A/N: For the purposes of this story, I should probably set the stage a little bit before you start reading. This is a season 4 AU. Assume that Logan didn't take a year off to go sailing around the world. Everything up through Paris kicking everyone out at the first party of the year happened. As of right now, I'm pretty much eliminating Marty's story line, mostly because I can't find a real purpose for it at the moment. If I can figure out how to write him in and give him a purpose, I will, but for now I'm talking him out. I'm gonna try to go off of the normal S4 plot a bit, but for the most part I'm picking and choosing what I want to keep. I'll try to keep the story up to speed on what in the show from season 4 happens in this story as well.

I think that's all you need to know for now. Enjoy!

Chapter One – Something-Like

Rory figured that she only had herself to blame. This is what you get when you open your door for the party. You walk into your common room in the middle of the night, well after you've kicked everyone out of your dorm, to find some guy passed out, lying naked on the floor.

There were several things wrong with this situation. The first, and most obvious, was the fact that there was a naked boy passed out in the middle of her common room floor. The second problem, which was equally as obvious as the first, was the fact that Paris had abruptly kicked everyone out when she had finally come to the conclusion that the party wasn't fun in the slightest. That was hours ago.

The third problem was that Rory was pretty sure she had never seen this boy before in her life, although it was hard to tell. He was sleeping on his stomach, which made it impossible to see his face, but also kept the part of his anatomy that she would rather not see hidden from view. He seemed rather tall, and he had brown hair, but other than that she had no clues as to who this person was.

She should have never listened to Paris. Or her mother, for that matter. When Rory was reluctant to open the door for the party, Paris had gone out of her way to call her mom behind Rory's back. Lorelai had managed to convince Rory to change her mind about the party, despite her many protests. "I'm not just talking about making friends, I'm talking about experiencing things," Lorelai had told her, going on to name a whole list of things Rory would probably never do voluntarily. "Those are all experiences. Maybe dumb experiences, but you never know when you're accidentally gonna stumble across something that could be…something."

Is this what Lorelai meant by experiencing something? Because as of right now, Rory would happily go through all four years at Yale without having to deal with finding naked strangers passed out on her common room floor.

Rory was still trying to figure out how he got into her dorm room in the first place, and what to do about it, when she noticed the cell phone clutched in his hand. She wondered how he had managed to keep track of his phone, and yet his pants had mysteriously disappeared. At the moment, his phone was lighting up to signal that he had an incoming call. Since the phone vibrating in his hand didn't seem to have any effect on him, Rory figured that the best way to figure out who he was and get rid of him before any of her roommates woke up was to answer it.

"Finn?" said a female voice when Rory flipped open his phone. "Where the hell are you? I left you for five seconds and you were just gone! You're not in your room, and no one's seen you for hours!"

"Um," Rory said softly, hoping that she wouldn't wake up either of her roommates. "This isn't Finn."

There was a pause. "Ooh! Sorry. I didn't realize that Finn left with someone. He disappeared on us. So I'll just let you two get back to whatever it is you were doing – "

"No!" Rory protested, her voice becoming slightly louder than she intended. Her cheeks turned bright red at the insinuation that she had been fooling around with this stranger. "No, we weren't doing anything. I don't even know him. I just…found him passed out on my common room floor. Naked."

She heard the girl sigh on the other end of the line. "I'll come get him. Where are you?"

"First floor Durfee. Suite five."

The girl didn't waste time saying goodbye before she hung up, so Rory assumed that she was already making her way over to retrieve the boy, hopefully with some clothes for him to put on.

Rory sat down on the couch, unsure of what to do next while she waited. She thought about covering him up with a blanket, but she really didn't want one of her blankets to be touching the naked body of this complete stranger. She didn't want anything she owned to be touching him, for that matter. Maybe she was being a bit of a prude, but Rory preferred her things to stay far away from other people's naked body parts, particularly when she didn't even know the person in the first place.

She silently prayed that Paris wouldn't wake up. Her roommate wasn't exactly the heaviest of sleepers. Janet and Tana, Rory's other roommates, probably wouldn't be too thrilled to be woken up in the middle of the night because a stranger was naked in their common room either.

How did he get there in the first place? There was no way that Paris would have forgotten to lock the door after kicking everyone out. Janet still hadn't come back at the time, so perhaps she accidentally left the door unlocked after she returned. Paris would be in an uproar if that were the case. (Yet another reason Rory hopped that her roommate didn't find out about this. Rory could already hear the argument that would ensue out of that situation.) He could have somehow broken in, although Rory wasn't sure how he could have managed that one while completely obliterated.

At last, there was a soft knock on the door of the suite.

"I'm so sorry about this," said the blonde girl who was now making her way into Rory's dorm.

