Disclaimer: USA and the writers own Covert Affairs. I don't. This is just a way I would see it if Auggie was in trouble and Annie was to the rescue. After season 2 (fall) finale. A, hopefully short, chapter story. Some language and violence imminent. Not for children.

"I can literally hear you smiling."

What did that really mean? Was Auggie trying to be funny? Did he really think she was smiling? Even though he was wrong, Annie didn't know. As she entered the DPD for the third Monday since Auggie left for Africa, she was wondering what was going on and if she ever would see him again. She hoped so. She missed him too much.

"It must be nice to have an Auggie in your life…Your voice sounds different when you talk with him."

Why would Danielle say that? It's not like she loved Auggie, right? As she sat at her desk to check her emails, Jai Wilcox walked up to her. Insufferable Jai.

"Good Morning, Annie," The 'Prince' of Langley spoke in his pleasant tone.

Didn't he have other work to do? He seemed to always have time on his hands these days. And since Auggie wasn't around to scare him away with his wit, Annie was on her own. It was getting tiresome. Thanks to a few 2-day missions since Auggie left Jai had stopped by her desk every day just this past week, and today didn't seem to be any exception.

"Hey Jai," she mumbled with a half-smile. She really wasn't in the mood. But did it stop Jai?

"I was wondering, if you'd like to have a drink at Allen's with me after work today." Obviously not.

Ever since Auggie left, Annie didn't go to Allen's. It was their place. And it seemed wrong going there without him. Instead, she bought herself a six pack and drank it at home, if she wasn't crashing on Rocky Road with her sister.

Since Stockholm, Annie started bringing back her stuff from her safe house. But she kept the lease open. That way, if anything were to happen she had a fall back plan. She kept most of her non-essential CIA equipment there. But she made sure to secure everything so if she ever needed to, she had an escape plan and everything.

The corvette Auggie gave her, she parked in a special hiding place. She didn't tell anyone about it. Yesterday, feeling tired of moving stuff, she took it out for a drive. She didn't remember how far she drove, or how fast. All she could think about was Auggie.

And even now, Annie could only think about Auggie. But Jai wasn't one to give up so easily on her. He spoke again.

"Come on, nobody has seen you there all week. It'll be my treat."

Before she said a word, Stu ran out of Auggie's office. Joan had let him use it until Auggie came back.

"Annie! Come quick! You got to come see this!" Annie rushed over.

What was it? Was it a mission gone wrong? No, as she looked on the monitor she felt her heart and jaw dropped. There was Auggie, amongst a group of people in the hot Africa sun, with a gun pointed at his head.

Before another second was wasted, Annie went to Joan's office. She walked in without knocking, only to see Joan screaming on the phone.

"-I don't care! He's my operative!" A pause as she listened. Joan was mad. The Ice Queen of the DPD was ready to strike anyone in her way. Annie knew she was talking about Auggie. She knew they had their own bond like she and Auggie had theirs. Finally, she spat a few more threats and hung up the phone, hard.

"I want in." Annie said it before she realized it. Joan was ready to snap at Annie, but hearing those words made her eyes soften a little. She knew what Annie meant. She knew all too well. She loved Auggie like a son. But Annie and Auggie was something else entirely. She couldn't help but pull a small smirk. But as quick as it came, it was gone. This was serious.

"It'll be off the record. You will be on your own. Completely blind."

"What if, hypothetically, I was giving her information while she went sightseeing in the area? I hear they have some very nice safari rides and local tribes to meet." Annie spun around to see Stu walking in. Joan gave him a glare, then smirked again.

"I suppose I should reprimand you for eavesdropping." Joan raised an eyebrow.

"I'll take it, as long as we get Auggie back." Stu said with a straight face. Annie couldn't help but admire his spunk.

"Fine. Set up a plane. Annie, go under as a journalist. They may be more flexible with that. Stu, set her up. I'll handle the suits." And with that, they walked out. Joan followed their movements as she looked up at the TV screen showing the news bulletin.

"Hang tight, Auggie. The cavalry's coming."

Auggie awoke with a start. Even though to his eyes nothing changed visually he could hear the terrorists running frantic. Something was happening. He didn't know what. But he'd know he'd soon find out. He heard the opening of the door to the hut he was contained in. Like most of the other men, his hands were bound as a cautionary measure. He felt himself being forcibly lifted up and pushed around by one of the guards. In a matter of seconds he felt the intense heat of the sun. And a familiar voice.

"Auggie!" A pair of gentler hands took him into their own. They were bound as well.

"Parker…" He felt her guide them along on the dirt. He was thankful for wearing his old combat boots. At least getting bitten by a snake was one less worry on his mind as he stumbled along, Parker helping to keep his balance as they walked on the dirt.

"They have people coming. But they won't say who."

"Any ideas?" Auggie was trying to think as quickly as possible. Who could the terrorists be eager to meet?

"It's supposed to be a few people to prove we are alive, I think." He could sense a tinge of worry in his voice. He gave her a small, but firm squeeze.

