Alright everyone.

I know you all want to know what happens next.

And I promise you, you will.

I am already working on the next segment.

But at this time I thought it best we leave it at this cliffhanger.

That's how most of CA episodes end anyways right?

The underlying threat or subject lingers into the following episode?

So, I am ending my 'Episode' here.

My Next 'Episode'


Will be up as soon as possible.

Until then, please get as many followers and reviewers on this story.

Once "Checkmate" is up I hope you will all follow and review it.

I know I'm being cruel.

But I thought if I don't make "Checkmate" in time for the summer, we can wrap Season 3's episodes a little with this story.

I want to thank all of you for your support and I hope you've all enjoyed this story as much as I did making it.

It would so make my day if this actually came out like it is on the season premiere.

But, they always have to keep our minds guessing right?

Thanks again for reading!