"It's, uh…" Rory was going to say that it was fine, but stopped herself. It wasn't really okay, but there wasn't exactly anything she could do about the situation either. "If we could just try to keep it down. I don't want to wake up my roommates."

"No problem," the girl replied quietly, dropping the bundle of clothes on the floor next to the sleeping figure. "Do you have some water I could dump on him? That should do the trick."

Rory shuffled across the floor silently to the sink, her slippers making a soft scratching sound as she went, and filled up a glass with some cold water before handing it to the girl. She unceremoniously dumped the thing on his head. The sleeping boy finally began to stir, moaning slightly at the very rude awakening.

"What the bloody hell was that for?" he said in some sort of an accent.

"Finn, do you have any idea where you are? You're passed out naked on the floor of some freshman's common room! We don't even know this girl, Finn!"

He groaned, turning over onto his back. Rory panicked. She did not want to see him naked.

"Oh god!" she exclaimed, shielding her eyes quickly. Rory heard the girl chuckle next to her.

"Put some clothes on, you stupid, pathetic, Australian moron!" the girl whispered. "What the hell are you even doing here, anyway? I swear to god, Finn! I can't even go to the bathroom without you disappearing."

"I don't know!" the Australian mumbled a bit too loudly, causing Rory to shush him. Her hands were still covering her eyes, but the sound of rustling signified that he was slowly trying to pull his clothes on. "There was a redhead. Or maybe it was a blonde."

"Well two of my roommates are blonde," Rory said. "However, both of them could probably kick your butt, so I suggest you get a move on before either one of them wakes up."

"You heard her, Finn. Let's go!" Rory felt the girl tap her on the shoulder. "It's safe to look now."

She removed her hand from her eyes to see Finn on the floor, struggling to push himself up and into a sitting position. When he finally managed it, he immediately toppled over to the side.

"I can't move," Finn said, his arms reaching up towards the blonde girl. "Carry me?"

"Oh, for god's sake, Finn! I can't carry you all the way back to Berkeley!"

"It's not that far!"

"You're drunk, you're taller than me, and you weigh more than me. How do you expect me to carry you?"

"I dunno, love, but I can't stand."

The girl sighed in frustration. "I am going to kill you for this!"

"What are you going to do?" Rory asked, glancing towards her bedroom door nervously. She was lucky that Paris hadn't woken up and stormed into the common room in a rage. It was only a matter of time before her uptight roommate heard them and all hell broke loose.

"I'm calling in reinforcements." She pulled her cell phone out of her purse, dialing someone's number. "Please pick up!" she whispered, tapping her foot impatiently as she waited for the person to answer her call.

"Colin," said the girl in relief. "Hey, I found Finn. I can't get him to move though." There was a pause as the person named Colin responded. "No I can't just leave him here! He was passed out naked in some freshman girl's common room! We're lucky she didn't call campus police! Can you and Logan please just get here and take him home so we can let this poor girl go back to sleep before her other roommates wake up and decided to call the cops?"

Rory watched as the girl begged her friends to relieve her of this burden. She wondered how many times the girl had to collect her friend after a night of drunken frivolity. Rory thought it must be quite often, since the boy named Colin had suggested just leaving Finn there until the morning.

"Really?" the girl finally said. "Thank you guys so much! Tell Logan I'm sorry. We're in Durfee suite five. And please hurry!"

The girl hung up her phone and replaced it in her purse. While Rory was relieved that this naked guy would soon be out of her life for good, she thought that letting two more people into her common room would be pushing her luck. Any minute now Paris could wake up, and Rory had no way to predict how that would turn out. She did, however, know that the outcome would be unpleasant. The girl was already on edge as it was, trying to make a new name for herself here at Yale, all the while actually hating just about everyone she came in contact with. Rory didn't think that finding strangers in her common room would help to loosen Paris up in the slightest.

"Do you think we could at least carry him outside while we wait?" suggested Rory, trying to keep her voice as low as possible. "My roommate Paris is kind of uptight. I can't really control what will happen if she wakes up and finds you guys here.

"Oh yeah, of course!" the girl agreed, moving towards Finn's head. "Help me out, will you? I'll grab his arms, you get his legs."

Rory retied her bathrobe around her middle, and the two girls lifted him off the ground together.

"Ow!" Finn protested. "Watch the hair, love!"

The girl smacked him upside the head. Finn groaned in response. "You don't get to complain right now. Colin and Logan are going to kill you! And so am I, for that matter. You can't even make it through one week back at Yale before you disappear and we have to come collect you somewhere."

They had reached the door and Rory, who was walking backwards, turned around to pull it opened quietly. They dragged Finn through the doorway, dropping him once they made it into the hall, causing Finn to groan once again. The girl closed the door quietly behind her, and Rory let out a sigh of relief.