"It'll be alright, Parker. Just try to stay close to me." As soon as those words left his lips they were forced to stop and stand in a line. Shortly he heard the footsteps of the leader and a goon. The footsteps stopped in what he assumed was either in front of him or Parker. A quick command in Farsi, and he felt Parker's hands slip out of his.

"Hey-" Auggie tried to move forward but felt the wind swept out of him as a blow to the stomach made him kneel down. He stifled a cough. In a second command he was quickly pushed upwards to stand.

"Auggie, It's ok. I'll be right back." Parker was a short distance away. And even though she spoke for him to believe her, the tone in her voice suggested otherwise. But all that would have to wait as a car was heard in the distance. Auggie heard it get louder and then stop before he realized how close it was. A pair of footsteps were made. A small breeze picked up, rising the scent of gasoline and a fruity smell like….

"Grapefruit? No…It couldn't be." Then a voice interrupted Auggie's thoughts.

"Stop. Search them." Some rustling was heard and a familiar voice making a complaint.

"Is this quite necessary? We are journalists. I just happen to also be an EMT."

"Impossible." Auggie shook his head. He must've banged his head too many times with these guys. That or he must miss things back at Langley. He swear he heard Jai Wilcox. But why would he have him in his thoughts? The only one he would really want to think about is…

"I'm Annie Walker. And this is Jai Wilcox. We're journalists from GlobeX International. We're here to cover your group's cause and to ensure the safety of your hostages."

"Annie…" Auggie's eyes darted around as he listened to Annie and Jai's footsteps.

"We were asked to check every individual to make sure they are all unharmed. If any are, they won't want to listen to your story and all bets are off." Annie spoke clearly. God, he missed hearing her voice. No, not now. Why was Annie here?

"Annie, what are you thinking?" Auggie shook his head. This can't be a rescue mission. Just Annie and Jai? What's Joan thinking? There were at least 30 goons with guns and knives. The leader was no idiot either. These guys were well trained. Most were from the Middle East and several more from the local gangs that fought over this land. Once again his thoughts were disturbed.

A few members spoke in what he thought to be Farsi again. God, he wished he knew what they were saying. It was times like this he wish Annie taught him some of the languages she knew. Once again, the guy he thought to be the leader spoke.

"You, check hostages. You, set up interview. We film in one hour." Apparently the guy didn't like to speak English. After some movement from his left he heard Jai checking and whispering to the others. There were seven of them altogether. And from he figured, Auggie was the second to last person Jai would speak to. Hearing two women together he surmised Annie and Parker were talking together. Before he realized it, it was his turn.

"You alright, Anderson?" Jai spoke in a low whisper so the guards wouldn't overhear them. Not that he needed to worry, most couldn't speak English anyways.

"I've been better." He felt Jai check him out for any damage. He winced went Jai squeezed his shoulder.

"You didn't make it easy did you?" Jai asked with a small hint of sarcasm. He'd never admit it, but it was good to hear from Jai.

"Nope. My question is though: What are you doing here?"

"What does it look like Auggie?" But before Auggie can answer the leader yelled at Jai.

"Move faster!" Auggie took his chance.

"Hey! I was telling him of the 30 mosquitoes that bit me in the ass. I wanted to make sure it wasn't serious." A guard moved in and using the butt of his gun gutted Auggie. When he rose to hit Auggie in the head as he fell to his knees, Jai stopped him and spoke calmly.

"If you want your story heard, you won't harm the hostages. That is the agreement. I'm no doctor but I can tell he's no threat to you. So get your men off of them." A nod was made by the leader and another command in Farsi was made. The goons backed down. Jai then reached down and helped Auggie up.

"You're crazy," Auggie choked a cough. But Jai ignored him.

"Just trust me okay? If not me, trust Annie. This was her idea." And with that he finished with the last person in line and had the commander give them all fresh water. Once he felt the water bottle in his hands he drank it completely in a matter of seconds. Soon he felt himself pushed into another hut with the whole group. Shortly afterward, he heard a set of footsteps approach and the hut door open.

"Auggie?" It was Parker. She seemed unhurt from her voice. He felt a sense of relief. But he was still tense. Where was Annie?

"Parker, what did you learn?" It was a young kid named Alex who spoke first. Parker sat next to Auggie as she had everyone lean in.

"Those journalists are trying to make a communication between these terrorists and the government to make a peace offering where we can get out of here." To everyone else a few mutters of relief were made. But to Auggie's ears it sounded like Parker knew more than she told. Feeling her hand squeeze Auggie leaned into his ear. She told him the REAL truth. They were getting out…tonight.

Hours later the entire Peace Corps crew had more food and drink thanks to Annie's and Jai's demands. And for the one night, all of them were to stay in the one hut. Annie quietly pulled out the cooler that contained the food and water they brought. Removing the false bottom, she pulled out a few necessities for their escape. Jai was going through his medical bag and collected a bottle of chloroform that was falsely labeled as rubbing alcohol and some rags.

"Annie? Jai? Are you guys in?" Stu spoke to them through their earpieces. Jai quickly checked the outside to make sure they weren't heard. Once the coast was clear he spoke first.

