A/N: This is set after the end of the second season.

Disclaimer: "Majisuka Gakuen" is property of Yasushi Akimoto, TV-Tokyo, etc.

The View From Here

The mouse lay on a bed of kick boards at the bottom of the empty school pool. Her boots and backpack were left off to the side while she felt the sunlight warm on her face. She did not open her eyes at the sound of approaching footsteps. They remained closed as the person above her spoke.

"What are you thinking?" The tone was not accusatory, merely inquisitive.

The corner of her mouth quirked upward. "What makes you believe I'm thinking something?"

"You always are."

When she opened her eyes the sunlight gave her irises a caramel hue. Her lips formed a slow smile. "A lot of things."

These roundabout answers were typical for her friend, and the normalcy of it made her smile as well. She gazed out over the empty pool, with not another student in sight aside from the girl in the hooded sweater. "I thought I'd feel different when we reached the top… but I don't."

"It's obvious why, isn't it? Maeda simply gave it to us. For someone who likes fighting, you didn't have to go through Rappappa to reach the top." Her body slightly shifted at the recent memory. "Honestly, I had mixed feelings when she handed the top to us."

Placing one hand on the ground for support, the girl in the cardigan leapt over the edge of the pool. She stepped closer to Nezumi. "When Maeda's released, I want my one-on-one with her. Then the top will be ours for real."

Nezumi tilted her head to look at Center. "I wouldn't expect anything less."

They exchanged wordless smiles before Nezumi returned her attention to the cloud-filled sky. It was only broken again by Center, who had removed her shoes and stepped onto Nezumi's makeshift bed. She sat before a disconcerted Nezumi could protest, and instead shifted to one side to make room.

Center stretched out beside Nezumi, taking in the sight her friend had been fixed on just moments ago. "… The view from the bottom with you isn't so bad either."

Nezumi felt, more than heard Center's words. Above them the sky was vast, but the distance between them had shortened. She would never say it out loud, but the mouse who became human had to agree with her.

A/N: The inspiration, I suppose you could say, for this story were those scenes of Nezumi lying in the empty pool during the final ending credits. It wasn't in the drama itself, so I assumed it was something that was cut for time – but for fun I also imagined to myself that it was a post-series scene of Nezumi reflecting on all that had happened.