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"Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you."



Take heed from an old proverb:

Power corrupts.

Like a plague, weakening the body; like a weed, slowly strangling the good and supplanting it with evil, this is what power does. The sudden, intoxicating realization that one has power-authority-over his fellow man, brings the capacity and opportunity to abuse it soon thereafter. He cannot be content to know that his is a privilige above all others. Cannot bring himself to be satisfied with his position, his lot in life. Nay, he desires more. He craves what others have; he lusts after them and their belongings, that which proves that they have worth in this world.

Not all succumb to this notion right away, however. Oftentimes it is a slow, gradual progress, one that wears away at the soul, at one's own moral code as days turn into weeks, and weeks into months and months into years and...well, if you haven't caught my drift by now then you, dear reader, certainly won't enjoy this story. This is a story about one man and the position of power and privilege into which he found himself thrust. His is a story we all know, and one we have heard many a time before. It is a story of loneliness and despair, of scorn and deceit; pursued by vindication and redemption.

Tis a tale of that which can be found but cannot be found. A yarn of pride and predjudice leading to the sullying of a boy's innocence before he'd any chance to learn otherwise or fend for himself. It is a story of corruption, pure and simple.

But sometimes...

...corruption can be all too worthwhile.


Uzumaki Naruto.


Fourteen years of age.






Dead last in the academy.


Now, just dead.

"Come to me, boy."

Or was he?


With a cry that could wake the dead, he bolted up upright. He splashed around for a moment, wide-eyed, before he realized that he was not, in fact, dead. Not yet, at least. It was difficult to move, however. He could barely bring himself to breathe, let alone stand. Maintaining his blurred vision alone threatened to exhaust him utterly. Why? Why did he feel so exhausted? Why was he still in so much pain? Why-


The memories descended upon him like an avalanche. He'd stolen the Scroll of Sealing. Memorized three jutsu from within, and fourth upon whom the details were sketchy, to say the least. That being said, he'd had just enough time to learn one of them, the Kage Bunshin before he'd heard the faintest rustling of leaves. He remembered looking up, up, up into the branches above, half expecting to find Iruka-sensei there, waiting to scold him.

It hadn't been Iruka.

The academy student could still feel warm slashes of pain across his arms and throat; but when he tried to touch his hands to these supposed wounds, they were nowhere to be found. Neither for that matter, was the clearing in which he'd first unsealed the Scroll of Sealing and suffered his unfortunate demise. All he could see, for miles and miles around, a dimly light and damp corridor, stretching on ahead of him and into the blackness.


That voice again.

He knew it was damp, if only because he could feel the water, cold between his toes as he advanced. Without thought, without pause, without pretense, he did just that, using the wall to guide himself in the otherwise nonexistent lighting. His limbs, his arms and his legs, protested with each and every step. And yet he pressed on, fumbling his way through the darkness. Once, he became afraid. He grew fearful of the voice that called to him and sought to turn back, to try and to find some other way out.

"Not that way."

But behind him, lay a wall of solid stone. That simplified things. Wherever he was, wherever he had gone, he could not go back. He could only move forward. The thought was oddly comforting, in a sick, surreal sense of the word. Left with no other choice, he continued his descent into darkness. Fumbling, stumbling his way through the corridors, he soon found that it was not as straight and narrow as he'd initially surmised. At times it grew wide. At others it banked and sloped sharply, forcing Naruto to wade through a veritable maze of pipes and assorted obstacles just to reach the path beyond.

Finally after what felt like hours of pointless twists and turns and ups and downs, he could go no further.

The corridor widened abruptly, opening into a large antechamber several feet across and many miles wide. The water was shallow here, barely reaching his ankle and allowing for a more steady progress as he trudged toward what looked like a gigantic door, similair to what one might find in a prison. The reddish glow appeared to emanate from just beyond those gleaming bars of wrought iron and metal, beckoning him to come closer alongside the voice.

