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"I'm alone...aren't I? Complete...utterly...alone."

~Namikaze Naruto


"Just what do you think you're doing, idiot?"

Naruto felt his hackles rise at the insult. He hated that! He'd hadn't done Sakura any favors by letting Ino kiss Sasuke, and clearly the Haruno had yet to learn her lesson. Eye twitching, he returned to the task at hand, careful to maintain his focus. The slightest slip could be fatal. Not for him, of course. But that was another matter.

"Are you even listening to me?"

'Oooh yeah I'm listening alright, forehead...

She wasn't even his teammate and she was still pissing him off. Disgusting! He hoped their sensei would come soon. Then he wouldn't have to listen to her prattle on and on and on about how awful it was that she wouldn't be on Sasuke's team. He was half-tempted to let her have the damn spot, just so she'd shut the hell up but it wasn't his decision to make. He was stuck with the broody bastard, whether he liked it or not. And, as evidenced by Kurama, she didn't like it one bit.

"An Uchiha." She sulked, arms crossed, petulant beyond the bars of the cage. "Why oh why did it have to be an Uchiha?! What have I done to deserve this?! Do you truly hate me, kami?!"

Naruto felt the hackles on the back of his neck rise. And yet he smiled. Two days had passed since he'd last spoken to Kurama and yet it was as if she were suddenly speaking to him for the very first time. He could not see her, and yet her words rang like a clear, clarion bell. Without thinking he scanned the classroom, and as before, found nothing. At last, he relaxed. She was speaking to him again. Inside his head. Strangely enough he felt nothing but peace at her words. They didn't invoke a surge of bitter resentment as the had before. Not at all. That his tenant had taken the care to speak to him on a daily basis was a heartening notion.

'You know I'm still not used to that,' he admonished her.

"Then I suggest you get used to it." She glowered at him from within her prison. "Becase I can hardly stand the stench of that pompous fool sitting across from you!"

'Hey, at least you don't have to have to deal with the shrieking banshee out here.' Naruto reminded her. He knew just how much she hated Uchiha clan, having been mentally raped by one who claimed to be none other than Uchiha Madara some years before. He sympathized. If Sasuke ever tried to do that to him, he'd certainly be angry enough to kill. As it were, the mere noton of being in the room with another Uchiha left him with a boiling fury in the pit of his stomach. Prejudistic bastard. Take away those eyes and what was he? Nothing. Just like Sakura, and she didn't even have a bloodline, as an excuse. Always fussing with her makeup and hair always preening herself, always wanting to look good in the eyes of precious Sasuke-kun...

"Patience, kit." Kurama soothed back at him, her own anger momentarily forgotten as the eyes of her host began to flicker. "We'll be rid of her soon enough."

'I certainly hope so...

"And the Uchiha, too...


"Nothing, nothing." He could practically picture her secretve smile. "Mayhaps you should return your attention to the harpie? She's shrieking at you again."

'Do I have to?'

"Unfortunately, yes."

Naruto was about to argue the point when a thought ocurred to him. Sighing, he let the bars and his beloved fade from his mind, replaced by a bitterly bright reality.

-what you're thinking!" the haruno was glaring jade daggers at him. Naruto smiled.

"You're right, Sakura-san." A wicked gleam glinted in his eye. "That would be rude of me." He fished a hand into his weapons pouch and came up with a kunai. "This however, would be justified." Taking his seat, Naruto ignored the shrieking protests of his fellow genin and focused his attention on the door. He took a seat beside Hinata, patiently praying that the Hyuuga wouldn't distract him as well. His prayers were not answered. She glanced at him, at the knife in his hand, the knife he was patiently blunting by carving into the desk.

"A-Are you alright, Naruto-kun?"

He hazarded a glance at the Hyuuga.

"Hmm?" Oddly enough, her voice didn't annoy him anywhere near as much as Sakura's. "I'm just peachy. Why?"

"Well, you have a kunai in your hand...