"Thanks again for not calling the cops," the girl said, her voice at speaking level for the first time.

Rory shrugged, tugging at the sleeves of her bathrobe. She leaned back against the wall next to her door, suddenly feeling incredibly drained. It had been a long evening.

"I'm Steph, by the way," said the girl cheerfully, apparently oblivious to Rory's tired state.

"Rory," she mumbled, her eyes half closed as the two waited for Steph's friends to come and collect Finn.

"So how do you like Yale so far, Rory?" Steph continued. Rory's eyes fluttered back opened.

"Well, if every night is as eventful as tonight has been, then I'll never lack for a decent story to tell. I might murder a few people in the process, but at least I'll get a good story out of it."

Steph chuckled. "If there's one thing that could be said about Finn, it's that he provides you with a plethora of entertaining stories."

"You don't know the half of it," Rory mumbled, rolling her eyes, thinking back on the rest of her evening. The party had been incredibly boring, and not the least bit in her taste. Then there were the two blonde girls that were daughters of one of her grandmother's DAR friends. Emily had told the girls (whose names were escaping Rory at the moment) to look Rory up, as though her grandmother thought Rory incapable of making proper friends on her own. The girls were overbearing, and Rory hadn't paid attention to a word they said all evening. Luckily, Paris had finally come to her senses and kicked everyone out, relieving Rory of the responsibility of having to ditch them later on. She just hoped that the two girls wouldn't try to hang out with her again, because Rory had no intensions of being friends with them. They were some of the most uninteresting girls Rory had ever met.

They ignored the Australian bemoaning his grievances on the hallway floor. Rory didn't particularly care to listen to him whining about his pounding headache or how the room was spinning.

"How did you even get into my room in the first place?" Rory finally asked the question that had been bugging her. "We kicked everyone out hours ago."

"Don't even bother to question it," Steph said, pacing in front of Rory and checking the time on her cell phone. "I found him naked on the roof of Sterling Library once. It's easier to just not even ask."

"So I take it that this is a regular occurrence."

"He likes to go through naked phases," she replied with a sigh. "He also has a penchant for doing some really stupid things when he's drunk. Dumber than a normal person would, I mean, and many times they result in injuries. It was my turn to watch him, but he disappeared while I was in the bathroom."

"Well, it could have been worse," said Rory. She wasn't sure why she was trying to cheer the obviously frustrated girl up. After all, Rory was the one to find him naked in her common room. But it hadn't really been a big inconvenience for Rory, whereas it seemed that Steph had spent the majority of her night trying to find him. "My roommate Paris could have been the one to find him. There might not have been anything left of him when she finished."

"Right now, I'm not sure that would necessarily be a bad thing," Steph said with a laugh. "Then I wouldn't have to drag myself around campus trying to find him. There wouldn't be anything to find in the first place."

"You mean you don't like running around campus at 3 o'clock in the morning looking for your friend? Sorry, my mistake."

She laughed even harder. "I like you, Rory."

Rory's lips curled up into a smile. Maybe this night wasn't a complete waste after all.

Finally, the sound of running footsteps filled the hallway, causing both Rory and Steph to look up. Steph sighed, relief showing on her features. It was then that Rory realized that she was standing in the middle of the hallway in her pajamas, surrounded by three men she'd never met before. Her cheeks flushed slightly as the two new boys, one of them blonde and the other brunette, came to a halt in front of Steph. They were both dressed rather nicely in expensive looking clothes, signifying that they had money. They hardly even noticed Rory leaning against the wall trying to hide away in embarrassment.

"I am going to kill you, Finn," the blonde one said, running a hand through his hair in annoyance.

"Not so loud," Finn complained from the floor, trying to turn away from the sound of their voices.

"You have no say in the volume of our voices right now," the brunette responded.

"Those girls we had with us bailed the second Steph called," the blond informed his friend, raising his voice even louder. "So thanks for that."

"Alright, I'm sorry!" Finn mumbled, covering his ears with his hands in a further attempt to block out their voices. "Just take me home already! I bloody well can't stand up on my own without the whole world spinning right now."

"Apologize to Rory first," Steph interjected.

"Rory?" Finn's face scrunched up in confusion. "Who the hell is Rory?"

"Rory! The poor freshman who found you passed out naked on her common room floor! The girl who was nice enough to actually answer your phone when I called, unlike you. The girl who has very considerately not called campus police on you. The girl who is standing right over there," said Steph, gesturing towards Rory. "The girl who just helped me carry you out here not even ten minutes ago. You know, that Rory!"