"W-Who's there?" Naruto finally found the courage to speak, and as he did so, he felt his voice crack. He hadn't the slightest clue as to where he was or what was happening to him. All he knew was that he remembered dying, a

"Don't be afraid." Now the voice resonated from just beyond those bars, a subtle, soft tremor that shook him to his core. "Come closer." It was soft, sweet, and seductive and it banished all of his fears in an instant. "I'm not going to hurt you." Yes, of course. Why would it hurt him? He had absolutely nothing to fear. The voice meant him no harm at all. Nothing could possibly be wrong...

"Not yet, that is."

Then he saw them.

Gleaming in the dark, wreathed in crimson light. Basking in a sickening aura, one that reeked of spite and malevolence. Large and slitted and fixated upon him. Eyes. The very sight of them sent a chill down his spine; because as he looked on, in terror and fear and fright, those eyes began to shrink. Towering above him one instant, and in the next, they were nearly level with his own. Additionally, the massive silhouette behind the bars had all but vanished; though its prescence remained thick and stifling.

Too late, Naruto realized the true terror of what he was staring at.

This was not a door.

It was a cage.

And it housed a creature as ancient and malevolent as time itself.

"I haven't the time to explain." A woman's voice filtered through the wall of iron that separated them. "Prepare yourself, boy." A arm shot out even as he lurched back, grabbing a fistful of his jacket and hauling him forward and toward the bars. The world swam before him as his forehead kissed unyielding iron; as not one not two not three but nine tails of warm, orange fur slithered out between the bars and wrapped themselves round the length of his aching body, cradling him as one would a child.

He tried to speak, to tried to find the words to express his terror, but nothing came. He was tired. So very, very tired. He couldn't keep his eyes open. All he managed was a weak, broken-sounding:


"I can't let you die now, can I?" The voice whispered as the tails brought him within the bars. "After all, if you die, I die. We can't have that now, can we?" And still, even as he entered the darknesses domain, the tails refused to relinquish their holdupon him. Quite the contrary. He was dimly aware of being held, as the voice continued to whisper sweet nothings unto him as their grip grew tighter.

"Now, come here." The unseen voice beckoned, shattering the last of his resistance with these words. "Come to me, give yourself unto me, and together we'll make that man suffer." It was all he could do to think now, let alone form a coherent sentence.

"The one...that tricked me...?"

"Yes, that one." The woman-he was certain it was a woman now-crooned softly. "He's been VERY naughty, that one. He needs to be punished."


They held him and drew him close, banishing the cold that plagued every inch of his frame. Their grip was firm and yet at the same time gentle. The same hand that had once seized him now released him, allowing his head to dip forward. Something warm and soft captured his lips in that same instant, for the briefest of instants, utterly eradicating the pain consuming him. A pair of supple arms encircled him as he began to drift and drew his slumbering face away and into a warm bosom.

And for a moment, all was well.

"Foolish, foolish little kit." The woman murmurred softly as she stroked at his hair. "You had no idea, didn't you? No idea at all...Now look what you've gone and gotten yourself into...

Something was wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong.

Mizuki felt it in the very core of his being.

Dumbfounded, he could only look on in horror. Horror, as the boy whom he had slain began to move. A curtain of crimson bubbled up from his stomach, tearing his hideously bright jacket down the middle and exposing his midsection. Exposing the seal. Dread dawned upon Mizuki as he looked on; because the red energies oozing out of it began a ghastly transformation, even as they hoisted the chakra covered body free from mother earth.


His throat, gashed by a kunai, slithered shut. His wrists, slit in an attempt to make it look like suicide, closed. His heart, momentarily stilled from blood loss, began to beat at a frantic pace. With each distinctive ba-dump Naruto's body was hoisted higher and higher, until the tainted energies forced his body to stand upright. His head jerked forwrd and his mouth hung loosely agape as the feralization took its toll on its visage; sapphire snapping into slitted scarlet, claws growing where there had once been fingernails, as teeth sharpened into fangs and whiskers lengthened into deep furrows upon his face.

