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Orihime Gives In

The Dream (cont.)

"Hey 'Hime." Chizuru said with a an elongated sound on her soon to be lovers name. "You have seemed frustrated a biy lately."

"What! No, I'm not." Orihime was obviously put off by Chizuru's statement. Maybe she was wrecked by the 'way' she said it rather than what was said. Chizuru spoke with a certain flirtiness. A flirtiness that Orihime hadn't heard since she first met the red head.

"You sure, 'Hime. You look damn well good and ready to me." as Chizuru spoke she moved closer to Orihime. Orihime began backing away, but was immediatly stopped by the tree behind her.

"Chizuru, you're making me feel awkward, and weird."

"Oh, 'Hime. That's the same thing, but don't worry I actually intend to make you feel great." as she spoke she began resting her hands on the veluptious girl's thighs and slowly moved them upward. Orihime looked around as if she was going to run, but looked back at CHizuru with a stare that said 'Take Me', and Chizuru was more than able to translate.

Her hands slid past the bottom of orihime's skirt, and up over it. Onto this curvy girl's waist and higher still. Up to cupping her breast, and for a lil bit, to tease her nipples to stiffen up. Chizuru noticed the erection and backed off. Not for fear but for desire. This red headed devil of a woman wanted to make this quivering girl suffer under her hand like she had suffered under her own lust for the past years. Chizuru would grace over orihime's sensitive parts as lightley as she could but always back away before orihime could even elecit a moan. Finally the temptation was becoming too much for either girl to grabbed Chizuru's hand and begged,

"Please, Chiz-" she was cut off before even finishing the name. Chizuru had gotten to do to orihime what she had been wanting for too long, and of all the ways to desribe it, the simplest is this. A Kiss by any other name would have less affect on these two girls. Taking no heed, whilst kissing her love, Chizuru made hew way back to Orihime's legs, and more importantly the treasure they held.

Orihime's legs were close tightly, but sensing Chizuru's hand made her loosen up. As she did this Chizuru's hand slid nicely between Orihime's legs and the moan that had been stifled since they began had finally been given room, and what a moan it was. Chizuru was proud of her love for Orihime and had, on more than one accout, told people she slept with Orihime but to have her here at lunch making sexual noises startled her. She nearly let go of her one true desire, but only long enough to see if anyone was coming. After the quick survey of reassurance she went back to making her woman happy.

Orihime on the other hand was not happy. The way things were happening, with a light touch here, and breathy kiss there, were't enough for her, and her new found lust. She pushed Chizuru over and climbed atop her. Chizuru, with her fingers still between Orihime's legs, was astounded. She actually knew not what to do and froze up, but orihime wasn't letting her out of it that easy. She began to ride Chizuru's hand, and leaned down to kiss Chizuru some more. These kisses wern't the kind you see on love story movies, like Twilight or Dear John. No these were the kisses you see on hardcore porn, slamming lips, ferocious tounges, gnashing teeth. The whole kit and kaboodle, and strangely enough both girls were loving it. Orihime was enjoying, not be so innocent for once, and Chizuru was happy to finally let someone else be the agressive lesbian.

Orihime viciously rode Chizuru's hand until the smaller chested girl realized why her 'Hime was grinding so hard. She curved her fingers to rub where they'd have the most affect, and she saw it happen in real time. Orihime's vicious struggles became a wave like dance, on her red haired friend. Chizuru liked to see Orihime liked this, her face was constantly shiftinng; happiness, embarassment, passion, and lust, especialy lust. After a few minutes of riding Chizuru orihime just collapsed. She fell out still on Chizuru and went immediatley to sleep.

Minutes later Orihime's eyes twinkled as if aflicted by sand,

"Hiya, lover" Chizuru played with the words.

"What, where, how? Whoa!" Orihime's words were dumbfounded.

"Wow you look even more adorable when you're clueless" Chizuru said with a little bit of playfulness.

"What happened?" Orihime legitamately asked. "Oh that's right." she said as the memory kicked in of the events that took place just minutes before. "Oh yea" this time the words were a little more sexual. "Did i fall asleep?"

"yea, but it's all good" Chizuru responded.

"Well now that i'm awake, I think it's about time i repayed the favor."

"That's okay sweet heart, I'm not that 'ready' but I did enjoy you getting off."

"You dont ant me to satisfy you?" Orihime's face was so cute when she asked, Chizuru almost got a nose bleed.

"Gosh, you're cute, but no. I told you... It's enjoyable to see you enjoy your self so much"

Orihime reveled in those words, and nestled into the crook of Chizuru's neck. The two sat their for a slight while after that. When the fact that this was lunch time dawned on them.

They hopped up simutaneously, shuffling over one another. Luckily there sexual endeavor hadn't involved taking anything off, just some clever rearanging of some clothing. Chizuru grabbed her lunch box, and Orihime waited for her to stand. When she did, Orihime wrapped her hands around Chizuru's waist and kissed her more passionately than the first time.

"I hope we can do this again." She said seductively before running off, leaving Chizuru their to wonder... and miss the bell.

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