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"Sasukeeeeeeeeeeeee!" She yelled.

The dark haired teen coughed up blood as he was punched in the gut. His clothes were ripped into shreds, there were cuts across his chiseled muscles, and there was blood flowing down his body.

Gasping painfully of shallow gasps, he closed his eyes, while his hands trailed down to his Katana. When his eyes reopened, the many circles of his Mangekyo Sharingan whirled dangerously, dark blood oozing out of his eyes. "Sa… kura…" He growled softly. "Help me…"

"No." The pinkette growled, her forest green eyes darting from his eyes to his katana. "You deserved it. How dare you even come to me, and ask me for HELP after ALL YOU'VE DONE?" "HUH? ANSWER ME, SASUKE! Or I will carve my initials right here." In seconds, Sakura was in front of Sasuke, pointing her own Katana to his cheekbones.

"I… Sorr…" Sasuke fell down to her arms as he tried to speak.

"So the poison is working, finally. Honestly, you didn't think you could be immune to ALL poison, did you? I AM a poison expert." Sakura's lips drawled up slightly in a smirk. But her stomach lurched upon seeing the person who she had devoted her life to bleeding slowly away. She pushed all her emotions down except for the anger. I'm an Anbu. I NEED to keep my emotions in control. Think, Sakura, think. She had fought hard with Sasuke, finally reaching to his level after years of training in different ways.

"Alright, let's make a deal here. I'm going to bring you back to Konoha. Tsunade-sama will see how you'll be punished, but if you don't change under any circumstances, I will. Not. Help. You. Then. Got it?" Sakura emphasized on the last sentence.

What are you DOING? Her inner yelled. You're an ANBU! On Mission, seal your emotions!

I know, but won't I also be praised for bringing him back, giving him justice after what he's done?

True, but do you think you can handle it? Inner Sakura asked worriedly, quickly showing kindness to her outer.

I'm sure. Sakura replied, nodding her head as she picked her defeated opponent up.

"Come in!" Tsunade said loudly towards the door, looking up from her paperwork. She watched as her second apprentice came in, with her Anbu mask, Sakura petals decorated on the side of the face.

"Tsuande-sama. I've completed the mission of assassinating one of the Rogues. Also, as I was coming back, I found something very special. I'm sure you'd like to deal with it."

Tsunade raised her brows at Sakura's tone, knowing she was tired and angry after her Mission. "Bring it in, Sakura." Sakura exited and returned a while later with a long sack.

As the pink haired girl opened the sack, Tsunade narrowed her eyes. "Sakura… … is it..?" She trailed off.

"Yes ma'am." Sakura's eyes were unreadable, shaded dark jade. "I sealed it's chakra, but only enough for a few days." She drew the strings, and grabbed Sasuke by the shoulder.

The Hokage checked Sakura to see how she's been doing emotionally under her lowered lashes.

"Tsunade-sama, I'm fine." Her apprentice had noticed. "Besides, if he's under your chakra hold, and I keep my Anbu face, I should be able to handle it." The girl in the Dark red cat mask said, her voice a doubtful drops of confused tears. She doesn't even realize it… Tsunade thought, She prepared for this day for all these years, and she's determined to keep it, but she's going to kill herself over and over in the inside….

"Tsunade-sama?" The young Haruno's voice rang clearly, breaking the blond's thought


Sakura slowly removed her mask from the side of her head, and placed her precious item on the floor next to her.

"Sa-Sakura?" Tsunade was bewildered as she pinkette came rushing to her arms.

"I-I don't know what to do anymore… … He's h-here, a-and I brought him… … But this wasn't the way I wanted i-it to be!" Her lips trembled.

The Hokage felt the hot drops of moisture smearing all over her outfit. She didn't mind though. "Shh…. It's okay Sakura. I'll make sure that you will be." As Tsunade stroked her pink hair, she thought of how she was more like Sakura's mom, rather than just the top dog of the village. I actually am. Tsunade said to herself, rather amused despite the mood. A mother and a Sensei. Her eyes showed pride.

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