All the while the red chakra wrapped around the boy, forming a protective...armor, of sorts. If he had to describe this grisly incarnation, he would have been hard pressed too call it such. It rather resembled a cloak, clinging to the boy's body like a second skin. A skin in the shape of a fox, bearing a single tail of ruby red light that slowly wormed its way into two

And then the boy started screaming.


The initial shockwave flung Mizuki from his feet and into the branches.

Unable to secure a proper handhold, he opened himself to his chakra-and staggered back as if he had been punched in the stomach. Normally, the chakra flowed through him like his very own blood, strengthening him, centering him, as it did most shinobi. This time, however, it struck him like a frozen fist in the gut. Another claw of sinister scarlet whistled by his ear, taking with it a sizeable portion of his hitiate and gouging out a massive chunk of bark from a nearby oak.

Bones shattered as he turned round, just in time for a chakra enhanced punch to connect solidly with his jaw. The rest of his body flopped bonelessly away from the blow, the momentum forcing him onto his back before he could reclaim his footing.

'What the hell is going on here?'

Dropping to his knees, Mizuki snatched a small sphere from one of his many pouches and hurled it down upon the ground, the act of which caused the device to detonate and spray a thick white smoke across the clearing. With this momentary cover provided, the chunin crawled behind the nearest thicket he could find, bewildered and confused. As a shinobi, he had trained his entire life to harness his chakra and use it at will. Now the very source of his power had seemingly betrayed him. He could hear the ghastly howl of that thing as it peppered the clearing with fistfuls of chakra, likely in an attempt to flush him from his cover, but he had absolutely no intention of complying.

Instead, shut out the sounds of battle. He didn't understand what had happened to him-what that damn demon fox had done to him-he only knew he had to find some way to fight it. Panting, the chunin silently reminded himself that Naruto-no, the Kyuubi-had to be destroyed. That was why he'd lied about the Scroll of Sealing in the first place. His penultimate goal had been to "apprehend" the demon-brat in stealing the scroll and then "accidentally" slay him.

It should have been easy. Damn that Iruka! He'd gone and complicated things! Now the entire village was out searching for Naruto, and while they'd yet to discover either of them, he had little doubt that, were he discovered now, he'd be slain in equal measure with the demon spawn. Just the thought of it, of all his plans coming to naught, set his blood to boiling...

'I'll kill him.' Mizuki forced the fingers of his right hand into a fist, 'I swear, I'll kill that damned brat! I'll cut off his his arms and tear off his legs and spit on his corpse! Then the scroll will be mine and I'll never have to see this damnable village again! Yes, that's right. Mine. It'll be all mine...mine...mine...mine! MINE!'

This silent mantra allowed him to bring his breathing under control. A few seconds later, he felt composed enough to reach out carefully and try to draw his chakra forth once more. Instead of peace and serenity he felt only anger and hatred. A blackness so foul that it threatened to overwhelm him. Instinctively, his mind recoiled, and Mizuki realized what had happened. Somehow the power he was drawing on had been tainted. Corrupted and poisoned by the very prescence of the Kyuubi's host; of this insatiable creature that continued to pursue him.

He still couldn't explain it, but now he at least knew how to try to resist the effects. Blocking out his fear, the chunin forced his chakra to flow through him in the faintest, guarded trickle. As he did so, he focused his mind on cleansing it of the impurities that had overwhelmed his senses. Slowly, he felt the power of his own internal chakra washing over him...though it was far less than he was used to.

Stepping out from behind the foliage, reaching for the giant shuriken strapped to his back, he called out in a loud voice, "Show yourself!"

A bolt of scarlet ripped from the darkness toward him. At the last second he deflected it with his shuriken, sending if off harmlessly into the night-a technique he had mastered years ago when he was still a rank-and-file genin.

Too close, he thought to himself as he felt the afterglow of the offending energy creeping across the flesh of his palm. That was too close. I need to calm down. I need to focus before-


He felt, rather than saw the second volley. It scorched across his forehead and nearly ripped his hitiate clear off his face as he snapped his body backward; contorting himself in a desperate attempt to evade the sudden swarm of crushing claws threatening to obliterate him. He did not succeed.

