Roger puts the jar of Raisinets on his new desk, the final piece of desk goodies. He turns his attention to a hanged picture of him and Martin arguing during last year's Christmas dinner; Roger played host but his true colors came out when Martin started an argument about cutting the blue wire on the bomb threat call they were on years back. Roger's wife thought it'd be funny to take the picture of them yelling and pointing at each other, for future reminiscing. She was right, as normal.

"Captain Murtaugh."

He smiles at the sound of Martin's playful voice. "Segarent Riggs."

Roger turns around as Martin greets him with smile and handshake across his desk. It's been a month since he testified for Martin at the departmental trial, so he's happy to see that he now looks rested, he shaved his beard off, his hair is cut, and his shirt and jeans is cleaned and pressed.

"Take a seat." As they sit down, Martin helps himself to some Raisinets from his jar. "Please…help yourself."

Martin groans as he stretches, looking around Roger's office. "I'm sorry I missed your party, Woods would only allow my freedom in between breakthroughs." Martin tosses the Raisinets into his mouth.

"There was nothing new. The same old faces with the same old store bought cake with the same old bullshit speeches."

After he swallows, Martin asks, "How's Murphy?"

"Happy to be retired, makes me think why I'm still not doing the same."

Roger watches as Martin takes another handful and chews on them quickly, then swallows. "Missed breakfast?"

"I put flowers on the family grave this morning. And ah…don't think you belong anywhere else. You were meant to be at that desk. You're a good cop and the right man for the job, responsibility…"

"Heartburn, paperwork…"

"Right…the usual fun."

They exchange smiles, but Roger needs to address the elephant in the room. "How are you holding up buddy?"

Martin nods his head as he finishes chewing on the chunks around his teeth, looking down. He then looks up at Roger. "You and Leo picked nice tombstones."

"You should have seen Leo argue on the price."

"You should see him complain about leaving wet glasses on his table."

"I told you not to sell your home and move in with Leo, but oh no…"

"I miss talking with you Rog." Martin grins.

"You miss talking to me? Then why didn't you move in with me?"

"I never asked."

"Then ask smart guy."

"Well that's cruel Rog, making a guy beg to live with you."

Roger takes a second. "I'm not making you ask…I'm telling…"

"Now you're telling me that I need to beg…"

"I'm not telling you to do nothing!"

Martin yells, "Then how will I know it's ok to move in with you?"

"Iyou…," Roger starts to yell, briefly confused until he sees Martin grins. "Go spit Riggs," Roger says as he throws a few paperclips at him.

"That's why I miss you."

Roger smiles. "Sure. Woods is lucky to deal with you for an hour a day."

"And poor you…I'm up for re-evaluation in two months. You'll be stuck with me again soon enough."

"Sure, sure. Hey look Riggs…I don't know how to tell you this, so I'm just going to say it…"

"Mary took the deal, I know. She won't last the two years in prison."

Roger wants to mention she'll be under protected custody to counter the certainty in Martin's comment, but he's been a cop for too long to think otherwise. She shared more secrets than expected, either the senator's friends or the remaining segments of the Treasury will bribe the correction officers or inmates to take her out; and no one would miss her. "How are you…with everything else?"

"One day at the time…that's all I'm going to say about that, Captain my Captain." Martin takes another handful of Rasinets and eats them.

"Enough with that Captain shit. And stop taking my Rasinets." Roger pulls the jar away from him.

There's a knock on the door, they both turn to see Stephanie Woods, the department's psychiatrist. She's waiting with a simple smile and a clipboard in her hand. "Sorry Captain but Riggs doesn't have that long of a break."

"Doctor Woods, our boy is telling me he's doing well in your sessions? Care to add anything to that?"

"He has a history of violence, but a history of recovering from it too. It's really up to him when he gets out of Limbo."

After he swallows the remaining bits of Rasinets in his mouth, Martin says, "And that's the fun I've been having for the past half-hour." Martin gets up saying, "Please, don't get up Captain, you need your energy to walk to the coffee machine."

Roger sits comfortably in his black leather chair as he says smiling, "Don't worry, I won't." Martin turns around and heads out, following Woods into the hallway. Roger looks at the box of tissues at his desk. "Riggs!" Martin turns around and catches the box of tissues Roger throws at him. "Manners."

Martin looks at him with a smile. He takes a tissue and wipes his mouth daintily before he tosses the box back on Roger's desk. As soon as Martin leaves, Roger's phone rings. He answers the phone immediately when he sees the caller id displays "The Mayor."

As soon as he picks up the phone, he listens to the Mayor complain about Segarants Butters and Gomez causing damage at the L.A. business auditorium when violently catching and arresting two drug dealers. It took ten minutes to calm the Mayor down enough to apologize and to tell him that he'll take care of it. After he hangs up, he sees through his glass windows Butters and Gomez walking past his office as other officers applaud them and gives them high fives.

"Butters…Gomez…get in here now!"

They are suddenly teased by their fellow officers as they walk into his office. As they sit down on the couch across from him, dirty and bleeding with minor facial cuts, Butters says, "Captain, let me explain…"

"I don't want to hear it! Because of you two knuckle heads, the Major just yelled at me and I expect the police insurance company agent to follow up next!"

Gomez yells, "We just got ten pounds of dope of the streets today!"

"And you almost got the Major, two retired Navy seals, and a sixth grade class shot in the process!"

Butters says calmly, "Captain, you need to relax."

"Don't tell me to relax Butters!"

"I'm just watching out for your blood pressure Captain."

"If you're so worried about my blood pressure, get your act together before I put you two on foot patrol! You're reports better be perfect…now get out of here!"

"Yes Captain," they both reply.

As they get up, Gomez teases Butters saying, "Why don't you wipe that smudge off your nose Butters?"

Roger yells, "Why don't you get an air fresher Gomez to cover your stink of failure out of my office?"

Gomez says before he leaves, "No speaka Captain."

Roger says as he straightens his desk to release his tension, "I'm too old for this shit."