"Just keeping myself busy." He lied through his teeth. There was actually a purpose for blunting the kunai, but he wasn't about to reveal it to anyone. Not yet. He could feel Hinata's eyes lingering on him as he returned to the task, those pale orbs brimming with questions and inquiries. Oddly enough, she didn't give them voice, nor did she seem to shy away, as the others had. She wasn't repulsed by his new behavior. He barely knew her and she him, and yet, she wasn't eyeing that knife in his hands with fear and trepidation, as the others were. It was almost...admirablle. her!

"Hmm...this one would be excellent breeding stock."

Naruto nearly dropped his carving knife.

'W-W-W-What the hell was that for?!' his sputter was worse than Hinata's. 'I almost cut myself!'

"Just making an observation." she chuckled blackly.

'And I'm just trying to keep my hand intact!'

"Naruto, what are you-

'Oh, for the love of all the ramen in the world!'

"Urusei, washboard!" The blond all but spat, but made no move to strike the pinkette. Instead, he jammed the kunai into their sheathes, only to inexplicably draw another. He flipped it upright, tossing the blade, to the skies in a wide, vertical arc. Sakura followed it with her gaze watching it sail end over end before hurtling down to earth once more. She couldn't help but to wince as Naruto extended his hand, palm upright toward the plummeting weapon.

He caught the knife, tip to finger.

Flipped it again.




He repeated this several times, refusing to meet her gaze, his eyes fixated upon the silvery steel as he rhythymically repeated the motion. Finally when the door creaked half an inch open, Naruto reacted. The kunai did what it was meant to and sank like a stone, falling into the fingers of his fist. He cocked his arm back, readying the lethal missile for launch. Sakura saw it, and tried to say something, but it was already too late. Naruto grinned as he felt all the eyes in the room fixate upon him. Just as he'd intended.

'Let's see if this Jonin is really all that.'

The door opened, and Naruto hurled the blunted kunai with devastating effect. He was dissapointed. He half-expected the Jonin to dodge, or at the very least, intercept the incoming projectile with one of his own. He was sorely dissapointed. Instead of trying to block, deflect, or otherwise evade the kunai, the Jonin suffered a direct hit. The blunted weapon ricocheted off the man's hitiate cracking the metal and jarring the shinobi's head backwards. A thin trickle of blood licked across the man's solitary eye, marring his masked face as he poked his head through the door.

At first, Naruto's couldn't believe his luck.

'What a weakling!'

"Na-Naruto-kun!" Hinata, exclaimed aghast, looking at the her teammate in shock and horror, "What were you doing!"

"It's his punishment for being late." he said, as though it were the most obvious thing in the world. "Such a pity. I thought he'd apprecciate something like that...not send a clone!" His smile turned into a scowl as the jonin's body imploded, his corpse replaced with a long. The kunai clattered across the floor and landed at the blonde's feet, pusued by a swirl of leaves.

"Hmmm... how do I put this?" The silve-haired jonin frowned. "My first impression of this group...at least one of you is an idiot."

Naruto scowled.

"And how are we the idiots? We waited for you as we were told to. It's your fault for being late, sensei."

The man remained silent a moment longer, his single eye narrowed in the blonde's direction. Naruto met the glare of his potential sensei with one of his own, refusing to be cowed by the small amount of killer intent he felt from the jonin. The very definiton of terror was sealed inside his stomach. Compared to that, the jonin's ill intent was a pleasant breeze.

"Alright, let's meet on the-

Whatever else he might've said died away as Kurama chose that moment to pipe up again.

"I know this man!"



Thoughts that were not his own ricocheted inside of his skull before he could tame them. Crashing down around his ears in a jumble of sights and sounds, over which he could barely discern her voice. And then the rage was gone, replaced a cool, smoldering fury. Gingerly, Naruto peeked inside the seal. What he found there froze his blood in his veins.

