Carve My Initials, Ch.11

A Drunk Senju is Not a Good Drunk

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Konoha Bar

"Tsunade," Jiraiya warned as he reached to grab her bottle of sake. "You're drinking too much."

Tsunade slapped his hands away and gulped the remaining of the bottle down. With her index finger, she motioned for more bottles to be served. "Oh, will you shut up? This is how much I always drink!" she waved towards the empty bottles next to her. "And you can't possibly tell me I'm drinking TOO much when we ALL thought you died!"

Jiraiya poured himself a cup. "I thought I was dead, too you know. I couldn't remember how I ended up where I was, so I didn't know anything about me being dead." He let out a sound of pleasure as the alcohol swished down his throats. "So I thought I had to continue my mission. I couldn't find any trails, so I searched aimlessly."

"Don't tell me you didn't hear anything about Naruto defeating Pein."

"I did. But my mission wasn't to look for Pein, so I kept searching."

"Then what made you come back?"

Gulping down another cup, Jiraiya replied. "I missed my home."

He put his hands on top of hers. "And you."

Her face already red from the alcohol, she was able to blush without being noticed. "Stop it. Do you know what we went through when we thought you were dead?" When did it happen? All of the new bottles were empty. She called for a new dozen once again.

Perhaps it was because she was drunk to the point of being "Drunk" to her standards, or because she had to suppress all these emotions for years to be an example to Naruto and others, that she could not stop her tears from falling. She thanked the heavens to be in a private room, away from all eyes of konoha citizens.

Hazy? Check. Dizzy? Check. Monster Power awakened? Check! Emotions controlled? nope.

Turning her face away as if to search for a new bottle, she told him, "And I knew you would come back to us in one way or the other. I never lose a bet."

"Tsuna-chan…" He called her in her old nickname, "Don't cry!" He panicked, remembering the last time she cried while drunk, around thirty years ago, give or take a few years, when her lover died in a mission. She had practically destroyed him. One moment she'd be clutching his arms so hard his bones were rattling, and in another she'd be relieving her sadness and stress by beating him to a pulp. As much as he liked her hugging him, that was not the way to go.

"I'm not crying!" Tsunade had thought she kept her voice perfectly fine. What gave it away? The small trembling of her shoulders? Nah, that couldn't have been it. He couldn't see her watery eyes either. "I just.. don't feel like seeing you right now."

Jiraiya gently pried Tsunade's arms off the bench, turning her around so she would face him. "I knew it. You are crying."

Her eyes were red and swollen, as if she had cried a waterfall already.

"No. It's the alcohol. And you must be seeing things." But she couldn't help but give a little sniff. If she didn't snot would run down her nose, and she'd die before she let him see that.

"Tsuna-chan, have you forgotten?" He moved to her chair, and held onto her hands. "You've seen me cry too. Hell, you've even seen Orochimaru cry!" He tried to lighten her mood. "You even made sensei cry when he found out that the hot babe in the Hot springs were you."

"Orochimaru's different. He had lost his parents!"

"Excuses, excuses." He fluttered his hands. "Orochimaru would try to kill you just because you saw him cry once in his lifetime." He let out a small laugh. "You can cry, too, you know. I won't judge you at all; I already know you missed seeing my handsome face." He added smugly.

"Idiot." She surprised Jiraiya and herself by slamming her fist into his face gently. Not saying anything, she let it drop to his shoulders, and wrapped her arms around him. She hugged him tightly. "Don't disappear on me again, idiot."

The idiot smiled. He allowed himself to pet her blond hair. He stiffened a bit when he felt moisture spreading through the clothes on his shoulders. Bringing her closer to him, he comforted her. "Say… When was the last time you ever cried?"

Tsunade murmured her answer, her head still stuck on the crook of his neck and shoulder.


She murmured again.

"I can't hear you."

When she brought her face up to look at him, Jiraiya saw that her eyes have gotten even more swollen and red. "I said, the last time I cried was when I found out that you were dead." After a second of thought, she added, "Actually, almost every week since I found out you were dead."

" With everyone gone, I finally felt that I was alone in this world. No Dan, no Nawaki, no Sensei, no you, and not even the old Orochimaru…" She patted around for a new bottle of sake.

Feeling the atmosphere become awkward, he stuttered. "Then.. uh… last time you cried that wasn't about me?"

"After giving Naruto the necklace when you guys came to retrieve me, I took you to a bar in the middle of the night."

Confused, Jiraiya looked at her like she was crazy. "What? How come I don't remember that?"

"Because I ended up beating you to a pulp, causing memory loss of the incident…" She downed the bottle shamelessly.

Completely sober and awake, he jumped immediately in his seat. He pointed an accusing finger at her. "WHAT!? Then you mean, that time when we were gennins when I woke up all beaten up and Orochimaru was snickering the whole time, and you won't look at me, I was beaten up by YOU and was given a memoryloss?"

Bending his fingers, he counted incidents where he woke up feeling broken and Tsunade won't even give him a glance. Nine. Total of NINE times. Speechless, he opened his mouth, and closed it. He opened his mouth again, and closed it.

"I got memory loss for total of nine times…? All from you?"

"Actually, total of 14, but only nine are from me."

"Tsuna-chan-!" He whined. Looking at her, he demanded, "Why are you giggling?"

She giggled even more before replying. "Be-because you sound exactly the same as our gennin days!" Feeling even more drunk, she giggled even more giddily. "How did you even become a jonin with that brain of yours!?"

Feigning hurt, he held out his glass. "Fill my sorrow with that Sake, Tsuna-chan. Not even women can heal my broken heart now." He clutched his heart for a dramatic effect.

"Oh? Not even me?"

"No, not even you. You might break it even more by your monstrous strength."

She cuffed him on the head. "Idiot." She hissed.

"I realized that you call me Idiot a lot." He poured himself a drink. "Why?"

Tsunade pouted. "'Cuz, you're an Idiot."

"Only an Idiot calls an idiot an idiot!"

"Idiot, you just admitted that you are an idiot."

"So have you!"

"Idiot, only Idiots would say that as an excuse."

"I can say the same back to you!"

Tsunade sighed. "An idiot for a Hokage of one of the hidden ninja villages. What a future I'm hoping to see."

"Oh, so you are admitting that you are an idiot, Tsuna-chan?" He raised an eyebrow. "Even when you retire, Konoha would be ruled by… another idiot." He shuddered. "I don't even wanna live through that."

Tsunade frowned. "Who said I'll pick Naruto to be my succesor?"

Grinning, he replied. "Who said I said that idiot will be Naruto?"

"… Idiot."

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