The gentle blue glow of chakra enveloped his hands, but something about it still felt wrong. It's strength flickered and ebbed, like a static-filled transmission. Someone-or even something-was disrupting his focus. A dark veil had fallen across his consciousness, interfering with his ability to draw upon his chakra. For a shinobi there was nothing more terrifying, but even so, Mizuki had no intention of retreating from this emboldened beast.

"You damned fox!" He called out, his voice betraying none of the uncertainty he felt. "Show yourself and face me!" Ripping the ruined remnants of his headband away from his face, he detected the faintest glimmer of crimson in the darkness, just south of his position. It winked out, leaving him hanging there in the darkness. Suspended by a single, solitary branch, he peered into the gloom, and found nothing, nothing but that inky blackness, obscurring his vision. Deprived of his target, wounded, and without aid, he felt it, the first glimmer of despair. Fear began to creep through his heart. Like the first frost stretching its icy fingers across the leaves, so too did terror become apparent in his once stoic visage.

"Coward!" He bellowed! "Come out and fight like a man!"

"How befitting of a Konoha shinobi." A strange voice replied. "That you would tremble so once your prey has eluded you."


"I can smell your fear." It clarified.

"I'm not afraid!"

"Aren't you?"

"I'M NOT!"

"In that case, I shall show you true fear! YOU SHALL FEAR THE KYUUBI NO KITSUNE!"

The hellish visage of a kitsune burst into existence before him, its jaws wide and gaping to consume his flesh. Mizuki shrieked and threw his arms up before his face in a vain attempt to ward off the ghastly apparition before it could devour him. And then it was gone, vanishing like so much smoke as it washed over the trembling chunin. Mizuki did an about face, but the branch above only creaked in silent protest to the sudden abscence of its guest.

"Where the hell did you go!" he snarled. "Damn fox!"

"Awww, is the big bad shinobi helpless without his chakra?"


"You're trembling!" The voice cackled. "How precious!"

"Shut up!"


Then the laughter began.

A soft, menacing chuckle, low and sultry, like that of a woman's. It came from the sky. It came from the earth. It came from the leaves. It came from the birds. It came from all around and yet, it was nowhere to be found. It was as if the forest itself were mocking him for his ineptitude; for his failure to kill a helpless boy whose only ace was to use a provocative nose-bleed inducing henge.


The laughter continued.

"S-Stop it!" Mizuki gibbered, hurtling shuriken into the trees when the cackling again became apparent behind him. "Stop laughing! STOP!" He pressed his hands to his ears, a gesture that only left him open and exposed. Claws raked across his exposed back, biting through the vest, deep into flesh and marrow and bone. This sudden offensive, swift though it was, coupled with the terror of facing a saddisticly enraged bijuu proved to be too much.

He turned to flee.

And it was in that instant that the hand closed around his throat.

Too late, he realized his mistake.

With his last thought he tried to call upon his chakra to aid him in his frantic escape, but he was unable to pierce the debilitating fog that clouded his mind. He felt nothing but fear, anger, and hatred. All of these emotions and more, boiling out of the boy he'd slain only moments before, brought back to life by this twisted, demonic energy. His eyes, they bulged as the first of many claws clamped down upon the tree, ripping it from its roots and heaving it-with him still in it-into the air for all the searching shinobi to see.

'What have I done?'

This was Mizuki's last thought before the coils of red chakra sliced through the bough upon which he'd taken shelter. He didn't have time to blink, to think, or even to scream as he plummeted toward the ground below. Towards his demise. As the claws of feral ferocity rushed up to greet him, he didn't have time to land. He didn't have time to try and defend himself, or to beg for mercy. He did, however, have just enough time for a faint sounding:


As the explosion ended his life, as he was torn limb from limb, Mizuki finally understood the true horror of the Kyuubi.

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