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Orihime Gives In

"Hey hime-chan. Going for a walk, all by your lonesome?" Chizuru said on her perch from which she watches orihime go through her weekly routines. This had been Chizuru's favorite hobby for as long as she could remeber. She would always sit there watching her precious Hime when ever she could, from her balcony. Today was difrent though. Chizuru had a particularly wet dream the night before, and had been waiting to soothe her libido, this morning, in a difrent way than her run of the mill rub-a-thon. She was itching for a taste of Orihime's sugary sweet, pink, candy coated lips. OH and a kiss on the mouth too.

Readers may wonder... How in the hell might Chizuru finally acheive her one true desire in this world NOW of all times, when every other attempt has failed, and I might say something like,

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