"Bastard." Kurama hissed through clenched teeth, her very form trembling with rage. "That soulless bastard! I'll kill him! I'll rip his throat out!" It abruptly occurred to the gening that he'd never seen her angry before, never truly witnessed the full extent of her fury. He stood upon a precipiece of change. Whatever knowledge she was about to impart would change his life. Forever shape his outlook toward his sensei. For good or ill, Minato's son willed himself to listen.

'Who is he?'

"This man is the son of the White Fang." Kurama admonished him. "He was your father's student, Naruto. He was supposed to be there for you. To take care of you. To raise you, when your parents gave their lives to seal me inside your stomach. They made him promise, swear on their graves. The very next day, he brought you to the orphanage." Naruto nearly fell out his chair. This jonin hadn't been seen in Kurama's memories, and yet he still trusted her words implicity. The fox had yet to lie to him in anything, a matter he took great solace in. But this man...this man! The one person who might've given him a somewhat normal life, his father's student, had been the first to abandon him.

This guy...its his fault that everyone treated me like shit. Naruto realized. If he'd just cared I might've...no. To him, I was always the 'demon brat' just like everyone else thinks.

Rage filled him again, crimson clouds blurring and warping his vision until the room seemed at the bottom of a storm red sea. He couldn't stand to be in the same room as this man, let alone breathe the same air as he any longer than he had to. He stood woodenly, pushing past Hinata and Sasuke, glowering when the Uchiha's elbow struck at his side.

"Watch it, dobe."

Naruto didn't bother to react. Rather, he couldn't. So fixated was he upon Hatake Kakashi, so enraged was he with him, the first person to ever betray him, that the Uchiha seemed no more than single speck of sand in the storm in the red whirpool of his own hatred. Sasuke thought he knew hate? He knew nothing of hatred. At least someone cared about him. Naruto's only ally was the demoness sealed inside his stomach, the demon that whispered words of comforts to him as he woodenly walked up the stairs to the rooftop.

"I'm sorry kit." She whispered tearfully. "I'm so sorry."

Naruto shook his eyed, bleary eyes blazng on the back of the man's flak jacket.

'It's not your fault.' He seethed. 'It's his.'

Everything else was a blur as the man introduced himself.

"I am Kakashi Hatake. I have no intentions of telling you my likes and dislikes. As for my dreams... I suppose I haven't really thought about that. I have few hobbies."

He gestured for them to speak. And one by one they did. Naruto utterly ignored Sasuke's 'I will make my dream a reality' bullshit and listened only sparsely when Hinata gave hers. He couldn't help but notice just how her eyes seemed to light up when she spoke of her dream, nor how her gaze seemed to drift toward him. Then it was Naruto's turn to speak and any butterfly he might've felt in his stomach were subsuquently burned away by the all encompasing fury he felt toward the man standing before them.

And when Naruto spoke, it was with a venom that silenced the entire village.

"Kakashi Hatake...

The man looked up from his orange reading material.


A muscle jumped in the blonde's jaw.

"You are NOT my fucking teacher, you piece of shit!"

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Naruto was still grinning to himself when the a swirl of leaves slammed into him and assumed the shape of an old man.

"Whoa!" Naruto cried out, stumbling backward. "Watch where you're going, jiji!"

This 'jij' wore dull green robes over a mesh shirt that she could see glimpses of at the neck and wrists. On top of everything else he wore an oversized red vest with a yellow circle over each breast. Archaic wooden geta clacked on the floor, but his stride exhibited the steadiness that spoke of long experience wearing them.

The white hair suggested age, but his face was for the most part unlined. One might estimate him to be in his fifties – a most dangerous age for shinobi. Without the energy of youth, some shinobi were content to slow down at that age, to take things easier. This shinobi was not one of them. His face was stern, his features set in stone. A tiny

"Holy shit," he murmurred. "You really do look just like him."

Jiraiya shook his head.

"Well I'll be damned...

"Who the hell are you?"

"Well, to put this bluntly...

...I'm your godfather."

Naruto blinked.


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