"We're in Stu. Did you get my contact?" Jai kept scanning out through a hole in the hut.

"Yeah, he's got two choppers leaving Massawa now."

"That gives us less than forty five minutes to plant everything," Annie replied as she placed the final touches to her little homemade bombs.

"Jai, remind me when this is over to treat you to a beer at Allen's." Jai smiled.

"It's a date."

After twenty minutes of detaining a few soldiers and placing their bombs in their set areas, they quietly headed for the hostage hut.

"Okay guys, tell me what you see." Stu asked. Annie replied first.

"There are two at the door. Another two it seems in the back. Maybe another door?" Jai replied.

"Yeah, I see it from here. Annie, you're going to have to come on this end. Your side is too conspicuous. If they miss a guard there, they'll know something's up."

"Yeah, I'm by the leader's tent. He's got at least six guards out front. And the hostage hut is too much in sight for me to knock my guys out without them noticing. Good thing we have cloud cover tonight."

"Well, you don't have long. Weather says its supposed to clear up real soon. You don't have much time. Dawn should be breaking where you guys are."

"Yeah, it's getting lighter. Annie, try to get here without drawing attention. We need to fill in the hostages if we want to make it out without casualties." Jai ordered.

"Gotcha." And moving quietly, she made it to her position.

Seconds later, the two guards were knocked out. Jai injected a heavy sedative and placed the guards in a leaning position outside while Annie snuck in. Most of the hostages were asleep. But in seconds she found their target in the corner with the girl she met on his shoulder. She was asleep as well. He was wide awake and tense. His eyes darting around.

"Annie?" His voice was a hoarse whisper.

"Shh…you're safe now, Auggie." She whispered back and took his hands into hers. The movement calmed him down immensely.

"What are you doing here?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?" she joked back. Quietly, she took out a knife and cut Auggie's hands free. And soon, the rest of the hostages were awake and free as well. Jai had maintained lookout while Annie helped everyone. He then checked his watch.

"Annie, we got less than fifteen minutes."

"Okay, here's the plan…"Annie went on a quick description to the hostages. A series of bombs would go off and they would run to the helicopters. The field behind them past the galley kitchen was where they were to land. Over the mud brick wall. A few volunteers offered to help Jai and Annie distract the goons while the others ran for it.

"No, you all need to get to the helicopters. Help each other. We're not leaving anyone behind." Parker was the one who said this. She had a handgun in her hand. Everyone muttered in agreement and positioned themselves as they braced for the explosions. Auggie was a bit surprised from Parker's response. But then again, she was Billy's sister. And Billy was one hell of a fighter.

"Must run in the family." Auggie thought for a moment. But soon Annie was right next to both him and Parker. Her grapefruit scent washed over him and he had thoughts of what she might have been thinking. There was an awkward silence.

"I'm gonna check on everyone before we move." Parker rose and quietly moved to the others, leaving Annie and Auggie alone.

"Annie…" Auggie started but soon he felt a pain in the back of his head. "Ow! What was that for?" Auggie whispered rather loudly until Annie covered his mouth. Her response was calm. Despite the action she performed earlier.

"That was for scaring me nearly to death. Don't ever do that again." Auggie stopped at his attempted rant when he heard the smallest of sniffles. A wet, salty smelling drop touched the back of his hand. Annie was crying. Or at least, she was slipping a few tears for him. Guilt engulfed him. He hung his head down in shame. God, what did he do to make her this way? What had he just done?

"…I'm sorry," he mumbled. He let it all sink in.

He realized what he thought she meant.

He vaguely brushed her off after giving her the 'vette he cherished. Then he came all this way to work things out with Parker. He didn't expect to get back together. But he wanted a chance to clear things out and be there when the dust settled.

However, things got complicated when the Peace Corps got attacked by a radical terrorist group.

He never got a chance to really talk with Parker. And when they did, it was only for a few minutes like earlier as she guided him around outside. He didn't tell Annie anything. He left her hanging, only to have her find out he was later abducted.

And now here she was, all because of him. He could still smell some of the salty smell, but it was faint now. Quietly, Auggie felt a pair of arms around him. Annie's grapefruit scent burned his nostrils.

"Don't ever leave me like that again. I don't know what I'd do without you, Auggie." Auggie's heart swelled in response to those words. As he was about to respond Stu spoke up in Annie's earpiece. "What's up Stu?"

"Annie, the team says the are getting a visual on your area. You got to move now." Annie slipped out of her embrace and grabbed Parker's hand.

"Get him to the helicopter. Don't stop for anything. Just keep running. Jai and I will cover you." She spoke quickly as she placed Parker's hand into Auggie's. Then with a quick whisper to Parker which Auggie couldn't get as everyone got into position, Annie let go.

"It's show time," Jai smirked as he and Annie took their position. Annie then pulled out her cell. She then began to dial the number. Stu started to countdown.

"Okay, the extraction will be arriving in 5...4...3...2..." Annie hit send.