pillow and read what it said.

"Love you, baby. Now eat up—breakfast is important!"

Brennan laughed and then nearly blushed before she remembered she was completely alone and there was no one to hear her laugh or see her blush. She sighed happily and then sat up, retrieved the breakfast tray and started eating.


The Jeffersonian parking garage echoed with engines running and doors slamming and Brennan hitched her bag closer to her side and made her way to her car. But when she got to it, she stopped suddenly. It was in her reserved spot, but it was shiny clean, small tracks of former water drips barely visible around the wheel rims and headlights.

She understood what those signs meant; her car had been washed. Yet she still walked around the vehicle as if finding it hard to believe. The evidence pointed toward the rational conclusion—she recognized it, despite not knowing all of the facts. But when she circled back to the driver's side door, she saw a little folded note on the seat.

Smiling, she opened her door and picked up the paper.

"Now you don't have to worry about it. Love you, baby," she read and bit her bottom lip before reaching into the console and finding the spare set of keys she kept at her apartment.

She had been fretting over when she'd get her car washed; it had been the one thing she never could quite get to by the end of her week. Booth had volunteered a few times, but she'd told him no…told him she'd take care of it.

He'd been doing little nice things for her—just like this, her favorite breakfast a couple of weeks before, a small foot massage after the last weekend's morning run, and now this…

It was several minutes before she realized she was still just sitting in her car without even starting the engine. Quickly picking up her phone, she sent a fast "Thank you" text to Booth, and when her phone chimed a few minutes later, she opened it up to see a goofy picture of him with a smile and a note that said "You're welcome."

She laughed to herself as she pulled into traffic, and she rolled down the windows and opened the sun-roof, feeling happy.


Brennan pressed her fingertips to her temples and tried to concentrate on the small bone fragments in front of her. She'd informed Booth that she'd be spending nearly the entire week in the bone storage room, sorting through the backlog of reconstructions that needed to be completed. And for the past four days, she'd woken up, showered, brushed her teeth, gotten dressed, driven to work, worked, driven home, gotten into bed, and that was all. Food appeared sometimes, though she wasn't always sure from where, and when it didn't, she took small breaks and rummaged in her desk drawers for granola bars or microwavable cups of soup.

But after a week of staring at skeletal puzzles, her vision was slightly rebelling. A soft hand on her nape made her jump and she whirled around, her eyes blinking and rapidly trying to focus on something besides bones. "Booth!"

"Hey," he smiled and leaned toward her to press a quick kiss again her lips. They parted, but she was still too surprised to kiss him back.

She'd barely seen him the entire week. On the nights she'd gotten home before him, she'd found him asleep or if he was still awake, he'd barely grumbled about missing her before they both fell asleep. On the nights she'd beaten him home, she'd fallen asleep before he'd gotten home.

So it was a surprise to see him in the middle of the day, and as her mind caught up with that reality, the scent of French fries infiltrated her senses. "Oh," she inquired softly, her gaze falling toward the plain white paper bags in Booth's hand. "Is that...?"

"Yes," he kissed her again and pulled her over to a clean table."Have you eaten anything today?"

When she looked at him, he raised two fingers. "Don't answer that," he said and opened the bag he'd brought.

With a quirk of his lips, he pulled out a plastic container with salad for her and a wrapped burger for himself before reaching in and pulling out a large order of fries and some ketchup packets. Brennan allowed him to set it all up, content to just sit back and relax. He turned the fries in her direction, and she smiled and took one, immediately popping it into her mouth and moaning happily.

Booth laughed and then leaned over and kissed her again, this time a little slower and longer. Brennan let her fingers skim just up and over his ear, and he pressed his forehead against hers for a second before pulling back and settling in with his sandwich. Brennan watched him a moment before she started eating her salad. "What made you think of this?" she asked.

He smiled around his burger and shrugged a shoulder. "Do I need a reason?" he asked, and she smiled to herself and continued.

"No, I suppose not," she answered.


Booth felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, and he quickly pulled it out to read the text from his partner.

My apologies, Booth. It appears I'll be at work longer than I anticipated.