All three boys turned to face Rory, the two newcomers suddenly noticing her presence. The blonde one looked her up and down appreciatively, smirking at her appearance. Rory folded her arms over her chest, tugging her bathrobe even tighter around her. Rory felt her face flush in embarrassment once again.

"I apologize on behalf of my idiot friend," the blonde finally said, gesturing towards the Australian who was still lying on the floor. "He hasn't seemed to learn not to break into other people's dorms in the middle of the night; we're not sure how he does it either. He also doesn't seem to realize that most people don't find nudity charming, cute, or funny outside of the appropriate situations."

"It's – uh, it's no problem," Rory stuttered, still rather embarrassed by her underdressed appearance. This only made the male's smirk grow even wider.

"My name's Logan," the blonde told her. "My friend's Colin." The other boy nodded in Rory's direction. "You've already met Steph and the moron."

Rory pulled one of her arms away from her chest to wave slightly, pulling it back against her body tightly after. She wanted this interaction to end as soon as possible. It was one thing for one girl and a drunken guy she'd never met before to see her in her pajamas. It was another thing for these two completely sober guys to be added to the equation.

"We'll just get out of your way now," Colin told her, moving towards Finn to pick him up off the ground. "And hopefully we'll never have to bother you with our drunken friend ever again."

Logan still hadn't made a move to gather up his friend from the floor. His eyes stayed trained on Rory, a mischievous look in his eyes. "Unless, of course, you want us to bother you. Then by all means, I would be happy to oblige. Maybe next time I'll even match your attire."

"Logan!" exclaimed Steph, smacking him hard in the chest. Rory felt her stomach flip over at his rather obvious flirting. "Leave the poor girl alone. We've bothered her enough for one evening, let's just let her go back to sleep."

"Right." Logan took in her appearance one last time before turning away, helping Colin to lift Finn up off the floor. Each boy had him by an arm, his head resting against Colin's shoulder, as though he were unable to hold it up on its own accord. Finn's legs hung uselessly between them as dead weight. "It was nice meeting you, Rory. Sorry for the inconvenience." Logan gave her one last smirk before the two boys slowly made their way down the corridor and towards the exit.

"Thanks for your help," Steph added. "Maybe I'll see you around sometime."

"Sure," she said, although Rory rather hoped that the boys wouldn't remember this awkward meeting if that were the case, though she doubted that she'd be so lucky. Particularly the one who couldn't seem to take his eyes off her. Rory wasn't sure how the way he was undressing her with his eyes made her feel, never having experienced something like that before. Not even with Jess.

With one last smile, Steph ran after her friends, holding the door opened for them as they pulled Finn through it carefully.

The evening hadn't been a complete waste of time after all, Logan thought as he helped Colin drag Finn across campus, Steph trailing behind them. Although he was disappointed that he was no longer getting laid tonight thanks to Finn, girl who found Finn was cute. If he didn't already know she was a freshman due to the fact that she lived in Durfee, Logan would have been able to tell based on how embarrassed she seemed to be caught in her pajamas. The way she squirmed under Logan's scrutiny was definitely adorable. The interaction had amused him greatly.

"Well, at least if you had to pass out in a stranger's dorm, you picked someone cute," Logan told his friend.

"Seriously, well done!" Colin added appreciatively. "But don't think that lets you off the hook."

"Leave her alone, Logan," Steph warned. "She's a nice, clearly very innocent girl. She doesn't need you corrupting her."

"What, I can't talk to a girl now?" Logan knew very well what Steph was insinuating, but he chose to play clueless anyway.

"Talking's not what you had in mind, and we both know it. I mean it, Logan. That girl is so not one of your usual bimbos. For one, I actually enjoyed the little time I spent talking to her." They reached Berkeley, and Steph pulled the door opened so Logan and Colin could drag Finn through. They all remained silent as the two boys concentrated on pulling Finn up to their third floor dormitory.

Steph waited until they deposited Finn in his bedroom, closing the door behind him, before she went back to Logan.

"I mean it, Logan. I could actually see myself being friends with that girl. If you do anything to screw it up, I will make you regret it."

Logan had no intensions of screwing up Steph's chances of making a new friend. But flirting with the girl had been far too much fun to just give up so easily. Steph's warnings only served as his encouragement. Besides, there were plenty of other ways he could push the girl's buttons in order to amuse himself.

This was going to be fun.

Well, Rory thought. She had certainly experienced something tonight, just like her mother wanted. Rory was pretty sure that finding a naked guy in her common room wouldn't turn out to be as 'something-like' as Lorelai had insinuated, but at the very least it was a good story to tell her mother about tomorrow.

Chances are she would never see any of them again. In any case, Rory could sort of see her mother's point about new experiences. It had been an unusual experience to say the least, but an experience nonetheless.