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It was a very curious group of people; Sarah, Mike, Sammy, and Rebecca Neilson were among them. There was also Li, Jason, Matt, and Mr. Davis.

They had all come from various places around the world, but they all had one thing in common.

They knew Kelsey.

Every one of them had been brought together because they all had "mysteriously" won the same contest that let them all have first class tickets to India. From what Sarah and Mike knew from pictures, they were at Mr. Kadam's house. Wait, not a house. Mr. Kadam's mansion.

The room they were in was tiny. Each of the four walls had a built in couch, and in the corner was a coffee machine. Other than that, there was a one yellow light in the center of the ceiling, and two doors on either side.

A nice girl who didn't give her name had picked them all up from the airport. After she had led them in there she had walked out of the opposite door.

Both doors were locked.

Everyone was getting restless. Sammy and Rebecca were complaining about how they had to pee, Mr. Davis was reading a book about tigers and occasionally showing pictures to his son, and Li and Jason were having a conversation.

Then, everyone's eyes were on the door as they heard the click of a lock. They got up, ready to walk out and be greeted by Mr. Kadam. But instead, the doorway was blocked by two tigers.

Some of them yelped in surprise. The brother and sister hid behind their parents, trembling with fear.

The tigers were black and white, like complete opposites. They were huge, and their mouths were filled with giant teeth. But they didn't attack. They just stared.

"Dad isn't that Dhiren?" asked Matt.

"I think it is."

"Kelsey talks about him all the time," said Sarah. "She calls him Ren."

"Who is the black tiger then?" asked Li, eyeing it nervously.

"I don't know."

Then, Dhiren moved forward, and everyone backed up. He moved around them and pushed them forward, one by one towards the door. The black tiger stalked out of the room, and they had no choice but to follow.

The building was impressive yet confusing, with many different hallways. Finally, the black tiger stopped at the end of one hallway, which had three different doorways. Each one was labeled; The Neilsons', The Davis', and Li and Jason. Then, both tigers left the hallway, disappearing into the unknown.

The group decided to go into the designated rooms and get some rest.

They each had trouble falling asleep. They all thought the same thing.

Where was Kelsey?

When they all woke up, they noticed the notes beside their beds. They instructed them to go to the dining room, which was apparently down the hall, take a right, go up the stairs, and then turn to the left and open the door. They all met up in there and were greeted by an enormous buffet; tropical fruit, pancakes, hot chocolate, eggs, bacon, sausage, and oatmeal.

About thirty minutes after they had finished, Ren and the other tiger came in and hustled them out into another room that was less greeting. After all, it was a conference room.

They sat down and waited for someone to come in. After about five minutes, the lady from the airport walked in and sat at the end of the table. The tigers sat next to her on the ground.

She smiled. "I am so sorry for any inconveniences. You all must have so many questions."

"Well," started Mike. "Who are you, first off?"

"Oh, I am-"

The door was opened. "Hey, folks!" said a guy with a country accent. "Sorry I'm late. There were delays at the airport- oh, hey Nilima."

"Hello, Wes," said Nilima. "Long time, no see." Then, both tigers started growling at him.

"You two, stop!" instructed Nilima, and they obeyed. "Okay everyone, these to tigers are Ren and Kishan. They are brothers."

"Just like the Ren and Kishan that are Mr. Kadam's grandsons," stated Wes. "Am I right?"

"Yes, you are. Well, you see, these aren't just normal tigers. Some of you know Ren," she gestured to Mr. Davis and Matt, "But you have not met Kishan. Ren is a lot moreā€¦ thoughtful than Kishan. But still, maybe they should show you why they are not normal."

Ren and Kishan got on all fours and stretched.

And then turned into humans.

Everyone gasped. Li said a few naughty words, along with Jason. Sammy and Rebecca looked fascinated. It wasn't everyday that you saw a tigers change into people.

But there was an exception. They were pretty hot; Well-muscled chests, golden skin, slick black hair.

"Hey," said the one that was Kishan. "I haven't met most of you. Except him." He looked at Wes.

"But I have met all of you," said Ren. "In one way or another."

"That is NOT possible," yelped Sarah.

"Yeah, it's not possible," said Kishan. "Until it happens!"

"How did it happen?" asked Mr. Davis, horror in his voice.

"Well, that is a long, long story that I do not feel like going into right now," said Nilima. "But there is a reason that we brought you all here."

"And that is?"

"Mr. Kadam and Kelsey were kidnapped by the person who made Ren and Kishan what they are today. And we need you all to help us get her back."

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