He smiled at her formal tone, and couldn't help but reply back to her, reminding her that she could boss anyone she wanted to at the lab. He imagined her smiling as she read it, her pert chin and nose lifting in the air.

When Brennan got home, she was surprised to see Booth casually lounging on her couch, his feet bare and hanging over the edge. A bowl of popcorn sat on his lap, and his long fingers rested inside. His eyes were trained on the TV screen, but he looked in her direction when she greeted him.

"Who's winning?" she asked, knowing it was a sensible question in terms of sporting events. She'd gotten the hang of asking the right questions, even if she had no care whatsoever in the outcome of the answers.

"It's a blowout," Booth shrugged, and Brennan filed that one away to look up later. "Besides, I'm just keeping the couch warm for you."

His eyebrows waggled a bit, and Brennan couldn't help but smile as she peeled off her coat, heels and panty hose. She settled on the couch next to Booth and let him wrap his arm around her shoulders. She hadn't even noticed that she was hungry, but the bowl of popcorn now on Booth's lap made her mouth water.

Booth kissed the top of her head and then reached for the remote, quickly running through the dvr's set recordings.

"Here you go," he murmured, and Brennan blinked toward the TV and read the info on the screen.

"The Two Million Year Old Boy", she paused. "Booth—how…how did you know I wanted to watch this?"

A slow smile curved up one side of his mouth and he tossed some popcorn into it and chewed before giving her a closed mouth and slightly salty kiss on the lips. "Because," he answered. "I grabbed your National Geographic magazine by mistake when I went to the bathroom, and I saw you'd folded the page over—the one that talked about this."

"It's a fascinating find, Booth,"Brennan declared, her eyes trained on the TV for a second before she turned to face him again. "And…thank you."

His eyes crinkled happily at her pleasure and the way her voice grew soft in thanks. "You're welcome."

The moment turned sweet, and Brennan rested her palm on his chest. "Why are you so good to me?" she murmured, and Booth chuckled with a soft laugh.

"I'm not even going to answer that,"he grinned and pulled her closer. "Seriously, do I really need a reason?" he joked, and Brennan laughed too.

Booth's firm chest gently rose and fell with each of his breaths. His arm was strong around her body, and she fit so easily against him. His fingers lazily traced her back, and she sighed and snuggled closer to him, intoxicated and addicted to his nearness.


It was almost 10 pm when Brennan saw Booth walk in to the bookstore and casually lean against the front door.

"Is that your partner?" her editor nudged her elbow, and Brennan spared her a glance before nodding and forcing a smile to her next customer.

"Yes," she murmured, quickly signed her name in the book cover and then opened her hand for the next book to sign.

She had another 30 minutes scheduled for this local book signing, but the long line to the door indicated it would be at least another hour. Normally, she didn't mind too much, and she knew she did these types of events far fewer times than her publishing house wanted, but at the moment, there was nothing she wanted to do more than simply state she was done, walk over to Booth and take him home.

The time moved fairly quickly, and soon she was able to stretch on her feet, massage her sore back and make her way toward Booth.

"Hi," she rolled her tense shoulders back.

"Hey, baby," he soothed, immediately stepping behind her and using his large, warm hands to massage her shoulders and upper back. "How'd it go?"

"Mmmmm," Brennan half answered, half moaned in reply to his question. "Same as usual…"

"Ah," Booth smiled and wrapped one arm around her waist, tucking her close and leading her toward his SUV.

"I was just going to take a cab home,"she told him, and he nodded, even as he opened up the passenger side door.

"I know, Bones," was all he said.

She was quiet as he drove back to her apartment. As they walked into the bedroom, Booth pulled her into his arms and massaged her lower back. "These late nights are tough, Bones," he commented, using his thumbs to gently knead the muscled knots he found there.

Brennan rested her hands on his biceps. "I can manage," she replied, though there was little resistance in her voice.

He smiled. "I know those book signings wear you out."

He was right; she was always exhausted after those events—they were more draining socially than physically, but she was almost always left nearly boneless, especially after a long work-day. "That's true," she conceded. "But you make it better, Booth," she sighed and wound her arms up around his neck.

The sweet confession settled around them like a soft cloud. "I do?" Booth asked, his voice soft and tinged with vulnerable surprise.

Her fingers traced his shoulders. "I was so happy to see you. I'm always happy to see you," she confessed, her head tilting to the side with a genuine smile. "Thanks for picking me up."

"I didn't want you to have to catch a cab," he revealed, moving ever so slightly closer to her.

It was his deep voice and his strong arms that caught Brennan with swift desire. Her hands tightened on his body and she rose to her tiptoes to press her mouth against his. It wasn't a kiss that started with finesse, but like always, their mutual passion rose to the surface, and soon their mouths were slanting against one another's, their tongues tangling as their hands started roaming and tugging at clothes.

Booth fisted her dress in his hands, shoving it up to her waist and palming her curvy bottom in a possessive grasp. Brennan groaned, lifting her arms in invitation. He accepted and peeled the dress up and over her head.

When she was free, she ran her hands down his chest, her eyes going so feral that Booth grew hard in his pants.

"I want your hands on me," she told him. "And your mouth." Her fingers nimbly unfastened the buttons of his shirt. "And I want my mouth and hands all over you." She stripped off his shirt and went to work on his pants, meeting his eyes with a hint of challenge. "Say yes, Booth."

His breath caught in his chest for a second, as if he'd ever refuse her. "Yes," he breathed, and then caught her closer. "Yeah," he answered again, this time his voice a near growl.

Brennan wrapped herself around him and let him walk her backward to her bed. She landed on her back and arched up when his deft hands slipped under her to remove her bra. His firm chest pressed against hers, and she wrapped her long legs around his waist and captured his mouth with hers again, fully pulling him down on top of her.

"Yeah," Booth stroked her thighs and stomach, wedging his hands between their bodies so he could cup her breasts. She gasped, and he lowered his mouth, wrapping his lips around one nipple and tugging deeply. Brennan luxuriated in his touch for a second before she pressed on his shoulders and shoved him to his back, quickly straddling him and pulling his briefs down past his hips.

"My turn, Booth," she whispered, unable to stay passive any longer. His eyes were heavy lidded and hazy with passion as he stared up at her. "I want you…it's almost indescribable how much I want you."

She buried her face against his neck and inhaled deeply before scattering little kisses over his chest and shoulders. His palms landed against her hips, and she rotated into his touch. His thumbs rubbed the seams of her thighs, and Brennan pressed her bare breasts against his warm chest and moaned happily.

His stomach muscles tensed beneath her fingers, and his long thick cock pulsed against her inner thigh. Brennan gently cupped him, thumbing his slippery head as she kissed his lips and absorbed his murmuring grunt of approval.

She wanted to spend more time teasing him, but the throb between her legs won out, and she positioned him at her opening. His hands moved to the small of her back and then up to gently cup her breasts she slowly sank down onto him, inch by inch.

When she took him in all the way, they both paused and gasped before moving together in a quick and steady rhythm.

"Bones…" the way he said her name went all the way to her stomach, making her body clench around his. Brennan picked up her movements, planting her hands on his shoulders and riding him hard.

Booth's arms wrapped around her waist and he lifted up enough to capture her mouth with his. When his tongue slipped between her lips and the thick head of his cock rubbed against her walls, she froze, burying her fingernails in his taut skin and panting against his mouth. "Oh, Booth," she shuddered and plastered her body to his as he plunged into her from below, his arms still like vices around her narrow waist.

Brennan rolled to her back, and tugged Booth with her until she was pressed against his chest. His fingers still flexed along her body and she gently stroked her fingers along his nape. After a bit, she pulled the sheets up and tucked them securely over their bodies.

Holding her close, he rested his chin to the top of her head for several seconds.

"Booth, you're very good to me," she whispered, leaning back far enough to meet his eyes.

His gaze was satisfied, tired, but happy.

"I know," she cut him off with a soft smile. "You don't need a reason…but I still appreciate it."

Booth kissed her, slowly and deeply. Only when he pulled back did he smile. "I do have a reason, Bones," he whispered. "I love you," he explained and kissed her again.